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Get Paid to Be an Online Friend: The Ultimate Guide

get paid to be an online virtual friend

How to get paid to be an online friend is one of the most discussed topics. Well, why wouldn’t it be? 

It allows you to make money quickly and from the comfort of your home. Even more, you won’t have to do much other than be the great person you already are. Great right?

So, are you looking to maximize this option? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll tell you how to get paid for companionship. 

Ready? Dive in!

Who Is an Online Friend?

Just before getting to the “how,” you might be wondering what this is all about. Well, it’s quite straightforward. 

An online friend is someone that meets and interacts with others online. Yeah, don’t worry, you won’t need to meet these others physically.

They are individuals who offer companionship to others through social networking platforms. All they do is connect with others, communicate, and have fun with them. 

They find people that require companionship and will rent a cyber friend to get it. In turn, they offer their friendship and get paid for it.

What Exactly Do Online Friends Do?

You are probably wondering what exactly you’ll need to do after all, who pays to get a friend.

Well, it’s not a big deal. In fact, it’s quite popular for people to get paid to be online companions. 

These guys need people like you who can keep them company and engage in various activities with them.

So, yes, you’ll need to earn your pay. And this will involve you offering various friendship services across areas such as:

1. Online Gaming

If you’re looking to get paid to be a virtual friend, you’ll offer one of the most popular services. You’ll need to join gaming communities and play them with your client.

Generally, this will include games that you both like. In some cases, you might need to learn new games.

Don’t worry, it’s still all fun. It’s even a great way to relieve yourself of stress after a hectic day.

2. Discussions

Another popular activity is to get paid to text chat. All you’ll need to do is hold and maintain conversations with your client.

Usually, this is by texting. However, thanks to technology, there might be video and audio calls. 

Regardless, it’s not a big deal. You don’t even need to worry about not being a therapist.

Generally, your conversation will revolve around simple, fun, and creative things. For instance, how their day went and things they consider fun.

However, you might need to discuss more sensitive things. For example, you might need to help with emotional issues and family issues.

As such, you might want to confirm you’re a good conversationalist before getting into this option. 

Keep in mind that your interpersonal skills are vital in this option. In fact, it will determine the amount you get paid to be an online friend.

3. Watching movies

In case you’re a movie lover, you just might want to jump on this opportunity.

You’ll get paid to watch different lovely and excellent videos. You can then discuss and review the movies with your client.

Don’t doubt it, you’ll still get paid to enjoy your screen time.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

You’re likely still shocked that you can get paid just to have fun. Well, don’t be, it’s the reality.

Guess what; you also get paid reasonably well. For instance, you can get as much as $50 per hour just for having fun with a client. 

Now, consider doing this for a week. You can earn as much as $2000 for just having fun. Great right?

However, you should know that how much you earn for virtual friend jobs depends on various factors. These factors include your preferred platform, your profile, and your availability. 

For instance, while pays between $20 and $50 per hour, Fiverr pays between $5-$25. 

Also, remember, you won’t be the one paying. Instead, you’ll be the one to get paid to be an online friend.

Is It Safe to Be an Online Friend?

You’re probably wondering how safe this is. Well, to the best of my knowledge, this is quite safe. 

This is because your whole relationship is online. As such, your clients hardly have access to you physically.

However, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. As such, you’ll need to exercise caution with the disclosure of your details.

Don’t disclose your financial information, physical address, and other information that may lead to a security breach. 

You might want to keep the whole relationship virtual and avoid physical meetings.

If you need to meet, it would be best to meet in a populated area. Keep others informed about your session too. This way, you stay safe.

Platforms Where You Can Get Paid to Be an Online Companion

Let’s get to the platforms that you can do this on. Yes, various platforms connect those looking to make money with those looking for friends.

However, it can be quite tricky to find them. So, you don’t stress yourself, I’ve taken care of that.

Here are six platforms that can help you to get paid to be an online friend.

1. RentAFriend

This is one of the platforms where you can earn as an online friend. It’s sometimes considered the best platform to get paid to be a virtual friend.

This is because RentAFriend has a large number of databases for friend seekers.

You’ll be surprised that each day at least six hundred thousand people are looking to find a friend on the platform. 

Even more, you don’t need to pay a dime to join. You’ll also get to keep all the proceeds from your services. Fantastic right? 

All you need to do is be a good friend and satisfy the needs of your client.

If you decide to choose this platform, you’ll earn between $20 and $50 each hour.

Depending on how long you work each day, you can make up to $2500 per week.

However, remember that while this platform is a great site, it has some limitations.

For instance, it doesn’t support background checks on clients. Hence, you’ll need to be extra careful and follow my safety advice above.

2. RentALocalFriend

This is another excellent platform that allows you to get paid to be an online friend. 

It enables you to sign up quickly and offer your friendship to hundreds of people, depending on their city. 

However, you should keep in mind that this platform isn’t free. You’ll need to pay as much as $100 yearly to continue using this platform. 

Regardless, it’s a great platform as it’s less competitive compared to RentAFriend. Even more, you can earn as much as $120 within a day. So, it’s worth it in my opinion.

3. Fiverr

You’ve probably heard about the platform a thousand times. However, you just didn’t know it’s a marketplace for friendship services.

Well, it is, and an excellent place to get paid to be an online companion at that. 

With Fiverr friendship, you can chat, provide relationship advice, and have fun with others while getting paid.

The great thing about this platform is its verified payment option. With it, you can work, rest assured that you’ll receive your money.

Yes, you also get to determine the rate at which you want to charge clients—usually between $5 and $25.

This service happens to be one of many easy gigs to sell on Fiverr.

4. Lip Service

This is a great platform where you can get paid for companionship. Lip service is unique in the sense that the platform connects awesome chatters to chat agencies. 

It’s more of a chatting business for virtual friends. However, there are age restrictions for those who want to sign up with them.

You must be above 18 years. There are cases where you have to be above 21 for some tasks.

5. College Pirates

This is an excellent platform to make extra cash as a student in college. This platform connects new and old college students. 

You might be wondering why. The idea behind it is that new college students need someone in the system to talk to. College Pirates satisfies this need and connects them. 

In turn, it allows new students to receive advice and get mentored on various aspects of college.

If you’re a senior in college and you’re looking to get paid to be an online friend, you can join this platform.

Guess what? You get as much as $80 for your troubles. Great right?

6. FriendPC 

If you’re looking to get paid to text chat, then you might want to try FriendPC.

If you’re looking to make money virtually as a friend, then it’s a great plug.

It’s also an excellent platform that pays people in return for providing companionship and mentorship to people.

You can charge as much as $200 for each client. All you need to do is register and then start earning.

It’s a great option that provides you with 24/7 support. It also helps you to promote your services to potential clients.

However, you’ll need to pay between 5 and 10% of each booking to FriendPC.

How to Get Paid to Be an Online Friend

Now that you have an idea about what virtual friend jobs are all about, let’s get to how to monetize them.

Step 1: Sign up

Well, it’s simple. It involves joining a community that connects you with people in need of friends’ services.

And there are loads of platforms that do this. Don’t worry, we’ll get to them later on.

Note that to sign up, you’ll need to pick a preferred platform. Afterward, you’ll then fill in the necessary details. Usually, this will include:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Age

However, you should know that the data required depends on the platform you’re on. For instance, some will require your age, while others won’t do the same.  

Regardless, if you intend to get paid to be an online friend, you must keep one thing in mind.

Precisely, ensure you pay maximum attention when filling the form. This is because misinformation will put potential clients off.

Your account might not even get approved. 

After that, you’ll need to wait for a while so your profile can get activated. Once you satisfy this requirement, you’re good to go.

Step 2: Take a personality test

Although this isn’t always the case, you might need to do this. Various platforms require you to take a personality test.

This way, they can assess your personality and know clients that are best suited for you.

This is an excellent option as it’ll enable you to have more ease relating to clients.

Step 3: Build your profile

Afterward joining any of the platforms, you can begin to promote yourself through an attractive profile.

However, remember that most of these platforms are incredibly competitive.

Well, you know why. Just like you, hundreds are hoping to get paid to talk to lonely people. 

As such, you must dedicate time to building your profile. This will ensure you’re first-choice when people see your profile.

Ways to build your profile

As I already stated, you’ll need to promote and develop your visibility. Well, it’s simple. The goal is to make your profile look appealing to prospective customers.

For you to do this, you’ll need to research. This means you’ll have to check the profile of top-rated people on your preferred platform. 

This is important because it allows you to understand what buyers are looking for.

In turn, you can build your profile to match these needs. This way, you can receive offers and get paid to be an online friend. 

However, beyond this, you’ll need to write fascinating details about yourself in your profile.

These details are what will help you capture the client’s attention when they browse through profiles. 

Are you wondering what this involves? Here’s a guide on what to write on your profile to make it appealing. 

  • The books you read

One of the ways you can capture people’s attention is by stating the books you’ve read. Many people became friends during physical meetings because they like the same books. 

This also works virtually. Provide an overview of the popular books you have read. This way, clients can spark up a connection with you, even before they meet you.

  • The games you play

Another thing that can catch a prospective client’s attention is the details of the games you play. This is especially important if you’re looking to service gamers.

So, list one or two games that you’re superb at. Then watch it do its magic and attract clients. 

  • The songs you listen to

This is also very important. A fan of US rapper Kanye West in Switzerland can easily connect with another fan in the USA.

Thus, putting the names of your favorite artists on your profile can get you clients. Actually, you can’t afford to leave it out, especially if you love music. 

  • Location

Your location also matters a lot if you want to get paid to be an online friend. Many clients already have preferences for people who stay in a particular city. 

So, ensure you include your location. However, you might want to ensure that it’s a location that matches that of top-rated friends.

This way, you don’t lose out on gigs just because of your location.

  • Special Attributes or skills

You can include any unique ability(s) you have in your profile.

These skills or attributes can make you stand out from others on that particular platform. Such skills or attributes include:

  • Ability to speak a foreign language(s) as it can distinguish you from others on the platform.
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Being a professional in a particular field
  • Past achievements

Remember to take this segment seriously as it can determine a lot about if you get clients. 

Step 4: Add your payment information

After creating a profile, the next step is to submit your payment details. This is to ensure you can get paid for your services.

Usually, you’ll have two options to do this. You can either get the money transferred into your account directly. Alternatively, you can use your PayPal details to receive payment.

Step 5: Connect with friends

Afterward, you can get connected with people in need of your services. When you do this, you then get paid based on the rate that the platform works with. 

In Conclusion

Working as an online friend can be an exciting job. It’s also a very nice means to earn. In this post, we’ve discussed all you need to do to help you maximize this option.

However, remember that to get paid to be an online friend, you must have an impressive profile.

We’ve also discussed things to note. Sign up on any of the platforms above, follow my guide, and begin earning as a virtual friend.

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog: Multiple Creative Ways

how to make money on pinterest without a blog

Casually scrolling and posting content on Pinterest is one of the ways ‘pinners’ use this image-sharing platform. But if you’re here, you’re probably dying to know how to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

According to reports, Pinterest has more than 367 million monthly users worldwide. So, if you play your cards right, you could make a decent income on the platform without breaking a sweat.

What you’re going to learn in this article are the strategies, tips, and tricks to monetizing Pinterest without a blog. So, dive right in to discover more.

Top Ways to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Pinterest is the third-largest social network in the US. Like other networks, it can provide a lucrative marketplace for sellers and a handy platform for users to make money.

Owning a blog on Pinterest is a great way to generate income. However, this is not an article on how to make money on Pinterest with a blog.

Moreover, that route could come with a high starting and maintenance cost. Luckily, there’s a way out.

Here are the top three ways to make money on Pinterest without owning a blog:

  1. Work as an affiliate marketer
  2. Promote and sell your products
  3. Become a Pinterest virtual assistant

This article will take you through the step-by-step process of making these lucrative strategies work on Pinterest. But first, why use Pinterest, and how does the Platform work?

Why Pinterest?

There are several excellent platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to make money. But what sets Pinterest apart is that you can reach people quickly while they are deciding what product to buy or service to pay for.

According to the 2019 Pinterest Seasonal insights, an astonishing 98% of pinners try new things they find on the platform. This figure means users actively seek ideas and products. It also implies that they are waiting to hear you out.

If you know anything about making money, you’ll agree that this is all anyone needs to promote a brand, sell a product, or render a service.

To get started, you need to signup on Pinterest by entering your details on the app or website. My preferred choice is to sign up from scratch instead of with the ‘sign up with Facebook or Google’ option.

Why? Because you can make changes if there are any.

Once you open an account, you’ll be prompted to select a couple of topics that you want to view regularly. Pinterest uses these selected topics to help its algorithms recommend ideas to you.

How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Make Money on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is the top way to make money on Pinterest without a blog. Fundamentally, it involves promoting a brand or client’s products to earn a commission for traffic or sales.

Interestingly, almost everyone has promoted a product or service before. Just think back to that lotion, restaurant, or phone you loved and couldn’t help but convince your friends and family to try.

If the brand decides to pay you to increase their sales or traffic through your referral, you become their affiliate marketer.

This lucrative revenue sharing system is easy to achieve on Pinterest, and you can get paid in three ways:

  1. Pay-per-lead (PPL): Your guess is as good as mine on how this system works. All you have to do is to bring potential customers (quality leads) to the landing page or website of a company, and you’ll get paid. You’ll find the full list of pay-per-lead programs you can join here.
  2. Pay-per-sale (PPS): In this case, getting customers for a brand isn’t the end of the road. You have to make sure they take action (make a purchase) before you can get paid. If you want to get into pay-per-sale programs, then check out some of the top-paying ones here.
  3. Pay-per-click (PPC): As the name implies, you just need to sound convincing enough for users to click on the link to get paid. Click here to find out a comprehensive list of pay-per-click programs you can jump on.

Working affiliate programs that pay you per sale can be challenging. However, the commission with this option is usually higher than for only bringing leads or making people click on links.

Like flour to bread, having a landing page is critical to Pinterest affiliate marketing. Why? Because some affiliate programs don’t allow you to add affiliate links to pins.

Moreover, landing pages can be the last piece of the puzzle for pinners that need more convincing to take action.

You don’t need to own a website or blog to get a landing page. All that’s required is to sign up on reliable platforms like Builderall that can host one for you.

With Builderall, you have all the tools needed to do affiliate marketing without a website.

You only need to drag and drop things to create your landing pages with it and there are done-for-you landing pages and funnels available for use.

Here is the step-by-step process of implementing affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Step 1: Sign Up

This is a no-brainer and an unavoidable step if you’re looking to learn how to make money on Pinterest without a blog. However, you first need to find a niche, an interest area.

Having several focus areas on Pinterest isn’t a crime. But to get the most out of affiliate marketing on the platform, you need to narrow down your options. One or two focus areas should be enough.

Here, signing up doesn’t mean creating a personal account. You need a Pinterest business account, and a program or company to work with.

With a business account, you get extra features like Pinterest Analytics. Moreover, brands would be able to see your monthly viewers when they check your profile.

There are two ways to become an affiliate marketer: looking for companies on Pinterest yourself or joining an affiliate program. Luckily, there are lots of affiliate programs and companies looking to hire middlemen on Pinterest.

ClickBank is one of the top product retailers in the world.

It has an affiliate marketing network that you can join. Pinterest offers a great marketplace to promote ClickBank’s products. In return, the platform draws more customers to the site.

Applying to affiliate networks is the preferred option for many Pinterest affiliate marketers. First, you won’t have to look for individual companies that want to increase their traffic or sales through their affiliate programs.

Secondly, this option usually provides a higher commission than when affiliate marketers job-search themselves.

Once you get accepted to an affiliate program or join a company as an affiliate, you’d be provided with affiliate links. They are your basic tools to get the job done and start earning on Pinterest.

Step 2: Create eye-catching pins and a top-notch board

Once you have a near-perfect account, then you need a pin for the products and services. 85% of pinners care more about visuals than any other thing.

