Get Paid For Visiting Websites: 11 Best Ways to Earn

Some legit online money-making platforms make it possible for you to get paid for visiting websites.

These platforms will pay you to carry out simple tasks that require no special skill such as staying on a website for a few minutes, clicking ads, or testing websites.

Most of them pay a few cents per website visit, but some can pay up to $10 for just a few minutes of your time.

There are indeed plenty of fake sites that will have you visit websites, view, and click ads without paying you for your efforts. This article consists of only legitimate platforms where you can make money by visiting websites.

Below are the best ways to get paid for visiting websites.


1. Picoworkers

Picoworkers is a micro-task website where people from any part of the world can sign up and get paid for visiting websites and clicking ads.

This platform has a lot of website visiting offers, you are not limited to making money by visiting websites.

There are other ways you can make money on this website which include:

2. Userlytics

Userlytics is a secret website to earn money that pays individuals for visiting and testing websites for companies.

On this platform, you can earn up to $10 for 20 minutes spent visiting and evaluating a company’s website.

Website testing, often known as remote usability testing, is extensively studying a client company’s website or mobile application and providing your honest assessment.

A fresh visitor’s unique perspective is always appreciated. As a result, Userlytics may aid in enhancing the user experience for visitors, allowing site owners to grow their businesses.

3. Swagbucks

An exceptionally popular GPT website is Swagbucks. Over $532 million in free gift cards and cash has been given out to users overall thus far.

Since it provides several opportunities to earn on a single page, the website is rather unique.

They provide a variety of options for earning money, including conducting a web search, visiting websites and viewing paid ads, taking paid surveys, and reading emails.

You may also engage in enjoyable hobbies like playing games.

4. InboxDollars

A GPT website, InboxDollars provides several methods to make money by completing various activities, which includes getting paid to visit websites.

You can earn gift cards or get paid via PayPal cashout. You receive emails from InboxDollars that you are paid to read.

Many come from significant businesses and well-known brands in search of marketing. You may earn money with InboxDollars by participating in games, doing surveys, and clicking affiliate advertising.

5. ySense

One of the most dependable pay-per-click and get-paid-to-visit websites available is ySense. It is owned by Prodege, the same business that developed InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

Yes, you may use ySense to make money by clicking on advertisements, but most of the jobs on the site include filling out surveys and online forms.

Additionally, they compensate consumers for installing applications and creating accounts on websites.

Users may earn $8 to $10 per day on average with these jobs. The fact that ySense partners with so many different product and survey businesses sets them apart from the competition.

You will never run out of paid chances in this manner.

6. UserTesting

An online survey platform called UserTesting pays customers for their open feedback on goods, services, and marketing strategies. It is free and simple to sign up for the UserTesting platform.

For visiting a website or trying out new software, a platform user can receive a payment of about $10.

Although this fluctuates, typically a person will spend roughly 15 minutes doing a test or visiting a website. The company claims to have well over 34,000 clients from all around the world.

With these figures, it is simple to understand why so many organizations and businesses rely on UserTesting to learn how their clients perceive the services they offer.

They gain significant insight into consumer behavior and first-hand knowledge of which marketing tactics or strategies work best for them by employing UserTesting.

7. Offernation

On Offernation, there are simple methods to make a lot of money. In comparison to other websites, they provide a wonderful alternative.

You receive $0.25 from Offernation just for joining up. From there, simply doing a job may earn you $0.80 to $5.

Survey completion is the most common technique to get money on the website. Despite this, they continue to pay people to visit websites, watch advertisements and click links.

They have a webpage solely dedicated to proving they genuinely pay their subscribers, unlike some fraudulent platforms. It’s effective; they have paid their members over $1 million so far.

8. Bux Inc

Over 100,000 people are presently members of Bux Inc., which is expanding quickly. Here, getting paid to click on adverts is the major source of income.

On any given day, you may see every ad that is accessible to view and move down the list to earn.

The website also promises to pay you if you spend at least 30 seconds on an advertiser’s page.

They offer big payouts for responding to adverts, but beware—some of them demand you to spend money to get money.

9. FamilyClix

FamilyClix is a pay-per-click website that strives to include the entire family. It stands out since it enables numerous users to sign up under a single account.

This is not permitted by many PTC websites since they forbid numerous users from joining up and using the same account to work.

The straightforward explanation is that you may dramatically increase your income and essentially game the system.

But with FamilyClix, anybody can sign up and start making money by visiting websites and clicking links, watching advertising, or playing games.

When you hit $2, you may withdraw using Payeer, Neteller, or Bitcoin.

They give up to $0.02 for each click. It takes a lot of clicks to earn money on PTC sites, like most of them, but it’s an excellent alternative for occasional use.

10. Get-Paid

Get-Paid is about as straightforward as the name would imply. They have shortened the procedure to a pay-per-click website. They are distinct because they operate on a coin system.

In essence, you get a coin for each duty you finish. You can do anything, including completing surveys, entering giveaways, and winning competitions.

It’s convenient that you can pay out your money using PayPal rather than having to download an obscure program like Skriller.

They have a referral system, much like many other websites. You may often get between 20 and 30 percent of what your referrals make.

11. Aticlix

Aticlix is a service designed to help marketers access large audiences of customers. An average of $0.04 and up to $0.04 can be earned for each visit and click made as a referral.

Every day, they provide fresh adverts for you to click on and profit from. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about seeing the same advertisement repeatedly because the commercials refresh at midnight.


Since you can remember, you have been visiting websites. However, none of the websites you visited resulted in payment for you.

You can now make money online by visiting websites thanks to these platforms. You will visit websites to earn money in the same way that you have in the past.

Every website on the list has a description so you may learn more about it before deciding whether or not to use it.