6 Best Apps to Make Money Talking to Guys

These platforms are owned by companies that hire individuals to chat with customers, provide customer support, or even engage in flirtatious conversations with the opposite sex. They allow you to work from home remotely.

Apps to Get Paid to Flirt

There are a lot of people who want relationships out there. Giving them those relationships through texts and chats is now a business.

You can get paid to talk to lonely people and be an online friend. Several apps and websites are platforms for this business, but the six listed below are the best in terms of pay and conditions.

1. Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit allows you to text or chat with men on your phone. However, if you want only to get paid to answer text messages or chats, then don’t use the webcam or video.

Chat Recruit doesn’t have rules for how many hours you can work or how many chats you must respond to.

You can work (or not) whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Chat Recruit will pay $2 for every minute of talk time. The continent you live in decides how you get your cash.

If you live in Europe, you can get paid through direct transfer. Outside Europe, you’ll get your money through international bank transfers.

2. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks is the most popular website of its nature and focuses more on young women chatting with several men.

These women must have good typing and conversational skills and a fun personality. You must be at least 18 years old to earn with FlirtBucks.

This website gives you total control of when and where you work. It also allows you to choose who you chat with and how your messages are delivered.

However, the method you choose will impact your pay.

Your pay will be determined by the chat method you choose and how long you’ve spent with FlirtBucks.

There are two types: regular and video chat. Video chat pays more, but this difference can be offset by how long you’ve stayed with it.

3. Dream Lover

This site is open to women from all over the world, as long as you’re over 18 years old. However, they do use the word “model” to refer to both sexes, so there is a lot of emphasis on photo sharing.

But, you can communicate without sharing pictures. You can do it through SMS like a regular text message.

You can work and get paid to answer text messages whenever you want. Payment is not clear on their website.

4. Lip Service

Lip service is more of an online market for flirting services. The application process is a bit more complicated than other flirt websites, with a phone interview after applying.

When you’re approved, Lip Service will match you to people who want to chat with you. You’ll receive emails on potential matches and choose what projects you want to take.

You must be 18 years old to chat with anyone, but some matchups may require you to be 21 and above.

You can work when and where you want. Your rates will be determined by the clients you choose to work with, but you will be able to see the price before making any decisions.

Lip Service currently only accepts workers residing in the US or Canada.

5. ChatOperatorJobs

ChatOperatorJobs is a company that makes sure you’re taking some chats home every week. This company pays you $0.20 per text, and you’re required to send 75 messages if you want to keep your job.

This means that you get a guaranteed $15 every week, if not more.

This website is open to women above the age of 23, looking to get paid to chat as online friends. You can chat on your phone or computer, whenever you want. You must have a PayPal account to withdraw your funds.

6. MyGirlFund

This website might just be the biggest fish on this list. At least, for women. The site is kind of set up like a less refund version of a dating site. The basic concept is guys get girlfriends through this site for some reason.

But, this relationship is based on cash. Some women have reported getting gifts of money for nothing on this site. Others have had money offered to them in exchange for pictures or videos.

However, your safety and privacy are guaranteed by MyGirlFund. No information will be released without your consent.

And those are my six best apps to get paid to flirt. Next, I’ll answer some of your burning questions about sites that pay for chatting.


These are the best apps to make money chatting with guys. You can go through each one of them and pick a couple of them that you are most comfortable with and start earning some extra income online by chatting.