Therefore, if you’re serious about knowing how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links, you have to nail this step.

Pinterest allows you to create boards that your followers and other users see. Your board should have a suitable title and a catchy feel.

However, it should be highly related to your niche. When ready, then you can start preparing your pins.

Many tools like Crello and Snappa can help you design pins from scratch or with a template. The most popular free software for designing Pinterest visuals is Canva.

Understanding what draws pinners to click a link can come in handy in this step. Firstly, you must use bright colors when designing a top-notch pin.

Consider Pinterest’s allowable shape and aspect ratio when designing. Also, consider making vertical pins and using HD images because they stand out more and are easier to read.

When your pin is ready, place it on the board. This makes it visible to pinners that are interested in your niche.

Step 3: Use your ideas to reach out to pinners

Lastly, bring out your SEO arsenal. Pinners search for keywords on Pinterest. Therefore, if you want to have any chance of earning your commission, your pins must pop up in search results.

This is where Tailwind can help you out. You can use this Pinterest management tool to team-up with influencers and reach new audiences.

Pinterest allows you to add descriptions. So, make sure you use the right words. But don’t forget to include the affiliate link. When a pinner clicks on a link in any of your pins, they should be redirected to a website.

Alternatively, if you have a landing page builder, then you can easily double-link. This means placing your affiliate link on the landing page. Then, including the landing page link on your Pinterest account.

Affiliate marketing is one good answer to ‘how to make money on Pinterest without a blog?’.

If you follow these steps to the letter, you should be able to make a decent income irrespective of whether you are paid per lead, click, or sale.

Tips on Affiliate Marketing with Pinterest 

Here are some useful tips if you find that you’re not getting the reach you want while promoting products as an affiliate marketer:

1. Create multiple pins for your affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is like fishing. One net should get you enough fish for the day. But to bring back a shoal, you need several nets. The same goes for the number of pins you create.

Your goal should be to attract organic traffic or sales for a brand. Therefore, your pin could convey information about the specific focus area.

For example, picture that you’re an affiliate for a phone manufacturer, and your task is to promote a new device. Clearly, one of your pins could focus on the features and specs of the device.

You can have another centered around the difference between previous models and the device. Your third pin could explain how to keep the phone safe. All these pins will contain the link to the website, thereby increasing your reach.

You can create different designs for each pin to touch things up.

2. Keep things simple

With multiple pins and a burning desire to earn your commission, there’s a tendency to overdo things. And by overdoing things, I mean over-commenting, messaging, or pinning on the platform.

This isn’t the right way to make money on Pinterest. In fact, your account could get flagged for spamming, or worse suspended.

Instead, ensure you’re moderate in your activities. This implies posting pins at intervals and giving them time to reach users.

Tools like Tailwind can help you manage how frequently you post pins on the image-sharing platform.

3. Grow your followers

Pinterest, like Google, is a search engine. Therefore, if you’re doing the right things, people will get to see your post even though you don’t have any followers.

However, at the end of the day, the affiliate with the most followers makes the most money.

While affiliate marketing on Pinterest isn’t a competition, getting ahead of your competitors can make a difference. The first step to get the upper hand is to find your competitors.

You can do this by simply searching for a keyword and clicking on ‘people’.

The second step is to follow your competitor’s followers. All you have to do is to click the ‘followers’ tab to see them. Nevertheless, you have to be careful with who you follow.

As a rule of thumb, don’t follow pinners that don’t have a profile picture. Don’t also follow many users at a time. Your account could get banned.

You can also grow your Pinterest followers fast by promoting your Pinterest page.

4. Use Pinterest group boards to your advantage

Earlier, we mentioned how to create a personal board for your pins. However, there’s another option to increase your reach that can benefit several pinners at a time.

Group boards are boards where several collaborators can place their pins. People use them because they help in distributing pins quickly.

For example, picture that you share a group board with two other collaborators that have 1000 followers each. These collaborator’s followers would likely see your pin even though they don’t follow you.

To find a group board that’s relevant to your niche, you first have to search or get admitted into one. However, you could also create a group board and invite collaborators.

How to Make Money on Pinterest Selling Your Products

Next on how to make money on Pinterest without a blog are the ways your products can bring you money.

Pinterest’s stats are impressive and huge for businesses. Therefore, the platform is undoubtedly a great place to market your physical or digital products.

A step-by-step process of monetizing Pinterest by selling your product

Follow these steps religiously if you’re looking to market your product on Pinterest:

Step 1: Determine your target audience

In affiliate marketing, you have to find a niche that you are interested in. However, when selling products, your niche is already set. Now, you need to discover your audience. This is where Pinterest analytics can prove useful.

69% of Pinterest users are 18 to 49 years old.

Step 2: Create fascinating visuals

There’s no getting away from making eye-catching designs on Pinterest. Without acing it, your product description and title won’t be convincing, even to an absent-minded pinner.

You can’t sell directly on Pinterest without owning a blog or website. So, you’d need to place your products on marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

The links to product pages on these sites can then be embedded in pins. So, when users click on your pin, they’ll be directed to your products’ pages.

Having a landing page for your products can also come in handy. You can use it just like we discussed in affiliate marketing.

Generally, your graphics should include bold fonts, HD pictures, and designs that align with your brand.

Furthermore, pins that show a service or product in motion have a 67% chance of driving sales. Therefore, you should consider including steps on how to use your products in the design.

Step 3: Focus on the SEO aspects

Using keywords, titles, and product description are essential when selling products on Pinterest.

Tips on How to Sell Products on Pinterest

1. Use rich pins

Sometimes Pinterest’s 2:3 aspect ratio doesn’t allow you to add everything about your products on a pin. The solution to this is to use rich pins, which show extra information on your pins.

There are three types of rich pins: product, recipe, and article rich pins. If you’re looking to make money selling your product on Pinterest without a blog, then product rich pins would be the most useful to you.

Product rich pins reveal the availability, product information, and recent price directly on your pin. Although they are free for any pinner to use, your application needs to be processed first.

Pinterest has several algorithms, most of which deal with the recognition of visual images. One of these algorithms matches similar images with ‘rich’ information by a process called amplification.

Although using rich pins is important, consider checking the rich pin information included in other images that are amplified.

2. Organize your pins

Another tip you should consider is arranging your pins into catalogs. To use this feature, you first have to create a data source of your products.

When your data source gets the go-ahead from Pinterest, your products will automatically be updated when you make changes to their information.

Getting the right data source is the tough bit involved in organizing your pins. So, if you don’t have the correct one, then you can stick to rich pins.

3. Work on increasing the social proof of your products

Understanding how pinners use the platform plays a decisive role in determining sales or profits. So, you have to make sure you deliver and up your social proof.

There are several ways to get this done. However, three strategies stand out from the rest.

Firstly, you can capture the moment when a celebrity or influencer uses your product. Alternatively, setting up marketing campaigns can help your business look credible.

This, in turn, will help you make money on Pinterest.

The third option is to create a landing page with Builderall. You can add testimonials and reviews on it to boost your products’ social proof.

How to Make Money on Pinterest as a Virtual Assistant

Since you’re looking for how to make money on Pinterest without a blog, becoming a virtual assistant is another option you can consider.

But what does a Pinterest virtual assistant do, and what does it take to become one?

A Pinterest virtual assistant (PVA) is a business user that grows or manages the accounts of brands or other users on Pinterest.

As a handy side hustle, a virtual assistant’s job description includes several tasks. Some of the common ones include pin design, scheduling and management, reviewing analytics, and keyword research.

Here are fundamental skills and things you need to know before taking up the role of a virtual assistant:

  1. In-depth understanding of how Pinterest works and its best practices
  2. How to manage, schedule and design compelling pins
  3. Experience with Pinterest SEO
  4. Understanding of Pinterest analytics and what performance indicators to track
  5. Compelling marketing strategies

PVAs can also help brands with zero presence on Pinterest to gain followers from scratch and bring traffic to their website.

A step-by-step process of earning money as a Pinterest virtual assistant

Step 1: Find clients that require your services

It’s impossible to become a Pinterest virtual assistant without opening a business account. But the real work is in getting clients or brands that need your service.

Reading through blog posts and searching the platform should reveal a number of clients that need virtual assistants. Still, be on the lookout for openings for similar roles.

Another strategy you can try is pitching potential clients through emails or trying out other social media platforms.

Any method that brings you closer to the brand or client you want to advertise for is preferable.

Step 2: Define your strategy for each client

Virtual assistants can make up to $1000 or more in a month. However, to really generate an income, you need to have a working strategy for your clients.

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t possibly do all tasks meant for a virtual assistant. However, a strategy that addresses the needs of customers is sure to bring you cool bucks regularly.

Indeed, many users only provide pin research, SEO services, monthly pin scheduling, and research analytics for their customers.

Step 3: Get to work generating traffic or increasing sales for your clients

Several free tools like Loop88, Pinvolve, and PinGroupie can help you grow a community on Pinterest. Clients generally take their hands off their accounts and allow you to refurbish it.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you can work for only 10 to 15 hours a month and still make good pay.

Getting a Better Understanding of How Pinterest Works

You can’t get the best out of Pinterest if you don’t understand how it works.

Here are tips relating to your account, graphics, and other activities that will help you make money on the platform:

1. Learn how to use keywords correctly

Like Google, Pinterest shows you the words pinners search for on the platform. Therefore, half of your work is cut out for you from the start. However, you still need to use them correctly for them to be any good to you.

Sentences, where you include keywords, should read naturally. This implies that you need to find smart ways to use them. No rule states you can’t take notes from how your competitors use keywords.

As a side note, don’t expect your pins to rank high for their respective keywords at the get-go. It usually takes time before they get to the top of the ladder.

2. Create a cutting-edge account description

Your account summarizes what your followers and other pinners should expect from the pins you place. So, you need to take out time to fill it correctly. I also recommend you add SEO-friendly descriptions.

Your ‘about me’ section should include keywords. Most importantly, it should be readable and fun. You don’t want to come off as someone who only wants to make money from others.

3. Learn how to set up your Pinterest boards correctly

Pinterest boards should be a destination for your pins. It can turn a passive viewer into one that desires to take action or use the information on the pin.

Therefore, it is another area you should concentrate on if you’re looking to make money on Pinterest.

Take this REI board as an example. Pinners find it useful because it contains several pins, some of which are products, and the rest are recipes and tips. All pins in it are top-notch, easy to read, and well-designed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Monetizing Pinterest

Now, let’s go through some mistakes you should be wary of when making money on Pinterest:

1. Not understand the correct pay to charge or commission to receive

You can make a whole lot of money from Pinterest. However, this won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to be patient and willing to get average pay when starting.

Charging high prices can drive potential customers and brands away.

For example, virtual assistants can negotiate their pay with clients. But if you fix a high price than the average, then you shouldn’t expect to have a lot of customers.

Affiliate marketers on Pinterest hardly get to choose their pay. However, a Pinterest virtual assistant can earn between $5 to $300 per hour.

2. Using short URLs

If you decide to promote products on Pinterest, then you’ll be provided with links to these products. Some of them can be long and messy, and there’s a tendency that you will want to shorten it.

However, this is a terrible idea even though they allow for easy tracking.

When a user clicks on a long, messy URL, they get directed to the page instantly.

However, with a shortened link, the user may be sent to an intermediary page. Moreover, Pinterest doesn’t allow certain URL shorteners, including

If you continue shortening links, you run the risk of not get paid your commission since users aren’t exactly going to the site.

Using the link to your landing page would be a better way to go about it.

3. Focusing solely on selling to your target audience

This is a mistake that affiliate marketers and users that sell products can make.

Pinterest isn’t technically a virtual marketplace. People want to learn and be entertained with pins and not bugged with call-to-actions.

Therefore, while selling or promoting is important, don’t allow pinners to blacklist your account for the wrong reasons.

Instead, try to find a balance between educating and selling to your target audience. Every time you educate them subconsciously allows them to concentrate on what else you have to say.

Don’t be a walking advertiser.

4. Not keeping tabs on your analytics

If you opened a business account, then you should get to see amazing analytics about your activities.

Hence, if you’re serious about learning how to make money on Pinterest without a blog, then you would always track your performance.

Pinterest analytics and Tailwind are tools that can help you know the things you’re getting right and areas you need to improve.

Moreover, the brand or company you work for might want to find out your track record before getting into business with you.

5. Neglecting Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations

Pinterest is pretty stiff on user compliance to FTC regulations and community guidelines. They are included in the platform’s housekeeping tips.

These guidelines require nothing but transparency about your partnership when promoting products and services. However, it also applies to how you should use labels on images and pins.

You can easily use #affiliate or any other creative means to disclose that you’re promoting an affiliate link.

FAQs on How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

Q1. Can I earn money on Pinterest without having a blog/website?

Yes. You can earn money on Pinterest without a blog or website. All you have to do is follow the tips and strategies we’ve included to get started.

Q2. Does Pinterest pay pinners for placing pins on the platform?

No. Pinterest doesn’t pay pinners when the place pins.

If you want to make money on the platform, you need to get a commission from affiliate programs, sell your products directly, or work for Business owners and bloggers as a Pinterest VA.

Q3. Should I take an affiliate marketing course before I start promoting on Pinterest?

Taking an affiliate marketing course is always recommended if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing.

However, this article on how to make money on Pinterest without a blog offers everything you need to get started the right way.

Q4. Does the number of followers I have on Pinterest matter?

Yes. The number of followers you have on Pinterest is important. Indeed, it plays a decisive role in determining how much you can earn from promoting or selling products on Pinterest.

Q5. What are the best affiliate programs to join that doesn’t require a blog?

There are several high-paying affiliate programs that don’t require you have a blog/website which you can join. Here is a list of some of the best-paying no website affiliate programs.

In conclusion

Pinterest is a top image-sharing platform where you can make decent pay. It has a large user base, and according to its 2019 seasonal insights, 97% of searches are unbranded.

This means you can get to pinners early in their decision-making process. All you need to do is find out the strategies and tips that can help you.

If you really want to know how to make money on Pinterest without a blog, then you’d find the tips and strategies we’ve included useful.

But here’s one last strategy to help you make money on Pinterest as a side hustle or full-time job: have a plan and stick to it.

How to Make Money on TikTok Live: 4 Surefire Methods

how to make money on tiktok live

While TikTok has been in existence for over three years, it only really took off a few months ago. With over eight hundred million active users, TikTok has evolved from just an entertainment app to a source of income.

While it doesn’t have many avenues for monetization, there are a few areas where you can earn a steady income; one of them is live streaming. In this article, I’m going to share with you how to make money on TikTok live.

How to Make Money on TikTok Live.

It is probably prudent to note that you need to have at least a thousand followers before you can start live streaming on TikTok.

There are many ways to gain followers, and you can even start creating content in your niche and laying other foundations that’ll help you make money on TikTok later.

To learn more about how to make money on TikTok and set up your account for monetization, you can click here. Otherwise, let’s get into how to make money on TikTok live.

1. Selling your products

Many people have things that they sell online, and TikTok can further advertise your goods and services. This is especially effective if you have content centered around that specific niche.

However, if you don’t, you can create a live show just to advertise your goods, demonstrate what they can do, prices, where you can get them, and how they’ll be shipped.

Make sure to carefully choose your hashtags when you do your live show and advertise your product to solve a problem or meet a need.

In this way, you can relate with your viewers and make your product seem like a necessity and not a luxury. Many TikTokkers use their lives to advertise their own clothing, jewelry, or cosmetic brand, and you can do it, too.

Don’t have a product to sell yet? That might not be a bad thing. However, you should have content in your product’s niche.

If you don’t have a product to sell yet, at least choose a niche with products you’ll be able to advertise and create content around.

Then, you can slowly become an authority in that niche, and when you officially start marketing your goods, your advertisements will have more effect.

For example, if a famous make-up artist sells a newly launched concealer on her live show, viewers will probably want to buy it because she/he is a trusted authority in beauty products on TikTok.

