7 Best Affiliate programs to Monetize your YouTube Channel

Whether you are a small or big YouTuber, monetizing your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing will always be a good idea and there is a number of great affiliate programs for YouTubers you can run with which will be discussed in this article.

The revenue from Google AdSense program is good, but if your YouTube channel is still quite small and you don’t often get tons of views on your videos, then you can’t make much from it.

Youtube affiliate programs

And if you are a big YouTuber, there is no such thing as making too much money, at list, not in my book!

Just about anything can come out of nowhere to smack you right in the face, and there is nothing as scary as having to scramble around to make extra money when you are in the eye of the storm.

So, why not try out one more income stream, to help plan towards those perilous times?

What is YouTube Affiliate marketing?

YouTube affiliate marketing involves uploading videos on YouTube and monetizing said videos by promoting third party products which are been referred to as affiliate products.

Anytime someone makes a purchase through the affiliate links of the YouTube affiliate, he gets a commission.

YouTube affiliate marketing is huge and there is so much money to be made on YouTube.

But the problems many people have when it comes to doing affiliate marketing on YouTube are; choosing  the right affiliate programs for their channel and knowing the right ways to promote their affiliate links on YouTube.

This article will give you that nudge in the right direction in regards to choosing the right affiliate programs for your channel and you can check out my article on how to promote affiliate links on YouTube here.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the  best ways to approach how to promote affiliate links on YouTube, let us get on with the list where you can find at least one affiliate program for YouTubers that would be just right for you.

7 Best Affiliate Programs for YouTubers

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate sign up

I don’t care what kind of niche you work with on YouTube, but you can’t go wrong with picking the Amazon affiliate program as the one for you.

For me, the Amazon affiliate program is one great affiliate program for YouTubers for two reasons.

One, the Amazon platform offers you a wide range of products that you can introduce to your subscribers.

Whatever niche your channel is based on, you will never run out of products to promote, and that is a major plus.

Two, tons of people all over the world already know and trust the Amazon platform, hence, whenever you refer them to the Amazon platform to make a purchase, they would not need lots of convincing.

Since they probably have made one or more purchases in the past, and probably trust the platform already, this ups the chances of them making a purchase via your affiliate link.

 2. Movavi Affiliate Program

YouTube affiliate programs

Movavi is a brand that offers top-notch quality videography, and photography software that is highly beneficial to up, and coming videographers, and photographers.

Movavi is an excellent affiliate program for YouTubers because, once a person gets inspired by your videos, and decides to become just like you, a YouTuber, i.e., they wouldn’t need a lot of persuading to make a purchase via your Movavi affiliate link.

If you are in the lifestyle niche, or a niche that teaches people how to start out on YouTube, this affiliate program would be great for you.

Just think about it.

You are on YouTube creating content that inspires thousands, or even millions of viewers.

Some of them even get motivated enough to start their own YouTube channel.

Do I need to state the obvious?!

Even as a general content Youtuber or any kind of Youtuber, promoting the products from Movavi to your audience shouldn’t be too hard.

3. Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs for YouTubers

I don’t know much about makeup, but I do know that makeup users, lovers and artists use a lot of brushes!

Sigma is a brand that specializes in the production of top quality make up brushes.

If your YouTube channel is centered on makeup, or even lifestyle content that sees you using make up brushes in your videos, this is one affiliate program for YouTubers that has your name on it.

Instead of giving all the other makeup brush makers free promo in your videos, why not earn a commission by promoting Sigma brushes?

The sign-up process is quite easy, and after that is done, you would be furnished with you own affiliate code.

They also help you out a bit, by providing you with tips on how best to earn the most income from the affiliate program.

Also, their affiliate program requirements aren’t many or strict, but they would prefer that you include your affiliate code in your video descriptions, and in the about tab of your YouTube channel.

They also ask that you have everything tied up nicely in your description, letting your subscriber know which brush exactly, you are directing them to, and which links lead to which brushes.

Just having your affiliate links randomly placed, and looking like an untidy mess in your video description is never advised.

4. Canon Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs for YouTubers

Still, on being a great inspiration for up and coming YouTubers, another excellent affiliate program for YouTubers, you should try would be the Canon affiliate program.

I mean, do I need to make it more obvious?

I have read comments, where viewers asked over and over again what camera their favorite YouTuber uses for their videos, and thought, “well, if only they were an affiliate with Canon”.

The Canon brand is already trusted and known to produce excellent quality cameras and products, hence, promoting products from the Canon affiliate program would be a lot easier than you think.

You get up to 6% of the overall sum of whatever is purchased via your affiliate link, and this might be a lot, as Canon cameras and products don’t come cheap.

You also get a lot of support from the program, which also helps to track your links (for 30 days).

They also provide you with banners, in-text links and so many other tools and tips on how to make the most of the program.

