How to Make Money With GoHighLevel: 9 Income Streams

In this article, we’ll delve into ways to make money with GoHighLevel. I’ll be presenting you with simple and effective strategies to leverage GoHighLevel for profit.

If you’re new to this software, I’ve compiled an extensive HighLevel guide that you can refer to for more insights.

GoHighLevel is a remarkable all-in-one CRM platform created for agencies by an agency.

Whether you’re considering signing up for a Go HighLevel account or if you’re already a user, this article will help you learn how to make money with GoHighLevel.

9 Ways to Make Money With GoHighLevel

1. Launch a White Label Agency With GoHighLevel

For businesses and agencies alike, GoHighLevel offers a tailored interface that allows you to present customized service statements to your clients.

Designed specifically for agency owners, GoHighLevel simplifies the process of migrating from various transaction platforms.

It encompasses all the essential tools agencies need to manage their clients’ websites, leads, schedules, funnels, and a multitude of other services required for client retention.

But it doesn’t stop there. GoHighLevel takes it a step further by enabling you to create applications through its application store and offer them to your clients at no cost.

This unique feature allows you to market software that you haven’t even developed yourself—specifically, high-level apps. Moreover, you have the opportunity to generate additional revenue from your clients by charging fees for these applications.

The comprehensive GoHighLevel platform equips you with the methods, support, and resources needed to excel with your agency.

It even facilitates the growth of your agency by connecting you with successful agency owners who can help you secure better deals.

Embark on launching your white-label agency with GoHighLevel. Their white-label agency services encompass offerings such as Facebook and Google advertising, as well as social media broadcasting.

If you’re seeking a straightforward way to create sales funnels, seamlessly integrate them into your marketing arsenal, enhance conversion rates, automate workflows, design landing pages, and more, starting a white-label agency with GoHighLevel is the answer.

The responsibilities of a White Label Agency empower you to outsource customer management while still generating income. The GoHighLevel white label pricing plan can help you get started with this venture.

2. Resell GoHighLevel As SaaS

SaaS stands for “Software-as-a-Service,” illustrating the approach of granting access to virtual website platforms in exchange for monthly or annual payments.

These website platforms are cloud-based and can be accessed through any browser. Your commitment is to your subscription fee, granting you full or partial access to the available features based on your chosen plan.

With the HighLevel SaaS plan, you’re not just offering services; you’re also providing software to additional users. This dual role allows you to function as both a service provider and a software distributor simultaneously.

The HighLevel SaaS plan empowers you not only to utilize the software but also to resell it to others as if it were your own.

In essence, the HighLevel SaaS plan grants you the authority to market software that isn’t originally yours, such as GoHighLevel.

To some extent, you become a White-label reseller by purchasing a product at a specific cost and generating income by selling it at a higher price.

This approach offers an effective means of earning recurring profits and generating revenue with GoHighLevel.

3. Create & Sell GoHighLevel Funnels To Clients

Another method to generate income with GoHighLevel is by selling GoHighLevel funnels to clients as a freelancer.

The sales funnel represents the path your clients take to make purchases from your business or agency, guiding them from potential buyers to converted customers.

It consists of elements such as the sales page, upsell page, order page, “Thank You” page, and any other pages directly influencing the conversion process.

A sales funnel provides businesses with insights into potential clients’ actions and emotions at each stage of the buying journey. This understanding helps you invest in precise marketing actions and channels.

Additionally, it enables you to tailor messaging according to each stage, converting prospects into engaged customers.

For those focused on online or affiliate marketing, the sales funnel is crucial. It allows you to generate income through your own products or services or by promoting affiliate products.

Landing pages, social media elements, subdomain sites, and content all contribute to nurturing your sales funnel. The specific strategies you use depend on your digital marketing objectives and systems.

By selling GoHighLevel funnels to clients eager to enhance their sales and marketing strategies, you can:

Enhance their ability to connect with potential customers. Boost sales figures.

Provide a competitive advantage over other newcomers in the entrepreneurial world. Support business expansion. Encourage visitors to stay engaged and complete the sales process.

4. Sell Your Digital Products

Consider giving GoHighLevel a try as it stands out as one of the finest platforms for hosting online courses.

Venturing into selling digital products introduces a revenue stream to your business that boasts a significantly lower churn rate compared to conventional transactional services.

