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The Smart Dollars Club 2021 Review – Everything You Need to Know

You can earn some cash from home by taking part in paid surveys. Now, you may have the necessity and opportunity to earn money from somewhere aside from your regular nine-to-five job.

There are numerous sites available over the internet that promises you a fabulous amount of money in return for a few hours of engagement, and that too done at your leisure.

However, most of these sites are scam or fake.

They promise you a huge amount of payback against very little effort. Most of the time they promise that joining them is free, but you end up paying a handsome amount and sharing your personal information without any return.

Not all of them are fake, but most of them are. Especially, those that promise you a hefty amount of payback with very little effort.

Smart dollar Club is one of such websites and thus we have come up with this article only to caution you against falling into such a trap.

What Is Smart Dollars Club?

Smart dollar club is a website that promises you a $300 payback per day for taking online paid surveys.

They ask you to leave your e-mail address with them and promise to send you links to online surveys.

smart dollars club

These online surveys promise to pay you more or less $150 per completed survey.

Now, that seems to be too good to be true.

Apart from a few survey companies like Survey Junkie that seldom pays up to $50 per survey.

And also some research companies that sometimes pay up to $100 per survey, most genuine websites that give you true links for taking real surveys do not promise to pay such a huge amount of money.

So, you can infer initially that this site is a fake or scam, making false promises and secretly collecting your personal data like your email id and phone number.

Who Owns the Business?

The website has no or an incognito owner.

The identity of the owner is hidden to all. There is not even a single hint on the website that may give you an insight into the people who own this site.

No credentials at all.

Nothing is said regarding the name, age, or experience of the site owner, who promises you a hefty amount of payback against some paid service questionnaire.

This is a high indication that this website, Smart dollar club, is far from being a legitimate site.

It is obvious that one question any layman will ask is that if the site is not a scam, why should the persons behind the website hide from public sight and won’t take credits for creating such a wonderful website.

Who Can Join the Smart Dollars Club?

Theoretically, anyone and everyone can join the Smart dollar club.

Age, sex, religion, educational qualification, and even geographical location are no barriers to joining the business. But surveys they are proposing are not so.

They surely distinguish people depending on the above factors. And there is no way you can be sure that the links for the survey you will be presented with are pertaining to your domain.

That means, in more simplified terms, you may not be confronting survey questions that are relevant to your background.

For example, asking a male which brand of hairpins he uses or asking a Christian which deity is his venerated God seem the most stupid and ridiculous questions that can be asked.

Also, in no way the site guarantees that questions pertaining to your background will be asked in the survey you are taking.

So, joining such a fake and irresponsible website is extremely risky and ridiculous.

Can the Claims Be Real?

Now, they claim to be paying off $300 per day to complete two or three surveys.

The claim itself seems ridiculous. There are genuine websites that can actually help you to take online paid surveys and earn money.

But the amount they pay, roughly 2 to 3 dollars per survey, is much less than claimed by them.

You can earn some extra bucks by taking online paid surveys, but in no way that can be any supportive amount so that you can sustain solely based on that income.

So, in no means, the income generated by taking online surveys can look after all of your needs.

This means that in no way online paid surveys can be a replacement for a full-time 9 to 5 job, as promised by them.

So, it seems from all angles that the tall claims made by the Smart dollar club are not realistic, and as such, the website in question is totally fake.

What Follows Joining Smart Dollars Club?

After you share your email address with them, as the first step towards Smart Dollar Club signs up, they send you a link where you can actually take a survey and be paid $150 as your joining bonus as they promise.

But alas, that turns out to be too good to be true.

Because clicking on the link will lead you to another similar site that wants your email address and promises you even a larger amount, around $400.

Clicking on this link will probably lead you to another website that makes a bigger promise.

And the chain continues till you are tired and give up at the end with a lot of time being wasted, sharing your personal data and also some of the internet browsing data balance, which you have bought with your hard-earned money.

Now, not all members of the website are treated the same way. It is revealed from the experiences of other people, who have been victims of being lured into joining Smart Dollars Club to make some extra bucks.

Some of the members, after joining the website are actually sent links to take a survey.

But, after successfully taking the survey, where they are supposed to share even some more of their personal data, they are taken back to be greeted with a message which says that they have to pay $100 to answer a few more questions.

Now, this is very much contrary to what has been claimed earlier.

Some Different Experiences By Other Members

Some other people have some different experiences to share.

They say that after Smart Dollars Cub login they are sent a link to some website which is a part of affiliate marketing.

Now, there is nothing illegal or wrong with affiliate marketing.

It is a completely safe and legitimate process of earning some extra money. Let us explain what affiliate marketing is about for those who are not familiar with the term.

This is a process by which you give links to other persons’ websites and if any of your visitors click on the link and purchase the product you get paid.

So far that is fine. But the question here is who is getting paid?

It is the website owner, Smart dollar club in this case that is getting paid and not you.

They do not promise to share their booty with you against such payoff.

Therefore, ultimately you see that the website does not keep up to the promise they make. And as such Smart dollar club leave you with the feeling of being cheated by a fake website.

Innovative Ways of Cheating

Once you get your membership by putting in your details, including your email address, you will be mailed with a link to a website that not necessarily connects you to any sort of survey.

Rather this website may claim, like your parent site Smart dollars club, that if you take their free membership you are promised to earn a fabulous amount, say $400 or more.

Even if you fill in your data diligently for the second time, the link they send you may be that of an online casino or some marketing site.

These sites most of the time ask for your financial details like your credit card or debit card numbers and other details, even if you are not ready to pay anything.

Once you share your personal financial details, you always run the risk of being duped and your money siphoned out.

So, it is always the best idea not to share such details anywhere, unless you are 100% sure of the authenticity of the website.

So, you see that though they do not initially charge anything for their membership, logging into the Smart dollar club may actually make you lose money if you are not careful enough.

To Summarize – What Does The Smart Dollar Club Stand For?

To bring to a conclusion the Smart dollar club review and to tell in a one-line answer – Smart dollar club is a website that promises high returns for your labor, which is not true.

Instead, it is a scam that takes you for a ride and compels you to click on links, and the website owner himself gets paid.

Not only that, but your clicks may also lead you to such fraud sites which may actually siphon your money out of your bank account if you are not careful enough.

We have summarized certain important points that will make you understand in a more detailed way why Smart dollar club is a total scam.

The following points will help you become aware and stay away from such fake websites with big promises: –

Tall fabulous promises:

Smart dollar club promises to fetch you an income of $300 per day just by taking part in two to three paid online surveys. Now, that sounds ridiculous.

When similar genuine sites cannot promise you something beyond $3 per survey, from where will they fetch this hefty amount of payback?

Therefore, what they promise actually sounds like a blatant lie and makes you suspicious of their website being a scam site.

Incognito or hidden owner:

Generally, any legit website will proudly announce their owner.

The credits and credentials of the persons who take all the pain to develop such business are pompously displayed at the site.

But here you see the picture is just the opposite.

Nobody is claiming to own the site. No credit, no credentials are displayed. This should make you suspicious of their purpose.

Your personal data may be at risk:

Once you share your personal data like your phone number and email address with sites like Smart dollar club, they tend to sell off the same to various marketing companies.

As a result, within a few days of registration, you will be continuously bombarded with phone calls and emails advocating you to avail of such products or services that you may not need throughout your life.

Links You to Similar survey sites:

After you register yourself with the site, the Smart dollar club will send you links to similar websites that also claim to provide you with an opportunity of earning thousands of dollars against a free registration.

Sometimes they might also send you links to promotional websites where they get paid for their affiliate marketing and what you get is a big zero.

You may lose your money:

Sometimes registering on websites like the Smart dollar club may also be dangerous.

They will often send you links to casinos and various marketing portals that ask for your financial information, even if you are not interested in them.

Be cautious.

Later they may use this data to withdraw money from your bank account.

So, it is for your own benefit that you avoid websites like these that are mostly scams.

Where to Find Real Online Income – Smart Dollar Vs Financial Peace!

If you are serious about earning a sustainable income online, then why not go for real affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process by which you host your own website and share links to various commercial sites. With proper training, this job is a cakewalk.

Why not turn to genuine websites like Wealthy Affiliate that promises you an absolutely free trial and training.

Here you need not share your financial details like credit card or debit card number and bank account details.

Their weekly classes will train you in a step by step manner on how to build your own website, launch and host it.

You will also learn how to promote the same through proper SEO.

They also train to paste links to other marketing websites that will actually pay you per click.

Thus, your website will become a truly promotional site and fetch income for you through affiliate marketing.

Best Ways to Easily Shorten Your Amazon Affiliate Links

short amazon affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is a source of direct and passive income for many is increasing day by day. Amazon affiliate program is one of the world’s most popular and the largest affiliate program out there.

With huge numbers of product availability in Amazon, you can always earn some bucks as commission by recommending some of the items to your friends or family.

Suppose you want to share a link to a very famous book available on Amazon with your friend.

You might think that it is a very easy copy-paste process and can easily be done by searching for the book in Amazon and then copy and paste the link from the address bar of your Amazon page to the browser.

Yes, it does work in that way but to be honest the link looks nasty.

Let’s say you want to give the link of a book written by Agatha Christie named “The Secret Adversary” to one of your friends. So, by just copying and pasting the link from the Amazon webpage looks like this-


Don’t you find it a bit bland and uninteresting? Now look at this short amazon link shorturl.at/jDU06 doesn’t it look far better than the previous one?

Putting a big Amazon link like the one above does look very ugly and even harder when your friend tries to type that link in his/her browser.

There are even some chances of URL breaking accidentally by some type of typo error. Thankfully we can short amazon links like this with just a few steps which we have listed below.

Step 1: Getting Rid Of the End Junks on Amazon

Have you ever noticed that every Amazon link start with “ref=” which generally doesn’t hold any meaning for the customers? Amazon has been creating these for ages to keep the record and track the data while you are surfing products through their website.

The easiest way to short Amazon links like this is by removing the “ref=” part from the URL.


Yes, it’s a bit better, but we can even get this short Amazon link in a much shorter version.

Step 2: Removing the Title of the Book

Try looking at the link above, can you see the name of the author and the name of the book in the URL. Well, we all don’t need that part and it can be omitted to get an even shorter link.

Amazon short links not working can be an issue if proper steps aren’t followed.

If you delete the name of the book and author the link would still be working but you always need to make sure that the /dp/ part is present as it is of enough importance to the shortened URL.

Here’s the example:


Isn’t it very short? Let’s dive into another step to make it even a bit shorter.

Step 3: Try Not Using Amazon.com

This sounds really strange right, but before jumping out to make a conclusion, read the following article down below.

Like most other big brands, Amazon does hold a large number of domains. Amzn.com is one of the same that they own.

The engineers at Amazon did make this a very handy way to get their URLs short. Look at the domain name down, we have replaced amazon.com with amzn.com.


The Amazon Standard Identification Number or the ASIN makes this Amazon share link work on real grounds.

Each and every item that is listed on Amazon does have a unique Amazon Standard Identification Number and this specific ASIN can be seen in all short amazon links.

All you need to do is change this ASIN number in the given link to the ASIN of the book making it a very short amazon link. Here it is not needed to include the “/d/” part, as done in the previous step.

Remember this trick only works for the US-registered Amazon sites i.e. www.amazon.com. You might not find it working on other registered Amazon platforms.

Step 4: Using Amazon Link Shortener Online

There are a lot of third-party Amazon link shortener online sites that do specialize in providing short URLs for your amazon product.

These third-party applications work for any type of link, not only just Amazon. You can find domain names such as goo.gl, tinyurl.com, bit.ly, ow.ly, bit.do, and a lot more.

All you need to do is search for Amazon URL shortener online and you will get thousands of options to use.

In case you are using bit.ly, they do have a separate domain named amzn.to which can be used if you are shortening any Amazon links.

Most of these link shorteners serve for free whereas some do take some charge for some additional features.

Some sites do track the number of links being clicked. A downside of using this third-party application is that you always need to rely on these websites being around.

If by any chance these websites close suddenly or put on a huge fee for using their links then you do have to change all the shortened URLs that have been used previously by you which can turn into a nightmare for many.

Step 5: Copy Pasting the HTML Code before Inserting It in the Blog

Copying and pasting the URL links in an HTML page is another option to shorten an Amazon link. Here, in this case, you need not worry about the sizes of the image, here the text-only link is only provided for the HTML.

These HTML’s are coded in such a way to use your Amazon affiliate ids as are already logged in inside the affiliate page.

This can be particularly helpful when you link an item on Amazon.com and you don’t need about any specific price or picture of the item. All you need to do is just provide a reference link to the product.

To conclude we can say that these points that we have dug for you are of some importance and might help you in building a successful Amazon Affiliate Career.

All About the Netflix Affiliate Program, and Some Other Great Alternatives.

netflix affiliate program

You would be living under a rock if you don’t know what Netflix is, but just in case you are (hehe), I will give you the rundown of what the Netflix platform does, and what the Netflix affiliate program is all about.

Netflix is an online movie and TV series streaming platform that has taken the world by storm.

Netflix affiliate program

Even if you do not use their streaming service, you must know at least one person who does, or seen their ad somewhere online.

The above being said, it would also interest you to know that though Netflix is popular now, it wasn’t always as popular.

So many things contributed to Netflix being as big of a deal as it is today, and one of those factors would be the Netflix affiliate program.

At this point, we can say that they really did hit the mark and over, with the affiliate program, and their widespread popularity is a testament to that.

Now, enough of the chit chat. You are on this page to get juicy details on the Netflix affiliate program and hopefully sign up by the end of this article, so let us get into that.

When the program kicked off, it had a large sign-up rate, which was great for their affiliate marketers.

I mean, Netflix affiliates were getting paid $10 for every sign-up, even the free trial ones. Lots of folks were making bank with it!

Sadly, the Netflix affiliate program had to come to an end for some reason.

Why Was The Netflix Affiliate Program Cancelled?

The two reasons below are at the top of the list.

  • Netflix got mighty popular that it no longer required affiliates to get people to sign up.
  • The affiliate program became too expensive to continue, as many affiliates kept joining the program and kept bringing in sign-ups.

So, if you were here to find an answer to the “can I still sign up for the Netflix affiliate program today?” question, the answer would be no, you can’t. At least not right now. But…….

There have been rumors of the Netflix affiliate program getting a reboot sometime in the future, so you might want to be on the lookout for that.

Why would the Netflix affiliate program get a reboot despite the fact that they have become so popular, and the program became too expensive to run?

Well, nothing in life is permanent my friends.

Netflix might be very popular now, but they do have some stiff competition in the streaming industry, and this competition does come complete with their own affiliate programs.

With these competition having their own affiliate program, Netflix might not stay the most popular kid in 3rd grade for much longer.

The above being said, if you are looking for other Netflix affiliate program alternatives, then stick around, as we will be touching on a few excellent options below.

Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

1. Amazon prime video

Amazon prime affiliate program

At this point in time, Amazon and Amazon prime is just as popular as Netflix.

But; if you have never used Amazon prime video or Amazon prime, you must have at least heard of Amazon!

Amazon prime video is a streaming service like Netflix, but their sign up commissions are way lower than what the Netflix affiliate program offered.

That being said, $3 per sign up isn’t too bad if you are just looking to make some added income.

The Amazon prime video platform features a lot more original content than with Netflix and lots of people actually enjoy that.

The $3 sign up commission you get sticks, even if the individual cancels after their 30-day free trial is over.

The high point of the Amazon prime video affiliate program is that Amazon Prime users can get their monthly subscription bundled into their Amazon Prime subscription.

This bundle option has proven to do the trick, and got more people signing up for the Amazon Prime subscription.

Like with the original Amazon affiliate program, you are required to sign up for the Amazon associates program before you can promote the Amazon prime video as an affiliate.

2. Sling TV

Sling tv affiliate program

Sling TV is a streaming platform that offers 30 live TV channels, and the streaming of up to 150.

The Sling TV platform has both an affiliate program and a referral program. For the referral program, you get a $5 reward that goes towards your monthly subscription.

For their affiliate program, you can earn between $3 to $20 for each sign up you get for them. This is determined by the kind of sign up you send them.

Sign up for the Sling TV affiliate program here.

3. Fubo TV

Fubo tv affiliate program

Fubo TV is a live sports streaming channel. Their affiliate program can earn you between $10 to $30 per sign up, but it depends on the kind of sign up you send to them.

This affiliate program is great to pair with sports-focused blogs to get even more out of it. Their free trial sign-ups aren’t honored for pay.

It can be promoted in Canada and the united states.

Sign up for the Fubo TV affiliate program, here.

4. CBS all access

Netflix alternative

CBS all access is a very popular streaming platform, but I bet that you didn’t know that they had an affiliate program.

Well, they do, and it is also a great Netflix affiliate program alternative.

You get paid $9 for every confirmed sign up, as free sign-ups aren’t honored.

Sign up for CBS all access affiliate program here.

5. Philo

Philo affiliate program

With Philo, you can’t actually make any money, but wait wait…. just keep reading as they do have a benefit that might interest you.

Philo is a small live streaming service, with a number of channels that cover mostly entertainment and lifestyle shows.

Why the heck would I bother signing up for an affiliate program when I don’t even get paid? I bet you are wondering.

Well, when someone signs up to the Philo platform via your affiliate link, your commission goes towards your own monthly subscription.

Lol, I know, it sounds like a terrible deal, but you know what they say, it is what it is.

