How to Make Money by Watching Videos In South Africa

Believe it or not, indulging in video-watching can turn into a profitable endeavor. Thanks to the emergence of online video platforms and the surging demand for video content, numerous legitimate avenues now exist for earning money by simply watching videos.

In this article, we will delve into some of the most effective ways to make money by watching videos in South Africa.

Whether you’re a student seeking a part-time gig, a stay-at-home parent in pursuit of additional income, or anyone else with spare time, there are opportunities aplenty to get paid for enjoying videos.

So, if you’re eager to transform your passion for videos into a profitable pursuit, and make money fast in South Africa, keep reading.

9 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos In South Africa

1. Make money by watching YouTube videos

This method makes it possible for South Africans to earn money by watching videos on YouTube. Numerous companies and websites present rewards or cash incentives for watching specific videos on YouTube or participating in surveys related to videos.

Certain websites even offer dedicated programs where you can register as a “viewer” and receive payment for watching videos on their platform. These platforms usually offer a diverse range of content, including advertisements, product demonstrations, and even full-length movies or TV shows.

The payment for watching videos can vary, but it presents a fun and straightforward way to make extra money in South Africa. Some websites provide a fixed rate per video, while others may offer payment based on the video’s length or popularity on YouTube.

To kickstart the process, sign up for legitimate platforms that offer payment for watching videos on YouTube, and you’ll be rewarded for your screen time.

2. Earn by watching videos on TikTok

For those who find themselves endlessly scrolling through TikTok videos, here’s an ideal opportunity to get paid for your video-watching habit.

Several websites and apps now offer rewards or cash incentives for watching TikTok videos and completing related surveys or tasks.

These programs might require you to view specific videos or engage with content in certain ways, such as liking or commenting on posts.

In some cases, you might even be asked to create your own TikTok videos or take part in challenges to earn rewards.

The concept of getting paid to watch TikTok videos is rapidly gaining popularity, and it presents a fun and straightforward method to earn some extra money. If you enjoy spending time on TikTok, this could be a great way to turn your entertainment into a rewarding experience.

3. Utilize apps that pay you to watch videos

A plethora of apps are now accessible, offering payment for watching videos. These apps present various ways to earn money, including completing surveys, playing games, and, of course, watching videos.

The compensation for video-watching on these apps can vary, typically ranging from a few cents to a few dollars per video.

Additionally, some apps may provide bonuses for watching a specific number of videos or accomplishing other tasks within the app.

Overall, these video-watching apps that reward you can serve as an excellent means to earn some extra cash during your leisure moments.

4. Earn cryptocurrencies by watching videos

The trend of earning cryptocurrencies through video-watching is on the rise in the realm of digital currencies. It presents a distinctive and potentially profitable method to accumulate digital assets.

Numerous platforms and apps now facilitate users in earning various types of cryptocurrencies by watching videos, participating in surveys, and interacting with different forms of content.

Some of these platforms even offer substantial rewards, with potential earnings of up to $50 for watching video tutorials related to specific cryptocurrencies.

Though the payment for video-watching on these platforms can vary, the concept stands as an exciting and innovative means to acquire cryptocurrencies.

For those interested in exploring this avenue, here are some of the best platforms that enable users to earn free cryptocurrency by simply watching videos.

5. Write subtitles for movies

This is a way to get paid to watch videos in South Africa that is not so popular. With the surge in streaming services’ popularity, the demand for high-quality subtitles has also risen, opening up opportunities for individuals with strong language skills.

Numerous websites and companies actively hire freelance subtitlers for diverse projects, encompassing movies, TV shows, and documentaries. Some of the prominent platforms for discovering subtitling jobs include Fiverr, Amara, and

The compensation for writing subtitles can fluctuate based on the project and platform. Some platforms offer payment per minute of video, while others opt for a flat rate per project.

For those proficient in languages and seeking an alternative means to earn, delving into the realm of subtitling can prove rewarding in South Africa.

6. Write reviews for movies

Embarking on a journey as a movie review writer can be an enjoyable and fulfilling method to earn additional income while expressing your thoughts and perspectives with a wider audience.

Numerous websites and platforms present opportunities for users to receive payment for crafting reviews of movies, TV shows, and various other forms of entertainment. One such platform catering to South Africans is Swagbucks.

Swagbucks provides rewards for completing diverse tasks, encompassing video-watching, gaming, and, notably, writing reviews of movies and TV shows.

So, if you have a passion for critiquing cinematic experiences and want to turn that enthusiasm into a source of extra cash, consider diving into the world of movie review writing, with platforms like Swagbucks offering a rewarding platform to share your insights.

7. Promote videos for companies

You have the opportunity to generate revenue by offering businesses the option to advertise their videos and commercials online. Social media influencers often monetize their content by incorporating sponsored posts.

While having a considerable number of followers on social media or your own website can be advantageous, you don’t necessarily need a massive following to make this approach successful. As your audience size grows, you can charge businesses more for distributing their content.

However, it is crucial to ensure that the videos you share are highly relevant and beneficial to your target audience. Consistently posting content that fails to engage your followers could harm your online reputation.

To initiate a collaboration with a company for a sponsored video post, reach out to the brand’s influencer marketing department.

Additionally, freelance platforms like Fiverr can assist you in connecting with businesses eager to compensate you for promoting their videos online. In return, you receive a fee for your services.

8. Participate in Paid Focus Groups

Paid focus groups present an excellent opportunity to earn money by watching videos in South Africa. These focus groups serve as a means for companies to collect opinions and feedback from a specific target audience about their products or services.

Participants in these groups are compensated for their time and insights, with payments ranging from a few dollars to even hundreds, depending on the study’s length and complexity.

To partake in paid focus groups, you may need to register with market research companies operating in your area.

These companies will then match you with studies that align with your demographics and interests. During these studies, you’ll be asked to watch videos or commercials related to a product or service and provide feedback on your likes and dislikes.

The data collected from these studies play a vital role in helping companies enhance their products, refine advertising campaigns, and improve the overall customer experience.

One advantageous aspect of joining paid focus groups is that you don’t require any specialized skills or qualifications; all you need is an open mind and a genuine willingness to express your opinions truthfully.

However, it’s important to note that not all studies may be available at all times, so it may take some patience before being selected for one.

Nonetheless, if you consistently engage in these opportunities over a period of time, such as six months, it can significantly contribute to earning extra cash while enjoying videos.

9. Watch Videos on Reward Websites

PrizeRebel and iRazoo rank among the most popular reward websites in South Africa, offering a great opportunity to earn money by watching videos.

These platforms present a diverse selection of videos to watch, ranging from movie trailers and advertisements to product reviews and more.

Although the payout for each video may appear small, with enough time spent on the site, the earnings can add up quickly.

To maximize your earnings on these websites, it’s crucial to engage in as many activities as possible. In addition to watching videos, you can participate in surveys, play games, and complete various offers, all of which reward you with points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.


In conclusion, the prospect of making money by watching videos in South Africa is an exciting and viable opportunity for those looking to earn extra income from the comfort of their own homes.

As we’ve explored throughout this article, various platforms and methods exist, offering a range of options to suit different preferences and schedules.

Ultimately, the choice to get paid by watching videos is in your hands, and success depends on your commitment and perseverance in navigating this promising online landscape.