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Reselling Fiverr Gigs To Make Huge Profit With Less Effort

Today, we’ll talk about reselling Fiverr gigs. If you’ve come across this page, you’re probably looking for a simple way to make money from freelancing. You may even have prior freelancing experience. You can make a fortune reselling services without ever having to do the work.

It may surprise you to learn that some of those who earn enough money from Fiverr to support themselves make a significant portion of their income from Flipping Fiverr gigs.

In this guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started and make profits from this Fiverr gig reselling business, whether you’re a freelancer or not.

What Is Reselling Fiverr Gigs?

Reselling Fiverr gigs is also known as “Fiverr arbitrage,”. Drop servicing is a fancy name for reselling services in general.

That is, you sell services done by freelancers from Fiverr to a buyer on another platform, then pay the freelancers who provided the services their share while keeping the remainder as your profit.

This is similar to retail arbitrage, in which people take items they did not create, advertise them, and sell them. Then they pay the item maker and keep the difference as profit.

Is Reselling Allowed on Fiverr?

There are no rules prohibiting you from reselling Fiverr gigs after purchasing them.

According to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you have complete ownership of any service you purchase on Fiverr and can do whatever you want with it.

Now that you understand what flipping Fiverr gigs entails and that you are permitted to do so, let’s get right into how to do it.

How to Resell Fiverr Gigs

Before you begin offering your flipped services to the general public, you must first complete a few steps.

Step 1: Open a Fiverr account.

This is the first and most basic step. Open a new Fiverr account via this link in order to get 20% off from your first order. It only takes a few minutes to create an account. You don’t have to be overly cautious when creating your profile because you’re registering as a buyer.

Step 2: Select a Niche

It’s mind-boggling how many freelance jobs you can offer. On Fiverr alone, there are dozens of subcategories spread across eight categories.

However, when it comes to reselling, some jobs perform better than others. Jobs that can be easily resold must meet certain criteria.

  • There must be a reasonable amount of demand.
  • The supply must not be oversaturated.
  • It should be possible to buy it for a lower price and sell it for a slightly higher price.
  • There must be some sellers who have over a thousand reviews.
  • It is preferable if an order does not take too long to complete.

While these criteria may appear to be extremely difficult to meet, some categories and subcategories of services fit in perfectly. Videos with whiteboard animation, for example.

These videos, when done professionally, can look great and help explain things in place of long, winding articles.

They are, however, fairly simple to make, and someone who is used to doing them can complete an order in a couple of hours.

However, training for this job takes more time than most people are willing to invest, so supply remains relatively low.

Some of the best Fiverr gigs to resell includes:

  • eBook formatting
  • eBook writing
  • eBook cover design
  • Article writing
  • Voice over acting
  • Producing explainer videos
  • Translation
  • Design of advertisements
  • Writing sales copy
  • Logo design
  • Subtitling

These are the best services to resell on Fiverr that I am aware of, but there are undoubtedly many more. Some of these jobs are easy Fiverr gigs that anyone can do.

After you’ve decided on a job, you should learn a little bit about it. At the very least, enough to appear professional to your customers.

You might not be able to make sales if you sound like a complete noob.

Step 3: Select a Platform

Following that, you need to make arrangements for a platform you will use in delivering your reselling services. You’ll need a website on which customers can place orders. There, you can offer a variety of services with numerous variations, as well as get the offers you want to sell.

I. WordPress

Creating a website for the reselling of Fiverr gigs on WordPress will cost you a few bucks but this is the best way to make the most profit from flipping services. With a WordPress service website, you have complete control over the monetization of your business. is the best website hosting platform. You will need to pay for a domain name and web hosting. Bluehost is an excellent choice for this.

It’s an affordable and reliable hosting company that seamlessly connects you with the WordPress platform. Plus you get a domain name for free for the first year.

After downloading WordPress from your Bluehost account, you need to create a few essential pages for your website, such as your offers, contact page, privacy policy, portfolio page, blog, terms of service, and so on. You can do this yourself or get a full professional drop servicing website built for you for cheap on Fiverr.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of how to create a Drop servicing website on WordPress.

II. Upwork

You can also use Upwork as your gig reselling platform. That is, you can sign up for Upwork and offer your services. When you get a client, you can delegate the work to your freelancer on Fiverr.

This entails profitably flipping Fiverr gigs without creating a website for your business.

