Top 9 Best Free Software To Edit Videos For 2020

video editing software

As more and more people get attracted to video content, it is important to invest in the best free software to edit videos that will help you record and edit high quality videos. This is because videos are a huge part of scaling or pushing your brand online so you need to ensure that you … Read more

How To Transfer A Domain To Godaddy

A very common question you get from online website owners is how to transfer a domain to GoDaddy from another web host. For example, you have a domain with HostGator or BlueHost but are thinking of moving it to GoDaddy. We are using these two host servers here but this can be to any domain … Read more

8 Things Every Amateur Blogger Needs To Do To Become Professional


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How to Create An Email List From Scratch: Step by Step Guide

how to create an email distribution list

Learning how to create an email list is essential because the marketing landscape today is largely digital and as a business owner, it is of absolute importance that you join the digital bandwagon if you want to grow and succeed in business. For a lot of people, digital marketing revolves around brand awareness and marketing … Read more

Stock Photos That Don’t Suck: 15 Free Sites To Find Free Stock Photos

stock photos that don't suck

The relevance of interesting, high-quality images in website and blog content is now widely recognized, and it is not unlikely that you’re also aware of the fact that using stock photos that don’t suck on your site can significantly increase your overall online outputs. It’s a good thing if you can always create the photos … Read more