Get Paid to Be an Online Friend: The Ultimate Guide

How to get paid to be an online friend is one of the most discussed topics. Well, why wouldn’t it be? 

It allows you to make money quickly and from the comfort of your home. Even more, you won’t have to do much other than be the great person you already are. Great right?

So, are you looking to maximize this option? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll tell you how to get paid for companionship. 

Ready? Dive in!

Who Is an Online Friend?

Just before getting to the “how,” you might be wondering what this is all about. Well, it’s quite straightforward. 

An online friend is someone who meets and interacts with others online. Yeah, don’t worry, you won’t need to meet these others physically.

They are individuals who offer companionship to others through social networking platforms. All they do is connect with others, communicate, and have fun with them. 

They find people who require companionship and will rent a cyber friend to get it. In turn, they offer their friendship and get paid for it.

What Exactly Do Online Friends Do?

You are probably wondering what exactly you’ll need to do after all, who pays to get a friend?

Well, it’s not a big deal. In fact, it’s quite popular for people to get paid to be online companions.  These guys need people like you who can keep them company and engage in various activities with them.

So, yes, you’ll need to earn your pay. This will involve you offering various friendship services across areas such as:

1. Online Gaming

If you’re looking to get paid to be a virtual friend, you’ll offer one of the most popular services. You’ll need to join gaming communities and play them with your client.

Generally, this will include games that you both like. In some cases, you might need to learn new games.

Don’t worry, it’s still all fun. It’s even a great way to relieve yourself of stress after a hectic day.

2. Discussions

Another popular activity is to get paid to text chat. All you’ll need to do is hold and maintain conversations with your client.

Usually, this is by texting. However, thanks to technology, there might be video and audio calls. 

Regardless, it’s not a big deal. You don’t even need to worry about not being a therapist.

Generally, your conversation will revolve around simple, fun, and creative things. For instance, how their day went and things they consider fun.

However, you might need to discuss more sensitive things. For example, you might need to help with emotional issues and family issues.

As such, you might want to confirm you’re a good conversationalist before getting into this option. 

Keep in mind that your interpersonal skills are vital in this option. In fact, it will determine the amount you get paid to be an online friend.

3. Watching movies

In case you’re a movie lover, you just might want to jump on this opportunity.

You’ll get paid to watch different lovely and excellent videos. You can then discuss and review the movies with your client.

Don’t doubt it, you’ll still get paid to enjoy your screen time.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

You’re likely still shocked that you can get paid just to have fun. Well, don’t be, it’s the reality.

Guess what; you also get paid reasonably well. For instance, you can get as much as $50 per hour just for having fun with a client. 

Now, consider doing this for a week. You can earn as much as $2000 for just having fun. Great right?

However, you should know that how much you earn for virtual friend jobs depends on various factors. These factors include your preferred platform, your profile, and your availability. 

For instance, while pays between $20 and $50 per hour, Fiverr pays between $5-$25. 

Also, remember, you won’t be the one paying. Instead, you’ll be the one to get paid to be an online friend.

Is It Safe to Be an Online Friend?

You’re probably wondering how safe this is. Well, to the best of my knowledge, this is quite safe. 

This is because your whole relationship is online. As such, your clients hardly have access to you physically.

However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. As such, you’ll need to exercise caution with the disclosure of your details.

Don’t disclose your financial information, physical address, or other information that may lead to a security breach. 

You might want to keep the whole relationship virtual and avoid physical meetings.

If you need to meet, it would be best to meet in a populated area. Keep others informed about your session too. This way, you stay safe.

Platforms Where You Can Get Paid to Be an Online Companion

Let’s get to the platforms that you can do this on. Yes, various platforms connect those looking to make money with those looking for friends.

However, it can be quite tricky to find them. So, you don’t stress yourself, I’ve taken care of that.

Here are six platforms that can help you to get paid to be an online friend.

1. RentAFriend

This is one of the platforms where you can earn as an online friend. It’s sometimes considered the best platform to get paid to be a virtual friend.

This is because RentAFriend has a large number of databases for friend seekers.

You’ll be surprised that each day at least six hundred thousand people are looking to find a friend on the platform. 

Even more, you don’t need to pay a dime to join. You’ll also get to keep all the proceeds from your services. Fantastic right? 

All you need to do is be a good friend and satisfy the needs of your client.

If you decide to choose this platform, you’ll earn between $20 and $50 each hour.

Depending on how long you work each day, you can make up to $2500 per week.

However, remember that while this platform is a great site, it has some limitations.

For instance, it doesn’t support background checks on clients. Hence, you’ll need to be extra careful and follow my safety advice above.

2. RentALocalFriend

This is another excellent platform that allows you to get paid to be an online friend. 

It enables you to sign up quickly and offer your friendship to hundreds of people, depending on their city. 

However, you should keep in mind that this platform isn’t free. You’ll need to pay as much as $100 yearly to continue using this platform. 

Regardless, it’s a great platform as it’s less competitive compared to RentAFriend. Even more, you can earn as much as $120 within a day. So, it’s worth it in my opinion.

3. Fiverr

You’ve probably heard about the platform a thousand times. However, you just didn’t know it’s a marketplace for friendship services.

Well, it is, and an excellent place to get paid to be an online companion at that. 

With Fiverr, you can chat, provide relationship advice, and have fun with others while getting paid.

The great thing about this platform is its verified payment option. With it, you can work, rest assured that you’ll receive your money.

