Get Paid to Give Advice: Top Websites to Make Money

With earning money online, there will always be surprises, and today’s edition of surprises on the internet is discovering that you can get paid to advise on certain topics.

If this is your first time hearing or reading about this way of making money online, then that’s okay, as I will tell you all about it in a bit.

The advice you give has to be of excellent quality i.e., offer great value, and you will be able to make the most amount of money from this gig.

I mean, getting paid for stuff we do for fun every day? Sign me up!

In this article, we will be talking about the different platforms you can get paid to give advice online, and also highlight factors that would help you determine if this option of making money online is worth your while.

Before we get into these websites/platforms, we will first discuss how to go about getting paid to give advice online, and also, a few reasons why you might want to consider this line of work.

How to Make Money Giving Advice Online

1. Pick a niche, and be sure that you can walk the talk!

The first step in how to make money by giving advice online is to pick a niche and ensure you can offer quality advice in that space.

What this means is that you must be somewhat of an expert or enthusiast on the niche you intend to advise on.

It would be ridiculous to randomly pick a niche to offer advice on, as your lack of expertise or know-how in the niche would be spotted quickly, and you may not make any money.

Ensure that the niche you go with is one you are an expert on or at least passionate about.

There are so many niches to pick from, and some of the more popular ones include dating and relationship advice, food, pet, financial advice, life advice, parenting advice, etc.

Also, ensure that the niche you decide to go with is sought after.

I mean, from the few I mentioned, you can already tell that there would be lots of people in the world looking for advice in those directions.

Also, if you aren’t sure if your niche is sought after or not, you can easily find that out by doing a simple search on keyphrases related to that niche using a tool like Semrush which does the work of Google trends and a bunch of other tools put together before you decide.

When you get feedback that there’s a high search volume for the keywords, that should tell you that it is a very sought-after niche and there’s a good chance you can make a lot of money giving advice in that niche.

You should not let a little or a lot of competition scare you.

If you believe that there is something you are great at, and people can benefit from your knowledge, then you already have the hard part of how to sell your advice online in the bag.

2. Give them an offer that is impossible to refuse!

Okay, so, you can offer great advice on a topic, so what?

Lots of people probably make the same claims.

You need to structure your advice gig into one that is impossible to refuse!

Let us say that you offer cooking advice; you could structure your gig like this….

“How to become a cooking expert when you hate measurements”

It sounds silly, doesn’t it?

But this is a real problem.

Many people indeed hate cooking in general.

I know, because I am one of them.

But, some people hate cooking because of the numerous measurements.

Correct measurements are essential to bringing forth excellent cuisine, and lots of people, myself included hate this measuring aspect of cooking.

If you are an expert at cooking and giving cooking advice, you could coach people like me to be less nervous about cooking measurements, and become better cooks.

Trust me when I say that even I may sign up for that coaching just because!

As I said, give the people an offer they can’t refuse, and watch your advice-giving career flourish!

Ways You Can Get Paid to Give Advice

Now that you are an expert at giving niched advice, and you have an offer that your would-be clients can’t refuse, how exactly can you get paid to give advice?

There are a ton of ways to go about it, including:

1. Blogging

Here, you simply start a blog where you create valuable content, giving out free advice with regard to your chosen niche.

Starting a blog is easy, but becoming great at it, and making money with it will take some effort.

With blogging, you can make money in two ways.

The first way involves consistently creating free valuable content on your blog, that lots of people are so into it that you have tons of people visiting your blog daily.

You can monetize this traffic with affiliate marketing, or by having paid ads run on your blog.

You can learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing here.

The second way would be to offer paid coaching sessions and get clients who would pay to receive even more personalized advice regarding their situations.

2. Create and sell eBooks

Writing eBooks containing valuable pieces of content many are searching for and selling such books on a marketplace like Amazon is an awesome way to make passive income by giving advice online.

This is a cool way to earn even if you are not a writer or a professional in any niche because the entire eBook writing can be outsourced.

You can create a ton of high-quality eBooks without writing a single word with this software or get a professional eBook writer in that field to do the writing for you.

All that is expected of you is to research a topic that is high in demand, use one of the above-mentioned methods to get the books written and sell them on Amazon Kindle.

The more eBooks you upload the better your chances of turning your advice-giving service via eBook on Amazon Kindle into a cash cow.