You get a $5 reward that goes towards your monthly subscription, and your signee gets $5 dollars off if they decide to proceed with the platform after their free trial is over.

If the said individual decides to cancel at the end of the free trial, you don’t get the $5{oops}

But, if everything goes according to plan, and your sign-ups do not cancel after the free trial, you could get months and months of free streaming on the platform.

If you would like to sign up for the Philo referral program, you can find the sign-up page here.

6. Hulu

Another TV that offers an excellent alternative to the Netflix affiliate program is Hulu. It’s an American enterprise that provides on-demand and live TV, original series, and movies to people.

It allows users to stream away from home and still watch at home simultaneously. Even more, they provide unlimited screen offerings, although at a higher price.

So, to drive users to their platform, they offer the Hulu affiliate program that you can exploit. All you need to do is recommend people to their service. In return, you earn $10, although in Visa Prepaid card.

However, to join this movie affiliate program, you might need to register on Ambassador, who functions as their program administrator.

Afterward, you can navigate your accounts page and generate your unique link from the Payment Information tab.

You can then share this link to everyone and earn $10 when anyone uses your link to sign up. However, you should know that you only get paid after the users have subscribed for the second month.

You also enjoy excellent tracking tools when you join the Hulu affiliate program. You can track your earnings, how many referrals are awaiting approval, how much you have received, and your payments undergoing processing.

7. Disney Plus affiliate program

disney plus

Well, the Disney Plus affiliate program started quite a bit after the Netflix affiliate program ended. However, it has risen to the top as an excellent alternative, thanks to its massive audience demand and reasonable commission offering.

There are a number of Disney affiliate programs available, but Disney plus is the only video streaming program.

Disney Plus launched in November 2019, and it offers its users access to Disney’s blockbusters like Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars movies.

The great thing about it is that its offerings are exclusive. As such, everyone interested would have to be on Disney Plus to get access.

In turn, you can promote Disney to them and get a commission for each subscription that comes through you. However, to join, you’ll need to do so through any of its affiliate networks.

You should find the Disney Plus affiliate program on TradeTracker, SkimLinks, Impact, and Daisycon. All you need to do is search on their merchant or campaign list. Then, you can join and begin earning. You can earn as much as $5 on each signup you procure.

8. HBO affiliate program 

You must have heard of Game of Thrones or The Sopranos or Deadwood. Well, that’s all, HBO. They are an American enterprise that offers original series, movies, exclusive videos, and episode guides.

Also, thanks to recent development, people can now stream all of its content. And since they are unique, it’s a place everyone wants to be.

Home Box Office, popularly known as HBO, offers one of the best movie streaming affiliate programs to drive traffic to its platform.

And although it’s not available in all countries, as long as you’re in the US or Canada, you can benefit from it.

All you need to do is create your unique referral link. Then, promote it to your family, friends, and the public. And with each subscription processed through your link, you get 5% of the total sale.

However, at the moment, you can’t join this program directly, as you need to do so through an affiliate network.

While there’s no guarantee of how many affiliate networks currently offer access to this video streaming affiliate program, you can join through Sovrn (formerly VigLink).

All you need to do is create an account on Sovrn if you don’t already have one. Then, you can search for the program, and apply to join. Once you’re accepted, you can start earning.

9. Hotstar affiliate program 

Hotstar is another video streaming enterprise that offers exciting content. Owned by Novi Digital located in India, it currently provides more than 50, 000 hours of movie and TV content in 9 languages.

It also offers live coverage to sporting events making it a go-to platform for even sports lovers.

Like other companies on this list, Hotstar runs an affiliate program that rewards marketers who increase their visibility and drives customers to Hotstar.

All you need to do is create a deep link that you can then promote to others. Once someone makes a subscription through your link, you receive a commission – as much as 7%.

Also, you don’t have to pay a dime to join. All you need to do is select an affiliate network, enter, and apply to join the Hotstar affiliate program. You can do this through INRDeals or Admitad.

You can also take advantage of the Hotstar Champion program, which works like the affiliate program. The only difference is that you only get paid for subscription made out of the US.

And with each yearly subscription, you earn a flat rate of $15. You might want to get on it soon as the program might close on the 31st of December, 2020. Click here to join.


Online streaming-based affiliate programs are an excellent way to make some added income on your affiliate marketing journey.

With more and more people watching everything on their phone on the go and less on TV, the sign-up rate for these online streaming platforms is quite impressive, which is excellent for you as an affiliate marketer.

It is quite sad that the Netflix affiliate program is no more, but as I said, there is a good possibility that they may bring it back. So, look out for that.

You can also make a decent amount from the Netflix affiliate program alternatives listed here, so try and take it seriously.

I hope these suggestions help. Take care until next time.

19 Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs in 2022: Earn Per Free Signups

In this post, you will learn about the best Pay per lead affiliate programs through which you can earn commissions per free signups and some other means that do not involve getting someone to make a purchase.

Pay per free signups affiliate programs is one of the best ways to earn a substantial, steady, and ultimately sustainable income, from your home, while you are at your nine to five jobs, or wherever in the world.

I’m an affiliate of some of these programs and have earned and received payments promoting free trial affiliate offers.

Before I go into the list of the best affiliate programs that pay per lead, I will first touch on the Pay per lead affiliate marketing model itself so that you can have a better understanding of this line of business.

What is Pay Per Lead Affiliate Marketing?

Pay per lead affiliate marketing is a form of cost per action marketing where anyone looking to earn an honest day’s pay, can help a full-on company or independent product developer to market his or her products.

And in return, get paid a commission for each quality lead brought to the said company or product developer.

What exactly is a quality lead? I bet you are wondering.

Well, in regards to pay per lead affiliate marketing, a quality lead is a lead that takes an action that is required of him or her by the affiliate partner when they get to their website or landing page.

With this form of affiliate marketing, all you need to do is send quality leads to the appropriate landing page or website, and that’s it!.

In affiliate marketing generally, you only get a commission when you land a sale on behalf of your affiliate partner (i.e., the producers of the products you are marketing).

But with Pay per lead affiliate programs, earning commissions is dependent on actions that don’t involve making a purchase.

What Type of Actions May be Required of Your Leads?

  • Inputting their email to join your affiliate partner’s email list
  • Making a file or software download
  • Inputting their zip code
  • Having them sign up for a product’s free trial. Etc.

It could be just about anything that would ultimately help your affiliate partner snag a sale in the near future.

As long as the individuals that make up the traffic you send to your affiliate partner’s landing page or website take appropriate action, you are entitled to a commission.

Do you now see why this model is one of my favorites of all the affiliate marketing models?

Okay, let us proceed.

Some pay per lead affiliate programs take it a notch higher and also pay you an added bonus when the quality leads you send to their landing pages, ultimately make a purchase or become a client. (it’s incredible, right?)

Whatever the case may be, you always need to remember to read the terms and conditions of any or all of the affiliate programs you decide to run with.

Some people often wonder which to go for between pay per click affiliate programs or Pay per lead affiliate programs.

The truth of the matter is that it’s possible to have a website promoting PPL offers with PPC ads on it simultaneously.

The Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs You Can Sign up for.

There are a ton of pay per lead affiliate programs on the internet, which promise heaven on earth in regards to their payouts and commission percentages.

Not all of these programs are honestly worth your time, as they have been known to be fraudulent on some level.

Also, some pay per free trial affiliate programs have been tagged elitist, as they are very picky about the marketers they accept into their program and ultimately work with.

If you don’t meet all of their super high-end criteria to sign up, your application is sadly going to be kicked to the curb.

Many of these programs are very difficult to get into, while some are very easy.

The Pay per free sign-up affiliate programs that I would be listing and touching on below are vetted programs that pay high commissions for free leads, so you can trust them.

Now that we’re done with the song and dance above, let us get into it.

1. The Peerfly Pay per lead affiliate program

Even if you don’t know a lot about pay per lead affiliate programs, I would not be surprised if you knew a thing or two about Peerfly, or if you have simply heard about them before now.

With the Peerfly affiliate program, you have a well-respected brand that has been in the business for more than a hot minute.

They have paid their dues, and have carved a solid spot for themselves in the affiliate marketing industry.

Despite the fact that they are a compelling brand, they’re still way easier to sign up with when you compare them to other well-respected brands like them.

The Peerfly affiliate program is one very excellent place to find a good concentration of Pay per lead offers, carrying a good number of brands, across several niches.

These programs require varying levels of experience and expertise, to earn a good amount of commissions from it.

The other thing that Peerfly is also famed for is its well-structured and very effective tracking system.

As an affiliate marketer, or an online marketer of any kind, you being able to track both your converting and non-converting traffic to the T, is very important.

It is both very powerful and beneficial when you decide to scale up your campaigns and to know which locations are ideal to target for, etc.

Their tracking mechanics are like no other affiliate marketing programs, and hence, they have made my Pay per lead affiliate program favorite list for ages now.

The final part of Peerfly that I would like to touch on, and that most people tend to overlook, but you can benefit a lot from, is their beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing terms.

You can sign up for the Peerfly affiliate program here.

2. ShareASale pay per lead affiliate programs


You can’t have a rich conversation regarding top-notch Pay per lead affiliate programs without talking about the ShareASale affiliate network.

ShareASale does come with a lot of perks, which I personally love.

This is one of the affiliate networks that are way easier to get into, and are of excellent reputation.

They operate out of their head office in Illinois and are known to work with a wide range of popular and well-paying brands, industries, and niches you and I have probably made a purchase from at least once in our lives.

One of the high points and perks of working with ShareASale Pay per lead programs is that you have access to an outline of the payout range of the brands they work with, even before you sign up.

That is a big one; believe me, as most Pay per lead affiliate programs do not even let you fully know the brands they work with, not to talk of the commission percentages they pay to their affiliate marketers before you sign up.

Another aspect of this network is that some brands they work with pay you both affiliate commissions and pay per lead commissions.

What the above means is that, when you send a quality lead to their individual landing pages, and when said quality lead takes the action that is required of them, you get paid.

They also pay you if that quality lead of yours goes ahead to become a paying customer or client.

You can sign up for the ShareASale Pay per lead affiliate program here.

3. Maxbounty

Pay per lead free trial

Maxbounty is another excellent affiliate network that carries a wide range of Pay per lead affiliate programs you can sign up for, and earn a steady and sustainable income.

Like with most affiliate networks, they are that ultimate middle man that connects you, the affiliate marketer, to a wide range of affiliate partners.

In addition to Pay per lead affiliate programs, they also carry other forms of affiliate marketing model options.

Signing up isn’t quite a straightforward process and acceptance is not automatic.

Maxbounty expects you to have a level of experience in affiliate marketing before giving you the nod to join their affiliate programs.

You only get your commissions paid out to you when you hit the $100 mark.

This payment is made weekly.

Their payment options include Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit), Bitcoin.

You can sign up for the Max bounty affiliate program here.

4. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting software that helps small businesses automate all their invoices processes.

Freshbooks has an affiliate program that pays up to a $10 free trial commission for leads provided by their affiliates and they also pay up to a $200 commission for trial signups that upgrades to a paid plan.

The affiliate program has a cookie duration of 120 days and it’s hosted on the ShareAsale pay per lead affiliate network.

You can sign up for the Freshbooks affiliate program here.

5. Semrush

Semrush is an SEO company with a high pay per lead affiliate program that pays its affiliates $10 commission per new trial account, $0.01 commission per new signup, and $200 for every new sale.

The Semrush affiliate program has a cookie duration of 120 days and it’s hosted on the impact radius affiliate network.

You can sign up for the Semrush affiliate program here.

6. Constant Contact

pay per lead affiliate program

Constant contact is a renowned email marketing platform that has been in existence since 1995.

The platform carries some very beneficial email marketing features like drag and drop features, analytics, e-commerce integration, real-time reporting, etc.

Constant Contact pay per free trial affiliate program pays you a one-time $5 commission each time a person creates a free trial account with your affiliate link.

You also get paid another one-time $105 commission for every trial account that upgrades to a paid account. You can get more commission per sale based on your performance.

I’m an affiliate of the Constant Contact free trial affiliate program and I earn $5 per free trial and $125 per sale.

Signing up for this Pay per lead affiliate program is pretty straightforward and doesn’t carry any crazy list of requirements.

Still, you need a website/blog to sign up and you are required to have at least one person sign up for a free trial account via your affiliate link every 6 months.

Feel free to check out the complete review of the Constant Contact affiliate program here.

You can sign up for the Constant Contact Pay per lead affiliate program here.

7. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a renowned email marketing company that has one of the best no website-needed affiliate programs that pays per free trial.

You earn a 5€ commission anytime someone signs up for a free trial through your link and 100€ whenever a free trial account is upgraded to a paid plan.

The signup process is very easy and short. You don’t need to own a website before signing up but you need to have a professional email address (an email address attached to a domain name).

You can Sign up for the Sendinblue pay per free trial affiliate program here.

8. Swagbucks

best pay per lead affiliate programs

Swagbucks is a free online survey platform, where just about anyone who signs up and uses the platform, is offered rewards for taking surveys, playing games, etc.

These rewards can be traded in for cash and online gift cards.

The gift cards can be used on platforms like Walmart, best buy, Home Depot, etc.

Their Pay per lead affiliate program requires you the affiliate marketer, to refer their platform to your friends, family, and anyone who is looking to make some extra cash online.

Once any of your referrals sign up and verify their emails with Swag bucks, you get paid a commission.

You can sign up for the Swag Bucks Pay per lead affiliate program here.

9. Survey Junkie

pay per free sign up affiliate program

Survey Junkie is an online survey platform where you get paid to take surveys.

They are one of the few legit survey platforms you can make some extra cash from, so you have no worries.

But with the Survey Junkie platform, there is a twist.

Only people in the united states, Canada and Australia can sign up and earn some money on the platform but……

Just about anyone from any part of the world can sign up for their Pay per lead affiliate program.

You get paid a commission each time you refer someone to sign up to the survey junkie platform. You earn $1.5 per sign-up with this program.

You can promote in any way you like, but you must not spam your affiliate links.

You can sign up for the Survey Junkie Pay per lead affiliate program here.

 10. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online content editing platform, where just about anyone can sign up for free or a fee (premium package), and edit an unlimited number of written content, to ensure excellent grammar.

They also have a Pay per lead affiliate program that is easy to sign up for.

First; you finish the signup process. Secondly, you place the Grammarly banner on your website and also create one post about the affiliate program. For signing up and creating the post, you earn an automatic $25.

In regards to their affiliate commissions, you get $0.20 per free sign-up with your affiliate link, and $20 each time someone signs up for the premium(paid) plan.

Because the Grammarly service is in the education category, their sign-up rate is quite substantial.

You can sign up for the Grammarly Pay per lead affiliate program here.

11. Ginger

Ginger is a Grammar checker software that is similar to Grammarly both in function and marketing.

Ginger software affiliate program pays $0.5 per free signup and $20 for the purchase of the premium plan.

The product has a conversion rate of 30 to 40% and a cookie duration of 120 days. These two factors ensure that your effort towards promoting the software is adequately rewarded.

Joining the program is easy and you will be provided with adequate affiliate resources to ease your marketing.

You can sign up for Ginger affiliate program here.

12. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online education platform, where anyone can take a good number of classes, covering a wide range of topics.

They also have a Pay per lead affiliate program, where you earn $10 for each sign up you send to them.

The great thing about the skillshare Pay per lead affiliate program is that you still earn the $10 sign up commission even when it’s a free trial sign up.

Your affiliate links can be shared on social media platforms, blogs, websites, or however best you can promote.

All you are required to do is to sign up on impact radius and get a skillshare account (a free account).

Payday on skillshare is on the 16th of every month.

You can sign up for Skillshare Pay per lead affiliate program here.

13. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is a technology workforce development company that specializes in the online training of tech skills to individuals of all levels.

Pluralsight has a generous pay per free trial affiliate program that pays $5 per lead and an additional 50% commission when a free trial account upgrades to a monthly paid plan.

The program is hosted on the impact radius affiliate network.

You can sign up for Pluralsight affiliate program here.

14. Paribus


Paribus is an online platform that helps online shoppers track their eligible refunds, with regards to a change in price policy of an item they purchased from a list of online stores.

Once you sign up as a user of Paribus via the same email you use to receive your online shopping receipts, Paribus kicks off the tracking of your online purchases, and notify you, whenever you are eligible for any reimbursements.

Its Pay per lead affiliate program is free to join, and you can earn in two ways as a publisher.

First, you earn a commission each time you send them a quality lead that signs up for a Paribus account.

Secondly, you earn a commission each time Paribus tracks an eligible reimbursement for any of your quality leads.

Because this platform is highly beneficial and free to use, their sign-up rate is very impressive.

They are affiliated with stores like old navy, target, best buy, overstock, to mention a few.

You can sign up for Paribus Pay per lead affiliate program here.

15. Cashsuperstar

cashsuperstar pay per lead

Cashsuperstar’s $1.00-per-lead affiliate program is another way to make cool bucks from wherever you are in the world.

Ironically, you’ll be required to promote a link that explains the step-by-step process of making money online to leads. But the catch is that this lead has to come from the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

To start making money from this affiliate program, you first have to complete a registration form, sign up, and verify your email address.

Once you’re up and running, you can then use any genuine marketing tool like social media banners, solo ads, and blog posts to promote your affiliate link.

One of the highs of this program is that the owner promises to pay for leads that come from exit traffic.