2. Selling affiliate products on TikTok

Unless you have several TikTok accounts, most of your videos will probably run towards a single theme. Some people do mostly challenges, others do short skits, and others still choose a niche and create content.

The first thing to do while learning how to make money with TikTok live by selling affiliate products is to choose a niche.

When you’ve made a name for yourself within that niche and have a decent amount of followers, you can look for affiliate programs within that niche and market them on your live show.

TikTok hasn’t allowed the inclusion of links to video yet, so when marketing affiliate products on TikTok, insert your affiliate link in the website column of your account’s bio and encourage people to click on it.

Another method is to simply include the link to your affiliate website or landing page to the website column of your bio.

Doing it this way will enable you to promote multiple affiliate products to your followers and you can also build a mailing list and make more money from your live shows in the process.

Using these methods to make money on TikTok live through affiliate marketing still follows the same basic concepts with the option of selling your products.

If you want to monetize your TikTok live shows with affiliate marketing, then the content you post before you choose an affiliate program is like bait for a fish.

The bait is the amazing content you’ll create to enchant a group of dedicated followers, who are the fish.

You can do it this way because when you choose TikTok as a marketing method for some affiliate programs, the company might check out your account.

And it’s much better to have content in their niche up and real, with active followers than an empty account. Otherwise, you might not be able to become their affiliate.

Also, establishing your presence in a niche will help you make your followers your target audience.

If they’ve been actively following you, sharing, and commenting under your posts, that must mean they’re interested in your content.

They’ll likely buy what you advertise because they have a use for it. This makes them your target market.

If you don’t have your target market amongst your followers, it won’t matter how much you market. You won’t be able to sell your products.

Click here to get free access to the most complete affiliate marketing training on the internet if you wish to monetize your live shows with affiliate marketing.

3. Reviews

This method requires you to have a sizeable following and authority in your niche before making any money. You can review products in your niche on your TikTok live show and create awareness about them.

This serves as a kind advertisement for the product and manufacturer and can quickly help them rack up sales.

Doing this before you have a deal with the company you’re promoting is a free advertisement for them and a way to practice filming product reviews for you.

You can do them for products you use and like, as a rehearsal for the ones you’ll get paid for. You can do this once in a while, but make sure it’s not often. Free advertising doesn’t pay the bills.

Once you’ve gotten a fair amount of followers and sufficient experience doing product reviews, you can pitch your services to companies. You increase their exposure with good content and get paid.

4. Receiving Donations

Many TikTokkers have learned how to make money on TikTok live through this method. It’s one of the more straightforward ways because it relies only on your content creation skills, personality, luck, and viewers’ generosity.

When you go on TikTok live, both followers and non-followers can view you. TikTok has a nifty little way for them to show their appreciation, and that’s through donations. These donations are known as coins.

They’re paid for with real money, and anyone with a TikTok account can buy them from their profile.

Your followers can buy as many or as little as they want. Then, when you go live, they can choose to reward you with these coins. As the receiver, you can turn these coins into diamonds, and then turn it to real money through PayPal.

TikTok only allows you to withdraw 80% of the money.

Learning how to get money from TikTok might require you to do several things like find a niche, find affiliate programs within that niche, look for products to sell, etc.

This solution doesn’t. All you need is content, charisma, and gratitude because followers tend to donate more when you thank them personally or do a shout-out.

How Much Can You Earn From TikTok Live?

This depends on several things. You can make very little in TikTok, but you can also make a lot. Many people know how to make money on TikTok live, but the value of accounts differs from person to person.

If you want to get a rough estimate of how much you can earn from TikTok live, you can use the Igface TikTok calculator. This website can also serve as a TikTok earning calculator.


While the first step to making money on TikTok is creating great content, it doesn’t hurt to know all your options.

Using your TikTok live to make money can serve as a source of sustainable income to you and even boost your primary business on TikTok. You could even end up becoming more popular because of it.

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How To Make Money On TikTok Without Showing Your Face

how to make money on tiktok without showing your face

With most Tiktok money-making ideas, you are often required to post videos and show your face.  And it’s possible that you aren’t so keen on showing your face. Yet, you still want to make money.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll tell you how to make money on TikTok without showing your face.

TikTok has grown tremendously in the last few years, all thanks to lockdown measures. Still, before that, it was a fast-rising social media platform. And this is thanks to its cool video functions.

It allows you to upload short videos and gain massive followers and there are some powerful TikTok video ideas without showing face you can utilize to make money.

From going live to promoting brands, with enough followers, you can earn in thousands.

You can check out my detailed guide to know about the general ways on how to monetize TikTok.

Let’s proceed to today’s discussion.

Best Ways to Go on TikTok Without Showing Your Face

TikTok is all about posting fresh content in the form of videos. And this often requires you to show your face in these videos. In case you’ll rather hide your face, here’s how to hide your face on TikTok.

1. Using animations

This is one of the most effective ways to make money on TikTok without showing your face. It involves replacing your actual face with animations.

The great thing is that you can incorporate animations in a lot of ways. For instance, you can blur or cover your face with an animated face. This way, your viewers can’t identify your face.

Even more, you can create a complete animated character that looks like you. In this case, you won’t have to appear physically in your videos.

In case you don’t want any direct connection to your face, you can even create an animated character that has no resemblance to you. Great right?

Also, you don’t need to worry too much about being an experienced animator to create cool animations. You can easily do this with animation software like SketchGenius.

SketchGenius is an AI-powered 3D sketch video animator that automatically turns texts into stunning animated videos with all relevant backgrounds, and images without any manual search needed.

It even provides a professional voice-over service so that you can use male or female voices from many different languages and accents in your videos.

There are also lots of ready-made professional videos from different industries where you can draw some TikTok video ideas within your niche from.

Video animation is generally the best option if you’re so particular about making money on TikTok without showing your face.

2. Make Videos With Pictures

This in my opinion is the easiest way to make cool TikTok videos without showing your face if the use of the right software is been deployed.

With the use of videos with pictures, you can monetize your TikTok account with engaging videos containing images that have nothing to do with you.

This way, you can treat your audience to informative and entertaining content while securely hiding your face. If you will like to make high-quality videos with automatically sketched-out images, SketchGenius is the best software for you.

But if what you want to create are videos with texts and images with no animated sketches, then you can easily get it done with a software called Invideo.

Invideo gives you access to all the video templates and images you need, regardless of your niche. You can even work out a cool short video from scratch at lightning speed.

If you would like to include music and voice in your videos, you have a pool of royalty-free background music and a text-to-speech tool to provide a cool voiceover. It’s completely free to get started with this software, no credit card details are needed.

Lastly, after setting up your account, you get all the quick tutorials you need to easily crank out high-quality videos that will inspire your audience to purchase the items you are marketing.

Watch the video below to get some viral TikTok video ideas without showing a face which you can easily create using Invideo.

3. Using a mask

If you’re wondering how to hide your face on TikTok, you should consider using a mask. It’s straightforward.

In fact, this is one of the best TikTok ideas without showing face. All you need to do is get a cool mask and wear it each time you make a video.

You can decide to spice things up and customize a series of cool masks. You can then change colors or their shapes based on the video content.

You should keep in mind that this needs you to maintain a mask type throughout your videos. This way, your audience can identify the mask with you and recognize them wherever they find them.

Also, this is a great choice that’s generally recommended. And this is because it raises curiosity within your fanbase. Even more, by dropping strategic side views, you can increase your account’s engagement massively.

You can even hint at a future time when you’ll show your face. And as such, keep your audience attached to your videos.

You’ll need to maintain the highest level of creativity, post strategically, and engage your audience effectively.

4. Develop curated content

In case the methods above don’t cut it for you. And you’re still wondering how to make money on TikTok without showing your face, then developing curated content might do the trick.

Content curation is quite simple. It involves filtering through various exciting and catchy content on the internet. Then, you share the very best of them as videos, infographics, or music on your media accounts.

And this is one of the best TikTok account ideas of 2022. All you need to do is search for viral content within your niche. Then, you can post them and give credit to the owners.

However, it’s not just about reposting this content. You’ll need to brand these contents. And this might involve providing emotional or video reactions to these contents.

This way, your opinions add to the value of the material while also making it unique.

Things to Note Before Monetizing TikTok Without Showing Your Face

Just before you jump into monetizing your profile with a faceless TikTok video idea, you’ll need to ensure that your profile has enough engagement.

Beyond making these videos where you don’t show your face, here are a few things to note.

Time to post your content

Your goal is to get as enough engagement as possible. And this requires you to post your content at the best time possible.

It would help if you post your content anytime between 6 pm and 12 am to get the best engagement. And this is because reports show that most TikTok users stay online during this period.

In turn, it means it presents the best opportunity for your content to get maximum engagement.

For instance, posting around 8 am means that when most users are online, new content is available. And it’s more likely that those new content would displace your content.

Using hashtag

This is another crucial point to prioritize if you want to make money on TikTok without showing your face. Since people can’t identify you through your face, you might want to use a hashtag.

All you need to do is create unique hashtags that fit into your niche.

Then, you can add it to all your video uploads. And with it, your followers can identify with you quickly. Even more, the hashtag might get viral and help you boost your account’s engagement.

Best Ways to Make Money on TikTok Without Showing Your Face.

Now that you know the best TikTok video ideas without showing your face, the next step is to monetize your account. And this involves engaging in specific activities through which you can earn. The best options include:

Partnership with brands

This involves agreeing to promote a brand on your account in return for money.

Usually, you can partner with as many brands as you want, all you will need to do is post about them in a way that will let your audience know the benefits of buying products from the brand.

Promote your products

You can also promote your goods and services on your profile. It’s more like starting your own e-commerce business.

All you will need to do is to advertise your goods and encourage your followers to buy them.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have a product to sell or a website to sell products online, you can join top-paying affiliate programs without owning a website and do affiliate marketing without showing your face on TikTok.

In turn, you make a commission for each sale made through your link.

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways of making money on TikTok and online generally.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing on TikTok Without Showing Face

There are seven steps involved in order to succeed with faceless affiliate marketing on TikTok.

1. Choose a niche

Finding and focusing on a lucrative niche is crucial for success in affiliate marketing on TikTok. You need to understand that TikTokers generally like to follow and engage with the contents of accounts that focus on a particular niche, rather than accounts with general content.

Moreso, focusing on a niche will make it possible for you to build followers that are interested in the offers you are promoting. TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users of all ages and any lucrative affiliate marketing niche can work on this platform.

2. Create & optimize your TikTok profile

To set up your profile for your affiliate marketing niche on TikTok, you need to first choose a TikTok account type.

TikTok accounts types

There are 2 different types of accounts on Tiktok which are; personal account, and business account.

The personal account is the account you will get by default and it has features that can help you promote your affiliate links. The personal account is designed for general TikTok users, content creators, and influencers. It also comes with cool sounds which is what TikTok is all about. With it, you have access to stats that can help you succeed with faceless affiliate marketing on TikTok.

The business account is an account that makes it possible to have access to a wide range of business tools for effectively running a business on TikTok. The downside of the business account is that it does not have access to most sound on TikTok which can make you miss out on opportunities and trends that can help create better content.

Optimize your profile

After choosing an account type, you need to optimize your profile so that your potential followers will know what your account is about when they see your bio.

To do this you need to add keywords that are relevant to your niche in your bio description. Since you are going faceless on TikTok, you should use an image of something related to your niche in place of your photo in your account’s profile picture.

When you add a clickable link in your bio, use a catchy call to action in order to get maximum clicks.

3. Choose an affiliate program

You need to choose a profitable affiliate program that allows you to promote on social media. There are lots of such programs on affiliate networks like Clickbank, Jvzoo, & Warrior plus which you can join & promote for free.

The Clickbank affiliate program is unique in the sense that it pays the highest affiliate commissions in the industry. Moreso, most of the products on Clickbank have upsell and rebill which help affiliates make more money per sale.

If you like the idea of promoting offers with high commissions in health and fitness, business, relationship, numerology niche, e.t.c, then this program is certainly for you.

4. Create an affiliate marketing sales funnel

An affiliate marketing sales funnel comprises a landing page with email opt-in and an automated email follow-up sequence. You need to set up this system in order to generate leads for the offers you are promoting on TikTok.

People don’t come to TikTok or other social media with the intention to buy products, so it will be hard to make them purchase the offers you are promoting if you send them directly to the sales pages of the products. Moreso, you can only insert one link in your bio which means you can only promote one product with it. is a free tool that you can easily use in creating simple landing pages/funnels for affiliate marketing.

5. Choose a TikTok video idea without showing face & create content

Pick one of the no-face TikTok video ideas discussed above and create affiliate marketing contents that are useful to the target audience of the program you are promoting.

If for example, you are promoting business software, your videos will revolve around topics discussing how to start a low-cost & profitable business, automated marketing solutions for online businesses, e.t.c.

All the content & content ideas you will ever need to create your videos are available on YouTube, all you need is just to search for them using the right keywords.

6. Upload videos & insert your affiliate link in your bio

To earn commissions from your selected program, you will need to upload your video content and promote your affiliate links directly or indirectly via your bio. As mentioned earlier, you can only promote one link via your bio, hence promoting offers indirectly with the use of a landing page/sales funnel will help you maximize your bio link.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing landing pages in order to understand better why they are so important and how to use them.

7. Grow your account

You need to grow your TikTok account in order to have a large audience of potential buyers. To do this, add relevant hashtags to your videos and post at the time TikTok users are most active. All these have been discussed above.

To sum up

TikTok is another social media platform that’s based on posting videos. And while you can monetize it, it often requires you to show your face.

Well, you might not want to show your face on TikTok. And it’s cool. Not wanting to show your face doesn’t stop you from making money on TikTok.

So, pick any of my TikTok video ideas without showing your face to build your profile. Then, select any direct monetizing options available and begin to earn great.

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How To Make Money On TikTok Without Going Live: 5 Great Options

make money on tiktok without going live

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Although created in 2017, it has grown rapidly and now has over one billion users which makes it a great place to make a lot of money.

However, making money on TikTok without doing live videos appears to be a challenge for some people. In this article, we’ll explore how to make money on TikTok without going live.

Let’s get right to it.

How to Make Money on TikTok Without Going Live

You’ll probably come across many articles showing you how to make money on TikTok live. And this might lead you to believe that’s the only option. Well, that’s not the case.

You don’t need to go live to earn through TikTok. Here’s how to make money on TikTok without going live.

1. Growing TikTok accounts then selling them

Growing and selling TikTok accounts is one of the best ways to make money on TikTok without going live. Loads of people want to get on TikTok and enjoy massive followership without having to build the account themselves. And that’s what makes this option a great way to make money with TikTok.

All you have to do is create a TikTok account. And after a few months of growing it, you can then sell it for a price. The great thing is that it’s already a popular option on social media platforms.

For instance, over the years, people create accounts on Instagram. Then, they go on to create fresh and engaging content on the account. And then, when it goes viral, they sell it to individuals with interest in that space.

Well, that’s what you need to replicate. You’ll need to pick a niche of your choice, preferably one that you’re interested in.

Then, you’ll need to create an account. And then develop entertaining content on the account that TikTok users would love. Remember, the goal is to increase followers and views through your content.

As such, you’ll need to put in some effort. Then, when you achieve this, you can grab a buyer’s attention and monetize the account.

You can also get across to companies and brands within the niche. It would be best to get in touch with start-ups. And this is because they are usually the ones in need of social media platforms.

In turn, they can then use the accounts to market their products.

Using Igface TikTok Calculator

It’s essential to learn how to make money on TikTok without going live and not cheat yourself.

This is because it’s almost impossible to know how much your account is worth by yourself. And this is where the Igface TikTok calculator comes in.

Igface is an analytics tool that’s useful for social media platforms. It’s important here as it functions as a TikTok earning calculator.

It helps you analyze your post and its engagements. Then, it uses this information to value your account.

