How to Make Money Flipping Instagram Accounts

Flipping Instagram accounts is a secret approach to making money on Instagram without having to develop your own pages and it’s one of the easy ways to make money without showing your face on Instagram.

The practice of flipping Instagram pages is buying an Instagram page and then reselling it for a profit. Instagram is commonly referred to as the Internet’s real estate. You can buy and sell Instagram accounts just as you would a house or other property.

The reason the Instagram account flipping business is not a popular business idea is that Instagram prohibits it. The majority of the pages are sold using PayPal. I’ll walk you through how to flip Instagram accounts.

I’ll also discuss how you may use the Instagram page you buy to build your own eCommerce store. You will take Instagram more seriously after reading this article.

Why Should You Purchase An Instagram Account?

An Instagram page allows you to operate on a much larger scale than you would ordinarily be able to on a limited budget.

Finding a winning product that you can scale on advertising networks like Google is the goal of eCommerce. Instagram is the most cost-effective and important traffic source you can utilize to test items.

Instagram is one of the cheapest ways to earn a six-figure salary. You may create an eCommerce store that replaces your day job overnight with a lot of labor and a $500 investment.

With a six-figure salary, you can diversify into other sectors of business, and the rest is history. An Instagram page with 20,000 followers will generate the same amount of traffic as $20,000 in Google ads.

When you use Instagram theme pages, the traffic is of very good quality.

Growing an Instagram page to an account with lots of engaged followers is quite challenging and often takes time. Buying accounts that already have a lot of followers is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money on Instagram with zero followers.

How to Purchase Instagram Pages

Instagram pages can be bought and sold on websites and exchanges. and are two examples of such websites.

I don’t buy Instagram pages through social account trading services since people who want to sell their social accounts usually do so after realizing the profile is worthless.

Having a large number of followers is meaningless if the account receives little engagement. The chances of coming across such meaningless accounts on trading websites are pretty high, therefore avoid them.

Another reason to avoid trading websites is that those who sell good accounts will have previously marked the account up.

The markup assures that if you try to flip the account, you will not make much money. We need to bypass the intermediary and go straight to the source of these lucrative Instagram accounts.

You buy Instagram pages from people who are not interested in selling their pages. In this instance, there is a decent probability of catching someone slipping and earning a good price for an Instagram account.

Many people with large followings use Instagram for recreational pages. They create massive pages with no other intention than to use them for eCommerce.

After a while, a person may become bored and seek to delete the page. Most Instagram users are unaware of the actual potential of the pages, so go in there and score a steal.

Recognizing Instagram Theme Pages

In order to know how to flip Instagram theme pages successfully, you need to first know how to identify them. You should seek a page that consistently posts the same stuff.

The caption section is the simplest way to identify a theme page. Theme pages credit the original creators of the content, so the caption of the content looks like this:


-An invitation to visit the theme page.

-A link to the page from which the text was copied. To ensure a win-win situation, the tag offers credit to the developer of the content.

On a theme page, an example of the above phenomenon is:

“A rainy day in Europe.”

Follow @euronaturelover on Twitter.

Here are the fastest-growing niches on Instagram you can utilize for your Instagram account flipping business.

Negotiating & Buying Instagram Theme Pages

Instagram theme pages with 20,000 to 60,000 followers are the best to purchase.

It is crucial to understand when to buy Instagram pages. When a page has between 20,000 and 60,000 followers, it has found its sweet spot.

When someone creates an Instagram page, they usually have no idea that the page will explode at this stage. A page can swiftly grow from 30,000 followers to 500,000 followers.

The biggest reason for this is that many of the posts are now appearing on the explore page, bringing in a lot more followers to the page. When you buy the page, all you have to do is expand it. At this point, the majority of the hard work has been done for you.

As I previously stated, a profitable niche is one in which the major pages carry adverts. You find smaller pages with between 20,000 and 60,000 followers and contact them via email.

Be direct with them and make certain the first sentence of your inquiry expresses exactly what you want.

A simple question such as “How much are you selling your page for?” is sufficient. If the page’s owner declines, request that they contact you when they decide to sell.

Always be prepared to haggle downwards, as sellers are happy to do so, especially if a person has become tired of their page.

Only try to buy pages with a high level of engagement on each post in comparison to the overall number of followers.

Instagram pages Handover & Takeover

Only use PayPal to pay for an Instagram page. Because there are many scammers out there, PayPal helps to protect your transaction.

Make sure you select PayPal Goods and Services. If the vendor does not deliver the Instagram page as agreed, PayPal Goods and Services will refund you. The disadvantage for the page’s vendor is that PayPal gets a commission on the transaction.

PayPal business transactions also take longer to complete than Friends and Family transactions, which are handled on the same day.

As a result, sellers will frequently want to haggle so that you utilize Paypal Friends and Family because there are no fees on the seller’s end. The disadvantage is that there is no way to recover your money if you are defrauded.

Another crucial step is to request that the seller of the page not log out of the account before granting you access to it. When the seller hands over the account, they receive a message that a login attempt has been made from another device.

If the seller is still logged in, he or she will receive this notification. As soon as the seller receives the notification, inform them that they must authorize your login before they can log out.

Change your email address as soon as you get the account. The transfer of ownership of the Instagram account is now complete.

By providing account reset instructions to the previous owner’s email address, changing the email address prohibits them from accessing the account.

Making Money From Flipping Instagram Accounts

In keeping with the topic of this article, the main way to make money from the Instagram pages you purchase is to sell them.

You can sell it right now on the websites I mentioned earlier. The problem is that you will only make a tiny profit if you do not add more value to the account.

If you start with 50 000 followers and expand it to 200,000 followers, you may sell it for far more than you paid for it. An Instagram page can be sold for up to $25,000 USD. It’s a good investment to pay $25,000 for a page that costs $200.

Signing up with a website called Shout Cart is another option to make money. You can sell shout-outs and get paid to advertise other people’s items on

Shout Cart is a great method to recoup your investment while also starting a side job.

A better strategy is to test products on the page in order to determine a winner. You can make six figures with a strong eCommerce store, and it all starts with Instagram. Your store can be an eCommerce store selling services, you can use it for flipping Fiverr gigs.

The $200 or so you spend on buying the page is nothing compared to the quantity of traffic you will receive from an Instagram page with strong engagement.

Within days, you will recoup your money in terms of traffic. Instagram pages with high engagement provide you with the power of an online budget that most people do not have. The traffic alone elevates your eCommerce game to new heights.

Final Words On Instagram Account Flipping Business

An Instagram page, like real estate, can be purchased for a modest fee. You bet that you can add value to the page and then sell it for more money later. Instagram account flipping is similar to flipping properties in that sense.

Another option is to monetize the page by selling things through its traffic. The beauty of Instagram is that you can sell things all around the world, not just locally. Using an Instagram page to sell things is analogous to buying a property and converting it into a business.

The most crucial aspect is that you begin with almost nothing, especially when you make the possible returns on the initial investment. It’s incredible; it’s like stealing from the rest of the globe.

A nice residence will set you back at least $200,000 USD. Instagram pages cost around $200, but the profits are comparable to those of real estate. Change with the times, be wise, and begin flipping Instagram pages.