Also, every commission propelling lead you create will earn you three global funnel clicks to any link you want, which is valued at an additional $1.00.

Given the task at hand, I think the Cashsuperstar affiliate program offers a good deal.

You can sign up for the Cashsuperstar pay per lead affiliate program here.

16. Parship Affiliate Program


Parship is one of the best pay-per-lead dating affiliate programs you need to consider working with if you are an affiliate marketer in the dating niche that’s looking to take home a fat paycheck.

Parship is an online matchmaking agency for people who want to get into serious relationships.

Although the website is particularly for singles in the United Kingdom, Germany, or the Netherlands, its affiliate program is tailored towards people in the United Kingdom.

The program is outsourced to third-party affiliate platforms like CJ Affiliates and Affi.io. For every person you bring to the matchmaking website, you’ll get a basic commission of $1.86, plus a cut from how long the lead subscribes for.

For example, if a member pays for a three-month membership, then you’ll get an additional $27.88. For a six-month subscription, you’ll get an extra $36.6, and a yearly membership attracts an additional $54.53.

One of the benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer for this site is that it regularly increases its promotion boost sales. So, you can earn more money than the current rates when it does this.

Another perk is that this dating site offers several banners, text links, and email kits that should make the process of converting a lead easier for you.

However, you can only enjoy all these if your lead completes the personality test under twelve minutes of starting it.

Like other companies that pay per lead, you only need to register with CJ Affiliates and wait for your application to get approved. There’s a 45-day cookie duration for the program.

The pay you can get from this program is jaw-dropping if you can get the right crop of customers. There are only a few companies that pay per lead and offer more attractive commissions and fixed rates.

You can sign up to Parhsip’s affiliate program here.

17. People Media

highest dating affiliate program

People Media is yet another dating technology company that allows users to meet people they share similar values with on the internet.

It has a broad community that brings together black people, Asians, Catholics, Chinese, Democratic people, and many more groups.

You can have a look at the complete list of communities here. People Media gets up to 20,000 new members every day, and its success stories match the numbers.

People Media’s affiliate program is a dating pay-per-lead affiliate program outsourced to CJ Affiliates.

While the 50% commission that this company offers is substantial, your overall earnings will depend on the community you decide to use in driving leads.

The top communities at the moment are Ourtime.com and SeniorPeopleMeet.com, which both provide services to people who are above 50 years.

For this community, you can earn from $12 for every lead that subscribes for a month, to $36 for a lead that subscribes for six months.

You can sign up for People Media’s pay per lead affiliate program here.

18. EliteSingles Affiliate Program

EliteSingles is another dating website with a top affiliate program you can jump on. It is specifically for intelligent and educated people that are looking for long-term life partners.

So, having a large audience of professionals is key to earning big bucks in this program.

EliteSingles’ pay-per-lead program is outsourced to several third-party platforms, and CJ Affiliates is one of the popular ones.

The program has a 45-day cookie duration and a commission of $7 per lead.

This commission is independent of how much your leads pay for their membership. However, they need to meet the minimum requirements of the EliteSingles’ personality test before you can get your pay.

At first glance, this deal from EliteSingles looks like one of the best from companies that pay per lead. But your payout depends significantly on professionals and not just singles you can convert as leads.

You can sign up for EliteSingles’s affiliate program here.

19. Ziddu.com

If you are interested in working with a file-sharing website, then Ziddu’s affiliate program should spark your interest.

Ziddu is a top file-sharing site in the US. It serves more than 20 million users every month since it hit the ball rolling in 2007.

Ziddu’s pay per download affiliate program provides you with the opportunity to upload files that are no larger than 200 MB and earn.

The files you upload will only be kept for 90 days, and there is no countdown or download limit within that time.

With this affiliate program, you can earn a minimum payout of $10 per 10000 downloads. And with the email option that allows you to send links to your friends and family, getting to this mark should be easier.

Ziddu limits the number of uploads to one IP address per file per day, and you’ll get a download count when someone clicks on the preview of a picture, video, or clip.

There’s no required fee to open a Ziddu account, and you’ll get your money through PayPal or Money Bookers.

You can sign up for Ziddu’s pay per lead affiliate program here.

Best Practices in Regards to your Pay Per Lead Affiliate Marketing Endeavors

It’s 2022, and when it comes to being able to catch and hold the attention of your target audience on the internet today, you really need to step up your game, my friends.

Both the quality of your content and the ad placement on your website need to be top-notch, do the trick immediately, and get them interested long enough to click through to your offer.

If you visit most high-end websites with ad placements and pay close enough attention to their ads, you would begin to see the method to the madness.

They try as much as possible to make their ad placements look like a natural part of their website, employing color tweaks, and strategic placements, amongst other things.

With ads all over your website, your audience is likely to get irritated and leave your website.

At this point, the ad click you were so desperate to get is lost, and also, you might have lost a would-be long-term visitor forever.

So, with all that being said, you have to get it right.

Like most successful websites making it big in affiliate marketing, it’s hard to miss the enter your email to blah blah blah pop up now and then.

Trying to get your audience to sign up to your mailing list is an excellent backup plan in case they ignore your affiliate ad banners and links.

How to Get Sign-ups for Your Free Trial Affiliate Offers.

There are so many ways to get your audience to sign up for free trial affiliate offers.

Be creative with your freebies, eBooks still work great.

With the help of an automated eBook creation software like Sqribble, you can create eBooks related to your offers without writing a single word, include your affiliate links within them, and give them out for free to your target audience.

You will even be shown where to find the right audience to give your freebie out to.

Content marketing via your blog/website is another great way to get signups, you can even give out eBooks containing your links through your website.

How to Know What Pay Per Lead Offers to Promote

To know which offer is really worth investing in and promoting, you could decide to A/B test multiple pay per lead affiliate offers on a small scale, to see what would work best for your audience and will be worth your endeavors.

Let us say that you created a few blog posts that were an ideal fit for some of your Pay per lead offers, and promoted said blogs carrying your offers, or just let your on-page SEO/the google search engines do its magic.

The data you collect after your testing days would better educate you on what types of affiliate offers, and ads that your audience is more interested in.

If you were to be signed up to just one affiliate program, you would ultimately get limited in your options, and which could lead to not-so-favorable results.

Also, sometimes, multiple pay per lead affiliate programs could carry the same offers, but their offer structures might differ.

If you are signed up to multiple Pay per lead affiliate programs, you would be able to compare which offers are genuinely ideal for you and worth your time.

Also, you can come across an excellent pay per lead offer online generally, that you know to be doing well, and that you also know would be ideal for your audience.

If you are signed up to just one pay per lead program and said program does not carry this offer, you would have found yourself in a tight spot.

With a good mix of Pay per lead offers from a number of programs, you can test and retest to your heart’s content, to help arm yourself with the data that you require to make the most out of your marketing endeavors, in terms of earning more commissions.

Do I Really Need a Website to Succeed with Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs?

The hassle of setting up and working a website might tempt you to want to promote the links from the Pay per lead affiliate programs you have signed up for, directly on social media.

I will advise you do that only if the PPL program you are promoting accepts traffic from social media.

If you don’t wish to build a blog/website yourself, you can purchase a domain name and hosting from platforms like Bluehost and have a freelancer on Fiverr build one for you at a reasonable price.

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate and may earn a commission from Bluehost and Fiverr if you make a purchase through my link. Thank you.

Also, many PPL affiliate networks and programs require you have a functioning self-hosted website/blog for your application to join their programs to be accepted.

But you can still gain tremendous success in promoting pay per lead offers without promoting via a website.

You can achieve this with the use of landing pages.

With the right landing page software, you can set up high converting landing pages for your offers within minutes.

Builderall is my favorite landing page builder and it comes with an inbuilt email autoresponder to build a mailing list. You can check out a list of the best affiliate landing page builders.

Also, with Builderall, you have access to done-for-you landing pages/funnels within a number of niches which you can quickly edit to match your offers and include your affiliate links.

With most Pay per led affiliate programs, posting your affiliate links directly on your personal social media pages is typically strictly prohibited.

Though you aren’t allowed to post these links directly on your social media accounts, you are allowed to create paid promotions for your affiliate links and products.

Running paid ads campaigns for pay per lead offers is a good idea in my opinion.

But you must be properly grounded in running paid ads and have the budget for it before you go down this route.

Benefits of Promoting Pay Per Lead Affiliate Offers Via a Website or Blog

1. You are able to promote multiple Pay per lead affiliate links at once without looking spammy to your would-be leads

With a blog/website, you have the opportunity to create value-rich content in which you can promote your affiliate links as a recommendation.

You get perceived as knowledgeable in your niche, and this ultimately leads to higher conversions and more commission earnings for you.

If you have been able to build a good rapport with your audience, and have been able to get them to trust you, then earning steady commissions would be a walk in the park.

Think big my friends!

All the work you do today should be the foundation for all the money you can make in the future from your affiliate marketing endeavors.

It should not only be about how much you can make today.

Think a few months or even years from now.

2. You can kick off your email marketing endeavors via your website or blog

Out of the very many powerful tools to possess as an affiliate marketer, an email list is one that you cannot afford to compromise on.

With a very active website or blog, you can build a highly responsive email list from scratch, and have it run into thousands.

Armed with an email list, you have the opportunity to promote your Pay per lead affiliate links some more, and earn steady commissions also.

When all your attempts to get people to click on your links fail while they are on your website, you can try again by marketing some of your Pay per lead affiliate links via well-structured and timed email blasts to your list.

3. You don’t have to spend money on promotions

With a website or blog for your affiliate marketing endeavors, you don’t have to spend money to market your offers, like you would if you went the other routes of promoting affiliate products.

When you causally promote your blog on your social media pages and even on social media groups and forums, you get a good stream of traffic to your website or blog, and this traffic can sometimes convert, earning you a commission.

Also, when your on-page and off-page SEO is done right, you ultimately get a steady stream of organic traffic from search engines to your website or blog in the long run (you want this part, trust me).

The special thing about organic traffic from the search engines is that the individuals who make up this organic traffic are more likely to click through your Pay per lead affiliate links.

When people search for blogs and websites like yours and google refers them to your website due to the high-quality SEO you have done on your website.

The reason they are more likely to click through your Pay per lead affiliate links is that they actively searched for the niche or products you blog about.

Believe me when I say that getting organic traffic to your blog or website is one of the best things that could ever happen to your affiliate marketing endeavors, so keep at it with good quality SEO.

Do your keywords research properly, and implement said keywords in the right density within the body of your articles and blogs, and you will see the magic begin to happen with time.

Benefits of Promoting Pay Per Lead Offers Via a Landing Page

1. High sign up rate

Using a landing page to promote pay per lead offers ensures high conversions in the form of sign-ups.

Since the landing page will be built around promoting one offer and taking a single action, there will be fewer distractions on the side of the page visitors.

Also, landing pages contain short and compelling content with an obvious call to action button that tells your audience the exact action expected of them to take.

And since getting a quality lead is the goal of pay per lead affiliate marketing, more sign-ups equals more money.

2. High email opt-in rate

It’s true you can effectively collect emails of your leads before sending them to the PPL offer while operating via a website.

But you stand a chance of getting higher email opt-in while using a landing page instead.

3. Easy to get started and see significant results fast

The use of landing pages to promote pay per lead offers ensures you can get set up for business quickly even if you have no technical skills.

This also gives you the chance of getting results really fast if you choose to go the paid advertisement lane.


With Pay per lead affiliate programs, you can make so much more out of your hard-earned traffic (here, traffic can be likened to hard currency.

You can trade it using the right strategy to make a good amount of money in no time).

It is way easier to make more commissions by sending leads to your affiliate partner’s website or landing pages, than with the traditional model of affiliate marketing, where you only earn a commission when a purchase is made via your pay-per-sale affiliate link.

Both you, the publisher and the affiliate partner alike have so much to gain from this affiliate marketing model.

This model of affiliate marketing, like other types of affiliate marketing, is highly sustainable.

The key is to be consistent with your top-quality content creation endeavors.

This article has all the high points you need to know to thrive and succeed with this affiliate marketing model, and I hope that you give it your all and keep at it.

Also, when promoting via a website, it is important to always disclose to your audience when you include affiliate links within the body of your content.

This helps to paint a picture of transparency with your person and blog.

Apart from trying to get your audience to trust you more, it is also illegal not to make this disclosure. (You would be killing two birds with one stone this way).

Always add a quick disclaimer at the top or bottom of your content page.

You need people to trust you; it is the key to succeeding in affiliate marketing.

I know you will do great things on this journey.

Lots of success awaits you as you take action on all we have discussed.

Take care till next time.

Top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs That Pay in 2021

The Pay per click affiliate marketing model is a cool business model, and I consider it one of the easier-to-run affiliate marketing models.

But the problem is that there are quite few of these Pay per click affiliate programs out there.

That being said, I do know of a few of said programs that you can significantly benefit from, and I am in a great mood to share all of that with you.

If you are on the lookout for one of those to work with, then stick around, friend!

Before we get into the heavy stuff, let us kick off with what Pay per click affiliate programs are all about.

What are Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs?

Pay per click affiliate programs are programs that work based on the Pay per click marketing model.

What this means is that you as the affiliate marketer are entitled to earning commissions for every click that your affiliate links get.

When compared to other models of affiliate marketing, this Pay per click model is the easiest to earn commissions from, but that is just my opinion. Your opinion might vary, and that’s okay.

And unlike with other affiliate marketing models, the traffic you send to the website or landing pages of your affiliate partners, do not have to be quality leads.

That is, there is no requirement for any desired action to be taken, or for any purchase to be made, like with Pay per lead affiliate programs and pay-per-sale affiliate programs respectively.

The other great thing about Pay per click affiliate programs is that you can have massive success with them, without requiring the use of a blog or website, unlike with other models of affiliate marketing.

Now that you know what Pay per click affiliate programs are, and how they work, let us get into talking more about how to know if this model of affiliate marketing would suit your audience.

Things to Know Before Starting the PPC Affiliate Marketing Model

If we decide to get very specific, we would have to highlight that there are no strictly Pay per click affiliate programs.

The Pay per click affiliate marketing model only exists because some brands who are looking to get better acquainted with the general public, sometimes require traffic to their websites, hence the need for the Pay per click affiliate marketing model.

There is nothing wrong with the Pay per click affiliate marketing model, as lots of brands can benefit from it, but the problem with this model is that it is accompanied by a high rate of click fraud.

Due to the fact that lots of affiliate marketers tend to send bot traffic to their affiliate partners’ websites and landing pages, most brands, prefer to go with the other models of affiliate marketing.

Today, only a few brands and businesses have Pay per click affiliate programs, and offers, and, these brands or businesses, employ very advanced technology to ensure that the clicks you send them are high quality and authentic.

If you hope to go far with Pay per click affiliate programs, don’t even entertain the thought of sending fake or bot traffic to an affiliate partner’s website, or you will be kicked off the program permanently.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I will highlight a few of the best-paying Pay per click affiliate programs below.

Top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs and Networks

1. Izea Pay per click program

PPC affiliate program

Remember when I said that with some Pay per click affiliate marketing programs, that you have the option of working your promotions without a website?

Well, izea, is one network that can serve as a prime example.

This brand has no issues with you promoting your affiliate links on your personal social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

If you own a blog or website, then you can earn just as much commissions.

You can also get paid for sponsored posts on your website or blog.

When you make a sale for them via your Pay per click affiliate links, you also get a Pay per sale commission.

Their payout threshold is at $25, and you only get your commissions paid to you when you reach the minimum payment threshold.

They pay via PayPal. If you give it your all, you can earn a steady income with izea. I absolutely recommend it.

You can sign up for their Pay per click affiliate program here.

2. Viglink pay per click program

pay per click affiliate program

Viglink is one of the most significant Pay per click affiliate networks out there.

They are honestly quite like no other.

With Viglink, you are able to turn just about any product link to an affiliate link. i.e., for products, you wouldn’t typically get paid for.

What this means is, if you are signed up to VigLink, you’re able to use their platform to turn regular links of brands that have an affiliate program, to affiliate links, without having to be part of said brand’s affiliate program.

Let us use Amazon, for example, if you are signed up to VigLink, and you come across an Amazon product that you feel would covert well with your audience, you can simply copy said link, and convert it to an affiliate link with the VigLink platform.

You can only typically get Amazon affiliate links if you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program.

With VigLink, you don’t have to go through the hassle.

Remember, this link conversion can only work if the brand whose product link you are looking to convert to an affiliate link, has an affiliate program.

Other brands with affiliate programs like Amazon and whose product links you can convert to affiliate links without signing up, include Etsy, Bluehost, etc.

Also, you get automatic approval for all the brands they work with, letting you get affiliated to any brand of your choice immediately.

The commissions payout threshold lies at $10, and they also pay you through Paypal.

If your traffic quality is top tier, you can also promote some of their cost per sale offers, and earn even more from your marketing endeavors.

They carry a combination of Pay per click, Pay per lead, and Pay per sale offers.

Click here to sign up for the VigLink affiliate program.

 3. Google AdSense pay per click program

Pay per click affiliate programs

Google AdSense, is one Pay per click affiliate program that is so popular that even if you know nothing about affiliate marketing, you must have seen one of their ads displayed at least in one location on the world wide web.

The Google AdSense Pay per click program is one of the highest paying, and you can get paid as low as 0.02 cents to as high as $200 per click.

With the Google AdSense program sadly, you can only promote via your website or blog.