3. Paid advertising

You can also run paid ads on Facebook, Google, and any other platform to get your advice offers in front of the right people.

People who would pay for this advice, i.e.

By running Google or Facebook ads, you can present your excellent advice offer in front of even more people, without having to do a lot of work like blogging and trying to rank on Google for organic traffic.

4. Quora

Most people would tell you that Quora is the one place where you can get all your questions answered for free, and this is true. But that’s not all this platform is about.

On Quora, you can get paid to advise by answering questions if you join the Quora partner program. Although the English version of this program is now closed, you can still profit by answering and translating your answers to the other available languages.

Also, by giving relevant answers on this platform, you situate yourself as an authority in your niche or industry, hence people would likely pay you for more personalized advice on the topic.

Quora is also a great place to connect with other industry greats and learn from them.

5. is a platform where writers can join for free, write, and monetize their content using the medium partnership program.

You will have a microblog of your own within the platform where you can write as much niche-relevant content as you can and the partnership program will pay you every time a paid member of reads your content.

One major advantage that selling your advice-giving service on over blogging is that has several millions of active readers that are ready to consume your content, while you need to grow your readership from scratch using your blog.

The downside of this method is that you can’t monetize your content in whichever way you like. You must work with Medium’s policies or risk your account getting blocked.

6. Start a free social media community

Just like you can create a niche community via Facebook groups, you can also do this on most social media platforms.

Since Facebook groups are the most popular, or at least I think it is, let us use them as our example.

You can start a community of people who have shared interests that tie into the niche you hope to advise on.

Here, people ask questions, give answers, share ideas, and connect in general.

To get these people to trust you, you should kick off by giving out free value via quality information, and when you feel like there is a tangible connection there, you could introduce your paid coaching sessions to them.

If you don’t have a coaching program to sell, the quickest way to monetize a social media community is through affiliate marketing. And promoting Clickbank affiliate products on Pinterest is a lucrative idea.

Because they trust you and your expert capabilities on the topic, convincing them to sign up for your program or buy the affiliate products you recommend would be a walk in the park.

7. Signing up to websites & apps where you get paid to give advice

This last bit is the easiest way to get paid to give advice, as you don’t have to go searching for clients; rather, they come to you via these websites.

On some of these websites, you can even get paid to be an online friend which sometimes involves talking to lonely people.

All you need to do is sign up for some of these websites and apps and get paid to give advice when you meet their requirements, and when your answers meet their requirements.

If you are wondering which of these websites is best, then you are in luck, as we will be listing and highlighting some of the best options out there in this article, just before we round off.

Before we get to that, let us talk about why trying to get paid to give advice, is a good way to make money online, or simply put, the pros of getting paid to advise on a career choice.

Why Giving Advice Is an Excellent Way to Make Money Online

1. It is easy to kick off and typically doesn’t require capital, or a lot of it

This is one of the most straightforward ways to make money online. Once you have the part of being an expert or enthusiast on the topic down, you are good to go.

Let us say that you don’t care for all that jazz in regards to doing all the heavy lifting of starting an online community, blogging, guest posting, and stuff like that; you can simply sign up to one of these top websites we will be discussing soon, and get connected with clients.

In regards to spending money, you don’t need to invest any money, as signing up on these websites is free, and blogging only takes a small amount of money.

In general, when investing some money is needed in the endeavor, the total sum isn’t typically a lot.

2. You can earn more than a substantial income in no time

Nope, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but once you have situated yourself as an expert, and people trust you, you can set your coaching fees as high or low as you want it.

I am not saying that you should bill your client’s bank-breaking rates, but you can charge them a substantial sum for the quality advice you offer them in return.

Unlike with a 9 to 5, where someone else determines your pay, and you are set to earn a fixed sum monthly, the possibilities are endless here.

3. The income is mighty sustainable

Giving advice of any kind isn’t a one-time gig. Once you are being perceived as someone who has got the stuff, then you will be in business for a long time, my friend.

People in business and otherwise, are always on the lookout to improve themselves; hence paying to get valuable advice in regards to their endeavors will never get out of fashion.

Also, your clients, based on how great and beneficial their first coaching sessions were with you, would ultimately become return clients.

Now that we have touched on all the heavy stuff in regards to how you can get paid to give advice, let us touch on the top websites and platforms you can turn to, and get paid for your endeavors.

