Apps That Pay You to Chat: 18 Platforms to Earn

In today’s digitally-driven world, there are apps for almost everything – from ordering food to booking a cab.

However, did you know that there are also apps that pay you to chat? Yes, you heard it right! With these apps, you can make money by simply chatting with people on your phone or computer.

These platforms are owned by companies that hire individuals to chat with customers through texts or provide customer support.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the popular apps to get paid to chat and how you can make money through them. Also, we will discuss the roles required for chat jobs.

18 Best Apps that Pay You to Chat

Here are some of the highest-paying companies with websites and apps that pay you to chat with their customers while working remotely.

1. LiveWorld

LiveWorld is a company that hires chat agents to help with work like social media engagement, moderation, monitoring, and customer service.

Their jobs are somewhat flexible as you can choose between part-time work and work-at-home jobs. To do this work, you’ll need to have excellent typing and conversational skills and be able to multitask effectively.

If you can get a position at LiveWorld, it will provide several benefits like flexible hours, health insurance benefits, time off, and vacation options.

You’ll also gain access to a thriving online community of colleagues, retirement options, and opportunities to invest. Jobs aren’t available every day, so check the open positions often.

2. ModSquad

The second company on this list is called ModSquad, and they hire chat agents to moderate online spaces. Because of this, they need agents with fast typing skills.

When you start working for the company, you become a “Mod.” You can take your pick of the projects available and become a moderator on social media, forums, and other online space

While the jobs available have different requirements, they all require finesse and experience in handling relationships.

You’re basically a freelance online moderator with ModSquad with flexible hours and the freedom to choose your projects.

In return, ModSquad pays its Mods an hourly rate based on several factors like experience and skills, how much you’re able to work, and how well you perform.

For example, someone who gets paid to chat in English might not make as much as someone paid to chat in another, rarer language.

3. SiteStaff

SiteStaff hires chat agents who can provide solutions as customer service representatives.

Once accepted, you’ll be given a position as a Chat Host and then be responsible for providing answers to questions and generally fulfilling all customers’ needs.

To do this, you’ll have to chat with several people at once, so if you’re not good at multitasking, this job may not be for you.

However, if you can cope, then you can earn about $10 per hour.

If you like the idea of getting paid to chat with this job, then you can send your résumé to SiteStaff. If they aren’t hiring, your document will still be kept for future openings.

4. Amazon Chat Support Representative

The year’s ending and the holiday season is nearly upon us. It’s almost time for Amazon to start its yearly hiring of chat support agents.

These agents are to help customers resolve their shopping and shipping problems.

They talk to customers and then address their issues. This job also requires multitasking skills.

While this job is part-time, Amazon is usually quite generous with its pay. Plus, there’s also a chance for permanent employment if you perform well.

5. Needle

First things first. While you can get paid to chat with Needle, the system isn’t pay-per-hour like most of the companies on this list.

Needle uses a point system and only when you’ve accumulated a certain amount of points, can they be turned into cash.

Needle is a brand that allows fans to guide shoppers to their favorite products by giving them the advice they need.

In short, you can become a marketer for your favorite brand. You can get paid and still receive products and perks from your brand. Hours are very flexible, and the application process only takes a few days.

6. Apple At-Home Advisors

This is one of the more profitable apps that pay you to chat. Apple sometimes hires customer service chat agents and calls them Apple At-Home Advisors.

Your job will be to chat with the people directed to you by Apple and provide answers to their questions.

You will offer technical support for customers having issues with their Apple products. 

This job won’t be fully chat-based, so you’ll need a headset. You can get other benefits like discounts and paid vacations. Plus, you can make as much as $20 per hour.

7. Ginger

Unlike the Apple At-Home Advisors that require you to have at least a little bit of technical knowledge, this one requires you to have some medical skills.

Ginger provides mental health care for people in the form of behavioral coaches, therapists, and psychiatrists. If you want to work with Ginger, you’ll need to be licensed, preferably across multiple states.

However, once you are, you can work with patients remotely or contact them if you live near the place requested by the offer. Ginger provides care 24/7 so you can work at any time.

8. Arise

Arise is a company that pays individuals to provide customer service to their clients. It works with several Fortune 500 companies and makes sure that clients have access to customer service on several platforms.

Arise has a good reputation with people willing to chat and earn money because it’s been in business for a long time and has been operating successfully.

With Arise, you’re an independent contractor. All you have to do is send in your application, chat with clients for at least 15 hours a week, and that’s it.

If you want to make some extra cash, you can also send and receive emails for Arise. You can make up to $19 with this gig.

9. Fiverr

While Fiverr is not a company that pays people to chat, it does provide services to that extent.

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing platforms around and it has an app through which you can offer chat services.

It allows freelancers to offer their services as “Gigs.” Once this is done, clients may approach based on the services offered.

In this case, your gig will be based on chatting with people. You’ll have to put the details of your services on your gig and your prices—for example, $5 per minute. But be warned that Fiverr will take a cut of your income.

10. Upwork

I can’t mention freelancing solutions without mentioning Upwork. Upwork is an older platform for freelancers.

You can post your services on Upwork, and you can also bid on projects and jobs.

This means that you play an active role in whether you can get paid to chat. Upwork will also take a part of your income.

11. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is a site that helps people get their questions answered by experts in various disciplines.

There are several categories on JustAnswer. They hire experts in these categories who can provide quality answers to these questions. All experts are verified.

When you sign up as an Expert on JustAnswer, the website connects you to a person with a question.

You can be paid a varying amount depending on the subject, but the lowest amount received is $5.

JustAnswer will take a percentage of the money. You can withdraw your funds when they’ve reached $20.

12. Asurion

Asurion is a call center firm and one of the few companies on this list that offer a way for teens to make money.

This company hires individuals 16 years old and up and does not need them to answer calls or provide any other service apart from chatting.

You can work at home on a part-time basis with a flexible schedule. This can be upgraded to full-time.

Asurion pays $10 to $12 per hour for chatting with its clients. You can also boost your income by adding calls to your provided services.

13. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is a company that provides customer service agents for companies in the US and UK.

To become an employee at the Chat Shop, you’ll need to have excellent typing skills, grammar, response time, and the ability to engage in conversations.

The application process is pretty lengthy, including a live chat and phone interview.

When you’re done, you’ll undergo training at their academy and then be sorted out onto a team.

Then you can start making $10 an hour. There are more conditions, but you can learn about them here.

You can only get paid to chat online with The Chat Shop if you’re in the UK or select parts of the US (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, & Texas).

14. Working Solutions

Working Solutions is another app that pays you to chat with their clients.

They frequently hire new chat agents to provide on-demand call center solutions. Agents provide customer, technical support, and sales services.

Working Solutions places high emphasis on the communication and typing abilities of their applicants.

Candidates who have experience as chat agents or customer service providers are also preferred. You can work remotely and earn between $7 to $30 an hour.

15. Accolade Support

This firm is another call center that also outsources chat agents to different virtual locations.

In this manner, it frequently recruits new chat agents. The agents that successfully apply for jobs are generally distributed into three different sections;

  • Customer service
  • Technical support; and
  • Sales representation.

To perform well in any of these positions, you’ll need excellent conversational skills and typing ability.

The goal of any Accolade Support chat agent is to improve the return on investment in any company they’re outsourced to.

For this, you can earn $10 to $12 per hour, and still be regarded as an independent contractor.

16. Operator

Operator is an online shopping platform with an app that pays you to chat.

They hire chat agents who help guide shoppers throughout their experience and even share their anecdotes about brands and products to encourage them to buy a good or enliven their shopping experience.

Chat agents can also provide product recommendations on the mobile app.

Because your recommendations may have led to the purchase of some products, you are allowed a small commission for each successful sale.

17. Presto Experts

Presto Experts is a platform that provides the services of experts in various categories to people who have questions to ask.

The experts are freelancers and can set their rates. All you have to do is to educate others according to the questions they ask.

You can deliver your answers through your computer or smartphone. You’ll get paid to text and chat, and you decide how much you earn.

18. Groupon

Groupon is an eCommerce website that provides online shopping deals and coupons.

They hire people to help with customer service, technical support, and sales every once in a while.

You’ll get paid to chat with customers through text or email. Your pay will be based on your prior experience as a chat agent and your performance at Groupon.

Roles Required for Chat Jobs

The roles and responsibilities of people who get paid to chat differ from company to company. But when companies are hiring chat agents, they’re usually looking for people who can do the work necessary for these jobs.

  1. Customer service and support.
  2. Answer customers’ questions in specific disciplines.

These are the two major roles in companies that pay people to chat. And as the tasks are different, so are the responsibilities and the requirements to attain them.

For most of these jobs, you’ll need;

  • A computer.
  • A smartphone.
  • Good typing skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Social skills and the ability to relate well with people.
  • Ability to hold an exciting and engaging conversation.
  • Writing skills.

These are just the basic requirements and may differ from company to company. However, if you have these skills, it’ll be much easier to get paid to chat.

FAQs on Apps to Get Paid to Chat

Q: How much do websites pay for chat agents?

A: On average most websites will pay around $7 to $15 per hour. Of course, some sites pay much higher or much lower than that, but they’re rare.

Q: Do I need a college degree for chat jobs?

A: Not usually. But on some websites, especially on sites where you have many different clients, a degree might be necessary. And it may have to be a degree in a related course like Computer Science or Customer Relations.

Q: Do online chat jobs come with benefits?

A: Most of them do not. There are very few LiveWorlds in this industry. Most of the time, you’ll only earn your per hour or per chat wage.

Q: How many hours will I need to work on an online chat job?

A: Your hours depend on your company and whether you work full-time or part-time. Part-time work-week hours are usually around 15 to 20 hours. Full-time can be as many as 40 hours.

However, some chat jobs don’t require you to clock in for a certain amount of time every week. You can work when you want.

Q: Are all chat jobs remote?

A: No, they’re not. Some might be fully remote. Others might require their remote workers to stop by the office from time to time. Still, others might not be remote at all.

Final Words On Apps That Pay You to Chat

As you’ve seen, there are several apps available that pay you to chat.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash, work from home, or simply enjoy interacting with others, these apps offer an easy and convenient way to make money.

With so many different options available, it’s important to research each app and find the ones that suit your preferences and skills.

So, why not give it a try and start earning money by chatting with people online? It could be a fun and rewarding experience!