You aren’t allowed to casually leave your links on social media like with Izea, VigLink, and the likes of them.

Before your website or blog can be approved for the Google AdSense Pay per click program, your website or blog has got to meet certain requirements.

These requirements include the presence of a privacy policy; it must be content-rich; it must be user-friendly, etc.

The Google AdSense program is known to be quite strict, and their approval time could even take weeks.

When the individuals that make up the traffic you promote your ads to, click through to your affiliate partner’s website, you get paid a commission for each click.

But, if the program finds out that your clicks are fraudulent or even suspect it, they would immediately ban your ad account and take away all your earnings. (super scary, huh?)

Once your account gets banned for whatever reason, it never gets back online, or at least, that’s what I’ve been told (my account has never been banned).

With the Google AdSense program, you can pair its promotion with ads from other ads network.

But; you have to be careful, as too many ads on one page can also lead to getting banned from the program.

Sign up for a Goodgle adsense account here.

4. Linqia Pay per click program

Pay per click affiliate program

This is one of the Pay per click affiliate programs that is a lot like Izea, in terms of operations.

You are allowed to promote your affiliate links on your social media platforms like on Facebook, blog, YouTube, forums, etc.

With linqia, you can make as much as $0.80 for every click you send to your affiliate partner’s website or landing page.

They do have a few requirements you need to meet to join the program, and they include:

  • You must have a minimum of 2500 visits to your website or blog every month. If you are promoting via your social media pages, you need to have a minimum of 2500 followers on your Facebook or twitter page.
  • You must be a resident in North America (uh oh)
  • Your niche of focus must be one of the following; wedding, lifestyle, parenting, gardening, home, travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, etc.
  • Your audience, whether it be on your website or blog, or on your social media pages, must be engaging. They need to be lots of interactions on all of your platforms.

You get your commissions paid through PayPal, and this is usually after every 10 days, following the end of your campaigns.

Sign up for linqia here!

5. Skimlinks

pay per click affiliate program

Skimlinks is an affiliate network that offers different affiliate marketing models, including Pay per click affiliate programs.

This platform also lets you earn affiliate commissions, even when you aren’t signed up to any affiliate programs.

Let us say you own a blog or website, where you market a good number of affiliate products to your audience.

Signing up to a bunch of Pay per click affiliate programs, to be able to have access to all these affiliate products could get pretty annoying, and that’s where Skimlinks comes in.

Skimlinks lets you turn regular links into affiliate links, which lets you earn a commission each time your readers interact with the converted links.

First, you need to sign up for the skim links program.

Secondly, you need to install the ad on to your website.

This way; once you add a product link to your blogs and articles, they become affiliate links.

It is really easy to sign up to, but the Skimlinks program gets a percentage of your earnings.

You can sign up for the Skimlinks affiliate program here.

6. Adblade Pay per click program

Pay per click affiliate marketing

Adblade is one of the big names with regards to Pay per click affiliate programs, as they are very exclusive.

They are so exclusive that no one outside the network truly knows their full level of requirements.

But, we do know that you are required to have at least half a million visits to your website on a monthly average. (huh?)

Yes, this large number of website visitors makes it near impossible for smaller publishers to become a part of this affiliate network, but do not take it to heart, as they are just as strict with their advertisers.

Now, this is the part where I would say, “you can sign up for the Adblade affiliate network here”, but thinking back at that 500k requirement, I think I would skip that.

But, if you ever meet that requirement and the rest, and sign up, it would interest you to know that they have no problems with you showing both their ads and that of the Google AdSense program on your website.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of those excellent Pay per click affiliate programs that are most times tagged a great alternative to Google AdSense, as you can earn just as much from one click with Infolinks like you would with Google AdSense Pay per click program.

Also, like with the Google AdSense program, the requirements to join aren’t extreme.

All you need is an excellent looking and user-friendly blog or website, privacy policy page, a few posts which include nothing illegal, etc.

The kind of ads that Infolinks display includes in-text ads, infold, in screen, in tag, in frame, in article, etc.

You can sign up for the info links Pay per click affiliate program here

8. Outbrain

The outbrain Pay per click affiliate platform features content-based ads. In a nutshell, when you sign up your website or blog to run outbrain ads, the ads displayed would be ads that are related to your blog or website’s content.

The outbrain ads click-through rate is quite high, as the ads displayed are integrated quite seamlessly throughout the website or blog’s content.

You can sign up to the outbrain Pay per click program here.

9. Mintclicks

pay per click affiliate programWith mintclicks, you don’t have to deal with any strict requirements to join, as your acceptance is automatic, right after you fill out the online form.

Their Pay per click commissions aren’t bad, and they display ads on your website based on the keywords used on your blog and in each article. You get paid for every click your links receive.

Their ads are displayed in the form of in-text and banner ads, and your commissions are paid to you via PayPal, bank or cheque.

You can sign up for the mint clicks Pay per click affiliate program here.

10. Bidvertiser pay per click

Bidvertiser is another great AdSense alternative, but unlike Google AdSense, they aren’t very strict with their acceptance.

You get paid for every click and get paid more if said click leads to a purchase or paid subscription.

The only snag here is that their PPC commissions are low when compared to AdSense and the rest.

Also, unlike with other Pay per click affiliate programs, the ads displayed on your website might not be relevant to your website or your blog so that the click-through rate may below.

Their payouts are via PayPal with a $10 minimum, western union with a $100 minimum, cheque with a minimum of $100, and wire transfer with a minimum of $10.

You can sign up for the bidvertiser Pay per click affiliate program here.

How to Maximize Your Earnings

When it comes to making the most out of Pay per click affiliate programs, there are few things you can do to get real and fast results.

1. Always create high-quality content

You need to create high-quality content on both your blog and YouTube channel.

When you create value-packed and value-adding content for your blogs and YouTube channels, the Google algorithm would display ads that are relevant to the content you produce and ultimately the niche of your channel.

When these relevant ads are displayed on your blogs and YouTube videos, your audience is more likely to click through the links, as the ads are in accordance with your blog or channel ideal/theme.

2. You need to sign up to more high paying pay per click affiliate programs

You might get more authentic information on the commission’s range of various Pay per click affiliate programs.

You should try to get on these programs that pay better for your endeavors.

Some programs may pay you more for the same quality and quantity of traffic that you send to their websites and landing pages, and others may not.

Also, you might want to focus more on Pay per click affiliate programs that also pay you added commissions when the traffic you send to their landing pages or websites, take quality action or make a purchase.

With Pay per click affiliate programs like ezoic.com, which is a Google AdSense partner, if you are accepted, you would be granted access to even better-paying offers.

With all that said, my super tip is always to combine both Pay per click programs and Pay per sale programs in your affiliate marketing endeavors.

It is the one sure way to maximize your earnings in no time, and better use of your high-quality traffic.

Final Note on Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing.

Pay per click affiliate marketing model is a great way to break into the affiliate marketing scene.

Because you don’t necessarily require a website to join, or earn commissions with, it is quite ideal for newbies, and just about anyone looking to start off with affiliate marketing.

Though there are not too many Pay per click affiliate programs out there, it is very possible to earn a decent amount of commissions with the few that are available.

In addition to the recommendations listed in this post, you can also do some of your own research to find more of these programs.

It might seem like nothing is working in the beginning, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing, but believe me when I say that it does get better.

Armed with only the tips and tricks highlighted in this article, you’re good to make significant headway.

All you have to do is to take action, give it to your all, trust the process, and give it time.

P.s, do not forget to always adhere strictly to the guidelines of each of the Pay per click affiliate programs you sign up to. You can get kicked out of the platform, and never allowed back in if you fail to adhere to these guidelines.

The Best, Unique and Must Read Affiliate Marketing Books

Affiliate marketing books are a great source of knowledge and guidance when it comes to learning the ropes in affiliate marketing and we will be discussing six of the very best books for this purpose.

According to Google, the term affiliate means to get connected or attached to a particular group as a subsidiary of an organization.

Dated back to 1989, the concept of affiliate marketing was started by a person named William J. Tobin.

Being the founder and CEO of PC Flowers and Jewellers, this man was the first person to visualize the idea and make it work on real grounds by launching a program commonly known as the Prodigy Network.

His conceptualized idea has now become a fantastic way of earning money just by sitting at the comfort of home.

Since ages from then affiliate marketing is a source of direct and passive income for many.

Affiliate marketing can be said as a very big and very fast-moving target.

All you need is a computer and a fast-uncut internet supply with which you can earn thousands of dollars as commission, by just getting hold of a targeted audience and by sharing the affiliate links of various products and different services.

affiliate marketing books

In simple words, affiliate marketing just involves the reference of an item on different types of social platforms, blogs, or websites, YouTube channels with the help of an affiliate link.

The writer of the blog or the affiliate earns each and every time a purchase is made by clicking on the unique link which is suggested by them.

Affiliate marketing on the web can be a very important and crucial part of anyone’s business by providing a healthy source of income.

With the affiliate marketing industry always evolving and changing its course with time, it can be a fact that you are either a novice or an expert to the affiliate programs but there is always a huge chance that you might not know all the stuff about it.

So, if you want to master and make a career in affiliate marketing, what we always suggest is to read the basics and learn all the perspectives.

Doing this can surely help you in honing your skill set while you take your baby footsteps in the world of affiliates.

As mentioned earlier, we will surely help you with this by suggesting some of the best books on affiliate marketing that you must put on your shelves.

All the affiliate marketing books referred down below is an updated copy of 2020, and has all the latest techniques and tools that will surely help you to become a pro in this domain.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Books You Should Have In Your Corner.

1. Affiliate Marketing: Launch a Six-Figure Business With Click bank Products, Affiliate Links, Amazon Affiliate Program, and Internet Marketing

Level- Beginner.

This is the best book for a novice entering into the field of affiliate marketing.

Being a beginner-friendly book, it has everything a novice needs to know to get his/her concept clear on affiliate marketing.

The author left no stones unturned by easily describing the functionality of how affiliate marketing works especially when you are in the beginning stage.

Reading this book thoroughly will give you all the basic knowledge and concept of how the system works in general.

It also refers to the history of this industry by giving a short brief of how it all started.

It is so well written that the reader hardly feels the sense of boredom while going through the pages of this particular book.

This book, in particular, give details about very important topics such as how you can start your own affiliate marketing business, or what is analysis or selection.

What should be the length of your content, what are the different affiliate networks you should work with, how the commission system works and many more.

Some other topics described here which are of equal importance are strategical content, SEO, promotions of affiliate sites to gain traffic, affiliate marketing on the web, conversion optimization, etc.

If you have already started your career as an affiliate marketer or you are still thinking to start out, this one can be the best affiliate marketing book for your shelf contents.

Author: Michael Fox and Noah Gray.

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Number of pages: 266.

 2. Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Level- Beginner.

Affiliate marketing books

Written by an expert in this field and the founder and CEO of the Affiliate Marketing Days Conference, Mr. Evgenni Prussakov (Twitter handle: @ePrussakov).

Being a veteran in this field Mr. Prussakov generally works for different merchants who set up these affiliate programs.

Each and every page of this book does forecast his experience and detail-oriented nature.

Mr. Prussakov always had a very realistic expectation without any single hype.

Talking about the book, as the name suggests that it is a quick start guide but it isn’t that so.

It isn’t meant to make you rich just overnight but it really helps to educate you so that you can keep going towards your first earned money from day one.

The author did reach great lengths and described each and every aspect of affiliate marketing very neatly and profoundly.

This particular affiliate marketing book is written in a question format and a very detailed answer is provided at the end, which seems to be the perfect solution for a novice who wants to join this industry or someone who is new to the affiliate marketing industry.

The questions that are printed are really soothing and comforting and it seems like you are asking yourself something and getting the answers such that it is laid out only for you.

The book provides you with an inside idea of how this industry works and makes you learn a lot more about super affiliate, success and monetization strategies.

This book is in three parts, the first part of the narrative starts with the basic concepts of working in the affiliate marketing sector.

The second part gives the reader a piece of detailed information about how to begin a website and how to maintain the same.

The third and the final part takes those vivid ideas and does implement them with tenets of the affiliate industry and its working site, thereby helping a new affiliate to make the next move.

Most of the book reviewers reviewed it as a quick reading guide and also did give it some special points for bringing clarity to the subject idea, as we all know that overall concept of affiliate marketing is something that is quite hard to digest.

This book can be an ideal reference for different web publishers who have some knowledge about affiliate links and how the system works.

It is a great hand on reference tool if you are in the process of building your business.

This affiliate marketing book pdf download is available on Amazon kindle.

Author: Geno Prussakov.

Published by: – CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Number of pages: – 84

 3. Affiliate Programme Management: An Hour A Day

Level- Intermediate.

Affiliate marketing books

This is one of the most comprehensive books written by the veteran of the industry Mr. Evgenni Prussakov.

As the name suggests this is a detailed step by step guide briefly and precisely discussing topics such as how to launch, research, grow and manage a successful online affiliate system.

The book really does have a very bold introduction that is surely going to help anyone who wants to have a clear idea and understanding of the concept of affiliate marketing and how it works.

There are some bullet points noted below that might help the reader get a bit idea about the book’s introduction.

  • The origin and history of affiliate marketing.
  • The basic differences between Multilevel Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Various structures of affiliate marketing such as sub-affiliates, super-affiliates, etc.
  • Different ways of marketing affiliate links such as data feed, couponing, content publishing, paid searching, email marketing, content and article writing, etc.

The next part of the book deals with the idea to get going with affiliate marketing.

It gives a detailed idea about when you would need an investment to start rolling, what is an affiliate network and what is the use of it, how to get hold of program management options i.e. Proactive management vs Autopilot.

The last section takes you further into the world of affiliates by helping you take your baby steps and become a professional affiliate.

This section of the book gives knowledge about developing and creating a creative inventory, making program policies, details on affiliate marketing on the web, and provides knowledge about data feeds and their plugins.

This affiliate marketing book pdf is meant to be read daily to be a master of the whole system.

If you are somebody who is not interested in the process of learning the system then this particular affiliate marketing book isn’t for you.

It’s a DIY approach to make affiliate marketing work and make money from it.

Author: Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov.

Published by: Sybex.

Number of pages: 464.

 4. Performance Partnership: The Checkered Past, Changing Present And Exciting Future Of Affiliate Marketing.

Level: Intermediate to professional.

This affiliate marketing book gives a brief history and the right direction towards Affiliate marketing.

The author is a veteran of this field and the founder and current CEO of Acceleration Partners.

Glazer through his book beautifully portrays the various generations of affiliate marketing and described in detail how each and every generation did deliver correctly on the successful evolution of B2B (business to business) relationships.

Being a little more specific about the book, the veteran author dives very deep with his thoughts, the problems and the lessons that were learned and made enough understanding about how the generation did evolve.

The lessons seem to be very useful not only in the context of affiliate marketing but also portrays about how an organization can maintain its relationship management regardless of any technology or tactic.

This book profoundly reminds us how important trust can be when someone is trying to build a mutually beneficial relationship through the affiliate marketing programs.

Some of the insights of this book are as follows:

  • Being transparent is the only option.
  • Try learning from different peers and marketplaces.
  • Always try investing in different short-term changes to gain more in the longer term.

The author Robert Glazer did a remarkable job by becoming an eye-opener to the affiliate marketing portfolio, serving as a great paint primer to all of those who are already in this industry and those that are readily willing to join the sector.

This Amazon affiliate marketing pdf shows how the author has been optimistic throughout his career cycle.

This affiliate marketing book won’t be teaching you the basics of the marketplace rather it might help you in growing an analytical mind.

This affiliate marketing book pdf download is available on Amazon kindle.

Author: Robert Glazer.

Published by: Linocrest Publishing.

Number of pages: 288.

 5. Affiliate Marketing: The Beginner’s Step By Step Guide to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Level- Beginner.

This book can be best termed as a very detailed and yet short beginners level affiliate marketing book.

If you as a reader are looking for something like the above mentioned, then this book by Kevin Ulaner can be a very good option.

Within just sixty pages the author has tried to cover every minute detail of the things that you ought to know about affiliate marketing.

The book has everything from tips and tricks to start over a new business on affiliate marketing to all the basics that you need while entering into the space of internet marketing.

Though a bit short, this is an ideal reference for how you can become an ideal affiliate entrepreneur and how you can make your business successful.

Its preface starts with a detailed introduction to the world of affiliates followed by its benefits and the common mistakes that one makes when they are a novice in this system.

The author, Kevin Ulaner did explain all the fundamentals and basics of the topic and even showcased with step by step guide, how to get going with this model of marketing.

A short preview of the above affiliate marketing book is listed down below:

  • Definition of affiliate marketing.
  • Benefits and the strategy to start the model of business.
  • Mistakes that are generally made in the beginning.
  • Basic fundamentals of this marketing strategy.

The book also gives the right strategy to choose affiliate programs and how to deal with them.

It gives a brief idea about setting up an affiliate site and how to generate enormous traffic to it.

Last but not least, the book even gives details about strategically promoting different affiliate offers and make a good amount of dollars from it.

As the name suggests, this Amazon affiliate marketing pdf is specifically made for only the beginners who are on their way to start affiliate marketing.

Some experienced persons or affiliates might find this book too lame and basic for their liking.

Author: Kevin Ulaner.

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Number of Pages: 60.

6. SEO & Affiliate Marketing Playbook

Affiliate marketing book

Are you into the process of learning some sort of secret SEO and Affiliate Marketing systems?.