Reselling Fiverr gigs on Upwork is a great way to make huge profits because gigs that are only worth a few dollars on Fiverr can be resold for much more on Upwork.

Here’s how to resell Fiverr gigs for profit on Upwork.

Upwork is just an example of platforms through which you can flip Fiverr gigs without building a website. There are lots of other popular freelancing websites you can make use of for this business.

Making use of a couple of them gives you a better chance of getting lots of orders through which you can make profits after flipping the service to freelancers on Fiverr.

Step 4: Find Freelancers and Put Their Work to the Test

On the internet, there are millions of freelancers.

What you want, however, is a freelancer who can accept work for a low wage. Fiverr has a plethora of talented freelancers who are willing to accept work at reasonable rates.

You should look for ranked freelancers, i.e. level one or two sellers. It’s best to avoid approaching Pro sellers because their asking prices are typically much higher.

An example is this level 2 freelancer on Fiverr that provides awesome eBook cover designs for me for just $5.

When you’ve found a few freelancers who appear to be suitable, you should order test services. Select a group of freelancers who have received positive feedback and have quick turnaround times. Purchase their gigs.

If you will like to resell eBook cover designs, getting a couple of designs from the above-mentioned seller in order to use as your portfolio and hiring him for your jobs would be a smart move.

Once your order is completed, thoroughly examine it and determine whether it is appropriate for your customers (this is where having that background knowledge comes in handy).

If it is, negotiate with the seller and come to an agreement with them. You get a price reduction in exchange for consistent, large jobs. The majority of sellers will agree.

As a result, the following are the seller’s criteria:

  • Work of high quality
  • Time of delivery
  • Attitude
  • Discounts

Once you’ve found at least two sellers who agree to your terms, you can order a few more times to create a portfolio for your WordPress service website or Upwork account profile, depending on which platform you use.

After that, you can proceed to the final step.

5. Promotion

You need customers now that you have people ready and willing to handle your orders. The more the merrier. As a result, you must market your services.

If you will like to resell Fiverr gigs without a website, the best way to get customers for your business is to join multiple freelancing websites, advertise your services and apply for jobs.

But getting jobs through this process can be quite taxing and time-consuming. You can save yourself stress by using this freelance job finder software.

This software helps you to automatically find and apply for high-paying jobs on popular freelancing websites as soon as buyers post them.

It applies for these jobs with high converting templates for the respective freelancing platforms which give you a better chance of landing big jobs frequently.

If you choose WordPress as your platform, you can get customers for free by setting up an affiliate program in which affiliate marketers promote your offer in exchange for a commission on each purchase.

This drop servicing WordPress course will show you how to do it quickly and easily.

Advertisements can also be run on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You may also promote on forums that are relevant to your niche. Paid advertisements will require some investment, but you can begin slowly and gradually increase your promotions.

I will answer a few more questions about the Fiverr reselling business before rounding up this article.

Can You Resell Fiverr Gigs on Fiverr?

Yes, you can purchase a gig on Fiverr and resell the purchased service to another buyer on Fiverr. Doing the Fiverr reselling business this way is popularly known as drop servicing on Fiverr.

Can You Resell Art From Fiverr?

You can resell the art work you have purchased from a freelancer on Fiverr just like you can resell every other services purchased on the platfrom.


Flipping Fiverr gigs is a simple way to make money doing almost nothing. You’re only there to act as a go-between for the customer and the freelancer.

The most important aspect of reselling Fiverr gigs is keeping track of who is doing what, for whom, and how much you are charging. If you can do that, you’ll be fine.

How to Write a Fiverr Gig Description that Sells in 6 Steps

This is one of the best times to start freelancing, and Fiverr is a great platform to start. But whether you get jobs or not depends largely on your Fiverr gig description and Profile description.

Writing a Fiverr gig description for beginners can be extremely tedious for some people. However, that’s only because you’re not sure how to go about it.

In this guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to create an amazing gig description that’ll draw in customers like bees to honey.

Also, I will provide you my Fiverr gig description template for beginners which will make writing yours very simple.

Things to Do Before You Start Writing Your Gig Description

I implied it before, but now I will say it outright: Your Fiverr gig description(s) is a crucial part of your Fiverr career. You need to look professional, reliable, committed, and dedicated.

Giving you a job is the equivalent of trusting you with an important task for the customer. Although you will get a monetary reward, the customer wants to know if they can trust you to get the job done right.

Your gig description is where they go to investigate if you’re worthy. So, before you start writing anything, you need to check out a few things.