13 Top Websites You Can Get Paid to Give Advice Online

1. Liveperson

get paid for advice

Liveperson is a website that you can sign up to, and offer an advice-giving service.

Here, the platform matches people with questions to individuals who have the required qualifications to give the quality answers needed.

The entire process works based on categories, where answer givers like yourself are grouped and paid based on your expertise.

You can head over to the website now to be better intimated on what is required of you for the sign-up process, and who knows? You could be making money before the day ends.

2. Expertbee

The Expertbee slogan tells anyone who cares to know precisely how their platform works, and how they can benefit from them.

“Have a Question? Get an Answer.

Have an Answer? Get Paid”

Sounds quite catchy, don’t you think?

When a question is posted on the platform, users are allowed to bid for the opportunity to answer the question and get paid for it.

If your price and bidding argument is what the client is looking for, then you just might get accepted to provide an answer, but that’s not all.

When you answer the question, and the client is satisfied with it, then the money will be released to you via the Expertbee platform into your PayPal account.

3. Keen

psychic advice

The keen platform is a place where you can get paid to give life advice If you are a psychic professional.

Here, you would be connected with people who require your psychic advice for several situations, and you will offer this advice over the phone via the keen platform.

Before you ask that question, I know you were about to ask, it would interest you to know that your phone number is hidden; hence the clients do not see or have access to your phone number.

You earn 62% of what your set charge per minute is, while the keen platform takes 38% percent, which is quite fair, in my opinion.

You choose the length of time you would like to work per day. The platform and its use are quite flexible to accommodate different kinds of people.

Though it is quite limited to people with psychic abilities, it still is an excellent platform and always comes recommended.

4. Bitwine

Bitwine employs all the chats, phone calls, and video chats to offer advice to their clients.

When you are connected with a client seeking advice, you would first have to come to an agreement with them over instant messaging or live chat.

After both parties have agreed, the advising takes place via video chat or calls.

Whichever medium is most comfortable for both parties, is that which will be used, as it isn’t fixed.

This is a great platform to get paid to chat online and it’s also for those with psychic abilities.

On Bitwine, you get paid to give love and relationship advice, career advice, and several other advice-rendering services.

5. Smallbizadvice

You can make money by giving financial advice to business owners on Smallbizadvice.

If you have a thriving business and know a thing or two about advising small business owners to help their success, then this platform would be a great one for you to use.

This platform only pays for expert business advice, so your expertise has got to be top-notch for you to succeed here.

You might be required to answer both simple and complicated business questions.

For the simpler and more to-the-point questions, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional to answer them.

Users have the option of choosing the questions to answer, and then proceeding to bid for them.

All the money you make is paid out to you every two weeks via your PayPal account.

6. JustAnswer

The JustAnswer website lets users find answers to their queries from many fields. And if you are an expert in one of these fields, there’s an opportunity for you to sell your answer here.

Each of the multiple categories on JustAnswer is broken down. They employ subject-matter experts who can respond to these inquiries with excellence.

JustAnswer connects you to a person who has a question so you can provide your expertise.

The experts employed by JustAnswer include electricians, doctors, engineers, tax accountants, lawyers e.t.c

To make money giving advice on JustAnswer, you need to sign up as an expert in a particular niche and the signup process requires you to provide proof of your academic qualification and work experience in your chosen field.

As a new advice-providing expert on JustAnswer, you will receive 20% of what a client pays if they are satisfied with your answer. And as your ratings increase on the platform, your commission will be increased to 50%.

You can also make money on JustAnswer by referring clients to the platform. You will earn $50 for each client you refer.

7. Needle

get paid for shopping advice

If your favorite exercise is shopping, then it would mean that you are somewhat of an expert on the topic, and I have just the job for you!

On the needle platform, you would be required to help shoppers out, by giving them advice on certain popular products available in a wide range of stores.

The questions could be just about anything, but they are all sure to be shopping-related.

Questions are sent in by various customers, and you will be required to answer them and get paid for them.

The whole process takes place on the platform. You get paid by the hour, and you also get to choose your work hours and make them as flexible as possible.

Needle is another awesome platform where you can get paid to chat and your payment is promptly offered to you on the website.

8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a survey website that gives you a good opportunity to earn money online by giving advice through taking essay surveys about brands from which you make use of their products daily.