With the calculator, you can tell how much your account is worth. And in turn, you can charge whoever intends to buy the TikTok account properly.

2. Become an Influencer

Thanks to the popularity of social media platforms, the word influencer shouldn’t be a new word. However, just in case, an influencer is someone that can influence potential buyers to prefer a particular service or product.

And this is because they have gained the trust of their usually numerous followers.

Well, in case you’re still wondering how to make money on TikTok without going live, this is another great option.

All you need to is grow your brand as an influencer and gain the trust of your followers. Afterward, you can join influencer campaigns to cash out from TikTok.

Generally, your task would involve creating content for brands and linking these brands with your massive followers. And this is great because you are already a pro in content creation. All you’re doing now is just monetizing it.

However, while this sounds easy, climbing to the top as an influencer isn’t so easy.

There are many guys already in the space, and content creation can be quite tricky. Also, trying to maintain and satisfy a follower base requires time, effort, and commitment.

Still, once you do this, becoming an influencer is a great way to start making money with TikTok.

3. TikTok Ads

If you go through articles on how to make money online, you’ll usually find ad platforms as an excellent means to earn cash.

Well, this is the same if you’re wondering how to get money from TikTok. And yes, you don’t need to go live.

All you need to do is maximize the ad platform that TikTok offers. With it, you can promote your goods or services to a wide range of people. Then, you increase the likelihood of recording purchases.

And if you don’t have a product to sell, you can sign up for some high-paying affiliate programs, and make money by helping popular brands sell their products as an affiliate.

You can get all the training you need for affiliate marketing here.

Although it doesn’t appear like you are making money on TikTok with this method, it’s more of making money with TikTok.

Thanks to its over 800 million active followers, you get to promote your services and earn more than you would have without TikTok.

4. Manage Influencer campaigns

If you need to make money on TikTok without going live, then managing an influencer campaign is a safe bet.

It’s more of offering management services to influencers. And the great thing is that there’s a massive demand for this service.

Usually, influencers are generally hung up, trying to create the best content to keep their followers engaged.

And as such, it might be quite stressful for them to manage the business side of their account. That’s where you come in.

Your task will involve coordinating contract negotiations, managing the influencers, and connecting them to various brands. You’ll also need to remind them of their deliverables.

Generally, you’ll be dealing with ensuring an influencer makes the most money from a specific campaign.

In case you’re wondering how you will earn, it’s simple. You’ll earn by charging a percentage of each deal you negotiate.

You can also decide to receive your payment on a salary basis. And this will generally depend on the agreement between you and the influencer.

You can even start a management agency if you want to go big. This way, you can have multiple influencers in your company and earn more.

5. Consulting

If you want to make money watching TikTok Videos, then this is a great idea.

And although it’s different from the methods above, it’s a great choice, especially if you’re a TikTok pro. Also, you don’t need to go live.

Generally, it involves offering insight about using TikTok to new TikTokers based on your experience.

You’ll have to watch videos and tell their creators what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. You’ll also offer insight into their general branding.

You can also help them negotiate partnership deals and influencer agreements. And of course, earn a percentage from the whole transaction.

However, you must know that this requires you to have considerable experience.

And also have a massive presence on TikTok. As such, you’ll need one or more viral content with a few million views to exploit this means.

Once you do, you can charge aspiring TikTokers and teach them how to achieve what you have pulled off. It’s more of introducing them to the magic formula.

In conclusion

TikTok offers an excellent opportunity to make money.

If you’re in doubt, you just need to check who makes the most money on TikTok to get convinced. Still, the fantastic thing is that you can earn from it even if you don’t want to go live.

I have detailed five of the best options to do this. So, pick any one of them and begin to make money on TikTok.

How to Make Money as a 14-year Old (Works for Kids of All Ages Too)

how to make money as a 14 year old

Although the minimum age for employment is 14, many kids know that there are loads of rules attached to it. Kids that decide to get jobs in their early teens stand a good chance of not getting hired, especially when school is in session.

No employer wants an employee that can only work 18 hours a week.

This is why it might be time for you as a kid to start learning the wonders (and struggles) of entrepreneurship.

There are several ways you can make money as a 14-year-old or simply as a kid without being limited by governmental regulations. Some of them can even be done from the comfort of your bedroom.

Nowadays, genuinely profitable businesses are easy to come by, especially if you’re a teen.

In the list below, we’ve meshed some old-fashioned ways of making money that your grandma probably knows about, with some new-age jobs that have only appeared in the past two decades.

Here are 44 ideas you can start creating your wealth as a 14-year-old kid. We’ll begin with ten ideas that can work for any teen or kid.

How to Make Money as a Kid (for kids aged 14 and younger)

1. Open a drinks stand

Your grandparents may remember selling lemonade on the sidewalk or in parking spaces in the olden days. It’s an old-fashioned way to make money but still works pretty well in 2022.

Adults mostly buy from lemonade stands because they want to support the cute kid selling lemonade.

However, you can jazz up your stand by selling soda or mixing some non-alcoholic flavors and creating a new drink entirely. These can sell for maybe $2 to $4 a pop.

Don’t know how to mix drinks? Here are a few recipes.

2. Open a kids club

If you have experience handling several younger kids at a time, you can channel your inner kindergarten teacher and start a kids club in your neighborhood.

When parents need their privacy or space or have to go somewhere where they can’t bring their kids, i.e., work or date night, they drop their babies off at the kids club.

As the kids club owner, it’ll be your responsibility to look after the kids and make sure they’re taken care of and don’t get into trouble.

A kids club is profitable because you can watch many kids at a time, thereby earning more money. However, little kids can be super frustrating. If you don’t have a lot of patience, we don’t recommend this job.

3. Rent your stuff out

Now, this is a risky but profitable hustle. If you have some stuff that other kids want, you can loan it to them for a price. Things you can rent include your skateboard, bicycle, scooter, gadgets, toys, etc.

Set a price and then tell your friends. You can rent out your stuff for a specific period.

However, you’re going to have to develop a contingency plan if something happens to your stuff or the person that loaned it.

And since you’re allowing someone to own your stuff for some time, we suggest only trying this method with those you’re familiar with.

4. Sell fruits

Got somewhere you can get fruits for cheap? Or maybe, even for free? If you do, then this idea is for you.

You can collect fruits for free or buy them at meager prices, then resell them for a dollar or 50 cents each. Since you purchased the fruits for little or nothing, you’re guaranteed to make a profit.

You can even sell eggs or some vegetables and create a small farmers’ market of your own. This idea will work great for kids living in areas that can be considered rural but are close to cities.  It’s a great way to make money as a 12-year-old fast.

5. Babysit

Babysitting isn’t all that different from that kid’s club we talked about earlier. However, it’s a better way to make money as a 14-year-old.

Not many kids have the patience to deal with hordes of babies at once, so becoming a babysitter is much more comfortable—fewer kids in a more controlled environment.

6. Mow lawns

Everyone likes a good, clean, even lawn.  Your neighbors might like it, too, but not have the capability or time to do it themselves.

You can offer your services maybe once a week to help them even out the lawn and collect a bit of change for your efforts. If you do this for four or five neighbors for $15 a yard, you could be earning $50 to $75 per week.

7. Do odd jobs

Some websites have a place where people can list jobs. There’s even a place for this on Craigslist. Older kids can do these jobs and earn some cash quickly.

However, every precaution should be taken before answering these ads. You can still make money from answering these kinds of advertisements at 18.

8. Run errands for moms

Moms are always really busy, especially new mothers or working mothers with several children. You can offer your services to them and help them run their errands.

You’ll get the groceries, lunch, or help them when they’re in a tight spot. This job is an excellent way to make money as a 14-year-old.

9. Petsit

Pets need watching too, and loving owners are willing to pay you to look after their beloved babies in exchange for a few dollars every hour. You’ll usually be hired by pet owners going on trips to places where they can’t bring their animals.

Your duties will include feeding the pet, cleaning up their area, taking care of their excrement, and making sure they’re healthy.

10. Have a bake sale

This job can be super fun and a great way to earn some cash at the same time. If you’re above 14 and familiar with the oven, you can make your baked goods by yourself. But if you’re a bit younger, you’ll need an adult to help and supervise you.

You can sell cookies and cakes every month and make several hundred dollars with every sale. You can even take special orders from loyal customers.

How to Make Money as a 14-year-old (for older kids too)

These are ways kids aged 14 and up can make money. This is not to say that those aged 13 and below can’t try these ideas. But the following jobs might be easier to accomplish as an older kid.

11. Make money listening to music

Listening to music and earning money for doing so is something any 14-year-old can do and there are some legitimate apps and websites that are willing to pay you for listening to music on your phone in your spare time.

Some of them require you to write reviews on the songs you listen to while there are some apps that simply pay you for every song you listen to through them.

Current Rewards is an example of an app that pays you without you needing to review the songs you listen to. You get rewards for every song you play on your phone via the app even if you aren’t actively listening to it.

You can earn over $600 a year without doing much with this app and it’s available for download by android and apple phone users. Download via this link to get a $5 signup bonus. You can withdraw your earnings as cash to your PayPal account, in Bitcoin, or as gift cards.

12. Make money sharing unused internet data

This is a legit way to make passive income from your phone and computer by sharing excess monthly data that may end up being wasted to companies that are in need of it.

Honeygain is the only legitimate company I trust for this job. Once you signup for an account and download the Honeygain app on your phone or computer, it makes use of the internet data you have to spare and rewards you for it.

The more device you connect to your account, the higher your chances of earning. Depending on your location and device, you can make up to $1 per day entirely passively with this app. Signup via this link to get a $5 signup bonus.

13. Become a freelancer


Got a skill you can sell and a computer? You can then sign up to sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or some other sites for freelancers and start getting jobs.

Now, don’t get us wrong. It’s great if you can learn a skill, but it’s not a must to sign up for classes or learn a bunch of stuff to become a freelancer. If you can type fast, you can offer your services as a transcriptionist.

If you can sing or make funny voices, you can offer your services as well.  Just take a look at the sub-categories on each website and see if there’s one that matches up to what you’re good at.

I have compiled a list of the best 23 easy gigs on Fiverr, you can check it out and pick a couple of lucrative jobs to offer.

If you sell well, you can start earning hundreds of dollars each month. You could even develop it into a real, sustainable business. Most websites have a minimum age, though, so check that out before you sign up.

14. Create an app

If you’re more tech-savvy, you can create an app and sell it to a big company. Or just market it and charge an in-app fee for those that want to use it. This is not as easy as it sounds, but if you’ve created apps before, it might be a breeze.

However, just creating any random all won’t generate a source of income. Your app has to do something useful, fulfill a pressing need, or solve a problem.

If it does this, you can be assured that people who need to use it will look for it. In this way, the app markets itself, and all you have to do is perform routine maintenance and updates.

Oh, and watch your money roll in, of course.

15. Sell homemade goods

This can be done online and offline. By homemade goods, we mean baked goods, jewelry, or crafts that you can make from your home’s comfort.

These goods can be sold around the neighborhood, of course. But if you want a bigger market and more sales, you might want to advertise your products online.

You can offer your products on sites like Etsy, Foodzie, Zibbet, and Folksy. As long as you pay them a commission, your products will get seen and (hopefully) bought by thousands.

16. Surveys and make money online apps

Learning how to make money doing surveys & make money online apps is easy and it’s also one of the quickest ways to make money online as a teenager. If you are 13 and above, you can sign up to take surveys and earn rewards.

Idle-Empire is a platform where you can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and completing offers in your leisure time. You can withdraw your earned points as cash, cryptocurrencies, and gift cards.

There are a number of other apps that pay you to complete tasks, watch videos, and give reviews to earn some extra cash. However, this extra cash isn’t that much. You may only make about $100 or $200 a month.

But it’s a pretty good deal considering the tasks and surveys to be completed don’t take much time at all. You’re pretty much getting paid to use your phone. This job can serve as a small side hustle in addition to your other businesses.

17. Influence people

You might already be doing this, but you can monetize and start getting paid for what you usually do.

The sole condition in this line of work is that you have a large number of followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok e.t.c.

That’s not necessarily hard to achieve if you have good content, and you can advertise your page. You can even buy followers.

Once you have enough active followers, you can begin to offer your reach to businesses that want to advertise their brand. You offer them your audience (followers), and they pay you a certain amount.

All you have to do is take their image and advertise for them for a period. As your followers continue to grow, so will your reach. You can increase your rates to match, as well.

18. Photography

make money as a 14 year old

Not the easiest line of work, but if you have a camera and a passion for it, you can make a substantial amount from selling your pictures.

You can get invited to weddings and other events to record the scene and get paid after. You can sell nature shots to magazines or stock sites.

You can learn photography online on sites like Udemy, Skillshare, etc. If you do well at this job and learn to love it, you could make it your career.

19. Sell your designs

If you’ve got a flair for art or design, you can make enough off of your designs to help yourself to some new shoes, video games, or a shopping trip. You can create designs and sell them on Etsy.

People who want to buy the design will contact you, buy it and print it out on a shirt, a mug, or other surfaces. This is a skill you can use to make money as a 14-year-old, but you can develop it into a career in design later.

20. Start a YouTube channel.

You can do this without any capital at all. And while this is a great idea to make money as a 14-year-old, it’s open to kids of all ages. Ryan Kaji is one example of a YouTuber who makes millions every year, and he’s not yet 10.

Yuya, one of the highest-paid beauty vloggers in the world, started learning how to make money on YouTube as a 16-year-old.

As long as your content is good, you can get a ton of subscribers and monetize your YouTube channel. You can even get sponsorships and ad deals from large companies in your niche. The sky is the limit.

21. Start a blog

Starting a blog can be a therapeutic thing to do. It can also serve as a way to bring in the cash, especially for those with a flair for writing. There are several ways you can make money with a blog.

You can become an affiliate marketer and earn commissions when someone buys a product through your unique link. You can get paid to create sponsored posts for companies. You can also get paid to run ads for various businesses in your niche.

Starting a blog is easy. You can begin on WordPress and create your domain name. However, it will cost you a small amount of money every month. You can start a money blog with less than $3 a month.

Running a free blog is not a great idea, but if you don’t have any cash, you can post for free on and get your own domain name and hosting when you can afford it.

Having a properly monetized blog is a good investment for monthly income and this option is great for kids that wish to make $1000 a month or more.

22. Flip goods or services

If you intend to start a service flipping business, the best way is to do it online and this may not require any capital. An easy way to go about it is by flipping gigs on Fiverr for profit.

If you would like to flip goods, you will need a little bit of starting capital. $30 ought to do it.

Then, you need your local thrift shop, some cleaning equipment, a camera (any phone with a good camera will do), and a pretty blanket. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not.

Thrift shops are known for selling used products at low prices. These products are usually not in bad shape and can be resold at high prices.

All you have to do is look for some nearly new items, buy them, and then spruce them up till they look new.

Then, you can sell them for much higher prices on websites like eBay. Flipping goods is easy to make money fast as a kid at home.

23. Start a cleaning business

You can start a small cleaning business in your neighborhood or town. You can charge a fee for washing windows, cleaning out gutters, and just cleaning up all those hard-to-reach places.

This could start as a way to make money as a 16-year-old but could expand into a legitimate company.

You can advertise your services on your community’s forum and create posters advertising your services. Word of mouth is also a compelling advertisement, so over-deliver on your jobs and watch your client list expand.

24. Help the elderly

Offer to run errands or help out the elderly around your neighborhood. Chances are you’ll have a couple of older folks around your community that need help doing some things around their homes or getting around.

You can offer to help one of them out for a fee every day. In this way, you can make money fast even as a 15-year-old.  Set your rates reasonably, be pleasant, and you’ll have good reviews.

25. Groom pets

You might need to undergo a bit of training for this job. However, it’s still a viable way to make money as a 14-year-old. You can still learn how to make money doing this job at 18.