Are you having some sort of problems in the process of driving traffic to your website?

Are you unable to use your social media handle and web analytics to multiply your leads?

Do you want to optimize your website for getting a high up ranking?

If yes, then this affiliate marketing book is a must-read for you and is the best suggestion that we can provide from our end.

The author Graham Fisher having more than ten years of experience in this field has portrayed all the answers to the above questions.

There are some short insights and facts on SEO & Affiliate Marketing Playbook:

  • Tips and tricks to get great traffic and leads to your website.
  • The best possible way to find “Money” SEO keywords that might end up landing some more happy customers on your website.
  • The one and only method that you must follow to get high sales copy.
  • Learn what pay per click is and why it is the best cost- saver to get the best from your website.
  • Understand the failures that most people make while dealing with affiliate marketing and SEO.

The book has all the proven methods and the source of knowledge that seems very easy to follow. Following everything written in the book might land you with high success rates.

Author: Graham Fisher.

Published By: AC Publishing.

Number of pages: 264.


We can say that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a handsome income by sitting at the comfort of your home.

However, it is important that you know the concepts well before you plan to go for affiliate marketing in order to get the best results.

These six affiliate marketing books mentioned above can be your best reference guide and can help you a lot in taking your affiliate marketing skills to the next level.

Reading these affiliate marketing books can be valuable, and will definitely provide you some actionable insights on keywords, SEO metrics, backlinks creation, and competitor SEO marketing.

To take things further, you can check my compilation of awesome blogging books which can help you get the best out of affiliate marketing through blogging.

How to Make Steady Online Income With Recharge and Get Paid

If you have been on the lookout for an online platform that you can earn a tidy sum from each month, then I strongly believe that the Recharge and get paid program would really interest you.

With the insanely high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, everyone is on the hunt for something, anything they can do for sustenance.

With the likes of MMM, and the rest of the scammy means of making money online, that pop up now and then, people are typically skeptical of anything that has to do with making money online, registering with a fee, or bringing in referrals.

Amongst the few online programs that can earn you a steady income of up to 200,000 naira a month, I found the Recharge and get paid program, to be one of the most sustainable platforms out there, that Nigerians like you and I can benefit a lot from.

Getting paid to give advice, earning to search the web, making an ebook, blogging, freelancing, and taking surveys for cash are the other legitimate ways you can make money online.

Recharge and get paid, also known as RAGP, is a registered VTU telecommunication company in Nigeria and their official website is rechargeandgetpaid.com. Yep, it is totally legal, and hence a sustainable platform.

What exactly is Recharge and get paid? I bet you are wondering. Well, we will get into its full break down in no time.

Before we really get into it, please note that this is not a referral program, so do not be turned off. Referring people to the platform is just one more way to earn from the program, and not the high point of the program.

Kindly read the whole article to be able to get a genuine appreciation of this fantastic program, and you won’t regret it.

Now that the above disclaimers have been put out there, let us get into the good stuff of what the Recharge and get paid platform is really all about.

Recharge and Get Paid: How It Works

Recharge and get paid is a VTU business, where you earn money by just signing up, when you refer people to the platform, when you or a referral loads recharge cards or buys data, when you or a referral pays bills online like for power, cable (DStv, etc).

Let us take each way of earning on the platform one after the other, so you can get a better understanding of the platform, and how you can get the most out of the program.

Earn by registering

By just registering on the Recharge and get paid platform, you get back 20% of your registration fee. The registration comes in a number of packages, with 5000 naira being the lowest priced package, and 100,000 naira being the highest.

When anyone registers on the platform, everybody already registered gets paid a certain amount (that’s amazing, don’t you think?).

Earn by referring your friends and family

Just like someone introduced you to the platform, you also can register as many people as possible, and also get paid handsomely for it.

Like we stated before, the referral aspect of the program is just an added means of earning more money, and it’s optional.

You can join the program and make money from it without referring people.

The payment model of the Recharge and get paid program, in regards to your referred and referring downlines, is called the 10x.

10x means that you get paid a percentage on all referral transactions, up to the 10th generation.

What the above means also, is that when you register someone, and said someone registers someone also and so forth, you get paid as that referral, and registration chain grows up until the 10th generation.

It is also essential to note that the percentages you get per generation, is dependent on the registration package you are on.

I.e the commissions you receive for referring people when you are on the 5k package, is quite different from the commissions you would receive for referring someone when you are in the 100k package.

The break down goes as follows

When you directly refer someone, and they register, you get a 20% direct bonus 1st referral level.

When this direct referral of yours refers someone also, you get a 10% 2nd referral level bonus

For the 3rd level, you earn 5%.

For the 4th level, you earn 2.5%.

For the 5th level, you earn 1.25%.

For the 6th to the 10th level of referral, you earn 1%.

The above break down is where the 10x earning power tag stems from.

It sounds too good to be true, I know you are thinking, but that’s not all! There is more exciting news!

After your tenth referral generation, you still get paid a percentage!

Even after all ten generations of your referrals have also reached their ten percent referral mark, you still get paid a percentage.

For every single downline you have below you, even if there are 10 trillion of them (lol, are we even that many on earth?), you get paid a percentage.

For every transaction or payment your downlines make, you get a percentage.

For all airtime purchases made, you earn 0.35%.

For all the data purchased, you earn 1%.

For all the bills paid, like cable or light bills, you earn 10 naira.

Please also note that these percentages paid to you are also determined by the package you are on, and the level of the downline, or referral you are earning from.

Earn from using services on the platform

In regards to this aspect of earning on the platform, it is independent of your package and level.

What this means is that, since this is the main aspect in which you earn money from the platform, that everyone earns the same percentages.

Now that the above has been stated, I will highlight the ways you can earn by using the services of the platform, and what percentage you should expect to receive.

When you make an airtime purchase or sell to someone, you earn 2% of the entire sum.

When you make a data purchase or sell, you earn 10% of the entire sum.

When you make any bill payments, you earn 40 naira.

When you make a cable subscription payment, you earn 40 naira.

It has also been said that educational services like making payments for WAEC, JAMB, and NECO registrations, would be the next services to be added to the platform.

For now, all that has been highlighted above are the main ways you can earn from the platform’s services.

How to Register on Recharge and Get paid

Now that we know a thing or two about the different ways in which you can make money from the Recharge and get paid program, let’s get into the bit of how to sign up and immediately begin to earn from the program.

Before we outline the registration steps, it is essential to note that you must be registered under someone to be able to join the program.

Every single person on the platform, both old and new, signed up under someone, and you need to do the same.

What if I can’t find someone to register under? What do I do?

If the above question is the same one in your head, then have no worries, my friend, as you can register under me.

My referral ID is AJIBOLAH

How exactly do you register under someone? I bet you’re wondering. Well, the answer is that you register under a person by including said person’s referral ID, during your registration process.

Also, whatever username you set as your username during your registration, would ultimately become your referral ID, if you are looking to refer people to earn an added commission.

I would typically advise that you make your username, one that is short and easy to remember, for when you try to refer people with it.

I know, I know, the above bits and pieces were quite the mouthful, so let us get into the Recharge and get paid registration process proper.

The personal info section

The first step is to visit the registration page of the Recharge and get paid program and input a referral ID, and mine is  AJIBOLAH.

Recharge and get paid sign up

Next, you would be required to input your personal information like your first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

Login details section

Afterward, you would be required to create a username and password (remember to make both username and password very easy to remember) and your username will be your referral ID.

Next, click on the “NEXT” button.

The payment section

Now that we are at the point of payment, you are required to choose a payment option, of which there are two.

But first, you have to choose the package you prefer to go with.

The packages run from as low as 5000, to as high as 100,000 naira, as stated earlier.

Now, don’t get nervous or skeptical about the prices.

It doesn’t matter if you go with the lowest or highest package, you can still make a ton of money every month easily, with any of the packages.

The first payment option is via a platform called Paystack, which you can make said payment by means of your ATM card.

This payment method requires you to link your card details to the platform to be able to make the payment. Don’t worry, the platform is very safe and secure.

The second payment option is by means of your e-wallet, which you would require someone who is already part of the program to make the payment for you.

You can find this option in the drop-down section listed as e-wallet.

If you have chosen to register under me, I can make the e-wallet payment for you, free of charge.

It would typically take between 3 to 5 minutes, and we are set to proceed.

You can reach out to me at any time, to help work the registration for you on 08032983917. (you can call or send me a message on WhatsApp).

I am also available to answer all of your questions, don’t be a stranger, feel free to reach out.

After the payment is made, simply click on next to continue.

You will get a ‘registration completed you can now login with username and password’ feedback

At this point, your registration is complete, and you can now log in and begin the money-making process.

The Recharge and get paid login section

You will need to login to your account with the username and password you created during the registration process.

After you log in, you will find out that 20% of your registration fee has been returned to you.

Like I highlighted above, this is the first way you earn on the platform.

Something to note about this 20% return, is that the money is for you to use and fully kick off the Recharge and get paid business. I.e. you use it to sell recharge cards, pay bills including cable, and also do it for people as well.

You can also do with the money whatever you want, that is totally up to you.

If you are looking to make the Recharge and get paid program a steady stream of income, i.e., you intend to take it seriously; I would advise that you add some more money to your 20% return (i.e., fund your wallet), and begin your business.

You can add whatever amount you prefer to it; the choice is yours.

How to Top up the Fund in Your Recharge and Get Paid Dashboard

You can top up your account by making payment to the company’s account either through mobile app transfer or online banking platform.

You can’t make payment using USSD code, ATM, quick teller, or POS.

While making payment through the mobile app or online banking transfer, you should enter the phone number (just the phone number alone) you used during your registration as the narration.

E.g, if you used 08033333333 as the phone number while entering your personal details during registration, then that’s the number you should enter as the narration.

Make the transfer and wait, your e-wallet will be credited automatically in a couple of minutes. Please note that the automated funding comes with a 70 naira transaction charge per funding which will be deducted from the fund you transferred.

Below is the company’s bank payment details.

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account name: Recharge and Get Paid Ltd

Account number: 1014812771

Making Money With Recharge and Get Paid

If it is mighty difficult getting people to sign up, especially if you are entirely new to marketing, hence, making money from selling the platform’s services is your best bet at making some good amount, while you try to get referrals.

You can contact me at any time with that number via calls, text messages, or WhatsApp, to help you out with any of the steps.

In terms of selling services of the platform, it is way easier than you think.

You don’t have to go into the streets and beg people to buy recharge cards or pay for cable with you.

It can be as easy as buying airtime for yourself via the platform, selling to your friends, family, and even colleagues.

With Recharge and get paid, you have 7 packages that run from 5000 to 100,000 naira.

Any package you choose to go with is good, and can make you cool cash. The only difference is that your percentages and commissions are significantly different.

You can kick off with any package, and easily upgrade to any of the higher packages at a later time.

You can also reach out to me to help throw more light on this aspect of the platform for you.

Benefits of Recharge and get paid

Now that we know all the direct and almost instantaneous ways of making money from the Recharge and get paid platform, let us get into the other ways you can make money via the other benefits of the program.

You know what they say, there is no such thing as too much money. So, if you are looking to make even more money from the Recharge and get paid program, then keep reading.

There are many ways in which the Recharge and get paid program reward their members; and I will give a break down below.

You can earn an accumulation of PVs every month, and earn a substantial amount in your account. PVs means point value.

You earn point values each time you or your downline makes a transaction.

Let us say that you are able to accumulate 10k PV every month, from all the transactions you and your downlines have made within the month; you are entitled to 100,000 naira that month.

If you are able to get an accumulation of 25k PV for that month, you are entitled to, and qualify for a trip to Dubai. This trip is worth 500,000 naira.

In the month that your PV hits the 60k mark, you are qualified for a car worth 2 million naira.

100k PV qualifies you for your first house fund, which is worth 3 million naira.

250k PV qualifies you for your second house fund which is worth 4 million naira.

500k PV qualifies you for your third house fund which is worth 6 million naira.

Below is a further break down on how you can earn more PVs (point value) in regard to your respective packages.

Break down of PV points

When you sign up on the platform via the 5,000 package, you are entitled to 20 PV in addition to a 1,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning PV and bonuses up until your 5th referral generation.

Going with the 10,000-naira bronze package, you are entitled to a 2,000-naira instant bonus, in addition to 40 PV. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 6th generation.

When you sign up on the platform via the 20,000-naira silver package, you’re entitled to a 4,000-naira instant bonus in addition to 80 PV. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 7th generation.

For the 30,000-naira gold package, you are entitled to 120 PV in addition to a 6,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 8th generation.

When you sign up to the platform via the 40,000-naira diamond package, you are entitled to 160 PV in addition to an 8,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 9th generation.

Choosing the 50,000-naira platinum package, you are entitled to 200 PV in addition to a 10,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until your 10th generation.

When you sign up to the platform via the 100,000-executive platinum, you are entitled to 400 PV in addition to a 20,000-naira instant bonus. You are also entitled to earning bonuses up until the 10th generation.

As I stated earlier, whichever package you go for is fine, but you can see the significant differences in benefits from the packages.

The Recharge and Get Paid Dashboard

As a newbie, getting the hang of the platform and how it works can get a tad hectic, hence, I will give you a breakdown of the Recharge and get paid dashboard.

The total funds received tab:

This means the funds that are transferred from one e-wallet to the other, or from one partner to the other. The entire amount of money received in your e-wallet would be highlighted in this tab.

The commissions earned tab:

This means the total amount that is made up of your commissions or VTU bonuses you have received since you joined the Recharge and get paid platform. You can easily know how much you have received so far in bonuses, and ultimately track your progress in this tab.

The total account balance tab:

This means the total commissions earned, and haven’t been transferred to your personal bank account. I.e., The balance you have left at any point in time. Also, when you make an e-wallet purchase for a registration, the fund can also be found in this tab.

Withdrawn amount tab:

This means the total amount you have withdrawn from the Recharge and get paid e-wallet to your personal bank account. You can keep track of all the withdrawals you have ever made on the platform here.

The transfer/withdraw tab

Transfer fund:

This is the tab where you transfer your earned funds from your e-wallet to another Recharge and get paid account. This could be for a number of reasons. It could be for the purpose of selling or something like that.

Withdraw fund:

This is the tab where you can withdraw the money you have earned to your personal bank account from your e-wallet.

With the Recharge and get paid program, the possibilities are endless. You can give it a try today and keep smiling to the bank for the rest of your life.

With 5,000 naira only, you are good to go in this life-changing endeavor.

Growing and getting to the top might take some time, but it is ultimately worth it. Slow but steady wins the race, never forget that.

Some Tips, Tricks to Work the Recharge and Get Paid Platform Effectively

1. The Recharge and get paid app

Like with many other websites, the Recharge and get paid website does burn a lot of data.

Using an app for all your Recharge and get paid transactions would be the most ideal go to, but since there isn’t an official app for the platform, a lot of app developers have developed tops of apps to work the platform.

While it is cool that tons of people are out there trying to make using the platform more accessible, most of the apps out in your play stores are absolutely (I’m sorry to say) crap.

Now, we have been able to find an app that works just fine and without any glitches.

If you use an iPhone, you can get it on iOS here.

For other phones, you can download the app here.

This app will make all your registrations and transactions a lot easier and save you a ton of data.

Don’t forget to use the AJIBOLAH referral ID for your registration.

2. Recharge and get paid PDF

Trying to talk a person through the process of signing up to the Recharge and get paid platform, and everything they need to know to work the platform might get a little tiring.

Also, sometimes, the individual you are trying to put through might not be close to you, or in a location far off from you. I have made available for you, this Recharge and get paid pdf to help you out during times like these.

You can quickly and easily send this pdf to all those looking to register under you to put them through. Also, do not just send them the pdf and ignore them.

Remind them to reach out to you for any questions they may have. This is very important because, though the pdf is pretty straight forward and easy to understand and follow, some people might still get confused or miss a step or two.

Also, it’s good to have the pdf handy in case you forget certain things, or miss a step yourself while registration, or need to fall back on a few steps listed here, without coming back to this website.

The Recharge and get paid pdf is also more comprehensive and even better to follow.

You can get your copy of the Recharge and get paid pdf here.

3. The Recharge and get paid registration form

If you couldn’t be bothered with going from section to section of the Recharge and get paid website to look for their registration page, you can find their registration form here.

Just go ahead and fill in your information, and you are good to go!

4. The Recharge and get paid WhatsApp group

Another great way to get people to trust you, and ultimately sign up using your referral ID, is to create a WhatsApp group and guide them from there.

When you try to put a number of people through, you seem to be speaking from a place of enlightenment.

This way, you are looked up to as a teacher, and you can even keep motivating your downlines to refer their own downlines, which is good for you, and your progress.

Remember, you keep earning each time your downline signs up a new downline.

Having an active and inspiring WhatsApp group is an excellent way to climb up to the top.

You can share your WhatsApp link on Facebook on your wall, in Facebook groups, any social media platform you are on, or even tell your friends and family to invite their friends and family.


It might seem like the Recharge and get paid platform is all hype, and nothing significant about it, but believe me when I say that you’re very wrong, my friend.

There is so much money to be made from VTU business, that even the big banks that make millions daily, are fighting daily, for you to buy recharge cards, and pay your bills with them directly from your bank account.

I bet you just thought all the incessant ads from your banks to purchase airtime and pay bills via your bank account was just a formality, but nope, that is far from it.

