9 Best Free Cryptocurrency Apps That Pay

Nowadays, there are numerous mobile apps that can allow you to earn cryptocurrency, and it will literally take you months to check them all out to see which ones are the finest. That’s why I decided to write this article to save you time after testing a ton of them myself.

These are apps or sites where you can earn cryptocurrency by taking surveys or doing simple and enjoyable tasks like playing games. Some of these apps even pay you for simply learning about crypto or sharing unused internet bandwidth on your phone or computer.

I’ll go over the best apps to earn free cryptocurrency you can then simply select which apps are appropriate for your needs.

9 Best Apps to Earn Free Cryptocurrency From Home

Now that you know what to expect from these possibilities, let’s get into the apps that can earn you cryptocurrency using your phone or computer. And, if you want to optimize your cryptocurrency earnings, I recommend that you join 3 to 5 sites/apps. You will obtain access to additional opportunities this way.

1. Freecash

Freecash.com is an app that rewards users with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, as well as cash. The registration process is straightforward, and users can easily earn $100 or more every month by using freecash.com.

Simply do surveys for various companies, and the platform will pay you in whichever currency you like. Top earners on Freecash make over $1,000, a month. However, it takes a substantial amount of work to earn this much free bitcoin. Users can expect to make $1 per 5 to 10-minute offer and cash out quickly in cryptocurrency, gift cards, and PayPal. Freecash is available worldwide.

2. Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire is a GPT site that has developed from a GPT site solely for gamers to a genuinely multipurpose GPT site open to anyone. To earn money, simply complete surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and refer others to join the site.

You can convert your earnings to gift cards, gaming platform currency, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or LiteCoin.

The payout threshold for Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies is only $0.10. And, as previously stated, it is available worldwide, so you can join regardless of where you live.

It does not, however, have a mobile app, but the website is mobile-friendly, so you can view it from your phone. I have made the most amount of free crypto online with this website. Check out the list of legit survey websites to earn free crypto.

3. Honeygain

Honeygain is an app that allows you to earn passive income by sharing excess internet bandwidth with its clients. It is primarily used on computers, but there is a mobile version that you can download to share your unused mobile internet connection.

You simply need to leave the app running in the background to receive rewards. Then, you may either cash out your prizes or convert them to Bitcoin. Both will necessitate a minimum of $20 in earnings. You will receive a $5 sign-up bonus immediately after signing up.

Another alternative is to redeem their own altcoin called JumpTokens instead. It already has monetary value, and the best part is that you don’t have to meet a minimum level to withdraw it.

4. Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World is an Android and iOS game app that pays crypto. You will walk around collecting keys, opening boxes, making friends, and much more based on your geolocation. Coin Hunt World allows you to earn modest sums of free Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The creators of the Coin Hunt Worlds work for Bittrex, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. You can earn $50 to $100 each week from it if you put in the work.

If you are based in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or El Salvador. Notably, the Philippines is scheduled to arrive soon. Others must wait till their country is added.

5. Crypto Popcoin

Crypto Popcoin is another game app where you can earn free cryptocurrency: Ethereum and PopCoin. The gameplay is straightforward. You must first group the coins and then tap to pop them.

The goal is to pop as many coins as possible before the end of each stage. There is also a bonus dependent on the coins you collect in each stage. Each game point earns you one PopCoin.

While a Coinbase account is required to earn Ethereum, any ERC-20 wallet address will suffice to earn PopCoin. To begin, Metamask is an ERC-20 compatible wallet that is completely free to use.

6. Coinbase

Coinbase is primarily a trading app and site, but it also offers free cryptocurrency.

The platform’s Learn program offers free cryptocurrency in exchange for merely learning about cryptocurrency. You can currently learn about Basic Attention Token (BAT), 0x (ZRX) tokens, Zcash (ZEC), EOS (EOS), and other cryptocurrencies. This is one of many creative ways to earn free cryptocurrency.

To obtain free cryptocurrency, watch a video, take a 3-question quiz, and correctly answer the questions. Coinbase will credit the coin you learn about into your account, making the program an excellent method to obtain a wide range of cryptocurrencies for free.

There’s no limit to your earning potential and you can learn and earn from as many coins as you want. You will also earn $10 for every friend you refer to the program through your referral link. The platform has paid over $100 million since the program launched.

7. Crypto.com

Crypto.com is a crypto trading app that has partnered with Visa to provide a cashback prepaid Visa card. You will earn the Crypto.com coin, MCO, if you purchase products through the program. The network provides multiple tiers of incentives based on the number of MCO tokens staked on the platform.

The program provides 1%-5% cash back on all purchases, which is much higher than the cashback offered by most debit cards. It offers 10% cash back on Expedia and Airbnb purchases, as well as a credit for 100% cash back on Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.

8. eToro

If you’re already involved in cryptocurrencies or have some spare cash to invest, eToro is a terrific place to obtain free cryptocurrency. The exchange gives a $10 sign-up incentive to new investors, but you must deposit and trade $100 to qualify.

Nonetheless, $10 is a fantastic bonus that you may use to purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies on the marketplace.

eToro allows customers to invest in professionally managed portfolios, making the exchange an excellent choice for inexperienced investors. Furthermore, over 20 million customers have placed their trust in the exchange, which is regarded as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges.

9. Cointiply

Cointiply is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) platform where you can earn Bitcoin, DOGE, LiteCoin, and other cryptocurrencies. You have the option of using their web-based platform or downloading their mobile app.

It provides numerous earning options such as playing mobile games, doing surveys, completing paid offers, clicking ads, and much more. It pays in cryptocurrencies such as LiteCoin, DOGE, DASH, and Bitcoin. The withdrawal threshold is similarly low ($3), allowing you to take your winnings promptly.

The nicest part about Cointiply is that it is available globally, however, the app is only compatible with Android devices. If you have an iOS device, you must use their website instead.


So that about wraps up my guide on apps that pay free crypto. Keep in mind that all the options mentioned above are legit. And with most of them, you don’t have to invest any money to start earning crypto.

As I’ve suggested earlier, you should join around 3 to 5 sites/apps to get access to the most opportunities so you can earn more crypto. Idle-Empire and Honeygain are my two favorite free cryptocurrency platforms.

I will keep updating this list if I find more sites and apps that are worth joining, so remember to bookmark this page and come back to it from time to time. In the meantime, you can check out other effective ways to earn free crypto. You will surely find some other cool and powerful options in this guide.