You’ll also need some capital to buy products that are needed for pet grooming. However, depending on the area, you can charge a substantial amount of money to groom one small animal.

It’s safe to say that you’ll make back your capital. However, this job isn’t really suitable for kids living in rural areas. Nobody will pay you to groom a farm dog.

26. Groom people

Can you paint nails or style hair? You can offer your services at a reduced rate to neighbors or on your community forum. We say, reduced rate because these services are offered in salons as well, and you need to have the edge over the competition.

That edge can be your lowered prices or better service. For your business to grow, you have to pick an edge and stick with it until you’ve got a group of loyal customers.

27. Paint homes

You don’t have to be a professional painter to try this job out. You just have to be able to paint evenly, have a steady hand, and be familiar with ladders. Once you’ve got that, you can offer your services to neighbors, friends, and family for a fee.

You can paint walls, rooms or entire houses. This is a good way to make money as a 14-year-old because you can do this job on summer vacations and save up for the new school year.

28. Dog walker

dog walker

The average compensation for an entry-level dog walker is nearly $15 an hour. To calculate, if you walk two dogs at $15 each for two hours daily, you’ll make $60 a day.

Pretty fair, right. Dog walking isn’t as easy as it looks, but if you love dogs and have a couple of hours free every day, then you can make at least a hundred dollars every week just taking a stroll with some dogs.

If you have a dog yourself, you can walk your dogs and your clients’ dogs at the same time—a win-win for everyone and a perfect way to make money as a 14-year-old.

29. Become a Tutor

This is an ideal way to make money at school as a kid. You can offer your services as a tutor to students whose grades aren’t up to par.

You can broaden your horizons even further on the internet. Some websites allow you to offer your services as a tutor to students that are in need all across the world.

You can help them with their homework and studies according to the website’s rules, and they pay to the platform. Then you get your cash when the site has taken its cut.

30. Crowdsourcing

You may have tons of business ideas but no way of executing them. That doesn’t mean that those ideas should go to waste. You can still make money online as a kid.

You can share your business idea on crowdsourcing websites, and if people like your idea, they might buy it from you.

 31. Make a Course

There’s a course for everything. And everyone’s an expert in something. You can easily create a course to teach people how to do something.

It could even be how to take care of a guinea pig or pass a level in Call of Duty. You can create and sell online courses on websites like Udemy and Skillshare.

32. Collect and sell scrap metal

This job may sound easy, but it’s not that easy. You have to hunt for metals in machines and other pieces, strip it to collect the raw metal, and when you’ve gathered enough, take it to the scrapyard to be sold.

This job does require quite a bit of studying as you’ll need to know the types and prices of valuable metals and where they can be found.

Here are some cool places you can find valuable scrap metals to sell.

You’ll also need to invest in basic tools like gloves, a toolkit, and some cleaning solution in case the meatal you unearth is dirty. If you want to go the full hog, you can invest in a metal detector.

You get paid for as much as you find, so you really have to get busy if you want a big payday.

33. Car Wash

Car washes aren’t just for cheerleaders’ fundraisers, you know. You can offer to wash your neighbor’s car for a fee. You can even make it an event of your own, with signs and decorations and everything.

34. Car Detailing

Do even more for your community by helping to deep clean their cars. This will involve cleaning both the interior and exterior of the car. Basically, you’ll clean everywhere except the engine.

35. Fix bikes

If your neighborhood has got a large number of kids your age and younger, there will probably be an abundance of bicycles.

If you can learn how to fix bicycle problems, you might be able to save you and your neighbors some money. This is because they don’t have to go all the way to a repair shop to fix it.

36. Fix electronics

Are you a whiz with electronics? Then, you can create a business out of it. If you can fix people’s faulty devices for a fee, not only will you have a steady flow of business, your customers will help market you.

You can even add other services such as computer maintenance and repair or turn the movies on DVDs and Blue-Ray into shareable videos so they can be watched on any device.

 37. Create a digital scrapbook

Many people have photos of albums they’ve gathered over the years. These pictures are precious memories, but they lose their color and quality over time. They’re fragile and can easily be damaged.

You can create a digital scrapbook for these memories by scanning the pictures and then arranging them in whatever order the client specifies.

38. Teach kids to swim

Like we said before, everyone has something they’re good at. If that’s swimming for you, you can rent out the local pool and teach swimming lessons once a week. Swimming is a very necessary skill in some households, so advertise your skill around your neighborhood.

Set a date and a time once or twice a week and invite kids to learn. You can charge per lesson or for a specific timeframe.

39. Become a personal assistant

While the requirements for this position vary widely depending on the person offering the role, the job of a personal assistant is to help the person they’re assigned to.

There is no way to know what tasks you’ll be asked to perform until you begin work, as your employer mostly defines this.

However, we recommend that you ask for more details about your position and the employer’s expectations before accepting it. Nevertheless, this job does pay rather well. You might be earning more than a thousand dollars a month.

40. Make T-shirts

make money as a 14 year old

This could go well with the skill of design making. You can buy plain T-shirts, make a design, and then print it on the shirt, giving it a whole new feel.

You can even choose to dye the shirt in different ways to fit your aesthetic, and then sell it on sites like Etsy or other websites for handmade goods.

You can also choose to market your T-shirt-making skills to your community and let them come to you with their T-shirt request. In this way, you can make T-shirts for your local teams and groups and advertise your business to your customers.

41. Perform in public

If you need money fast, you could choose to perform in public. If you have a skill like singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing, etc., you can choose to perform in public and entertain people—Ready an act to perform and get on the street.

42. Raise and sell animals

If you have a lot of space in your house or backyard, you could buy an animal to raise and breed it. This animal can be a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a dove, a lizard, a mouse, etc.

When the animal gives birth, you can then put a price tag on the babies and then sell them through the internet.

But be warned, breeding an animal requires lots of patience, time, dedication, and capital. You may eventually reap your rewards, or you may not. Make sure you calculate your expenses properly, or you may suffer a loss.

43. Become a camp counselor

Well, actually, you probably won’t get to become a full-fledged camp counselor till you turn 16. However, you can still be a junior camp counselor.

Junior counselors get a lot of free time to enjoy camp while still carrying out their duties and activities, and getting paid after camp is over. There are no losses.

44. Papers

This used to be a go-to job for teens looking to earn some extra cash on weekends and holidays. It is much harder to find a genuine paperboy or girl nowadays because most newspapers have digitalized their content.

However, if you can find a local paper route around your area, you can work mornings. Older people still like to receive their papers from young ‘uns, and they tend to tip


While you can always start a business, the real challenge is making it flourish. You have to make use of all the resources at your disposal to ensure you make the most of your hustle.

Knowing how to make money as a 14-year-old or a kid of any age isn’t easy, but once you start, you’ve already taken the most significant step forward.

Make Money from Google Maps: The Best Navigation Tool Yet

make money on google maps

Not all that glitters is gold. In the same vein, not all that lacks luster is cheap. It’s funny, isn’t it? There’s an incredible treasure in earthen vessels, and many times we just breeze by them unnoticing.

Nothing drives this point home like the Google-Maps situation.

make money with google maps

Did you know there’s more to Google Maps than showing shorter routes to your place of work? How can you have this application on your phone, and still lack a steady source of passive income?

Hop on, and let me take you on a ride of amazing discovery. I’ll show you how to make money on Google Maps!

What’s Google Maps All About?

It’s no longer the 1800s. Nobody uses compasses anymore. One thing is sure, however: everyone needs direction in life, even when they don’t know they do.

As of 2020, about one billion people use Google Maps every month for day to day navigation and other reasons you’re about to find out. That’s a surprisingly high number if you ask me.

Google Maps is a Google-based web mapping service. It was launched fifteen years ago, on February 8, 2005. It has since grown to rank most popular on the entire Internet in the Maps category.

Its competitors are no match whatsoever because a significant percentage of digitally literate humans know only Google Maps.

Name only three more related services from off the top of your head! Yeah, right. I didn’t think so either.

Here are some of the things those one billion monthly users use Google Maps for.

  • Google Street View: Who says you must visit a city to get there? Google Street View on Google Maps gives you an overwhelming 3-D experience of whatsoever location you desire. It does this by showing you both horizontal and vertical panoramic street-level images.
  • Route planning: With Google Maps, all you need to know is the location of your destination. It’ll show you how to get there. It offers seamless directions for drivers, walkers, bikers, and even users of public transport. This remains the most widely used reason for using Google Maps.
  • Application Program Interface (API): This is a branch of Google Maps Platform. With Google Maps API, users (particularly website administrators) can create custom maps. They can embed Google Maps into community service pages, mobile apps, or real estate guides.
  • Global Positioning System: While Google Maps is available on laptops and desktops, more than 80% of users use it on their mobile phones. According to statistics, 67% of mobile phone users use Google Maps. Here, it leverages the GPS location if it’s available to provide location and route planning services.
  • Google Maps offers extra services that baby astronomers find thrilling. It offers exciting images of the sky, moon, and even other planets like Mars.

Learn some more features to improve your Google Map user experience.

Why Is Google Maps the Most Preferred?

That Google Maps is the most popular is neither rocket science nor by mere chance.

Here are two major reasons why:

1. It’s the biggest around

Google Maps covers the whole earth’s scope and even has some footing on other planets! In essence, so long as you have a phone, Google Maps, and a reliable internet connection, you can navigate your way, regardless of where you are on earth.

With Google Maps, you’re never really moving blind, and this is particularly a blessing when you’re making trips to the world’s most obscure places. You have a feel of where you’re going even before you get there.

These include transportation options, medical services, sites of attraction, clubs, and gas stations, to name a few.

2. Enormous Data

Google has invested billions of dollars into the accumulation of data to provide users with the most accurate results. You owe features like traffic information, street numbers, transit schedules, and city layout changes to this impressive data collection.

There’s so much information at your fingertips; you can barely go wrong. The latest versions of Google Maps are even beginning to include the density of certain areas. No other online-based map service gets this good.

Not only does it have the most monumental data collection, but it also uses it in the smartest ways.

Did you know that when in traffic, your smartphone serves as a sensor, sending unknown bits of data back to other Google Maps users?

This way, other users know to take another route to avoid ending up in the same mess. Nothing, after all, is as frustrating as being held up in traffic.

Making Money on Google Maps

We’ll tell you upfront that Google Maps does not pay users in cash for whatever contributions they make. The best you’d get from consistent contribution to Google Maps is points, increased levels, and shinier badges.

Upon reaching this stage, you get quite impressive perks from Google, which include some of the following:

  • Access to related workshops and hangouts.
  • Early access to Google Maps-related applications
  • Up to extra free 100Gb in a year on Google Drive.
  • You can submit requests to enlist in the annual Local Guides Summit.
  • Gifts from Google. The most common is a colorful local guide sock.
  • Discounts on Google Music and Movie Rentals.
  • Coupon codes for RedBus rides.

Perks vary, and benefits increase as your level increases. In the long run, Google perks help you save money by gifting the packages you’d have otherwise purchased.

Some of the contributions you can make to Google Maps to enjoy such benefits include the following:

1. Be an answer provider.

make money on google maps

How many supermarkets are in the area? I’m coming to X with my asthmatic son; how far is the nearest clinic in the event of a medical emergency? What’s the weather like around this time of the year? What’s the security of the area like?

At some point, almost everyone will encounter a question on Google Maps from another user. This could be from an intending tourist planning to visit a new location for the holidays, or from someone hoping to relocate altogether.

You could do one of two things: ignore, like another unconcerned human being; or you could provide answers when you can, and earn some points while contributing good to the world.

If you’re a local at the area a curious foreigner is planning to visit; you could build a life-long relationship from providing answers and earn Google points for doing so!

Actively ransack the Google Maps space for similar questions. Well tell you what; you don’t even need to be a local!

You can give equally informed answers to the questions people ask by carrying out some research on the Internet. This attracts 3 points.

2. Talk—a lot.

Some people love food to a fault. They’ve made it a life mission to taste every meal at every restaurant in their area, and beyond. Some other people love to globetrot.

You can earn points on Google Maps by making a habit of writing quality reviews of the places that you visit when you do.

Sacrificially visit places of high interest and write about your experience in hopes of helping other aspiring visitors know whether a visit is worth it or not.

It’s the same way you check Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb for movie ratings to decide if a movie is worth your time.

With continued writing, you’ll keep getting better and better. Before you know it, folks are waiting for you to visit places before they do.

You’ll make a name for yourself in the Google Maps space and continue earning more points. Heck, business owners may reach out to you and fund your trip to their hotels or restaurants to write reviews about them. Each review is 5 points.

3. Complete the jigsaw if you have the pieces

Make money with google maps

As efficient as Google Maps is, it’s not all-knowing. There are still so many places around the world that Google has only shallow knowledge of.

Such sites have locations that are not listed, and it could be a missing piece in the big picture. Technically, the picture is only incomplete if you know there are more pieces than Google Maps shows.

Sometimes, however, you know something’s off when you’re in a place, and the location doesn’t show on Google.

If you’re a local in a relatively hidden corner of the world, you have higher chances of earning more points by adding new places on the map.

Be a contributor to something bigger than you, and earn the most points for it. Each new place you add is worth 15 points!

We have unequivocally stated that the best you’d get from Google Map contributions are perks. Nonetheless, all hopes of monetary benefits are not absolutely lost.

You can earn money on Google Maps indirectly. This has nothing to do with any direct contribution, but by leveraging on its benefits for people and businesses.

You can do this in two significant ways. Here’s how to indirectly harness the power of Google Maps to make significant extra dollars for yourself.

1a. Claim wandering Businesses on the Internet!

This has to be one of the most lucrative ways to make money on Google Maps.

Though it’s the 21st century, you’d be shocked at the number of older adults that have little to no idea of how the Internet works, and its importance in the growth of their businesses.

Since you do, choose to offer your services to them, and make as much as $1000 per month! The key to making money anywhere anytime is looking for a round hole, and being a round peg.

In essence, seek to add value, and money won’t be a problem.

In seeking to make money on Google Maps, search for local businesses in or outside your area that is yet to set up their map listing.

Now, many business owners don’t even know what this is and how it affects business patronage. Stop reading this article for a moment and Google any random business in any area.

Scrapyard near meis a perfect example. Notice that the page’s initial results are a list of businesses with their respective locations on Google Maps.

Organic contents come much later in the page. To this end, Google Maps listings have significantly more publicity than SEO-related searches.

Imagine how much traffic they are missing out on if a local business hasn’t set up their internet listings with Google. It’s even more than you think! Refusal to set up your listing, or ‘claim your business’  leaves Google confused.

This could signal a message of business closure, death of the business owner, or just about any other terrible news. Frankly, they don’t exist in the Internet space anymore.

Most times, it’s these businesses you find after you’ve clicked the ‘click more’ about one, two, three times! They are at the bottom of the chain, and other competitors are feasting on all the customers that could be theirs!

The moment you scout and find a business that is yet to be claimed, it is your duty to reach out to them through e-mail or a phone call.

Tell them who you are, what you do, and why you’re calling. Let them tell you what their customer strength looks like, and how much more it could be the moment they allow you to offer them your services.

They’ll hire you for three reasons:

(1) They don’t have the time to do it themselves

(2) They don’t know how to do it themselves

(3) They want to make increased profits like any other business wants to.

Claiming people’s businesses has to be one of the simplest things to do on the Internet. Yet, this is what you’d be doing and be getting paid for.

Simply click on the ‘claim my business’ icon, and follow through with all the subsequent instructions. Schedule a time with your client, since you’d need some information that Google will send to their phone number or e-mail.

You’d also need information like their opening and closing hours, and some photos, maybe. Upon successfully claiming their business, they can almost notice a significant improvement in business traffic.

They’ll call to thank you for offering such great service at a little price. You’ve gained yourself some goodwill already, and now, you can take it even a step further.

1b. Help Businesses increase their ranking.

This is not directly related to Google Maps, but it’s good to ensure that you finish strongly whatever you start. Once you secure a business listing on Google Maps, you can offer to improve their ranking on Google.