I also bet that you didn’t know that the banks make as much as 5naira, each time you buy airtime directly from your bank.

Yep, now, calculate 5 naira by the millions of people who buy airtime directly from their banks each day, and you would be mind-blown by the resulting profit they make daily from you and me.

They aren’t fools for partnering up with these telecoms’ companies, they are making big bucks, and it is time you began to get a share of that chunk of money they make from you, I and our friends and family.

Unlike the banks, the Recharge and get paid platform shares the five naira they earn from each transaction made via their platform, with you and your downline.

They keep three naira, and give you two.

Some people I have met and introduced the business to, have asked me if they could get a stand to sell airtime via the Recharge and get paid platform, and believe me when I say that is a genius idea.

Just set it up as your typical VTU dealer stand, you are good to go.

Like I stated earlier, there is so much money out there in the VTU business world, and the fact that even banks are scrambling to make money from it, should tell you just how much is there to be made.

What’s stopping you from joining in?

Builderall Review: The Version 3.0 True Story

Hi, I guess you heard about the new Builderall update, Builderall 3.0 i.e.

And you are here to find out what the racket is all about.

If that’s the case, then welcome to my Builderall review.

With so many online marketing software out there, the question of which exactly to go with, has been asked by so many people, including myself, at one point or the other in my online marketing career.

When trying to decide on the best one to go with, two factors are typically what helps me decide.

The first is how much it cost.

The second factor, is if it checks all the other boxes for me, in regards to my online marketing needs.

Like I have reviewed a bunch of other online marketing tools in the past, today is the day to iron another one out which is the latest version of the very popular Builderall.

Before we really get into it, and talk about the features of this latest version of Builderall in this Builderall review, let us touch on the overview of the Builderall tool, for the benefit of those who have never heard of it, or used it before.

What is Builderall?

Builderall Review: The Version 3.0 True Story | Best Builderall Review

Builderall is an online marketing software that helps you work out all your online marketing needs all in one place.

Like its name implies, it is excellent for the building of different kinds of landing pages and sales pages.

It serves as an eCommerce online store creator, pixel-perfect builder, site bot, canvas funnel builder, video editor, studio editor, design studio, Builderall image spinner, floating videos, heat to map analytics, click-map autoresponders, etc.

With the highlights above, it shows that with using Builderall, you get multiple tools in one mega software, and for most people, this is quite the bargain.

Now that you have an idea of what exactly you can do with Builderall in regards to your online marketing endeavors, let us get into the pros and cons aspect of this Builderall review.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Builderall?

Builderall Review – Pros

  • With Builderall, you are offered 26 different online marketing tools within it. With these 26 tools, you are able to work your entire marketing campaigns from start to finish, without reaching out to other tools to do this or that. It would typically make your work process easier.
  • It has an all in one website building feature. It lets you easily build the ideal website for your business, and also provides hosting, and all the top built-in plugins you need to work/run your website effectively.
  • It lets you save some more money. With Builderall, you don’t need to pay any more money for stuff like plugins or external themes.
  • It comes with a built-in SSL certificate for any kind of website you might want to go with for your business.
  • It gives you an opportunity to make some added income with their affiliate program. This way, you could make back the money you spend on using the software and more. Also, you stand a chance to win a new car in this affiliate program.

Builderall Review – Cons

  • You might have some hitches using the drag and drop feature, as it has been known to be accompanied by glitches now and then.
  • When compared to other brands of online marketing software, Builderall lacks a particular polish, and some might even say that its overall look seemed a tad crude in comparison to others.
  • In regards to its customization options, there are limits, and you might not be able to tweak your online marketing endeavors to your heart’s content.

 Who is Builderall for?

In this section of the Builderall review, we will be discussing briefly about those that need this software. Builderall is a software that is ideal for just about any line of online business, and its marketing.

It is excellent for business owners, product creators, website services, affiliate marketers, and many more.

If you are into product marketing that requires websites or landing pages, then this is also a good choice for you.

This software lets you build websites and landing pages in no time.

Whatever online marketing tool you have ever needed in your online marketing endeavors, you are sure to find it within the Builderall platform, hence it is excellent for any business.

It is a powerful tool for upping your online sales, snagging more leads, and also great for cultivating ideal relationships with your customers/clients and prospective customers and clients.

If you fall into any of the categories of needs highlighted above, then Builderall is definitely for you.

Now that we have touched on the basic stuff let us get in the  Builderall review proper.

The Builderall Review Proper – Why Use It?

We will be highlighting the 3.0 Builderall features in this Builderall review, to better help you understand if it is for you and your business or not.

The rave in this version is the drag and drop site builder feature.

It is designed to be excellent for the working and running of membership sites, blog site builders, html5 websites, sales funnels etc.

It is also designed in such a way that it gives you a direct connection with your targeted and ideal audience (that is definitely the money maker).

Builderall is also great for ensuring a perfect user experience, and ultimately, your audience is able to access and view your website from whatever device they have.

This includes their tablets, mobile devices, and desktop, etc.

By means of their integrated application, paired with the technology of the tools within the software, the resulting websites built with the builders found within the Builderall software, takes on a highly professional and aesthetically pleasing overall look.

With mailing boss, you have an excellent and very professional email marketing tool that works on the creation, and the automation of all your customer contacts.

This always comes in very handy, especially as your business grows, expands, and takes on a more significant number of customers. You can send out high converting email drips and sequences without breaking a sweat.

This way, you have more extensive control over your leads by employing and pairing tags and triggers within your autoresponder campaigns, allowing you to send out an unlimited number of emails whenever you need to.

To get high conversions from your email marketing endeavors, you need to do a lot of email follow-ups and an autoresponder is mighty important.

Builderall Pricing: How Much Does Builderall Cost?

The Builderall 2.0 version came with three packages which were; Web presence, Digital marketing, and Builderall business.

The first update of the Builderall 3.0 version pricing comes in two packages tagged the essential and premium packages.

The essential package costs 29.9 dollars, while the premium package costs 69.9 dollars a month.

Let us take each of the new package separately, and oh, I know you are wondering which package I went with.

I have been using Builderall long before the 3.0 update and I went with the Builderall business package which was 49.90 dollars a month.

I decided to go with the Builderall business package back then because it had all my online needs and the price appeared to me as a complete steal.

Choosing that package gave me access to all the tools I needed in regards to building a website from top to bottom.

I also had access to all their design tools, and ultimately their affiliate program.

It turned out to be a very smart decision and I was automatically upgraded to the Premium package of the 3.0 version after the update.

The essential package

Like the name of the package goes, you get all the essentials you need for all your online marketing endeavors within this package……..and more. Yes, you get quite a lot for your buck here, even though this is just the basic package.

You are also able to access the transfer and website funnels; you are allowed to connect up to fifteen different domains, get unlimited bandwidth with your website visitors, you are able to link any third-party application of your choice, ticket support system, stand by daily backups, DDOS attack prevention and a system that ensures that your pages load very fast. (this last part has always been super important to me in my online marketing business)

In my opinion, the essential package has a lot of offerings, which you can do so much more with.

That being said, I bet that you are wondering why anyone would even bother with the more expensive premium package when they have access to all of this here?

Well, let us get into it and find out what is up with the premium package to answer that question, shall we?

The premium package

With the premium package, you get everything included in the essential package in addition to email marketing, webinars, and a streaming platform.

Evergreen webinar with ghost audience, e-commerce Magento installation, iOS/android app builder, CRM, dictionary builder, Facebook messenger chatbot, and way more than I can count on both hands and legs, phew!

The highlights I made up there, is literally just the tip of the iceberg as the premium members get so much more.

Still, when you are looking to get people to fork over another 40 dollars of their hard-earned money, you sure have to bring it on (no relations to the movie…..or maybe, it should) hence, the crazy number of additional tools in the premium package.

All the above being said, I have good news.

The latest Builderall update of the 3.0 version comes with new additions to their pricing plans.

Everything has been restructured, and their pricing and packages now fall under five categories.

These categories are free, builder, marketer, essential, and premium.

To a lot of people, this is more than a welcome change.

The new packages are very streamlined, ensuring that now, you only pay for exactly the bundle of tools you need for your online marketing endeavors.

Let us go ahead and touch on some of the features of the five packages below.

The 5 New Buiderall Packages


Builderall free plan | Builderall Review: The Version 3.0 True Story | Best Builderall Review

In the free package, you have access to 100 subscribers, ticketing support, 1gb disk space, cheetah drag and drop website builder, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, etc.

Like the name says, it is absolutely free to use.


Builderall builder plan

In the builder package, you have access to 3 domains, 100 subscribers, ticketing live support chat, 2gb disk space, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, etc.

You are required to make a payment of 19.90 dollars a month to use.


Builderall marketer plan

In the marketer package, you have access to 5 domains, 5000 subscribers, ticketing live support chat and 5gb disk space, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, CRM, Builderall telegram automation tool, SMS messaging, etc.

You are required to pay 29.90 dollars a month to use.


Builderall essential plan

The new essential packages give you access to 10 domains, 15,000 subscribers, ticketing live chat support, 10gb disk space, super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, CRM, Builderall telegram automation tool, SMS messaging, professional messenger chatbot, professional website bot, WordPress 3-click integration, etc.

You are required to pay 49.90 dollars a month to use, over 10 dollars more than the price of the former essential package.


Builderall premium plan

The new premium package gives you access to high converting “done for you” sales funnels with lead magnets in a number of niches and one funnel is added to your back office every week.

This I think is simply awesome and literally a moneymaker!.

You also have access to 15 domains, unlimited subscribers.

Ticketing and live chat support, 10gb disk space, list import, template club super check out, unlimited subdomains, unlimited member area, page loading accelerator, email scarcity timers, smart pop up, website sharing, fast CND servers, website daily backup, CRM. Builderall telegram automation tool, SMS messaging, professional messenger chatbot, professional website bot, WordPress 3-click integration, and every single tool that is available on the Builderall platform.

You are required to pay the same 69.90 dollars a month to use, the same price as with the former premium package.

With the new pricing and packages, it is quite obvious that Builderall was hell-bent on getting more people to join their platform by offering lower-priced packages, you can be sure that they have achieved this feat.

Like I mentioned earlier, I began using Builderall way before this update, hence the way I wrote the first part of this pricing section.

I needed to give you a feel of how things worked before this new update and pricing.

Is Builderall a Scam?

In this part of the Buiderall review, we will be looking at whether Builderall is a scam or not.

This is a question that you and I have asked on so many other occasions, and about different things we have considered investing in.

I am mighty pleased to help you answer that important question this time.

If you’re wondering if Builderall is a scam, then I am pleased to tell you that it isn’t.

There are some people who think that it is, and I bet that you are wondering why, as this software is a real one, offering real solutions to real problems.

For most people who believe Builderall to be a scam, that line of thought stems from the situation of the near scammy methods of promotion most people on social media used to promote the software.

Builderall was heavily marketed as a tool that makes you a ton of money in no time.

That idea of Builderall being some magic money-making machine is incorrect, and that’s why some people believe that it is a scam.

Yes, you can employ the numerous tools within Builderall to take your business endeavors to the next level, and make you a ton of money.

You can also make a reasonable sum from taking part in their affiliate program, but you won’t make the kind of money that the social media marketers claim you would.

All the above being said, once again, Builderall isn’t a scam, but it won’t make you the next bill gates overnight.

The Builderall Review of The 3.0 Update: What To Expect

If you have used the previous versions of the Builderall software, you would agree with me that this latest version looks a lot better overall.

You would also notice that the tools within, are also better grouped, letting you find what you are looking for quickly on the platform.

The part I love a lot about this new version, is the very easy to understand tutorials for the tools within the Builderall platform.

This way, you don’t have to run helter-skelter all over the place, wondering how or where to begin (I bet you all are pretty pleased with this part of the Builderall review).

The new interface takes on an app store like layout and grouping, allowing you to select and download whatever tool you are in need of, exactly like you would do in an actual app store on your phone or any of your devices.

All the tools you download within the Builderall platform, you can find and use in your back-office.

To begin to use each tool or app you download, you have to click the enter option, which leads you to another tab.

After the launch of each app, you are met with a tutorial, which enlightens you on how to use any app of your choice.

Below is the section of this Builderall review, where we will touch on some of my favorite apps/tools within the Builderall platform.

My Favorite Tools on Builderall

1. Cheetah drag and drop website builder

Builderall cheetah builder

The cheetah drag and drop website builder, is the newest addition to the list of builders on the Builderall platform.

It comes with the highly coveted drag and drop feature, that lets you set up your websites and landing pages in no time.

The cheetah pixel perfect builder boasts of being able to automatically set up highly responsive, and fast websites and landing pages.

It is quite ideal for beginners or people whose strong points do not fall in the categories of the technicalities of website, or landing page building.

You require zero programming skills to work this builder, regardless of the type of website, landing page or sales page you intend to build.

In addition to the automation of its site-building abilities, this builder is also accompanied by tons of special features and effects, that ensures that your sites take on a more professional look.

You also have the option of building a fully optimized mobile version of your websites.

Finally, you are able to create membership websites, in which you can give access to your members for free, or for a fee.

The cheetah pixel perfect builder is available in all five packages of Builderall. Yep, including the free version.

2. The Builderall Canvas funnel builder

Builderall canvas

The canvas funnel builder is one excellent tool that is quite rare, and to my best knowledge, it is unavailable on other online marketing platforms.

It lets you map out, design, and structure your sales funnels or general funnels using a whiteboard style of working it.

It is pretty clear cut, to begin with, as you are required to click on the option, and the Builderall platform goes ahead to set up your funnel for you automatically.

Once your funnel is set up; you are now able to make your edits using the pixel perfect builder.

I am certain that at this point, we all understand that a funnel typically consists of a number of pages where your customers follow step by step through various pathways to access.

The high point of the canvas funnel builder, is that it can support a good number of funnel types, and can take on a ton of complexities that are typically known to come with funnels.

You also have access to things like premade templates, which you could use to make or set up your own webinars, eBooks, e-product launches, and even tripwires.

All these templates are clearly laid out for you as you kick off your funnel editing.

You do not have to use any of these templates laid out for you in regards to editing and structuring your funnel.

Some people have ideas of building funnels whose template does not exist, and hence would require for it to be built from scratch.

In regards to building a funnel from scratch, you can pull in all your different created pages, and then have them connected to the canvas to form your finished funnel.

If you decide to work with the templates the platform has laid out for you, you are able to remove or add pages as you go to build your finished desired funnel.

However, you would prefer your pathways to work; you can make that tweak.

With the canvas funnel builder, you get a detailed view in regards to your funnel, and how you can tweak and work it best.

You have the option of changing the order of your funnel pages, you can disconnect and reconnect any sections that are present in your funnel or even full-on add new bits.

You are also given the option to use a different theme for all or some of your pages, but don’t get too excited kids, as these theme selections aren’t anything mind-blowing.

Because the themes aren’t of an exceptional standard, you would have to work and tweak your funnel pages individually to ensure that the page designs are exactly as you need to be.

It might take more time and effort than you would appreciate, but it can’t be helped.

If like me, you can look passed this hitch, then you are well on your way to creating an excellent funnel.

At this point, you would be required to ensure that you are okay with how the layout and everything looks, and when you are okay with the state, you are required to click the “create the website” option at the bottom of the page, to officially set up your funnel.

At this point, Builderall works all your pages and links into their appropriate sections associated with the tool.

I can’t tell you enough about how excellent this part is.

It means finally saying goodbye to having to go the manual route to do this part.

Though there are hitches here and there, lots of people would definitely have an appreciation for the most part of this tool.

Anything that would save you a good amount of time, is hardly ever not appreciated.

3. The Builderall Pixel perfect builder

Builderall pixel perfect builder

The pixel-perfect builder is one of the high point tools included in the Builderall platform. With this tool, you are able to build a good number of landing pages or even whole websites.

In the last version of the Builderall software, the differences between the various builders available on the platform wasn’t clearly highlighted.

The builders, as with every other application available, wasn’t paired with its individual app description.

To a lot of people, these descriptions that distinguish these different builders might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, lots of people had lots of issues with this.

Within the pixel perfect builder, the template variety is still the same as with the previous version, though there are new additions in this 3.0 version.

In regards to the template design in both the old and 3.0 versions of Builderall, they all look identical, if you exclude the minor color and layout tweaks in this new version.

You can also review and, or install your desired templates in the editor section in this version of Builderall, just like with the old version.

You aren’t required to make any changes to this template, but you do have to load it in the editor to move onto the next page.

There have also been some tweaks made to the editor section in this version of Builderall.

There is a certain brightness to it. It has also been further simplified by the removal of certain unnecessary options that sat at the top bar in the previous version.

Amongst the other bits that stayed the same in this new version of Builderall, includes the drag and drop elements that let you move stuff around, and situate them in any position of your choice, and the rest of the editing and moving aspects of the section.

Despite the upgrades, there are people who are okay with still using the block-approach in regards to building pages.

Apparently, it is easier to work and manage the spacing of the elements.

I would say to go with whichever options are best and most convenient for you.

You are able to access lots of functions you can experiment with to your heart’s content in the sidebar.

Some of these functions include being able to tweak and fine-tune your SEO, adding blogs to your website, applying new design elements to this page, adding the check-out sequence/steps, etc.

A very responsive-editor being added to the pixel-perfect builder, is the high point of the change in it, in this new version of Builderall.

In the previous Builderall version, there was a separate responsive builder.