With Swagbucks, you get paid for your opinion which means you don’t need to be an expert in any field to earn some cash.

On Swagbucks and some other survey websites like Swagbucks, you can also get paid to watch videos on YouTube or TV.

You earn points for every task completed on this website and your earnings are being paid to you via Paypal cash.

Initially, Swagbucks was limited to a few countries like the U.K., U.S., Australia, etc. But it’s now available in most countries in America, Europe, Asia, and some countries in Africa.

9. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the highest-paying survey websites where you can make money by giving advice from answering questions.

This survey website is one of many alternatives to Swagbucks with better payouts.

Just like Swagbucks, you earn points for giving honest answers to questions about products that you make use of. Your points can be converted to cash and paid to you via PayPal.

10. SiteStaff Chat

SiteStaff Chat recruits chat agents to chat with their clients and make money online by giving advice. Your job on this platform is to give advice that can help clients grow their businesses by converting their site visitors to leads.

You get paid $10 for each hour you spend chatting and proffering useful advice to clients.

The specific niches you can work with include medicine, law, finance, cosmetics, etc.

11. Expert123

The expert123 platform makes it possible for experts to get paid to give advice and answer questions online.

If you are an expert, you may help others by answering questions or sending replies to your clients in writing form.

Beauty, health, entertainment, crafts, cuisine, careers, pets, travel, technology, home improvement, and so on are some of the many things you can write about to generate money.

The revenue share for the money you make from providing advice on Experts123 is calculated as a percentage of your compensation.

The company generates revenue by displaying ads on its website, and it pays you up to $20 for each approved advice-giving answer you provide.

Expert123 is a platform that gives you the perfect opportunity to sell your advice online.

12. BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an advice-giving website where you can sign up to be a counselor and get paid to give valuable advice to adults, couples, and/or teens.

This is another cool website where you can get paid for giving relationship advice and you can earn an annual income of over $100,000 if you choose to work full-time on this platform.

To apply for a job on this website, you need to be a certified therapist licensed by a state board or applicable jurisdiction in the United States and also need to be a resident of the U.S.

13. Fiverr

Fiverr is different from all other websites on this list because it’s a freelance platform where one can make money by providing several other services aside from giving advice.

Advice-giving service is one of the easiest gigs to make money on Fiverr because unlike most other services offered on the platform, you don’t need to master a special skill to earn.

The unique thing about advising on a freelance website like Fiverr is that you have complete control over the amount of money you can charge for your services and your work hours.

You can be a freelancer providing this service from anywhere in the world as Fiverr has no country restrictions.

Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings while you keep 80%. That I think is a fair deal.

How to Get Paid to Give Relationship Advice Online

If you choose to specialize in the relationship advice niche, there are three ways you can make money by giving advice online.

1. Start a dating and relationship blog or YouTube channel

You can start a blog where you write content that helps people get their dream spouse and also build a strong love relationship between couples. These contents can be monetized with ads, affiliate marketing, and info products.

Clickbank is an affiliate network where you can find dating and relationship products with high affiliate commissions which you can use to monetize your content with affiliate marketing. You can learn more about Clickbank affiliate marketing here.

If video content is your thing, YouTube is a great platform to publish your video content and you can monetize your content on YouTube with the YouTube partnership program, and through affiliate marketing on YouTube.

2. Create and sell a relationship advice-related info product

This is arguably the easiest way to earn passive income by giving advice online because you only need one hot-selling info product to succeed and the job of creating the product can easily be outsourced.

You can write an eBook on a topic that is high in demand in the dating and relationship niche and put it up for sale on an online marketplace like Amazon.

If you are not an expert in this niche or are not comfortable writing the eBook, you can outsource the writing and creation of the book to a professional in that field on a freelance marketplace like Fiverr.

3. Join a company that pays to give relationship advice online

We have discussed several companies that can pay you to give advice online but not all of them accept workers that specialize in the relationship niche.

Keen and BetterHelp are two excellent websites to make a sustainable income online for giving relationship advice.


Earning a sustainable living online is the way to go in 2024, and If you haven’t figured out a way to earn extra income off-site, then you need to up your earning game.

It is easy to get paid to give advice online today, and the websites listed in this article should give you a good head start.

You can also do your research to find more of these platforms where you can get paid to give advice.

I have checked most of those listed here, and I was mighty pleased with the results.