GoHighLevel’s membership feature provides a reliable avenue for hosting and delivering courses and digital publications. It particularly excels in facilitating the sale of digital products, online courses, and content.

A notable highlight of GoHighLevel’s membership site is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the process of hosting digital content, minimizing technical challenges.

With GoHighLevel’s capability to manage everything from content hosting to payment processing via seamless integration, you’ll have more time to focus on the core task of building an exceptional digital business.

The straightforward interface ensures that even your online students will find navigation effortless.

Furthermore, GoHighLevel offers unlimited usage, referrals, and product options for your online courses, granting you the freedom to craft online courses for your clients or agency.

Here’s how course creators and digital product entrepreneurs can harness the capabilities of GoHighLevel to enhance their revenue streams:

Seamless Funnel and Website Construction

GoHighLevel’s website builder is renowned for its intuitive interface, empowering users to effortlessly establish captivating websites and sales funnels for their ventures. Through its user-friendly templates, you can swiftly set up crucial components like sales pages, thank you pages, and even membership platforms, all within minutes.

Membership Zones and Educational Content

Leverage HighLevel’s prowess to effortlessly craft membership areas and comprehensive courses. Integrate these seamlessly with your funnels and payment gateways, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to your valuable digital content.

Targeted Email Campaigns

GoHighLevel’s robust email marketing capabilities enable businesses to curate and disseminate tailored email campaigns to their leads and clientele. This feature proves invaluable for nurturing leads, executing strategic upsells, and maintaining meaningful engagement with your brand.

Streamlined Payment Integration

Seamlessly connect your digital revenue streams by capitalizing on GoHighLevel’s diverse payment integrations. Whether it’s Stripe, PayPal, or other preferred processors, the platform simplifies the process of receiving payments from your customers.

Incorporating GoHighLevel into your strategies empowers you to elevate your offerings, expand your reach, and maximize revenue potential within the dynamic realm of digital products and online courses.

5. Earn Commissions With the HighLevel Affiliate Program

GoHighLevel presents a lucrative affiliate program that welcomes both novices and experienced marketers. Joining this program opens up opportunities for you to generate passive income effortlessly.

As a HighLevel affiliate, you have the potential to earn a generous 40% commission for every successful referral you direct to register on GoHighLevel. Additionally, you can also earn cash by recommending other affiliates to promote GoHighLevel.

The commission applies to all GoHighLevel pricing plans, which include the Starter plan ($97), the Agency Freelancer plan ($297), and the Agency Pro plan ($497).

If you’re eager to maximize your earnings as a GoHighLevel affiliate, here are some strategies to consider:

Create Informative Posts & Videos

Share your reasons for choosing GoHighLevel as your preferred platform. This will increase your chances of attracting interested marketers who might discover your content in search results and click through your affiliate link. Remember to hyperlink all references to GoHighLevel with your affiliate link and include it in your video narration.

Utilize the Agency Snapshot

This template equips you with everything you need to approach potential collaborators. You can use it to demo GoHighLevel and address any queries they may have.

The template includes a campaign outreach and a landing page with a non-branded demo tape. Simply follow the Agency Snapshot Format Manual to launch this campaign.

Add your collaborators to your contacts, and then invite them in bulk or manually enlist them in the Potential Affiliate Nurture campaign.

Create Comparison Articles and Videos

Many people are searching for comparison content to understand the benefits of switching to GoHighLevel. By creating detailed and informative comparison articles and videos, you increase the chances of your content being shared and ranking higher in search engine results.

Remember to include hyperlinks to all references to GoHighLevel with your affiliate link, and embed your affiliate link in the video description and within your comparison content.

By employing these strategies, you can effectively promote GoHighLevel as an affiliate and witness your earnings grow steadily.

6. Help Businesses With Bookings & Appointments

A common challenge faced by many businesses is the accumulation of a significant number of leads without sufficient time to engage with them effectively.

It’s important to recognize that leads have short attention spans.

If you’re unable to respond promptly, potential customers might explore other options from competing products and service providers. This could result in missed opportunities for potentially lucrative transactions.

If you excel in customer engagement and telemarketing, there’s an opportunity for you to provide appointment-setting services.

Once your outreach campaign proves successful and orders start rolling in, establishing a scheduling and booking process becomes crucial.