 5. Airbnb Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs for YouTuber

Travel and lifestyle YouTubers will have a field day with this one.

As a travel YouTuber, you get to travel a lot, yeah? Okay, good.

As a lifestyle YouTuber, you might not travel as much as a travel YouTuber, but you do get to travel a lot more than say, a Walmart employee or bank teller? Yeah? Okay, cool too.

The Airbnb affiliate program is an excellent affiliate program that lets you earn some more money each time someone uses your Airbnb affiliate link to make an Airbnb booking.

There are Airbnb accommodations located all over the world, hence, you have a great chance of getting people to make a booking via your affiliate link.

As a travel and lifestyle YouTuber, people typically watch you for your fun travel, and lifestyle-related content.

Some of these viewers typically take some of your travel advise, or even get the motivation to travel from your channel, hence, promoting Airbnb offers should be quite easy for you to do on your channel.

Just try not to make it seem like a pitch from a snake oil salesman.

If you have people who are inspired to travel with each video you make, why not make extra cash for inspiring them.

With the Airbnb affiliate program, you have two sign up options.

One, you can become a host affiliate-where you get people to sign up their properties as part of the program.


Two, you could become a guest affiliate-where you encourage people who are travelling and looking for more interesting but affordable accommodations, to use the Airbnb platform.

One big plus with becoming an Airbnb affiliate is that there are so many excellent reviews about using Airbnb online.

And since the platform is very popular, and known to be safe to use, when you promote their offers to your subscribers, they wouldn’t need a lot of convincing.

6. Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate network with thousands of information products and is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.

In my opinion, the Clickbank affiliate program is just as great as the Amazon affiliate program, or may be even better.

Like Amazon, they also have a wide range of products for affiliates to market, hence no matter the niche your YouTube channel is centered on, you will always have tons of products to promote to your subscribers.

Like Amazon also, they have been around for ages, and are well known in regards to some of the oldest and well-established affiliate programs out there.

The only problem I have with Clickbank is that, since they have a whole lot of information products in different niches, many substandard products can be found on the platform.

You will need to research good products to promote on the Clickbank market place in order not to market crappy products to your audience.

Click here to learn more about Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Why I say that this affiliate program may be better than the Amazon affiliate program, is because their affiliate commissions are very high, which same can’t be said for the Amazon affiliate program.

Their commissions sometimes go as high up as 75%.

The maximum commission the Amazon associate program pays is 10%.

Overall, the Clickbank affiliate network is quite dependable, and one of the first I usually recommend, when I am asked to recommend at least one good affiliate program for YouTubers.

7. The Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall homepage

The Builderall platform is one that most people would call the all in one platform when it comes to earning a living on the internet, and what I would call one heck of an excellent affiliate program for YouTubers.

As a Youtuber, promoting this platform to your audience tends to be a lot easier than with promoting most affiliate programs/products.

With the Builderall platform, you are able to easily build landing pages, websites, edit professional-looking, and top quality videos and pictures.

You can effectively blast your emails to your list, and a host of other things.

And this happens to be what everyone is looking for in order to make money and earn a living online.

When you send people to your landing page or website in order to collect their email and build a list, some may ask in the comment area how you built the page.

If you have received some of these comments before, then I hope you can see just how you can easily introduce the Builderall platform to your viewers.

In addition to just leaving your affiliate links in the comments as a reply to your subscriber’s questions, you can also make a dedicated video on how exactly you use the Builderall platform to do all your excellent video editing and page building.

Make it a full-on review if you will, and trust me when I say that your subscribers would be even more pumped to sign up to the platform via your affiliate link.

Though your sign-ups get a 14-day free trial; they still have to pay to use Builderall, hence, making a full-on review would be greatly appreciated by your subscribers.

Final Note on YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

Having a YouTube channel that people love and interact with, is an opportunity that lots of people out there would kill for (okay maybe not kill for, but you get my point)

Starting out by monetizing your channel with affiliate marketing might seem scary, because you don’t really know how your subscribers might feel about being sold stuff to.

But trust me, it is way easier than creating sponsored posts.

The key to winning with YouTube affiliate marketing, is to ensure that you tie in the products you promote seamlessly with your content.

Instead of just randomly promoting products, why not first try to check out if your favorite products have an affiliate program?

This way, you can be confident of its quality when you promote it to your subscribers.

Promoting products you aren’t sure of is a terrible idea, as this can bring on backlash from your subscribers.

This is a bad position to be in when it comes to the integrity of your channel.

Before I close off, please do not forget to always disclose to your subscribers when you promote a product to them that you have an affiliate link for.

This makes you seem honest, and a good level of transparency is great for your relationship with your subscribers, and ultimately the growth of your channel.

I wish you all the best on your online money making journey.