The way it worked in the previous version, was that users had to create two versions of the page.

The new Builderall templates are now optimized to support mobile devices, and this gives you access to all the page building tools you require in a better responsive mode.

Overall, the new pixel-perfect builder offers so much more than in the older version.

4. The Builderall E-commerce online builder

Builderall ecommerce

With the e-commerce online store builder, you have a more advanced way to structure your online stores.

In this version, you’re able to list all the physical products that you would like to add to your website.

This version of the e-commerce online store builder was designed in affiliation with magneto.

Magneto is a well-known open-source cart platform, that has worked the e-commerce store building scene for ages.

So, in a sense, the e-commerce online builder is kind of like the Magento e-commerce builder tool, but is made available to you in this new version of Builderall.

Before you can use this e-commerce online builder tool, you need to launch it.

Like with every e-commerce store, you need a domain, and with the Builderall software, you either use your own domain, i.e. the one you purchase or, if you aren’t looking to spend any more money, you can use the Builderall’s free subdomain (yep, its free)

After the domain aspect is sorted out, your e-commerce store would be set up by Magento, paired with sample-data, if you choose that option, i.e.

From your back office/administration page, you are given the options of tweaking the general look of your store, and its operation to suit your needs.

It is true that the use of the Builderall’s subdomain reads Builderall, but it is, in fact, the subdomain of Magento you are using.

It kind of makes sense, don’t you think? Since they’re the platform creating the store for you.

When you use the Builderall’s free subdomain, it would work exactly like how the free and manual installation of the Magento platform would work and look like.

Since Magento is a well-known and long-standing e-commerce store platform, you have no worries if you choose to use the Builderall sub-domain.

Yeah, some people might feel like the apps/tools offered by the Builderall platform might be all over the place, in regards to the platform working with various third-party apps, tools, and platforms.

The fact remains that it really doesn’t get in the way of the quality of your work or takes away from the quality of the platform.

5. The Builderall site bot

Builderall chat bot

With the Builderall site bot, you are given the opportunity to create automated chat-like sequences just like with Facebook chatbots.

Just like you are able to gain more leads and make more sales with this form of added engagement on Facebook, you can achieve the same desired effects with the site bot chatbots.

There is quite a difference with this version of the site bot. It is nicer looking and more aesthetically pleasing.

If you put this version’s site bot side by side with the older versions, the difference is very apparent.

With the site bot, you can create chat/message sequences called flows. You can easily view the previous flows you must have created, and tweak them when need be.

When you need to add a new message to your existing flows, you have to click a corresponding item in the search bar to get that going.

In the case of adding new messages to your flows, you would have to click on the text message icon, and then you are asked to type in your new message.

When this is done, you can connect your typed message or messages into your desired sequence.

6. The Builderall design studio

Studio mock-up

With the design studio, you can design or edit all your product pictures and videos effortlessly and flawlessly.

The quality of video and picture editing here, is excellent for a wide range of professional products and platforms.

7. The Builderall video editor

Video editor

This tool is excellent for content creators. You can edit and create high-quality videos with this app, and it also lets you publish said videos you edit to whatever platform you prefer.

Even if you are just a business owner, you can employ this app to create video content for the marketing of your products online.

Video has been known to convert better than picture and text, and bring in more leads and sales.

It doesn’t even have to be a complicated video, just make something simple, and after it is well-edited with the right effects, it is enough to do the trick.

8. The Builderall photo studio

Photo studio

With the photo studio just like with the video editor, you can edit great quality photos with this app. It is also a great tool for editing your product or general business product pictures.

High-quality pictures are also great for reeling in more leads and sales.

It also can be used like photoshop, allowing you to tweak the integrity of the photos to suit your needs. It comes with a lot of features that let you tweak the background, colors, and stuff like that.

9. The Builderall image spinner

The Builderall image spinner lets you create really incredible 3d graphics, and images for your promotions to really help you connect with your customers who are aesthetic lovers.

10. The Builderall floating videos

floating video

The floating video options allow you to add a video floating on a website page of your choice. It typically requires you to have a pixel installed to it.

This lets your video to float when you place it on your website.

It is nothing special if you ask me, but it is cool that this option is open to those who like more over the top attractions for their businesses.

This floating video option can be great when you want to tell or remind your customers about your coupons, discounts, deals, giveaways or stuff like that.

You can also include a direct check out option with this feature (the possibilities are endless).

It also goes to show the variety of design and website tools the Builderall software offers you for your online marketing endeavors.

It is true that they may not have every single marketing tool out there.

Still, you have to admit that they do have a lot, which is way more than most software and platforms can boast of.

Also, with the Builderall affiliate program, you can make decent commissions promoting the software with or without being a paid subscriber.

Builderall Review – Comparison with other online marketing platforms

Now that all the features of the new Builderall version have been touched on, next on this Builderall review is to play a little game of comparisons between the new Builderall version, and other similar online marketing platforms.

Let us kick off with lead pages

1. Leadpages vs. Builderall

Leadpages is an online marketing tool that lets you create landing pages and sales funnels. It is known to work like click funnels and thrive architect. It employs the drag and drop feature in its funnel and page creation processes.


  • They are both excellent platforms for building great landing pages and sales funnels.
  • They are beginner user-friendly, as neither platforms require coding.


  • The Builderall platform gives its users access to way more tools; it is the ultimate all in one platform to some people.
  • The Leadpages features are very limited in other aspects. In regards to their drag and drop function for building pages and funnels; it offers a more seamless user experience. There are little to no glitches, unlike with Builderall.

 2. Builderall vs. Squarespace

Squarespace is a very popular website development/marketing program, and does have some similarities to Builderall in terms of functionality.

Literally, every YouTuber and influencer has had a partnership with them.

They’re very popular on social media.

When it comes beginners or just people who aren’t keen on doing the heavy lifting in regards to building and, or managing a website, this is the ideal platform to run with.

Its tools and features are very simplified, and everything is practically done for you.

Anyone can use this platform to create their perfect website without pulling their hair out like I know have done in the past (trust me, you don’t want to know).

Its oversimplification is one of the significant factors why it is so popular with the kids (hehe) its reign doesn’t seem to be letting up also.

Another great thing about Squarespace is that though it is effortless to use, and that it is just as effective as any other platform, it is not expensive to use. It is quite affordable when you compare it to other platforms like it.


  • Like the Squarespace platform, the Builderall software is just as easy to use.
  • You are able to create your online store with a snap of the finger with both platforms


  • With Squarespace, you have your typical website building platform, that you can easily and quickly use to set up your websites or online stores. You do not have access to any other online marketing tools.
  • With the Builderall software, you have a website building platform that you can easily and quickly use to set up your websites or online store, in addition to multiple online marketing tools that aren’t only highly advanced, but also super useful. You are able to build sales funnels, do email marketing, and have sales automation tools, etc.

 3. Convertkit vs. Builderall

With both Convertkit and Builderall, you have access to an email service provider on both platforms.


  • Both the Builderall and Convertkit platforms are excellent in regards to helping you collect subscribers’ emails, and also a powerful tool for your email marketing endeavors. They both serve the purpose well.

 4. Builderall vs. Wix

With Wix, you have another very popular website building platform.

On social media, its marketing is also as intense as with Squarespace.

Like Squarespace also, it is also ideal for people who couldn’t be bothered with getting down to the nuts and bolts of building a website.

Its layout is mighty streamlined, and just about anyone can easily use it to create remarkable websites and also maintain them.


  • Both the Builderall and Wix platform, offers very affordable price points, which really helps them both standout amongst the multitude as well as stay a popular favorite.
  • Both platforms offer good template options you can choose from, for a multitude of uses.
  • Both platforms work with the drag and drop features for building your pages and funnels
  • Both platforms are excellent for building e-commerce sites.


  • The Wix platform is strictly a website building platform. It lacks in everything else in regards to online marketing, it makes up for being a super-advanced website builder. Its drag and drop interface is quite unmatched.
  • In terms of cost, the Wix platform requires a payment of four dollars a month. It does come with Wix banner ads. You also have the option of paying sixteen dollars a month for their e-commerce package.

You can also opt for two more packages that fall right after the four-dollar package, and just before the sixteen-dollar package.

The sixteen-dollar package is the most expensive. (that is quite affordable if you ask me)

5. Thrive Themes vs. Builderall

With thrive themes, you have an online marketing platform/tool that is all about creating and bringing online plugins and WordPress themes that are focused on conversion.

They are in the same vein with Builderall in regards to creating conversion-focused, and optimized websites.

The only difference is, they use a different platform.


  • Both the thrive themes and Builderall platforms have a focus on the conversion abilities of a website, paired with its design.
  • The drag and drop feature can be found on both the thrive themes and Builderall platforms. It is placed in the builder page of the platforms.
  • Page building is possible with both platforms. With the thrive themes platform; the page builder available is called the thrive architect.


  • Unlike with the Builderall platform, the thrive themes isn’t an actual stand-alone website building platform. Thrive themes, in a nutshell, is a software company that creates great WordPress plugins and themes.
  • The Builderall platform is a stand-alone platform and is responsible for its own hosting, with no need for a third-party host website.


Now that we have come to the end of this Builderall review, its time for me to feed my two cents into the mix.

Builderall is a good platform that comes with its pros and cons, as with any other platform.

The choice of opting for it over other platforms depends on the quality of your online marketing needs, and your budget.

Make a list of your online marketing needs, and if the Builderall platform features tick off all the boxes or most of them, then you should give it a try.

The new Builderall pricing makes it even better.

You can go directly to the Builderall tool bundle that hits the nail right on the head for your online marketing needs.

Also, if you are interested in making some money on the side, then working with the platform’s affiliate program isn’t a bad idea.

I hope that this Builderall review has been able to answer your pressing questions regarding the platform and its new updates.

If you do try the Builderall platform out, kindly leave a comment and let me know your experience.

15 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

grow youtube channel fast

How to grow a YouTube channel fast, that question must have burned quite the hole in your brain, hence you being here. So, before we even begin, I would like to say welcome, and I hope that you find this article and the tips included in it useful.

Now that you have gotten over your fear of being in front of the camera, now that your video editing skills are mighty impressive and you have so many great ideas for further videos, videos that aren’t just engaging, but also add value to the lives of your subscribers and would-be subscribers, what next?.

grow a youtube channel fast

Being great at creating videos and providing value is the easy part in my opinion when it comes to a successful YouTube career, getting people interested long enough to discover just how amazing your channel is, is a whole other story entirely.

When it comes to learning how to grow a YouTube channel fast, there are both the big and little things to consider.

Some people would say that all great things take time, and I agree, but if there are great and ethical ways to hasten the process by even a little, I would say to take it.

There are a thousand and one tips and tricks that I could let you in on to grow your YouTube channel fast, but I strongly believe that the ones highlighted in this article are enough to help you begin your journey to growing the ultimate YouTube channel in no time.

Easy But Effective Tips on How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast

1. Is that a thumbnail or an afterthought?

I know that we like to see the best in people, I do too, but I also like to be honest especially when it comes to business.

You, me, and everyone else, we are all vain on some level!

Once you truly understand the above about people, and especially your would-be clients, readers and audience, you are well on your way to growing a thriving business, or in this case, understanding the best ways to grow a YouTube channel fast.

When you are casually scrolling through your YouTube feed, what typically gets you to stop scrolling and click on a video?

It could be that the video in question is one from one of your favorite YouTubers, but when that isn’t the case, what catches your attention long enough to click and hopefully become a regular viewer and ultimately a subscriber?

The thumbnail!

People love to be associated with things that appeal to their eyes, and hence, when deciding on a thumbnail for your next YouTube video, make sure that it is something that is mighty eye-catching.

Just like the making of your actual video takes a lot of thought to it, your thumbnail should also have a considerable amount of thought invested in it to make it great.

2. Make your way into their hearts and minds without them even realizing it

When you see or come across something over and over again, it kind of stays with you.

The use of watermarks in your YouTube videos, is one excellent way to grow a YouTube channel

Now, let’s say your videos are of great quality. They are also entertaining or are value-packed that whoever comes across them immediately, wants to see more of your videos.

Question is, how exactly do they find you on YouTube?.

Let’s say your videos are reuploaded someplace else on any of the social media platforms (not for any malicious reasons in this case) how do these would-be subscribers find you on YouTube?.

Including a well situated and clear watermark in all your videos is something you need to do always. One viral video can change your life, and you have to stay ready.

Also, using watermarks is one way that you can remind people to casually look up your channel, this is basic marketing. Get and stay in their faces long enough, and before you know it, they are looking to become
your new best friends, ask Facebook and Instagram ads.

3. Be difficult to get rid of

I have come across YouTube channels that I found really entertaining and watched for weeks or even months without subscribing to.

Why is that so? I bet you are wondering, honestly, the answer is that I do not know.

With the YouTube algorithm, once you watch one video from a channel, you begin to get suggestions of more videos from that channel, and if I keep seeing videos from a channel I enjoy watching, I really wouldn’t care so much as to subscribe because they keep getting suggested to me anyway.

The best way to get people to subscribe more to your channel, and one of the most tested and trusted ways that you can grow a YouTube channel fast, is to include the subscribe prompt in your videos at well-structured intervals.

Now, I not saying to have them pop up every minute, but make sure that your viewers are reminded enough times to actually get them to take that action.

Please note, that in the vein to make things more attractive on your channel, that you shouldn’t use fancy fonts that are nearly unreadable or not visible enough for your viewers to notice.

4. Invest in your channel

It doesn’t matter how awesome your content ideas are, or even how valuable your content is, if the quality of your videos is terrible, then you can be sure that your viewers would not be returning.

Most people who start a YouTube channel aren’t typically able to afford the best cameras, shooting and editing tools, but if you can afford to invest in at least one of these things, then you can be sure to produce a video quality that your viewers can appreciate enough to subscribe to your channel.

With regards to How to grow a YouTube channel fast, the level of investment you commit to it, goes a long way to achieve that.

Also, investing in or even paying attention to the little things can also make a world of difference. Your background or video scenery can help to make your videos more appealing; an affordable but nice backdrop is a good investment for your channel.

If you can’t afford proper lighting, you can schedule to shoot your videos during the day and in locations that favor great natural lighting.

There are lots of affordable things you can do to up the appeal of your videos, and you shouldn’t hesitate to do them.

5. Remind them that you are still human

I have gone through a lot of YouTube comments sections, and it’s usually shocking when I come across a YouTube channel that’s struggling in terms of followers and views, but has zero interaction. By interaction, I mean even basically replying to a few comments made on your videos.

When comments are left on a video, it helps to tell the YouTube algorithm that the content of your channel is the kind of content more people could connect with.

The above is true for even when the comments are negative (believe it or not) but, this doesn’t mean that you should turn your channel into a den of controversy.

One excellent way of how to grow a YouTube channel fast is to interact with your subscribers or even casual viewers.
By interacting with these viewers, two things happen that ultimately help to grow your YouTube channel fast.

First, you work the algorithm in your favor, and secondly, you remind your viewers that you are human, and also, that you are someone that is relatable or that you are someone they can trust.

Lots of people tend to forget that there is an actual person behind that camera.

6. Add a creative spin to it

Two things are the stuff that makes a great video, first is the video content itself. It could be great quality humor, lifestyle or even teaching people stuff.

The second is your editing. There is nothing wrong with going the textbook route to editing your videos, but what really gets your videos to stand out is how you edit videos.

The choice of music you use, how you use them, and even the transition from one scene to the next, can do with a creative spin on them.

7. Get creative, and watch your channel transform overnight.

It might seem complicated to do right now, but by the time you dedicate some time and effort to learn more and develop your video editing skills, it really does get easier.

8. Put in a little more effort

For most YouTubers, let’s call them the vloggers, their channels are mostly about making videos based on their daily lives.

These kinds of videos are the kind that people really enjoy, including myself, but sometimes with vlogging, things get too comfortable, and the need to be creative flies out the window without you even knowing it.

Regardless of what you want your channel to be centered on, the need to keep your creative juices flowing in terms of content is very important.

Instead of just going with the flow and randomly making videos, you should try putting more thought into it, and even plan them out going weeks.

Adding more than a dash of variety to your videos is another great way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

More people come on YouTube to be entertained than for anything else, hence, you have to ensure that you keep them interested in your content and channel.

9. Stay a while longer

When it comes to ranking on YouTube, there are so many factors to it, and one of said factors is the length of your videos.

Rumor has it that once upon a time long long ago, YouTube videos shorter than 10 minutes had no issues ranking. sadly, it isn’t quite so today. Videos longer than ten minutes do better with the YouTube algorithm than the shorter ones.

I know, I know, sometimes, filming gets tiring and you just want to get it over with, but instead of making multiple short videos, why not put them all together into one long video?.

There is nothing wrong with filming shorter videos, especially when the topic of the video isn’t a long or detailed one, but having a mix of both long and short videos on your channel, is a great way to grow your YouTube channel fast.

This is where the content planning comes in. If you set up a time to brainstorm and structure your YouTube videos, you have better chances of coming up with topics that could snag you more than ten minutes airtime.

10. Invest some more in your channel

Great quality cameras, lighting and the lot is great when it comes to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, but also investing in tools that have been tested and trusted to help grow a YouTube channel fast is another kind of worthy investment.

A tool like Tubebuddy is excellent if you are looking for ways on how to grow a YouTube channel fast with less stress. Tubebuddy helps you do lots of things for your channel, including the marketing of your channel to more organic viewers.

