10 Unique Benefits Of Building An Email List for Your Online Business

An electronic mailing list or email list can be defined as the typical use of emails to widespread various information to different internet users.

An email list can act as a golden ticket to help anyone get an upper hand in business.

With an organic mailing list, set up in a professional way it can boost multiple sales figures in a matter of time.

An email list is widely used by different veteran brands to market their services or products and they are in a constant process of building their email inventory.

This method of marketing is by far the best tool that a marketer has in their belt.

Benefits Of Building An Email List

A survey conducted by the Direct Marketing Association showed that an average of 4300% of ROI can be achieved by businesses in the United States with the help of email marketing.

Similarly, as per the stats of exact target for every dollar spent on email marketing, it can give you a return of $44.25.

Thus, it is evident why email capture is important for every brand and individuals.

To help you more with your email list building process and understand the benefits of building an email list, we have come up with ten different reasons as to why email list is important.

1. Email Is a Very Personal Thing

The primary purpose of using an email is that it lands directly into the inbox of a user.

Since there isn’t any ranking system trying to limit your reach, you can get very personal and direct.

The best part of emails is that you can address the end-users with their specific names and custom messages, making them feel more real and human.

This is an awesome benefit of building an email list.

2. End Users Mostly Prefer Emails Over Other Modes Of Communication

 Even with the emergence of different communication and messaging technologies in this digital era, users prefer emails as their main mode of business communication.

This acts as one of the most important benefits of building an email list.

For example, people have been using social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp to communicate with friends and families but when it comes to their business needs, email is the most preferred mode of communication.

Therefore, having a mailing list is an absolute necessity in the current business world and it should be the most important thing to focus on.

3. Emails Can Be Very Purposeful At Certain Times

 There are times, when in order to hear from you or get updates, users can end up subscribing to join your email list.

To be more specific, users signing up to join your list must be interested in hearing more from you and that makes them a lot more receptive to the things you say.

4. Email Targets a Group Of Audience

 We have already discussed in the previous points why prospects join a mailing list.

Now as you get to know their liking, you can target them with highly relevant offers, content, and items based on their previous activities on your website.

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of building an email list. Grouping these end-users in your mailing database is termed as segmentation.

5. Emails Can Build Intimate Client Relationship

Electronic mails are considered to be one of the best and most preferred ways for one on one conversation with end-users.

It is rather the best way for your clients to communicate with you and discuss their problems to get a perfect solution.

Such type of productive conversations does help a lot in building a great customer relationship in the future.

6. Most People Use Their Email Several Times A Day

 You must have heard about many social networking sites having billions of end-users.

Twitter has almost 100 million active accounts and on the other hand, Facebook has almost around 1.4 billion users worldwide.

But what you haven’t heard is the number of people using emails.

Almost every individual in this digital era has at least one single email account.

As per a recent survey, it has been claimed that there are about 3.8 billion email accounts worldwide.

Half of the world’s population is using emails for their daily business needs.

This is the very reason why every veteran company in the entire world have a specific client email database.

Since ages, big brands have been spending millions of dollars on social media marketing to get people to sign up for their email database.

They understand properly the fact that this form of marketing can be the best investment for the long term goal with a great return on investment.

That being said, by now you must have definitely understood a thing or two about the benefits of building an email list.

7. You Are The Owner Of Your Email Database

 An email database or a list is often compared with the number of social media followers on different handles such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

But there is a big difference to it.

You need to remember that the social media handles are the owners of these followers and not you.

There is always a why and how associated with it on the way you communicate with your followers with the change in the brand’s privacy or policies.

But in the case of an email list, your list is your private property.

Having a sequenced email database guarantees you access to several users worldwide.

8. Email Marketing Costs Less Than Others

When compared to other forms of promotional marketing, email marketing costs much less.

Well, you simply need to pay a minimalistic charge for autoresponder software in order to connect to your clients and have a successful email marketing campaign.

This is indeed a very less amount you need to pay when compared to other form of marketing.

All you need to do is focus on building an organic target email database.

9. Emails Can Convert Subscribers Into Real-Time Customers

 All the above-discussed points give the ultimate result of successful client conversion.

For example, with the help of your email database, you can easily send customized messages to a target audience and can easily influence and convince them to use your services or products.

This is one of the most crucial benefits of building an email list that you should never ignore.

10. Email Is Here To Stay Forever

There isn’t any doubt that social media did change many lives throughout the continent.

But there are many blogging, social media, and advertising platforms such as Orkut, Vine, Google plus, etc. that did disappear with time.

Email has been here since 1971 when Ray Tomlinson used it first and thus it is going to stay forever.

Recent studies say that there is at least one email account associated to every single internet user.

What we mean by saying all these is that email marketing won’t ever disappear from sight.

And so adding every new client to your existing database day by day will surely give a huge impact on your business over time and you will be able to reap the benefits of building an email list.

What Email Autoresponder Software Do You Need For Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

There are a number of great email autoresponder software in the market like Getresponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact and many more which are known to automatically answer the emails sent to it.

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate and earn a commission from Constant Contact if you make a purchase through my link. Thank you.

However, Constant Contact is known for its unique email capture benefits and they are a leading expert in this domain of email marketing for the past two decades.

email autoresponder

Their highly optimized and modern mobile features, customizable templates, beginner friendliness and the ability to create and send high-quality professional emails to clients make them stand apart from others.

Why Should You Use Constant Contact For Your Business Email Needs?

Some of their unique services and salient features include the following:

1. Editing Made Easy with The Drag and Drop Feature:

Their editor tool with drag and drop feature makes it very easy to edit and customize an email by designing it professionally and creating mobile-responsive emails that look beautiful on each and every device.

2. Technology That Can Automatically Drive In More Sales In Very Less Time:

The Email automation service provided by Constant Contact helps in keeping the target audience engaged and also builds an intimate relationship with the end-users.

3. Helping in Opening the Door to E-commerce Email Marketing:

The E-commerce email marketing tool helps in taking an online web store to a different new level.

Their tools are customized in such a way that they can find new customers and make them return to your website with more automated and segmented emails.

4. Easy Way to Manage Contacts:

Their tools are designed in such a way that clients find it easy to upload their email list from any source of storage including Outlook, MS Excel or Sales force.

All that is needed to be done is to upload the contacts and the easy to use email marketing software would handle the rest.

5. Ability To Track Your Email Marketing Results In Real-Time:

Their email marketing service has got a real-time tracking tool where clients get to see who is clicking or sharing the emails. This can help to plan the future steps steadily and easily.

6. Get Higher Returns By Making Your Email Marketing Work Better:

The customized email marketing tool of Constant Contact can help clients in going beyond the inbox and connect with the end-users in a whole new way.

Their services like live events, coupons, surveys, donations can help in turning the email list into real customers.

Constant Contact is known for their customer support and their all in one service for any type of email marketing needs.

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to check it out on a free trail.