Guide to Writing the Best Fiverr Profile Description + Examples

There have to be at least two million freelancers (I’m included) trying to gain an income through Fiverr. And if you want to compete with them, you have to get your Fiverr profile description in order ASAP.

Fiverr’s top sellers didn’t get where they are overnight. A lot of them executed a bunch of strategies to make themselves stand out to buyers.

Making their profile description amazing was and continues to be one of those strategies.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make your Fiverr profile description look professional and most importantly, reliable.

But first, let me give you a little more info on why your profile is crucial.

Why Your Profile Matters

Your profile is equal to a CV, exam, and interview for buyers.

Your gig description is very important in selling your services and might offer some insight into your personality, but most customers need more information on you.

Your profile description is your way of greeting them, introducing yourself, and making the impression that you can do the job.

In essence, your profile description plays a huge role for customers in deciding whether you’re qualified to handle jobs or not.

Right, that’s that.

Now let’s move on to how to make your Fiverr profile description awesome.

How to Make a Great Fiverr Profile Description

Step #1: Your Profile Picture

Not every top freelancer has a professional headshot as their profile pic, but that doesn’t mean you should use some random drawing or writing.

Pick a photo with you in it that seems trustworthy or use your business logo if you have one.

Step #2: Introduction

Introduce yourself. While your Fiverr profile description is like a character analysis for your buyer, it’s still not one. So, you can be a little more casual.

A simple, “Hi, I’m Rachel Gomez. Welcome to my profile,” works well.

Step #3: Show Off Your Experience (But not too much)

Your next order of business is to tell your buyer what you do. Sometimes, you may have training in one particular niche but can relate it and make it relevant in other niches.

For example, the way copywriting is relevant to both business people, bloggers, and social media influencers.

Say what you can do and market yourself. If you have years of relevant experience, show it off.

Here’s an example from a fictional Rachel Gomez.

This is an example of a Fiverr profile description for graphic designers:

“I am a professionally trained graphic designer and have over 3 years of experience working within this niche. Producing designs of amazing quality and attaining client satisfaction is my ultimate goal.”

Step #4: Call to Action

Don’t forget your call to action! A CTA is important in every description you write on Fiverr. After you’re done grabbing your customer’s interest, you have to spur them into contacting you with your call of action.

Your CTA doesn’t have to belong. One sentence is fine. For example:

“I look forward to hearing from you!”

“I look forward to working with you!”

“Please contact me for any requirements outside my specifications!”

Here’s one last very confident CTA: “Contact me to raise your Google search ranking guaranteed!” I don’t advise that you write this type of CTA without adequate experience, but if you know you can do what you say, go ahead.

Fiverr only allows 600 characters for your bio, so after this, you’ll have to move on to other parts of your profile.

Highlight Your Skills

Apart from your bio, you can highlight your skills in three ways:

One, make sure to claim your skills. Fiverr has a list of skills that you can claim and will be added to your Fiverr profile description. Only claim skills that you have and can defend.

Two, list your certifications. Your certificates can help prove to your customers that you have sufficient knowledge to handle their work.

Of course, this will only happen if your certification is related to your gigs.

For example, if you take this course in graphic designing, your certificate proves you have adequate skills in designing Pinterest Pins, Facebook ad images, YouTube thumbnails e.t.c.

Three, include your experience. This includes your educational background, employment history (if it’s relevant), and other information to add to your value.

This is important because having a wealth of experience can help you look more knowledgeable even as a new Fiverr freelancer.

Below are examples of a Fiverr profile description for beginners.

Examples of Fiverr Profile Description for Beginners

Example #1: Fiverr Profile Description for Graphic Designers

“Hi, I’m Rachel Gomez. Welcome to my profile. I am a professionally trained graphic designer and have over 3 years of experience working within this niche. Producing designs of amazing quality and attaining client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I look forward to working with you!”

Example #2: Fiverr Profile Description for Content writing

“I’m Ashish, an English Graduate and content writer with over 2 years of experience. I provide top-notch article writing services for fashion, beauty, and business-related articles that are SEO-optimized. I’m also fluent in Spanish and have worked as a translator for written works for two years. My goal is to use my experience to create beautiful content that ranks well. Contact me for a job done right.”

Example #3: Fiverr Profile Description for Digital Marketing

“Hello, I’m Daniel, a professional digital marketer that helps startups, small business owners, and online entrepreneurs in developing a DIY marketing strategy plan that explains their real-time market demand and outlines a step-by-step action plan for execution. Contact me to help you make your business thrive in the online space.”

Example #4: Fiverr Profile Description for Data Entry

“I’m Stacy, a seasoned data entry professional with two years of experience working as an executive virtual assistant for document typing and data entry. I’m an innovative, organized, and highly detailed person. You can count on me for error-free and professionally executed typing and data entry projects.”

So those are my beginner Fiverr profile description examples.

You have to make a good write-up yourself because other than that; your only other option is hiring another freelancer to become a Fiverr profile description generator for you.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Always use simple, basic English. If you can’t tone down your syllables, use Google to rack up some synonyms and Perry Marshall to grade it on its readability. You should aim for below-grade seven.
  • Keep your paragraphs and sentences short.
  • Connect to your buyers’ needs. Know what they want and highlight the fact that you can give it to them.
  • Don’t be too modest. Strut your stuff a little.
  • Let them know that the focus is customer satisfaction.
  • Proofread when you’re done. You can also use correction software like Grammarly to fix your errors.


Right now, I hope that you’re feeling fired up and ready to go write your Fiverr profile description.

I know that you can accomplish this with my tips and make a great profile that’ll draw in new customers.

What are you waiting for? Get writing already.

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