GoHighLevel Black Friday Deals: 50% Discount on All Plans

Are you in search of the best GoHighLevel deal? Your search ends here with the GoHighlevel Black Friday offer! Now, you can enjoy a 50% discount on any GoHighlevel plan you choose to sign up for, making it an ideal moment to acquire this all-in-one digital marketing agency.

With GoHighlevel, there’s no need for additional marketing tools, as it encompasses a complete package.

Seize this chance to purchase GoHighlevel and reap the benefits of its diverse tools and resources.

In this article, we’ll furnish you with all the details you need on how to activate the GoHighlevel Black Friday deal, pricing specifics, and frequently asked questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighlevel is presenting a 50% discount on all plans for Black Friday.
  • You can activate the deal by entering your business details and selecting a plan.
  • The GoHighlevel Black Friday pricing is significantly lower than the standard pricing, making it an opportune time to buy.

GoHighLevel Black Friday Deal

With the GoHighLevel Black Friday deal, you can enjoy a 50% discount on any plan you sign up for, for the next 3 months. This translates to substantial savings on the Starter, Agency, and Pro plans.

Usually priced at $97/month, the Starter plan is now available for only $48.50/month during the Black Friday deal.

The Agency plan, typically costing $297/month, can now be yours for only $148.50/month. Similarly, the Pro account, normally priced at $497/month, is now just $248.50/month.

Don’t let this excellent opportunity slip by to save big on an all-in-one platform that equips businesses with everything they need to thrive.

How to Activate the GoHighLevel Black Friday Deal

Let’s explore the steps to maximize your savings on this exceptional CRM software with the GoHighLevel Black Friday deal.

Step 1: Enter Your Business Details

To initiate the GoHighLevel Black Friday deal, begin by clicking on this deal link.

Upon clicking the link, you’ll need to input your business details, including your company name, full name, email address, and phone number.

Step 2: Choose Your GoHighLevel Black Friday Plan

Once your business details are entered, proceed to the next page where you can select the Black Friday plan that suits your needs.

There are three available plans: Starter, Pro, and Agency. Each plan boasts unique features such as forms, CRM, sub-accounts, API access, campaign builder, unlimited accounts, unlimited users, free trial, starter plan, pro plan, desktop app, custom domain, onboarding setup, agency plan, gain access, pipeline management, mobile app, advanced API, unlimited contacts, basic API access, landing pages, SMS, email marketing, appointment scheduling, freelancers, leads, automation, and more.

On the pricing page, you’ll see the cost of each plan after the 50% Black Friday discount is applied.

After selecting your preferred plan, simply enter your payment information, and voila! Your order will be successfully completed.

GoHighLevel Black Friday Pricing vs Normal Pricing Comparison

Let’s delve into a side-by-side comparison of GoHighLevel’s Black Friday pricing against its regular subscription costs to showcase the substantial savings.

Normal Pricing:

GoHighLevel pricing provides three subscription plans with their respective features:

  1. Agency or Starter Account – $97/month:
    • Access to Twilio, Campaign builder, Workflow builder, Pipeline Management, Mailgun, Email builder, landing page builder, and more.
  2. Agency Unlimited – $297/month:
    • Includes everything in the Starter plan, along with a Customized White Label desktop, Unlimited accounts, and a membership + partnership program.
  3. Agency Pro – $497/month:
    • Encompasses all features of the Agency Unlimited account, along with a mobile app, Saas mode, Agent reporting, and Advanced API.

GoHighLevel Black Friday Pricing:

Let’s assess the Black Friday pricing deal in comparison to the regular pricing to determine its value.

  1. Agency or Starter Account – $48.50:
    • Access to all features in the normal Starter account, including unlimited contacts, unlimited users, and 2 sub-accounts.
  2. Agency Unlimited – $148.50/month:
    • Includes everything in the Agency Starter, encompassing unlimited sub-accounts, full white-label customization, and basic API access.
  3. Agency Pro – $248.50/month:
    • Encompasses everything in Agency Unlimited, including unlimited Saas accounts, Saas configurator, re-billing, sub-account reporting, and split testing.

Now, let’s examine the 3-month pricing difference for both the Regular and Black Friday offerings.

Normal Pricing (3 Months):

  • Starter: $291
  • Agency Unlimited: $891
  • Agency Pro: $1491

Black Friday Pricing (3 Months):

  • Starter: $146
  • Agency Unlimited: $446
  • Agency Pro: $746

This represents a significant saving, making the Black Friday deal a compelling option. Act quickly, as the Black Friday promotion concludes in just 6 days.

Additionally, the GoHighLevel Cyber Monday promotion offers the same discount, extending the opportunity to secure these savings. Don’t miss out on these limited-time offers!


If you’ve been holding back on committing to a Gohighlevel pricing plan due to budget considerations, now is the opportune moment to seize the Black Friday deal.

With an exclusive 50% discount applicable to any plan over the next three months, you can enhance your marketing strategies, boost customer retention, and ultimately elevate your revenue streams.

What’s more, Gohighlevel provides white-label accounts that you can resell under your brand, amplifying your success and operational efficiency.

Time is of the essence! The Black Friday deal is only accessible for a limited period. Don’t miss this chance; sign up today and propel your business to new heights!