When you do this well, they’d appear in the first 5 or 10 businesses that potential clients will see. The influx of customers this will bring will make the previous increase in sales seem like a trickle. A lot goes into this. You may have to:

  • Run Facebook Ads for them.
  • Create listings on relevant websites. There are different relevant links, depending on the kind of business. A Dental Clinic, for instance, will benefit from being listed on a website like Find out more of such websites on, by searching for “citations by category.” All of this is for free.
  • Build websites for local businesses that do not have one. Even if you don’t know how to do this, you could close the deal, and outsource the job to a website designer and make your profit.

Improving business ranking is a serious business, and people pay thousands of dollars for it. Read more about it here.

You don’t have to be skilled in any of the above listed, you can outsource the services to freelancers that specialize in such tasks.

If you take this seriously, you just may start your local marketing agency, and be a testimony of how to earn money from Google at home.

4. Build services using Map APIs

Google maps money loophole

Have you ever used an application on your mobile device that can detect your location? How do applications that don’t work in some countries know the country’s specific users are?

All these and more related services are functions of APIs.

A Map API is an interface that provides location intelligence for software developers. You can use these features to create location-based services and products.

Developers utilize the power of Google Maps APIs, build applications around them, and put them up for sale.

Understand again, that Google Maps is not an infallible or perfect system. Developers find Google Maps money loopholes, and they exploit them.

APIs have an extensive range of applications, and this is clearly above our pay grade! If you have a fetish for programming, and related stuff, check out some applications you can build using APIs.


Having come to the end of this article, I hope you’ve come to see one thing: you’ve most likely been under-utilizing Google Maps. It could be so much more.

Direct contributions on the platform to help fellow users will, in the long run, reduce some expenses. This, in itself, is enough motivation to be a good human being.

If that’s not good enough for you, learn the other indirect ways to make money on Google Maps.

How to Make Money on Pinterest: The Definitive Guide 2022

make money on pinterest

Pinterest is a social media network that enables users to find and share new interests by pinning videos or images to their board or others. It was established in 2009 and has over 300 million monthly users today. Vast reach, right?

Well, this vast reach doesn’t only support you having access to millions of other users. It also provides you with great options to make money.

Yes, you read that right. It’s possible to make money on Pinterest with or without a blog. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Pinterest money-making ideas. We’ll also show you how to execute these ideas fully.


Can You Make Money on Pinterest?

It might be quite surprising to hear that you can make money on Pinterest. After all, it appears as just another fun social network.

Well, beyond pinning your favorite DIY crafts or home décor to your board, there are tons of excellent means to make money on Pinterest. You can earn with or without a blog, through ads, and affiliate marketing, among others.

How Much Can You Make on Pinterest?

In case you still see Pinterest as a social network or search engine that allows you to pass the time, well, you’re missing out. Not only can you make money on Pinterest, but you can also actually earn high.

Although there’s no specific amount that you can earn per day or month, you can earn reasonably. And that’s above $200 per day if you put in a great effort.

However, the incredible thing about this is that you practically don’t need any wide array of experience. For instance, with this article, you can get fully equipped and earn the right to smile at your bank balance.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

Now that you know you can make money on Pinterest, you might be wondering how? Well, don’t get worked up. It’s relatively easy.

All you need is a good hang of your computer or smartphone. And a top willingness and dedication towards learning. Still, to do this, you’ll need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Create an account on Pinterest

First, you’ll need an account on Pinterest. And not just any account, a business account. Don’t worry; it’s totally free, so get right to it by clicking here.

Next, if you have a blog or site, you’ll need to claim your website on Pinterest. This is to ensure you can easily direct your audience to your content and enjoy cool perks like website analytics.

Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Pinterest has provided a step-by-step guide that allows you to do this easily. All you need to do is click here to get started.

Also, when creating your account, remember to input the essential keywords in your bio. This way, users can quickly locate you.

Step 2: Make pins and boards on Pinterest.

You now need to start making boards by creating pins for your account. You can create a great pin using free tools like Canva. It’s also easy to use.

Also, you should consider using “blog graphic” when selecting a dimension on Canva. This way, your design fits perfectly with Pinterest.

Again, just like in step 1 above, ensure you add relevant keywords to your pins and board descriptions. However, you must avoid keyword stuffing.

This is a deal-breaker that’ll stop you from getting traffic on your page. And without traffic, you can’t make money on Pinterest. Keyword stuffing on Pinterest can even get your account banned.

Step 3: Enlist on group boards then create additional personal boards each month.

If you’ve read other articles on Pinterest money-making ideasyou must have come across the instruction to get on group boards. Well, they’re right, and it’s very vital if you intend to increase your traffic and make money.

Yes, this advice remains the same regardless of reports of Pinterest directing more focus to individual boards. Join group boards that are important to your preferred niche.

You should also prioritize smaller boards with lesser contributors as Pinterest favors them. However, in case you want an alternative, you can use Tailwind Tribes. With it, you can upload pins to tribes where members can share them.

Also, ensure you create new personal boards every month. This way, you can still benefit from Pinterest focus-shift to individual boards.

Step 4: Monetize your account

After all this, you’ll need to monetize your account so you can earn on Pinterest. And this involves picking any of the money-making ideas and utilizing your account to achieve them.

Now that you’ve set up your account and pins let’s get right to our favorite part – making money.

Top Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

There are primarily two ways to earn on Pinterest. And they are with and without a blog.

How to make money on Pinterest with a blog

Using a blog is among the best options to make money on Pinterest, especially if you’re already a blogger. If you’re not and you feel the orthodox 9 am to 5 pm job isn’t your thing, this is a great choice.

Now, you may be wondering how to make money with a blog? Well, you’ll need to go through two processes. First, you’ll need to follow a 2-step guide. Afterward, you can then engage in active money-making activities.

  • The 2-step guide.

Step 1: Establish a blog.

After all, this is about how to make money using a blog. So, the first step is to create a blog.

In case you aren’t sure what a blog is, it’s simply an informational website – business or personal – that holds content about a topic.

For instance, a fashion blog will contain information about fashion news, updates, and options. Hence, you need to create a blog that focuses on a particular subject of interest.

You can choose to create a free blog on Blogger or However, this isn’t the best option. For instance, applying to affiliate programs and ad networks might be extremely difficult with a free blog.

As such, you should consider opting for a paid blog if you want to get serious and, in turn, earn money.

Step 2: Post-top-notch content

Next, you’ll need to post content connected to your preferred niche on your blog. And this content must be excellent as it’s very critical to your success.

It’s quite simple. Readers want something that provides a solution to their everyday problems. They also need the answers or information to be passed across to them in a simple and easily understandable manner.

Even more, they want you to produce them interestingly.

As such, you’ll need to identify your target audience, what they want to read, and how they want to see it. Afterward, produce between 5 to 15 posts that capture your audience’s needs. Also, ensure you do proper research and effectively engage your readers.

Achieving this might be easier if you choose a niche you’re genuinely interested in. For instance, if you aren’t a fashion person, you’ll likely know very little about it and get bored quickly.

As such, pick a niche that compliments your skills, passion, and market needs. And always remember to write from the perspective of your audience. Ask yourself, “if I was my audience, why would I read this?”

Beyond this, also offer high-quality freebies. These free offers entice new readers and make them interested in viewing your post.

After, you can request their email address, send subsequent posts and freebies, and establish a lasting relationship with them.

Active money-making activities

After following through with the 2-step process above, you’re ready to earn on Pinterest with a blog. Still, this is not the end of the route; you’ll need to engage in active money-making activities.

Here are two effective ways to begin earning on Pinterest after creating your blog and a Pinterest account.

1. Advertising on your blog

This involves the traditional way of making money through a blog – advertising. However, in this case, rather than Google or other platforms, you use Pinterest to drive the required traffic to your blog. Not to worry, it’s a great choice.

Pinterest isn’t only a social network; it also functions as a search engine, although visual. As such, people can search for things on it, after which it pops up results that direct users to different pages.

Luckily, Pinterest is far faster and easier to use in getting traffic than Google, especially when your blog is new. All you need to do is create a pin for every new article you publish on your blog. You can also add them to group boards, so people get to know about your post.

Then, when used consistently and correctly, you can drive enormous traffic to your blog. After, you can partner with businesses to advertise their products on your blog, thanks to the traffic.

When this is done, you start making money from displaying an advert. Also, based on the number of ads placed on your blog, you can earn between $5 and $20 per 1000 page views every day.

Also, remember that more ads and more views equal more income. As such, you might consider using platforms like Google AdSenseMyFinance, and, among others. Although the pay isn’t all great, especially if you’re new, it’s a great option.

Now, after a few months – 3 to 4 – you can then opt for a more high-paying ads company like Mediavine. You’ll need to have at least 25 000 sessions per month and be around four months old.

However, when you move, you can record up to a 300 percent increase in your earnings. So, it’s worth it.

2. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest

affiliate marketing on Pinterest

If you’ve been wondering how to make money on Pinterest with Amazon, this is it. This method involves making money through affiliate marketing.

Although it seems all technical and farfetched, it’s straightforward. It involves promoting a product or business to customers and getting a commission in return.

Just imagine yourself convincing either a friend or a stranger to buy a product and then earning a commission for each sale you make. Well, that’s all about affiliate marketing.

Only that you get to do it through affiliate links that help you and the business identify that a customer comes from you. Also, the customer bears no extra cost from using your link. So, there’s no turn-off for your customers.

Note, you’ll usually need a blog or website where you can post content, insert your affiliate link, and convince people to make purchases.

Don’t worry, in case you don’t have a blog, you can still earn money on Pinterest through affiliate links. We’ll show you how later on.

How to Make Money on Pinterest With Affiliate Links?

Making money through affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online today. Well, that’s mostly thanks to the natural process it comes in.

Here are the simple steps to follow if you decide to choose the Pinterest affiliate marketing idea.

Step 1: Join an affiliate program

To make money on Pinterest through affiliate links, you’ll need first to join an affiliate program or programs of your choice. To do this, you’ll need to

  • Identify the scope of services or products that your audience needs. And this is very important because trying to sell retirement pension plans to older people might be futile. This is because they most likely have one already. So, identify your niche and choose a product that is in demand among your audience.
  • Check out for businesses in that line of product or service that offers affiliate programs. Ensure you get a full review of the affiliate programs and pay special attention to their commission structure, cookie duration, payment options, and affiliate support.
  • After identifying a popular affiliate program, apply to become an affiliate partner. Note, you might be able to register directly or need to go through affiliate networks like Clickbank, Viglink Expedia, CJ affiliatesAwin, and FlexOffers, among others.
  • Wait till you’re approved or accepted as an affiliate partner. Then, create your affiliate links to start making money.
  • Note, it’s not a bad idea to join more than one affiliate program. It’s a smart choice. It allows you to offer alternatives and complementary options to your audience. In turn, you increase your earning possibility.

Step 2: Use your affiliate links

Once you’ve created your affiliate link, you now need to use them to earn money. To do this, all you need to do is include your affiliate links in your blog posts and promote your blog posts on your Pinterest account.

For instance, you can post content about the best gaming release of the year if you’re in the gaming niche. Then with your affiliate link, direct your readers to where they can buy it.

Now, thanks to the significant amount of traffic already routed to your blog through Pinterest, you can be sure to get increased purchases.

Again, remember to provide fantastic content on your blog if you intend to keep your audience impressed and improve traffic.

How to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog

So far, earning through a blog has turned out to be an excellent option for Pinterest. So, you feel discouraged because you don’t have a blog. Well, don’t be, you can easily create a blog/website with no stress or hassle. Click here to learn how.

However, in case you still don’t have a blog, you don’t need to get troubled. Yes, even without a blog, you can always make money on Pinterest. There are various available options to do this.

Still wondering how? Here you go.

1. Affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

Oh yes, you can also make money on Pinterest through affiliate marketing without a blog. All you need to do is join an affiliate program, as described above.

However, in this case, rather than using Pinterest to route traffic to your bog, you can directly input your affiliate links on Pinterest.

Then, when your readers click on the link, they are directed to the service or product page. There they can purchase while you receive your commission afterward.

However, you should know that Pinterest has quite an unstable policy when it comes to direct affiliate marketing. For instance, it was allowed when Pinterest started.

Then, in 2015, it was banned on the platform. And though it’s now enabled, you can’t be sure it won’t get banned again.

Also, you might encounter some limitations. For instance, you can’t talk about the service or product. Nor can you provide enough information that’ll convince your audience to purchase the product.

Again, some affiliate programs – like Amazon affiliate program – prohibit including affiliate links on pins. As such, it might be best to have a blog or site to explore affiliate marketing fully.

Regardless, if you decide on this option, ensure you research the affiliate program terms on adding direct links to pins.

If they don’t support it, don’t add it as you’ll be unable to earn. Better, pick affiliate programs that support adding affiliate links to pins.

Now all this doesn’t sound very easy. Guess what, you can easily avoid it by using a landing page.

This way, you can input your affiliate link on the landing page and then input the link to the landing page on your Pinterest profile. Don’t worry, Pinterest never flags landing pages.

Also, using a landing page is an excellent option as you can easily customize the page for a specific marketing campaign. Even more, you can create an email list with the landing page.

Then you can follow up on these customers and introduce them to new offers. Sounds great, right?

In case you’re in need of a host for your landing page, you can check out Builderall. It is fast, easy, and comes with a professional outlook.

And with the one dollar trial, you have access to all you need to run a digital marketing business.

Also, add hashtags to your pin explanation to reveal your affiliate status. This way, you can earn the trust of your audience. Hashtags like #affiliatelink or #affiliate should do the trick.

2. Become a Pinterest virtual assistant

pinterest virtual assistant

If you’re wondering how to make money pinning on Pinterest, then this is the how. Yes, you get paid for just pinning.

This method involves getting employed by a business as a virtual assistant. Usually, most online influencers, companies, and professional bloggers are too busy to set up a Pinterest account.

Even more, they need someone to manage their account, improve their online visibility, and route traffic to their sites through Pinterest. This is the part that you play.

Generally, your task will involve managing the Pinterest account of a business, blogger, or influencer. On the other hand, your specific functions will include:

  • Creating pins.
  • Automating the process of making pins.
  • Scheduling pins.
  • Collaborating with Ads Manager (Pinterest) to post Promoted Pins.
  • Making keyword research.
  • Establishing various sales funnels and opt-ins, among others.

Also, this method is pretty flexible, as you can have multiple clients and offer several management services. However, you don’t get paid by Pinterest. Instead, you receive payment from your employer either on a salary or wages basis.

Regardless, it’s still a great choice as you can earn as much as $50 every hour based on your level of experience. You can also negotiate directly with the business on your payment rate and structure. So, there’s no saying what price you’ll command.

With this method, all you need is basic knowledge about using Pinterest. Guess what, you also get a cool name – “Pinterest Virtual Assistant.”

In case you find this method interesting, You click here to get a free eBook on how to get started.

And when you are equipped with the skills needed to get started, here’s an easy way to monetize your services as a freelancer.

3. Market personal products and services on Pinterest

how to make money on pinterest without a blog

Just like Etsy or Shopify, Pinterest allows you to make money by selling your services and product on it. And although it’s not a direct income from Pinterest, it’s still all Pinterest thanks to its search engine.

In case you’re wondering why this is a great option, this is why. Available data shows that Pinterest helps 90 percent of end-users to decide on what to purchase.

Similarly, users – 66 percent – buy items after seeing them on Pinterest. More, Pinterest routes more traffic – 33 percent – to e-commerce sites than even Facebook.

So, if you’re an e-commerce owner, Pinterest is a great option to earn. Still not convinced, you can click here to get more data on Pinterest.

Also, all you need to do is create a pin for a new product, and eventually, boards for product categories. You can even do this using various themes and styles.