Yes, you also get to determine the rate at which you want to charge clients—usually between $5 and $25.

This service happens to be one of many easy gigs to sell on Fiverr.

4. Lip Service

This is a great platform where you can get paid for companionship. Lip service is unique in the sense that the platform connects awesome chatters to chat agencies. 

It’s more of a chatting business for virtual friends. However, there are age restrictions for those who want to sign up with them.

You must be over 18 years old. There are cases where you have to be above 21 for some tasks.

5. College Pirates

This is an excellent platform to make extra cash as a student in college. This platform connects new and old college students. 

You might be wondering why. The idea behind it is that new college students need someone in the system to talk to. College Pirates satisfy this need and connect them. 

In turn, it allows new students to receive advice and get mentored on various aspects of college.

If you’re a senior in college and you’re looking to get paid to be an online friend, you can join this platform.

Guess what? You get as much as $80 for your troubles. Great right?

6. FriendPC 

If you’re looking to get paid to text chat, then you might want to try FriendPC.

If you’re looking to make money virtually as a friend, then it’s a great plug.

It’s also an excellent platform that pays people in return for providing companionship and mentorship to people.

You can charge as much as $200 for each client. All you need to do is register and then start earning.

It’s a great option that provides you with 24/7 support. It also helps you to promote your services to potential clients.

However, you’ll need to pay between 5 and 10% of each booking to FriendPC.

How to Get Paid to Be an Online Friend

Now that you have an idea about what virtual friend jobs are all about, let’s get to how to monetize them.

Step 1: Sign up

Well, it’s simple. It involves joining a community that connects you with people in need of friends’ services.

And there are loads of platforms that do this. Don’t worry, we’ll get to them later on.

Note that to sign up, you’ll need to pick a preferred platform. Afterward, you’ll then fill in the necessary details. Usually, this will include:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Age

However, you should know that the data required depends on the platform you’re on. For instance, some will require your age, while others won’t do the same.  

Regardless, if you intend to get paid to be an online friend, you must keep one thing in mind.

Precisely, ensure you pay maximum attention when filling out the form. This is because misinformation will put potential clients off.

Your account might not even get approved. 

After that, you’ll need to wait for a while so your profile can get activated. Once you satisfy this requirement, you’re good to go.

Step 2: Take a personality test

Although this isn’t always the case, you might need to do this. Various platforms require you to take a personality test.

This way, they can assess your personality and know clients that are best suited for you.

This is an excellent option as it’ll enable you to have more ease relating to clients.

Step 3: Build your profile

Afterward joining any of the platforms, you can begin to promote yourself through an attractive profile.

However, remember that most of these platforms are incredibly competitive.

Well, you know why. Just like you, hundreds are hoping to get paid to talk to lonely people. 

As such, you must dedicate time to building your profile. This will ensure you’re the first choice when people see your profile.

Ways to build your profile

As I already stated, you’ll need to promote and develop your visibility. Well, it’s simple. The goal is to make your profile look appealing to prospective customers.

For you to do this, you’ll need to research. This means you’ll have to check the profiles of top-rated people on your preferred platform. 

This is important because it allows you to understand what buyers are looking for.

In turn, you can build your profile to match these needs. This way, you can receive offers and get paid to be an online friend. 

However, beyond this, you’ll need to write fascinating details about yourself in your profile.

These details are what will help you capture the client’s attention when they browse through profiles. 

Are you wondering what this involves? Here’s a guide on what to write on your profile to make it appealing. 

  • The books you read

One of the ways you can capture people’s attention is by stating the books you’ve read. Many people became friends during physical meetings because they liked the same books. 

This also works virtually. Provide an overview of the popular books you have read. This way, clients can spark up a connection with you, even before they meet you.

  • The games you play

Another thing that can catch a prospective client’s attention is the details of the games you play. This is especially important if you’re looking to service gamers.

So, list one or two games that you’re superb at. Then watch it do its magic and attract clients. 

  • The songs you listen to

This is also very important. A fan of US rapper Kanye West in Switzerland can easily connect with another fan in the USA.

Thus, putting the names of your favorite artists on your profile can get you clients. You can’t afford to leave it out, especially if you love music. 

  • Location

Your location also matters a lot if you want to get paid to be an online friend. Many clients already have preferences for people who stay in a particular city. 

So, ensure you include your location. However, you might want to ensure that it’s a location that matches that of top-rated friends.

This way, you don’t lose out on gigs just because of your location.

  • Special Attributes or skills

You can include any unique ability(s) you have in your profile.

These skills or attributes can make you stand out from others on that particular platform. Such skills or attributes include:

  • Ability to speak a foreign language(s) as it can distinguish you from others on the platform.
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Being a professional in a particular field
  • Past achievements

Remember to take this segment seriously as it can determine a lot about if you get clients. 

Step 4: Add your payment information

After creating a profile, the next step is to submit your payment details. This is to ensure you can get paid for your services.

Usually, you’ll have two options to do this. You can either get the money transferred into your account directly. Alternatively, you can use your PayPal details to receive payment.

Step 5: Connect with friends

Afterward, you can get connected with people in need of your services. When you do this, you then get paid based on the rate that the platform works with. 

In Conclusion

Working as an online friend can be an exciting job. It’s also a very nice means to earn. In this post, we’ve discussed all you need to do to help you maximize this option.

However, remember that to get paid to be an online friend, you must have an impressive profile.

We’ve also discussed things to note. Sign up on any of the platforms above, follow my guide, and begin earning as a virtual friend.