Creating a structured approach for bookings and appointments will enable you to manage your time efficiently.

This ensures that you don’t miss out on any clients who are eager to connect with you or utilize your products and services. Moreover, it instills a heightened awareness of time management, preventing neglect of other vital aspects of your business or sales campaign.

This approach is accessible to everyone, including you. It’s especially beneficial if you’re looking to leverage GoHighLevel’s software to enhance your earnings and broaden your horizons in online marketing.

The tool is user-friendly, requiring no technical expertise to manipulate and configure effectively.

7. Create Converting SMS Texts

Leveraging HighLevel’s SMS marketing feature, you have the potential to transform your leads into prospective customers ready to make a purchase.

When you opt to utilize HighLevel’s online marketing strategies, you also gain access to their SMS marketing tool. The process is user-friendly and comes with comprehensive instructions on how to effectively utilize SMS marketing.

This is where the art of copywriting becomes crucial. Copywriting involves crafting engaging funnel content, SMS copies, and advertisements that contribute to successful conversions.

In cases where your website visitors drop out of the sales funnel because they’re not yet ready to buy, you can incorporate them into a HighLevel outreach campaign. This will involve sending them a strategically timed email after a few weeks.

The ultimate goal of this SMS marketing approach is to gradually persuade these visitors to make a purchase when they feel prepared to do so.

8. Create Converting Email Copies

The GoHighLevel email marketing tool empowers you to engage with a significant portion of your customer base on a daily basis. With this tool, you can even transform them into regular or weekly clients over time.

To make the most of this tool, it’s essential to conduct research on the specific needs of your potential clients before launching an email marketing campaign.

GoHighLevel can effectively replace existing email marketing solutions you may be using, such as GetResponse or Aweber. It offers a comprehensive automated email marketing solution that can enhance your business operations.

At this stage, effective copywriting becomes paramount. You’ll need to craft compelling funnel content, promotions, and email messages that have the power to convert leads.

In situations where a potential client exits the sales funnel, possibly because they’re not yet ready to make a purchase, you can integrate them into a GoHighLevel campaign. This will trigger the distribution of follow-up emails to them after a few weeks.

The ultimate objective of this approach is to gradually entice the visitor to make a purchase whenever they are ready and willing to do so.

9. Launch Your Own Agency And Sell Your Services

This is another lucrative way to make money with GoHighLevel. It has the potential to revolutionize the way you establish, attract, retain clients, and sell your services.

GoHighLevel was designed with a primary focus on catering to the needs of digital agencies, making it an ideal platform for agency startups.

When you kickstart your agency journey with GoHighLevel, you unlock a multitude of benefits, one of which is invaluable assistance in closing sales. The platform equips you with the right set of tools, guidance, and resources to supercharge your marketing efforts.

With GoHighLevel, you gain access to in-house marketing methods that simplify the process of creating landing pages, funnels, and websites to effortlessly generate leads. Additionally, you receive CRM tools to seamlessly transition leads into loyal clients on the backend.

Another standout feature is the ability to create customized, automated campaigns that enable you to engage your leads through various channels, including Facebook Messenger, calls, emails, and more.

GoHighLevel is dedicated to empowering the world of agencies, enabling them to diversify their revenue streams.

The platform’s commitment to growth is exemplified by its community board, which serves as a platform for discussions and idea-sharing to steer future development.

By actively participating in the community, you can gain insights into successful strategies employed by other agencies using GoHighLevel, further enriching your knowledge and enhancing your agency’s performance.


In conclusion, harnessing the power of GoHighLevel for income generation can be a lucrative venture for those who are willing to put in the effort and time to learn and utilize this powerful platform.

As we’ve explored in this article, GoHighLevel offers a versatile toolkit for businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling them to streamline their operations, enhance their marketing efforts, and ultimately increase their profitability.

The key to success with GoHighLevel lies in a combination of factors: a deep understanding of the platform’s features, the ability to craft effective marketing strategies, and a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation in the fast-paced digital landscape.

By leveraging the automation, CRM, and marketing tools provided by GoHighLevel, individuals and businesses can enhance their customer relationships, drive sales, and expand their reach in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Ultimately, making money with GoHighLevel is a journey that can lead to significant rewards.