There are a ton of other tools that would help your channel a lot, and with a little research, you should be able to find one that suits your YouTube channel needs to a T.

11. Get more organized

If your YouTube channel is just for fun, and nothing so serious, please, pay this part no mind. If your channel is something that you are mighty passionate about, and if you are hoping to work it to the point of earning a steady income from it and even become a brand, then, take this part very seriously.

Making your videos seem more professional, organized, and ultimately better put together, is one way to grow a YouTube channel fast.

A lot of people do not care about these things, but some do. Having the half that does care on your side wouldn’t hurt in my opinion.

The first thing to do to make your videos more professional and organized, is to always include an intro and outro.

Adding a creative and well-done intro in all your YouTube videos is one easy way to morph yourself into a thriving brand, and impress your viewers.

You can have your intro professionally done, but I don’t think that an outro needs to be as serious in my opinion.
Some people just end each video anywhere, and never say a proper goodbye or simply close out their videos properly.

This sometimes can come off as rude or even like you don’t have your heart in your videos and channel.

It also takes away from the viewing experience, and a lot of your would-be subscribers and even subscribers might take offense to that.

Both intros and outros are very important when it comes to how to grow a YouTube channel fast.

12. Come around more often

Being consistent is very important in regards to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, trust me, this one cannot be compromised on.

Uploading a new video daily might be too much for most people (though lots of people do it), but uploading very often on your channel especially during the early days is very important.

In the beginning, when very few people are watching your videos, getting depressed, and wanting to give or just casually posting without your heart in it could be your next go to.

When you are trying to grow a YouTube channel fast, nothing makes this faster than consistency. Just keep going, whether people are watching/subscribing or not.

Some people have been known to film their first video, and have it go viral, launching their YouTube channel in grand style, but this rarely happens.

My advice is, as long as you are looking at YouTube as a long-time gig, you can’t afford to reduce your momentum.
Even when you have millions of subscribers, posting as often as possible is the path you should
stay on.

13. People love free stuff, take advantage!

Whether it’s on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok,  Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, there is always a giveaway going on somewhere. Having giveaways on your YouTube channel is another way to grow a YouTube channel fast.

The beauty of giveaways is that the item you are giving away doesn’t even have to be anything expensive or major.
A giveaway can be focused on anything. A gift card, affordable cosmetics, or even a book.

As long as its free stuff, people will always scramble to get it. And as they scramble, the more the YouTube algorithm works in your favor.

You can ask viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your YouTube channel/video or do that on both your YouTube channel and your social media platforms.

This way, your channel gets a good level of much-needed activity to thrive. Having regular give ways, can really help you stay on track in regards to how to grow a YouTube channel fast, so give it a shot.

14. Sometimes, going the way of the crowd is the way to go

Some people call it click-baiting, but I call it being creative. Lots of people do this.

In addition to your thumbnail, the other thing that truly helps to reel your would-be viewers in is your title. Now, especially for a newbie, I always suggest two things in regards to working your titles while trying to grow a YouTube channel fast.

First, you have to be creative with it. Let’s say that you got a new job, and would like to make a video based on that for your YouTube channel.

Instead of leaving the title as ‘hey, I got a new job!” Why not make it more creative by making your title say something like “you won’t believe this new place I found that just hands out cash to people like me”.

Please do not cuss me out, the above is just an example, and I can’t think of a better one right now (still only just human, remember?).

From the examples above, I believe you get the point I am trying to make.

People are more likely to click through to your video to find out this incredible new place that people just get handed money, than if you just said you got a job.

Yes, the example I used could be called a lie or clickbait by most people, but I would have definitely worded it better and more creatively if I was about to upload an actual video.

The point here is to find creative or even funny ways to word your titles, to interest people enough to click and watch your videos.

People are going to react in two ways to these tweaks to your videos.

The first group would find it humorous, and even try to guess what the video would actually be about.

The second group would scream blue murder and threaten to no longer like you and would unsubscribe immediately (some eventually do).

Another thing to note when working your titles, would be to include keywords that best describe what people are searching for in the search bar when they are looking for videos like yours.

Using simple keyword tools can give you an idea of the keywords that people are searching for in regards to your YouTube niche, and how many people are searching for these keywords and how often.

15. A little more on the keywords

By now, you understand that the only way that people can find you and videos like the kind you make is through the keywords they search for.

Even when YouTube suggests your videos to people, it is usually because they must have searched for videos that had ties to keywords like the ones you use in your videos and for your channel.

Now that you have used a suitable keyword research tool and have settled on some keywords to use on your channel, what next?.

Next, you have to include these keywords in your titles and in your descriptions. All these falls under metadata.

In addition to using keyword research tools, you can also search for videos like yours which have millions of views, and spy on their titles, descriptions, and metadata.

The above gives you a good idea of how to write your titles, descriptions, and how to properly use keywords in your metadata.

How to grow a YouTube channel fast is largely dependent on this part.


With YouTube, there are so many ways to grow a YouTube channel fast and so many possibilities.

With the tips listed in this article and a little added research, I am convinced that you would be able to grow that thriving YouTube channel in no time!

The Best Blogging Books on The Market and Why You Need Them

Blogging books are more than just a necessity, we will be touching on some of the reasons why, and also the list of the best blogging books, we all need in our corner. But before we go into the list, let’s take a look at why we need these books.

For most new bloggers and even bloggers who have been on this gig a while, blogging is all about content, and everything else is just, you know, not as important.

best blogging books

While I am of the line of thought that great content is key to a great blogging career, there are a ton of other factors that could also make or break your blogging endeavors.

Why Blogging Books?


We are going with blogging books in this article, but that doesn’t mean that blogging books are the only source of quality information that you require to work that thriving blogging career.

You also can get information from search engines, learn how to set up a successful blog from this blog, and from other sources.

Now that the disclaimer above is out there, let’s get into why you, me, and all of us bloggers and would-be bloggers need blogging books in our lives.

1. How to Work Your Blog Itself

Now that you have that great idea for your blog set up, you have all your well-done content structured and your blog itself is online, what next?.

Being able to work your blog is one very important skill. Blogging isn’t just about uploading content, but also about being able to tweak the structure and layout of your blog.

Let’s say that your blog is for women, and talks about very feminine things, the theme and color of your blog needs to fit your blog’s storyline.

With blogs like word press which is arguably the simplest to work blogging platform, you need basic CSS and HTML knowledge.

When I began to blog, the idea of even touching any of the technical stuff terrified the heck out of me, and would rather not have anything to do with it.

Over time, I realized that I had to learn even the basics to get the most out of my word press blog. It took a while, but I finally overcame my fears and learned the basic bits of CSS and HTML.

I had help learning from free online sources, but with the help of a few blogging books, I was well on my way to becoming truly self-sufficient when it came to my WordPress blog.

2. How to Work Your Social Media

With value-rich, entertaining, or at least engaging content, you would be able to gather quite the reader base in no time with the help of SEO, and the web search engines working in your favor.

While you wait for your content to rank, and for your blog to begin to thrive in the direction you would like it to, social media is one great way you can get your blog in front of the right set of eyes and ultimately, the exposure it needs to become the go-to blog of your niche.

Social media for most people is all fun and games, and a means to ease off or simply something they dabble with now and then, but for business owners and bloggers, it is a powerful tool that has helped their brands and businesses over time.

The problem with social media today is that there are so many users, so many kinds of people, both those who would be interested in your kind of content and those that wouldn’t.

So how exactly are you supposed to find and connect with your target audience?.

Many great blogging books have answered the question of how to work your social media platforms to your advantage, and I can say that I have benefited a great deal from a handful of these blogging books that help you with your social media.

3. Stellar Content

Yes, I know, you are probably an excellent writer, and your content ideas may be uncanny, but you also know something else that I know?.

What I also know in addition to your blogging prowess, is that you are human just like the rest of us, and ultimately, you would need help now and then.

Let’s use my blogging experiences for example. Some days, I woke up pumped and ready to go, creating incredible content and even shocking myself.

Other days, I would wake up with no motivation or fresh ideas. A lot of times, these slow days for me dragged on into slow weeks or even a month, where I really wanted nothing to do with my blog or bring myself to think up ideas.

There are great blogging books that have helped me over the years to overcome these dry spells, and also helped me greatly to recharge my batteries and jump-start my creative juices.

From how to think up new content ideas and content strategy, some of my favorite blogging books have come to my aid time and time again.

Free online sources have also been a great help, but blogging books centered primarily on content creation were my absolute favorite.

You can compromise on a lot of things when it comes to blogging (though it isn’t advised), but don’t ever comprise on continuously developing yourself in regards to your content creation abilities.

4. Quick tips

blogging tips

With blogging as with everything else, there are levels. There is the in-depth stuff when it comes to blogging and how to stay on top of things, but there is also the surface level stuff.

There are situations that I had found myself in when it came to my blogging endeavors, and all I needed were quick tips that could help me overcome this and that.

I would typically hit google or Bing for some easy answers, and I found a ton. But what I found to work even better for me over the years, were the tips I found in some of my favorite blogging books.

Now, whether turning to blogging books for these simple tips is better than just asking google whenever you are in need, isn’t something I can give a direct answer to, but here is what I found with blogging books that handed out quick tips.

When casually reading my blogging books, I always came across some new information, and weeks, months or even years down the line, I never failed to find out that some of the problems I encountered as a blogger were quickly solved with these quick tips I had up my sleeves from reading blogging books beforehand.

Instead of hitting sir google up when I needed these quick get-me-ups, I already had the answers to my questions, as I had previously casually read up on them.

5. How to Stay Motivated

If you can’t stay motivated, then you are going to have your blogging endeavors come to a permanent standstill, before they even kick-off.

Staying motivated can be hard, I mean, what happens when you give it your all and you still can’t break even?

Do you give up or still keep going? If you choose to go with the latter, how do you keep at it?. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, and this can be said for every aspect of our lives.

Like when I had great difficulty with creating content, I have also had a lot of difficulty with staying motivated.

When I was quite new in blogging and even after I had been in the business for a while, I had felt stuck, depressed, and even full-on confused about my blogging endeavors.

And because being a blogger was something, I was very passionate about, these were dark times for me.

During these times, I had come across blogging books that helped me a great deal to stay motivated and to keep going.

From simple exercises I could do to stay on track, to reworking my mindset, blogging books in addition to some free online content came to my rescue a great number of times.

6. How to Transform Your Blog Into a Money-Making Machine

If you are in the blogging scene as a hobby, or something that you do now and then, but never really commit to, then you might care very little for this part of the article.

But, if you are crazy passionate about blogging and looking forward to earning a tangible income from it either through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, or other means, then please, keep reading.

Before we get into it, I need to put it out there that making money from your blog isn’t easy. It takes more than just reading a few books, you have to give it your all.

After I gained a substantial level of readership on my blog, I began to research ways in which I could make some money from something I loved.

Now, as a newbie in this aspect of blogging, making a ton of mistakes couldn’t be helped by me. I tried a lot of things, had some success with a few, and failed horribly at most.

Then came a time that I began to invest in blogging books and tools that were centered on how to make money with my blogging endeavors, and that’s when I really began to get the kinds of results I had longed for so long.

There are so many levels to making money from your blog, and the right blogging books can help you work the processes easier.

There are so many reasons why blogging books are important, and if we decide to touch on them all, we would be here forever (this is my blog, and even I am terrified at that thought).

That being said, I believe that we have been able to touch on some of the most important bits. We will now get into my very own trusted blogging books recommendations.

These are books that were recommended to me by friends and colleagues, and some of them are books that I found on my own.

Ultimately, all the blogging books listed here worked a great deal for me on my blogging journey, and I am certain that they would work for you too.

My Ultimate Blogging Books Recommendation List

1. How to start a successful blog in one hour by Steve Scott

I know, I know, starting a successful blog in one hour sounds mighty bogus, but when you go at it the Steve Scott way, it really is possible.

This impressive eBook doesn’t tell you how to hit a million bucks with your blog in one hour, but it does tell you everything you need to know as someone who is new to blogging.

Steve Scott is a blogger like you and I, a very successful one like you and I ultimately hope to be, so, you can agree that he is the right person to listen to when you are looking to get first-hand information on how to start a successful blog in no time.

His approach to teaching is very direct, straightforward, and lays the facts on you fast.

This is one of those blogging books that cover things like How to get your domain name and register it, how to get and pay for reliable web hosting, how to set up your blog on the WordPress platform and how to work its themes, plugins and general settings.

If you just had this idea of becoming a blogger, but have no clue on the first step to take, then, this is one of the blogging books you need in your corner.

2. How to write great blog posts that engage readers by Steve Scott

Like you know by now, being able to create great content for your blog is key when it comes to appealing to and holding the attention and interest of your would-be readers long enough for them to become subscribers and regular readers, and also ensure that they do not unsubscribe someday.

Steve Scott once again agrees with this line of thought, hence his excellent book on how to create stellar content.

This book touches on the crucial points when it comes to content creation, and like with his first blogging book we touched on, he uses no filler or fluff, and tells you exactly how it is.

This book touches on how to write review posts, how to get your creative juices in full swing and think up new content ideas, how to create how-to posts and so much more.

This is one of the blogging books you need as a still very wet-behind-the-ears newbie.

3. 31 days to finding your blogging mojo by Bryan Allain

Finding your blogging mojo on some days, weeks and months, has been known to be quite the uphill task, trust me, and being able to get yourself in the right state of mind sometimes, does require a lot of help.

This is one of my favorite blogging books when It comes to snapping out of the dark days and taking back your blogging power.

He outlines daily exercises, tips, and tricks that you can employ to get you back on track and stay there.

So, if you’re looking to get some help in this aspect of blogging, in a fun, creative, and humorous way, then, this is one of the blogging books you should arm yourself with.

4. Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

Armed with his experiences of being an entrepreneur and blogger amongst other things, Chris Ducker has created the ultimate book that helps you as a small business owner, or even a blogger, to manage your online endeavors, without burning yourself out.

I have always been a person with big dreams and a million ideas, but I had always known that I would be crazy if I thought I could pull it all off on my own.

I knew I needed help with running my businesses.

But, how do you even begin building a business with people you don’t even know?

How do you even find these people, and how do you keep it all together? Hey, you know some people are mischievous and always up to no good, so how exactly do you go about it?

This is one of the books that helped me tie my businesses nicely and safely together, and build a team of virtual staff, whom I outsourced most of the heavy lifting to, which made more time for myself, personal and social life.

Whether you plan on just sticking to blogging alone or expanding to other things, this is one of the blogging books you need in your life.

5. Ultimate pro blog planner by Fabrizio van Marciano

Planning is everything, and of all the blogging books and tools that helped me plan out my blogging schedule for months at a time, the ultimate pro blog planner by Fabrizio van Marciano was at the top of my list.

This super little pdf template workbook would shape up your blogging endeavors in no time. I can’t function without it in respect to my blog, and I doubt you can too.

It was created by a fellow blogger, someone whose blog I enjoy reading a lot.

This blog planner comes with over 30 excellently designed printable templates that are full size, and perfect to help you plan, schedule, manage and ultimately grow your blog, and work it into a thriving business.

This took a world of stress off of my shoulders, and I think it would do the same for you.

6. 500 social media marketing tips by Andrew McCarthy

When it comes to working your social media platforms to help take your blog to the next level, you need all the help you can get.

When it comes to the baselines to navigating social media to your blogging business benefit, this is the first of the blogging books I would always recommend, especially for a newbie.

This book is excellent for just about anyone looking to get better at working social media, and bloggers and entrepreneurs cannot do without it.

You get a ton of social media marketing tips you can quickly refer to, to help you out whenever you get in a fix, all in this little eBook. I think you would get a lot of use out of it like I keep doing.

7. Instagram secrets by Jeremy McGilvery

books for blogging

I know that now and then you go on Instagram, and I am certain that you must have wondered how the top brands, influencers, or even the everyday people got to the point of amassing such huge following.

One of the blogging books that truly leads you by hand and shows you how to grow your Instagram account quickly, has got to be this one for me.

It doesn’t tackle likes and engagement, but with the strategies included in this book, you do not only grow an impressive following daily, but you also get an insane level of engagement eventually.

Instagram like any other social media platform is a great place to connect with an audience that is all about the kind of value your blog’s niche has got to offer.

While you are waiting for your blog to begin to bring in an audience organically, your social media platforms can give you a head start.

Also, do not forget that with a decent level of Instagram following, you can begin to earn some level of income.

This book also teaches you how to do the above in no time.

8. How to make money blogging by Bob Lotich

how to make money blogging

One of the greatest aspects of blogging as a full-time career, is the many ways that you can monetize your blog, and earn a sustainable income from it.

This is one of the blogging books I always recommend to people who are new to making money from their blog.

The author Bob Lotich, who is also a blogger, highlights how he decided to leave his full-time job, and go into blogging full time.

Scary, right?

Today, Bob makes more money than he ever thought he could make from blogging.

In this book, he offers tested and trusted tips, strategies, steps, and even the mistakes he made and learned from that shaped his blogging career.

If you are having difficulties with making any money from your blog, and looking to change that, then this is one of the blogging books you can begin with, and can be sure to get great results.


Blogging for me has been such a life-changing experience that has come with incredible highs and lows.

Blogging books have helped to shape my blogging career in more ways than I can count on one hand, and I believe that they’re a worthy investment.

If you are looking to get into harnessing the value from blogging books, then the recommendations in this article is the way to go.