Afterward, include the link to your service website or store in the pin explanation. Then you can sell a wide range of products which includes:

  • E-books.
  • Courses
  • Printables
  • Home décor articles.
  • Accessories and clothing.

Even more, you can also market your services on Pinterest. Popular services that you can sell include:

  • Consulting services.
  • Management services.
  • Coaching services.
  • Branding services.

Similarly, to effectively enjoy this option, you’ll need to harp in on Promoted Pins. They are just like Facebook ads, only that Pinterest runs them.

As such, apart from answering the question of how Pinterest makes money, they help promote your services or product.

Also, depending on your preference, you can place ads in search or browse mode. However, we recommend the search mode as it places you in front of searchers.

Also, if you want to know more about Promoted Pins, click here. There’s a whole section on it waiting for you.

4. Curate a shared board with a brand

Generally, this involves creating a board for a flat fee. And this fee is paid by the brand interested.

You then share this board with the brand. And you’ll be expected to leverage your content, audience reach, and expertise to promote the brand. As such, you need to have a large and high-quality following to achieve this.

However, when doing this, ensure there’s a mix of the brand’s pins and yours. You can also include pins from others to increase your audience reach. It’s a win-win as you’re also increasing your views and followers.

5. Pin contribution

This usually involves working for a brand to develop new pins for them. And this is popular among smaller brands that can’t afford a full-fledged creative team.

In this case, you’ll usually work for monetary payment without any form of direct credit for the creation.

However, it could also take the form of a joint promotion. In this case, you’ll work together with the brand to create pins for an advertising campaign.

In return, you receive money. In this case, the pins could be placed on either your profile or the brand or both accounts.

Tips to Help You Make Money on Pinterest

As lucrative as making money on Pinterest sounds, it’s not a “get rich quick” plan. Yes, you can earn well. However, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort to achieve this.

To do this, here are a few tips.

1. Create a top profile

One of the few things that can make a mess of your attempt to earn on Pinterest is having a weak profile. As such, you need to ensure you create a top-notch profile when you begin.

You must also ensure that your pins are fantastic and adequately described. You need to appear professional to your audience.

Also, ensure you create a media or press kit for your potential partners. This should reflect critical statistics and facts about your business, blog, and Pinterest profile.

2. Apply SEO

Although most individuals consider Pinterest as merely a social network, it’s more than that. It’s more of a search engine, just like Google. As such, you need SEO to maximize the platform.

SEO is a strategy that helps you to ensure that an engine prioritizes your content when people engage in a search. This is important because most people only click the first results after each search.

So, to ensure people open your post, you need to ensure that your post is ranked high.

To do this, ensure your pins contains pictures and text relevant to the subject. For instance, if you’re talking about fashion, it might be wise to use an image of a woman dressed up and standing outdoors.

Also, ensure you place relevant keywords in your board title and description, account description, and pin title and description.

To find these keywords, you can always use Pinterest’s suggested search function. Input broad words and jot down the suggested searches.

Excellent Tools That Aid Money Making on Pinterest.

To earn significantly on Pinterest, you’ll need to have full access to Pinterest’s interface. And to do this, you’ll need specific tools. They include:

1. Canva

Pins are the basics of this network, and you need to ensure that your pins are as attractive as possible. As such, you’ll need to undertake the general editing of your pins. And to do this, you need editing software.

This is where Canva comes in. As earlier stated, it’s a free tool that allows you a wide range of editing options. You can add and remove text and change the text’s font, size, and color.

You can also edit the background of your pin to include a picture of your choice or reflect your preferred color.

Even more, it’s effortless to use. It also offers a free tutorial on how to use its function in case you’re having trouble picking up its basics. As such, you don’t need to have prior experience with graphic designing to use this software.

Also, with it, you can avoid the cost of contracting a graphic designer. You can design based on your preference and at your convenience.

 2. Tailwind

This is a powerful must-use tool if you intend to explore the Pinterest money-making ideas above fully. This is because it offers a variety of use.

First, it’s a great choice if you want to schedule pins. Usually, it takes time to set up pins manually on Pinterest.

However, with Tailwind, you can now spend less time scheduling your pins. For instance, you can plan your pins for a full week within 20 to 25 minutes. You can even create as many as ten pins with one click.

Well, beyond being a fantastic time-saver, this tool also allows you to plan weeks ahead. Even more, it provides analytics for every pin made and analyses your boards. This way, you can inspect your pins and boards’ performance.

Also, it provides a tribe function as earlier described. As such, you get access to a broader range of connections and audiences within your niche. You also get access to excellent and vital content without hassle.

There’s also a SmartLoop function that allows you to easily recirculate your top pins at the best period for high engagement. It also ensures your pins don’t get redundant by putting them back in action regularly.

However, it doesn’t come free as it cost $9.99 per month for an account. Still, it provides value for money. It also offers a free trial that you can take advantage of to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.


It’s always a great idea to make money online, especially if you feel you aren’t cut out for orthodox jobs. Looking for options? Well, Pinterest provides one of the best.

Thanks to its multiple earning possibilities, ease of use, and popularity, you can be sure to earn reasonably with it. In this article, we’ve gone through everything you need to know to earn through Pinterest.

Now, it’s up to you. Select one or more of the options above, follow our instructions, and begin earning.

Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos: 20 Easy Ways to Earn

make money watching videos

There are many methods to earn money online, but one of the easiest is to get paid to watch YouTube videos.

Nowadays, the best side hustles are the ones that can be done from the comfort of your bedroom and often do not feel like real work.

You’re probably among the couple hundred million people that spend hours on their devices. So why not make some cash out of watching a few clips on YouTube or TV.

All you have to do is watch something, and some companies are willing to pay you a few dollars for your “efforts.” There are some that will pay you for your screentime even if you reside in a third-world country like Nigeria. Cool, right.

Not too many companies do this, however, but a few do. Continue reading to learn how to make money online by watching YouTube videos, how much you can expect to make, and whether this online business is a good fit.

How to Make Money Online by Watching YouTube Videos or TV

Several companies offer individuals money just to watch a few ads on YouTube or some movies. Some companies use certain platforms or sites to provide rewards for watching specific videos.

There are different paths to take when looking for a way to earn money while watching YouTube videos. I’ve divided them by platform.

1. Sites

These platforms are the most abundant. These sites are companies that pay individuals to watch YouTube videos or are platforms that help companies to gather data of some sort or spread information.

This information is usually linked in some way to the movies or ads you’ll be tasked to watch.

2. Apps

These are platforms that make having the apps a requirement. You generate income by either watching the videos on the app or having it run in the background while streaming to earn money.

If you would like to make money with apps by other means asides from watching videos alone, here’s an easy-to-use app where you can earn up to $600 per year in passive income from any part of the world by listening to music.

You can earn far more if you choose to watch videos, refer friends, play games, or take surveys. You can receive your earnings via PayPal or gift cards.

3. Job Opportunities

These opportunities are for those who’d like to make a career out of the get paid to watch videos on YouTube gig. There are some entry-level jobs you can use to make money by watching YouTube videos.

You can even put some of them on your CV. Make a bit of money and get some experience that looks good on paper.

You can work with as many or as few platforms as you like. You can even work with an app, a few sites, and have a job reviewing films. It’s all good.

This kind of job can also allow you to get paid to watch TV shows on Netflix.

To make starting up your hustle a bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best-paid platforms to get paid to watch YouTube videos. Take a look.

Apps That Pay You to Watch YouTube Videos

1. Viggle

Viggle is an app that pays you to watch YouTube videos, movies, or series that you were probably already watching.  You earn one point for each minute you spend watching a video.

All you have to do is tap the Viggle app and then get watching, and you’ll be racking up the points.

You can even watch Bonus Shows to stack up some extra points. You can watch videos for money on apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.

Viggle understands that sometimes you might get tired after a long day of video watching. So, it provides in-show games. Some shows offer 10 points per minute instead of one.

To earn with Viggle, you’ll need an iPhone or Android device. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or other gifts.

2. Slidejoy

On Slidejoy, you get paid for interacting with ads or watching movie trailers. Well, you don’t actually have to watch them.

The way Slidejoy works is that it sends you an app as soon as you unlock your device. You can choose to swipe left and interact with the ad or trailer or swipe right and ignore it.

No matter which direction you swipe, you’ll get paid the same amount. So you don’t have to watch any ads if you don’t want to.

If you engage the ad, you might get redirected to a Play Store or YouTube page or the advertiser’s website.

To earn more cash, you can refer your friends or connect the app to your Facebook account. You can get paid your money through PayPal or get a gift card.

Or you could choose to donate to your favorite charity. Slidejoy is only available on iPhones and Android devices.

3. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen is a company that measures TV ratings. They also measure all sorts of statistics and metrics using data gathered from you and me.

To help make compiling data something you’d want to do, they’re willing to pay you to watch YouTube videos. You also get paid for the additional data gathered while you browse the web.

With Nielsen, you’re free to use the internet as you normally do. You can earn money by watching videos and doing whatever else you want.

Just download the app and sign up, and you’re all ready to start earning money with Nielsen. You can make up to $50 a year with Nielsen and gain access to their monthly sweepstakes.

They usually give away over $10,000 split between 400 people every month.

4. Adfun

Adfun is an app that through which you can have some fun with friends online and also get paid for watching video ads.

You will get more rewards with this app if you are able to get more people to interact with the videos you watch.

This mobile app is built to help companies gain broader exposure by creating a fun environment for its users and users are rewarded for viewing and sharing ads made by these companies.

5. Instant Rewards

Instant rewards is a phone app that gives you points for watching videos, completing offers, and doing tasks like downloading apps. Each point you earn on this platform is equivalent to $0.01.

The videos that earn you points are usually 15-30 seconds long. You will be rewarded with 1 point regardless of the length of the video.

This means you will earn roughly $2 for each hour spent watching videos on Instant rewards.

You can also earn more with the Instant rewards affiliate program. The program pays you 10% of all the earnings of the people you refer.

Best Websites That Pay You to Watch YouTube Videos

1. Picoworkers

Picoworkers is a micro job website for freelancers where you can earn money by watching videos on YouTube and also by taking some other tasks.

Other ways you can earn from Picoworkers apart from watching videos include.

  • Signing up for websites
  • Liking social media pages
  • Following social media accounts

Unlike most other websites where you can get paid to watch videos on YouTube, Picoworkers accept workers from all over the world and it’s a great way to watch videos and make money in Nigeria.

The signup process is very easy and there are often lots of jobs available immediately after signup.

2. Swagbucks

make money watching videos

Swagbucks is one of many video earning sites where you can get paid to watch videos on YouTube. However, it is arguably one of the best. On Swagbucks, you can take your pick of over ten different genres to watch.

While watching, you earn points called Swagbucks. These Swagbucks can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. You can make your first bit of PayPal cash just for signing up.

If TV’s more your thing, Swagbucks also has an app for TV viewing. You can run the app when you’re busy and let it earn points for you.

You can also earn points for doing other things like taking surveys, shopping, surfing the web, or completing tasks.

3. MyPoints

earn money watching videos

If you have a laptop and a phone, you can have the best of both worlds with MyPoints. This site does allow you to watch movies and earn cash, but you can only do this with your desktop.

If you don’t have a laptop, you can still make money with the app, MyPoints TV.

MyPoints is another app that lets you earn money by doing a variety of things. You can answer surveys, play games, print coupons, etc.

You’ll also get a $5 bonus just for signing up. The videos you’ll be watching will most likely be movie trailers, previews, app trailers, etc.

The minimum payout is $25, and you can get paid through PayPal cash or gift cards.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the top alternatives to Swagbucks. The same company, Prodege LLC, actually owns both InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

You can do a variety of things to earn cash, including, of course, watching YouTube videos. You can watch a variety of short videos with InboxDollars. Movie previews, news clips, cooking or health shows, etc.

You can also do other things to earn cash, like play games, take surveys, watch TV, read emails, and shop.

Before you watch any video or do any other task, you can check how much money it’ll give you first and weigh your decision. To get paid, you have to have made $30.

5. QuikRewards

get paid watching videos

This is another site that allows you to make money by watching videos. You have to watch the videos recommended to you on the site.

You can also perform additional tasks to help you earn PayPal cash fast. You can take as many as three surveys a day.

You’ll also have a chance to make money while shopping once daily. You can earn as much as 25% cashback. You can get your points redeemed through PayPal or get a gift card to a restaurant or your favorite stores.

QuikRewards doesn’t have much of a delay when it comes to payouts. Often, you can get your cash in 24 hours.

6. Paid2Youtube

If spending a lot of time watching videos on YouTube is one of your hobbies, this site can help you earn money while watching these YouTube videos. Paid2Youtube was established in 2009 and paid people to upload their own YouTube videos and watch others’ own.

This platform is a great platform to generate income through YouTube by watching videos.

You can watch any video on YouTube and get paid for it. And with more than 500 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, you could earn quite a lot.

Just these two tasks don’t pay a whole lot. But you can also earn cash by commenting, subscribing to channels, rating videos, and referring friends.

You also get a certain amount of money every time the person you referred performs a task like commenting. You can withdraw your cash from PayPal once you’ve earned $10.

7. iRazoo

make money watching videos

Unlike other websites that offer money for sign-ups, iRazoo offers you 100 points straight off the bat. You get to watch videos of varying lengths for cash.

iRazoo has a pretty good stock of videos with topics ranging from cooking to health to tech and sports. This stock gets updated daily, so you’re never stuck having to watch the same old stuff over and over again.

Apart from watching videos, you can also complete tasks, download apps, try products, take surveys, submit emails, and play games to earn even more money. Your earnings will be paid to you through PayPal or a gift card for your favorite store.

8. FusionCash

FusionCash is just like all the other sites on this list, except for two differences. FusionCash allows users to make money by watching videos and completing other tasks that will be displayed.

These tasks are displayed every day and are continually being refreshed. The difference between FusionCash and many other sites is that you don’t make a lot of money for each individual action.

FusionCash can pay up to $8 for a task. While these tasks may not come as often as we like, it is a chance to boost your payout.

Once you’ve earned a bit, you can get paid through a check, direct deposit, or through your PayPal account. This variety in payment options is hardly seen on other sites.

9. Timebucks

Timebucks is one of the few websites to make money online in Nigeria by watching videos.

Apart from watching videos, there are a number of tasks that can earn you money on this platform. You can earn money by taking surveys, playing games, referring friends e.t.c.

Timebucks works with an affiliate marketing system. Any company that wants to promote its brand on the platform must pay a certain proportion. They pay members taking the task a larger part of the pay and keep the rest.

Using Timebucks videos as an example, the company issuing the video-watching task may pay $0.90, while Timebucks pays the registered member $0.81 for watching the video, taking $0.10 as their own cut.


This site allows you to make money by watching videos through its intuitive design. With, after one video is over, you don’t have to choose the next one manually.

The app’s design makes it so that the following video will immediately start playing once the current one is over. This is fantastic news for those of us who just want to start the video and then leave it to play and earn money.

The videos you get paid to watch include movie trailers and video games. You can also do other tasks to earn money with This company has a search engine, and you get paid to search the web with it.

You also get paid anytime you use their shopping portal. All points gained from completing these tasks are called “Perk Points.” They can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. You can also donate them to your favorite charity.

11. SuccessBux

On SuccessBux, you get paid to watch commercials online. While these ads are short, they are plentiful, so you can make quite a sum if you enjoy doing this type of thing.

Its platform is super user-friendly, so even if you’re a beginner at making money with video watching, you’ll be able to find what you need just fine.

While watching ads is a more productive activity, you can also make money in other ways. You can respond to surveys, refer people, and even get paid to listen to music.

This company hasn’t been around for too long, and, with just over 170,000 users, it is smaller than most of its competitors. However, the user interface is pretty excellent for beginners, which is its selling point.

Jobs That Pay You to Watch Videos

1. Become a tagger

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, big companies in the movie industry, like Netflix and Hulu, send out notices for taggers.

Taggers help these giants tag movies into specific genres, themes, and age ranges. They label movies into particular areas to make it easier for customers to quickly find the sort of film they want.

These jobs pay way better than most sites or apps. You’ll also have a better chance if you’re bilingual and if the service is available in your country.

To snatch this opportunity as soon as it arises, keep your eye on Netflix and Hulu’s job boards.

2. Write subtitles

Because it takes a lot of time to write subtitles and scripts, lots of filmmakers commission this part of the process to freelancers. You can build a career as one such freelancer. If you’re bilingual, you can charge even more.

However, you should charge according to your level of experience. You’ll still get work. Maybe, not from professionals and big-wigs, but you will get paid.

YouTubers need someone to write subtitles and transcripts too. You can sell your services on freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

If you’re hoping to work in the movie industry one day, this might be perfect. Experience, pay, and you still get to do what you like to do.

3. Become a critic

This requires you to have some skill in writing and a strong opinion. If you want to make a career out of watching videos, this is probably your best bet.

Besides, learning how to make money online, you’ll be getting some money and experience. The pay might not be great at first, but if you stick to it, you might just make it.

4. You-Cubez


You-Cubez is the middle man between several advertising companies and you, the watcher. These ad companies pay You-Cubez for the views for their ads.

When you watch the advertisements, you, the viewer, get a small cut of the advertisers’ money paid to You-Cubez. You can get your earnings out through PayPal or Payza.

5. Get paid to watch TV shows on Netflix

I mentioned the tagger job earlier. This section is about getting paid specifically by Netflix for working for them as a tagger.

Netflix is the number 1 streaming service in the world and they occasionally hire people to help do the job of watching and tagging some of their shows and programs.

If employed, your job involves watching lots of videos on Netflix and tagging each of them with the appropriate metadata. Doing this makes it easy for Netflix subscribers to find the shows and programs they want to watch on Netflix.

In simpler terms, you get paid to watch TV shows on Netflix as an editorial or creative analyst.

Can I Earn Money by Watching YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can earn money by watching videos on YouTube because there are a few legitimate companies that are willing to pay you a few cents for every YouTube video you watch through their platform. These companies are paid by YouTubers that want to get more views for their videos and they pay you a part of this money for each video you watch.

How Much Can You Earn from Watching Videos on YouTube?

Your earning potential is dependent on the platform. Watching one YouTube video might only earn you a few cents on any site or app, so the more you watch, the more you earn. Your income will be significantly higher if you are able to secure a job that pays you to watch videos on YouTube. If not, you might not make much more than $15 to $30 a month.

To maximize your income, I recommend that you perform other tasks on the platform you choose. There are even other platforms dedicated to helping you earn an income online if you help them complete a few jobs.

Other Tasks to Earn Money from Watching Videos on YouTube

There are other ways you can make money from platforms that pay you to watch videos on YouTube. Some of them are listed below.

1. Sharing the videos you watched with others

Some platforms reward you for sharing the videos you watch with your friends. This means that apart from getting paid to watch video ads on the platform, you will earn when you share these videos with your friends.

2. Inviting others to watch the videos

Apps like Adfun pay you some extra cash whenever you get others to watch the video ads you have watched on the platform.

3. Taking Surveys

Surveys can be taken on most of the above-listed platforms while watching videos or after watching them. Earn surveys taken will earn you extra points which can be converted to cash.

4. Searching the web

Swagbucks is a good example of a website where you can earn some extra cash for using its search engine to surf the internet.

5. Leaving comments after watching the videos

Comments give a positive signal to the YouTube algorithm and you can earn some extra rewards on some platforms if you leave a comment after watching videos on YouTube.

How to Ensure Your Earnings from Watching Videos are Paid to You

Before watching videos or taking any task, you need to be sure you are eligible for the job.

Different platforms have different rules and requirements, go through them first, otherwise, you may end up not getting paid for your efforts.

Only a few platforms that pay to watch videos on YouTube accept people globally. Many of them limit their offers to people from top-tier countries like the U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia.

If the platform you signup for doesn’t accept your country, and you cheat the process by using a VPN, your earnings may not be paid to you.


Watching videos on YouTube to earn money seems like a cheat, but it is possible and very legal. However, it’s not a side hustle that can make you rich.

To make sure you’re earning as much as you can, you can create an account with a few sites above and compare their rates.

Pick the ones that pay well enough and make sure you watch new videos when they’re uploaded. In this way, you can make the most out of these sites.

How to Make Money Listening to Music: Top Websites that Pay

make money listening to music

Today, the global music industry is worth over $19 billion. And at the heart of this ever-booming industry is streaming. For instance, 80% of music revenue in the U.S comes from streaming.

The reality is that millions of people enjoy listening to music for fun just like you. However, have you wondered if you could get paid to listen to music?

get paid to listen to music

Although it sounds strange, yes, you can make some cash from just listening to the great songs you already enjoy. Wondering how?

In this article, we’ll run through all you need to know if you want to make money listening to music. We’ll also introduce you to the best sites that allow you to monetize listening to songs.

Let’s dive in!

Why Are You Paid to Listen to Music?

It might be quite hard to believe that you get paid just for listening to your favorite songs. And you’re wondering why these websites pay you. Well, it’s no scam.

You are more or less being paid to listen to people’s problems. Artists, especially newbies, need feedback from music lovers. It’s a big deal for them since, without these reviews, they cannot decide how to improve their art.

So, they pay you to identify issues with their songs, tell them if there’s a need for improvement, and push them in the right direction. In case you’re still worried, don’t be. You get paid to help artists write better songs and record hits.

You also get paid for making referrals. As you now know artists need reviewers, so they pay you for connecting them to other reviewers. No scam, it’s a simple business model.

How Do You Make Money Listening to Music?

To get paid for listening to music, you need to become a music reviewer. Although each website might have its approach, this generally involves sharing your opinion and thoughts on a new musical piece.

Apart from listening and reviewing the musical composition, you also get paid for referring others to the platform.

It’s quite easy; all you need to do is follow this simple process.

  • Look for a website that requires you to listen and review music in return for a monetary payment.
  • Create a profile on the site of your choice and wait for their approval.
  • After the approval, you can then listen, review, and get paid.

Also, you don’t need to be a musical guru to do this. You don’t even need to write a lengthy review. All you’re required to do is explain how the music comes at you. You can also compare it to other songs in the same category.

You can also make money from viewing advertisements. Most sites refer you to radio stations where ads are inserted in between the duration of a musical playlist.

In these cases, you don’t need to review or rate anything after listening; all you need to do is hear to make money.

Also, don’t think you can just play it and walk away while you get paid. These platforms usually install measures that help then confirm that you’re present. You might need to fill in CAPTCHAS or some other code.

How Much Can You Make Listening to Music?

As you’ll see in our review, you don’t stand to earn a lot by listening to music. At best, you might make around $10 per hour.

Still, it’s not a totally bad idea seeing that you already listen to music without getting paid. So, why not monetize it?

Top Music websites & Apps That Pay You to Listen to Music

There are a ton of sites and apps that allows you to make money listening to music. As such, it might be challenging to pick an option. Not to worry, we’ve identified our top eight choices.

Here you go.

1. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is one of the best paying apps to make money while listening to music and with this app, you don’t earn from listening to music alone. You can also make money by watching videos on YouTube and by playing games.

You earn rewards for every music you listen to and for every other point-earning task you participate in on the platform. You can easily earn over $600 a year as extra cash with this app and your earnings can be withdrawn directly to your PayPal account or you can choose to receive them as gift cards.

The Current Rewards app is available for download on both Google Play and the Apple store. You can access and earn from this app from any part of the world because it has no country limitations.

The platform is also a cool way to make money online as a 14-year-old or as a teenager in general.

Click here to visit the official website and download the app.

2. Slice the pie

Regarded as the largest review website that pays, this is a top choice to make money listening to music. Apart from having a straightforward interface, it allows interested persons to join for free.

After joining, you’ll need to listen to random songs and give a review. You can do this in three sentences and within 90 seconds. Afterward, you can move to the next step and continue earning.

Also, this platform operates on a rank basis. It assigns you a star rating when you join, and this rating improves as you do more reviews.

Also, people with higher scores get higher pay per report. As such, the more reviews you make and climb up the ladder, the better your chances of earning high.

You start with $0.3 for each review and earn as much as $0.15 for the same type of analysis when you are more experienced. So, in an hour, you can make as much as $8.

Also, by getting people to sign up, you earn more – 10% of their earnings.

Payment also comes easy as you can easily withdraw your money to a PayPal account. However, processing can take as many as five working days, and you’ll need a minimum of $10 before you can cash out.

You’ll need to ensure that your sign-up email address is the same as the email for your PayPal account. Otherwise, you might have trouble during processing.

It also allows you to earn on multiple fronts by enabling you to give feedback on clothing and brand advertisement.  So, if you have a knack for assessing content, you’re sure to enjoy a great experience with Slice the pie.

3. HitPredictor

get paid to listen to music

HitPredictor belongs to iHeartMedia and allows you to comment on the quality of music. It provides a pool of songs and requires you to react to them.

This platform is desirable because it’s a go-to option for artists and producers to sample public opinions before the official release. As such, you’re sure to get your ears full and, in turn, earn fairly with them.

To jump on this train, all you need to do is sign up, enter your details, and select your preferred genre. Afterward, you get to rate the music using a bar, which ranges from “I Hate It!” to “I Love It!”.

In return, it allocates 3 points for each rating, one that may accumulate to up to 90 points in an hour.

Also, you can earn bonuses by completing several reviews within a period. This bonus reaches as much as $5 if you’re able to review 15 songs. There’s no need to write an epistle; a short opinion will do the trick.

Apart from this, you can also earn 5 points by undertaking a short survey. Even more, you can earn 25 points for every new member you refer to HitPredictor.

Although, you’ll need that person to have rated at least five songs within their first month.

To join this platform, click here.

4. Musicxray

music xray

This website is one of the biggest and most reliable platforms for reviewing music. It allows you to join free of charge either through a Sound Cloud profile or via email.

You might also need to synchronize your account with Facebook to ensure it works properly. After, it requests for your preferred category then pairs you with songs that will interest you.

It operates by notifying you via mail of an existing song available for review. Then, you’ll need to click the link and give short reports about the songs.

You’ll have to do this as early as possible as a Musicxray review indicates that only a limited number of people get paid per song. As such, you’ll need to monitor your mail continually.

Musicxray also pays based on the number of songs you listen to. And this depends mostly on the available songs in your preferred category. So, to earn more, it might be wise to pick a genre with more songs.

It then pays $0.10 for each second or as much as $12 per hour. And unlike some other websites, you only need to listen for 30 seconds before you do your review.

Afterward, you can make a withdrawal as long as you have at least $20. It offers payment to your PayPal account. So, working and getting paid comes with no hassle.

To register on Musicxray, click here.

5. Radioloyalty


Established by Michael Hill in 2010, Radioloyalty is an internet radio that pays you for listening to it. It has a wide range of stations and genres to choose from so that you never get bored as you try to earn a few bucks.

Even more, it supports devices like Pcs and smartphones so you can make money listening to music through music apps.

This platform requires you to sign up on it and create a complete profile, and in return, you earn 1250 points. (250 for the sign-up and another 1000 for entering your account information).

This site that’s free to join also offers you 10 points for listening for 10 minutes. However, you’ll need to input a code every 30 minutes, so they’re sure you listened to their radio station.

Also, just like every other website, the pay isn’t all great. For every 10 points earned, you have $0.03. As such, you’ll need to have listened for long hours to make any substantial revenue.

You also have to reach a minimum of $25 before you can make any withdrawal.

However, this platform isn’t so bad as it offers you other opportunities to earn money. They include:

  • You can get paid by taking surveys provided by their partners. These surveys don’t require so much time and afford you an extra source of income.
  • You can refer others to them and get 10% of their earnings.
  • You can earn more cash by visiting recommended sites via their page for a specific period.

Click here to join Radioloyalty.

6. RadioEarn

get paid to listen to music

If you want to make easy money while listening to a radio, this is a great choice. It rewards you for playing your radio in the background.

You don’t even need to review or give any opinion. It also allows you to avoid stress and hassle when you sign up. All you need is your email, a username, and a password to begin to earn.

After registration, you’ll find links to different genres across various radio stations. Usually, this will depend on your location, and you’ll need to stay logged in to increase your earning opportunities.

Once you begin to listen, RadioEarn credits your account with 0.25 points for every fifteen minutes spent. You can then convert your coins to dollars and have it sent to your account with PayPal.

There’s no minimum payment requirement, and you can request payment monthly regardless of your balance.

It also offers excellent perks if you own a website. It allows you to integrate their program into your site and get paid each time a site visitor tunes in from your site.

To register on RadioEarn, click here.

7. Earnably

make money listening to music

Although relatively young, Earnably is an excellent option if you want to make money listening to music. Even more, joining this platform is very easy.

All you need to do is enter your email address and create a username and password. Once your email is verified, you can start earning.

It has a simple interface that allows you to maneuver your way around and earn money through its various earning opportunities. And for all these opportunities, it offers points as rewards for tasks completed.

Also, it has a low minimum payment requirement of $1, which means you can get your money as soon as possible. And to achieve this, you must have earned a minimum of 125 points.

It also offers multiple payment options such as PayPal, Visa, and prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

However, you can decide to wait longer to earn more. In such cases, you’ll need 225 points to make $2, 1000 points to earn $10, and 2900 points to earn $30.

Also, you have to pick between three available levels. And your choice will influence the requirements you need to satisfy before you can receive payment.

If you decide on level 1, you’ll need to have completed at most ten offers, have at least 500 points, and redeemed your initial payment.

If it’s level 2, your account must be at least one week old, and you must have invited a minimum of one person. For the third level, you’ll need to have made a minimum of three invitees and have an account that’s over a month old.

Click here to register on Earnably.

8. PlaylistPush

make money listening to music

If you want to make money through music apps – Apple Music or Spotify – PlaylistPush is another excellent platform. It collaborates with artists that need exposure by linking them up with curators who receive payment in return for exposing artist to people.

Hence, apart from listening and reviewing songs, this platform also pays you when you add its song to your playlist. However, to be entitled to this opportunity, you need an account on Spotify.

Afterward, you must have a playlist with a minimum of 400 followers and a monthly audience of at least 20 people.

Still, this isn’t a total turnoff as you can grow followers at an affordable rate on Fiverr.

If you have met these requirements, you’ll receive songs every time there’s a campaign to push an artist.

You’ll need to review the songs and include them in your playlist. Afterward, you’ll get a payment between $1 and $20 depending on your Reputation score.

Also, it pays through TransferWise, so there’s no stress or hassle. However, you need to have earned a minimum of $20 before you can cash out.

Click here to sign up as a curator on PlaylistPush and here to buy followers on Fiverr.

Things to Note When Writing Reviews for Music Websites

Writing reviews for music websites isn’t a complicated task regardless of whether you’re into writing or not. It’s just like the simple writing that you usually engage in.

Still, you need to ensure that you convey your thoughts constructively and effectively. So to do a great job, here are a few things to note.

  • Although you’re not required to write a whole page, you still need to provide details that make your review attractive. Avoid general comments like “it was okay” or “it wasn’t okay.” Go into why you think a particular piece is sweet or otherwise. A three to five sentence review should do the trick.
  • Make sure you convey your opinion in a simple and accessible manner. As such, write in simple English, keep your sentences short, and be concise in your construction.
  • Ensure you avoid grammatical errors when submitting your review. This is because a grammatically incorrect review usually equals a terrible rating. And bad ratings equal less pay. In case you’re not sure, use a grammar checker.


Thanks to the internet and social media, money-making opportunities are no longer limited to conventional means. Now, from the comfort of your home, you can make money listening to music.

So, if you’ve got a thing for Spotify or Apple Music, register on any of the platforms listed to monetize your jam sessions. It’s like getting paid for having fun. Cool right?