1. Check Out Your Competition

Competitor research is an essential part of the business. Freelancing is no different.

While there is a fundamental difference between a Fiverr gig description for beginners and a gig description for a top seller, you may be able to find some ideas.

And NO, I’m not saying you should go and copy and paste some top seller’s gig. In fact, by doing that, you could shoot yourself in the foot.

If Fiverr’s algorithm finds your copied description, you’re going to have a real hard time getting your gig to appear on top when your niche is searched up.

I advise that you choose six competitors with good reviews and ratings. Two top sellers, two level-two sellers, and two level-one sellers is a good distribution.

Carefully examine their descriptions and pick out the common factors and some unique points you think may work for you. I used this strategy when starting out on Fiverr and it helped me get orders as a new seller fast.

2. Do Your Research

This point has two parts.

Keyword Research

Fiverr has an algorithm that also takes keywords into accounts when selecting gigs to be placed at the top of the search rankings. Of course, keywords vary in every niche, so you’ll have to find out the ones for your niche by yourself.

How do you do this? Here are a few tips.

Search for your gig in Fiverr’s search bar. Use the generic name or even the first word of your niche name.

For example, typing “content writing” in the search bar will give me suggestions like “creative content writing,” “blog content writing services,” “content SEO writer,” “SEO friendly content writing,” and more.

These are all keywords that can be used to increase the visibility of your gig.

Shortlist the ones you feel are most relevant to you. If you click on these keywords, you’ll see how many services are being offered in relation to that keyword.

Take the ones with the least number of services available because it’s easier to rank higher in a niche with fewer competitors.

  • You can also use your competitors to find keywords. Type in your niche into the Fiverr search box and click Search. When the results appear, search for common phrases in bestselling gigs by changing the settings from Sort by Relevance to  Sort by Bestselling. Then, take a close look at important sections like gig titles, URLs, tags, and images. You’ll find some common ground there. For example, the Fiverr gig title examples under a “logo design” search with adjusted settings have many gigs with the keyword “minimalist logo design.”

Buyer Research

This is another common research point. You need to ask yourself what customers need from you. What do they expect from your services?

You can get your answers from other top freelancers and their reviews. What services do they offer, and what are the qualities that their customers’ praise?

In this way, you can pinpoint focus areas and avoid wasting time emphasizing points that don’t matter.

3. Simplicity is Key

Use basic English to communicate your intent to your buyer. Many buyers aren’t native English speakers, and there aren’t a lot of people who can spare the time to google complicated words.

So, use simple English, short sentences, and short paragraphs. That way, you can communicate effectively while keeping your audience interested.

If you can’t hack it by yourself, use the free readability test provided by Perry Marshall. A grade of seven and lower would be amazing.

4. Talk It Only If You Can Walk It

Okay, we know I said that you should look at other competitors’ Fiverr gig descriptions to get insight into keywords and what buyers want.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should assume that you can handle the services those competitors offer. Please don’t offer a service that you can’t back up.

If you cannot do it easily, please don’t say you can except you plan on flipping such service to someone that does.

If you get an order for a service that sells well but is too difficult for you to handle, it can affect your order completion rate, which is vital for success on Fiverr.

Bonus Tip: Put a lot of thought into your Fiverr gig title. Look for the main keywords in those best-selling gigs and use them as Fiverr gig title samples to craft your headings.

Okay, now that you know how to lay the foundation for a great Fiverr gig description, let’s get to the actual building.

How to Make a Great Fiverr Gig Description

The ideal Fiverr gig description should consist of six parts.

  • Welcome/ Introduction
  • Your experience
  • What you’re selling and how you’re selling it.
  • Why should the customer choose you?
  • Your requirements
  • Call to action

These seven things are the essential parts of a Fiverr gig description. Of course, not everyone writes them the same way, as I’ll explain later.

After I’m done explaining what every point means, I’ll give you a template and two examples to start.

Now, let’s get to the first part.

1. The Welcome/Introduction

Welcoming the buyer to your gig isn’t something every freelancer does, but it serves as a way to make your persona seem a little friendlier. Of course, this mainly works for individual freelancers.

If you have a team or studio and will use the pronoun “we,” a welcome message might seem a little out of place. But for individuals hoping to draw customers in and hopefully get repeat buyers, a warm welcome may be just right.

Also, please note that your welcome doesn’t actually have to have “Welcome!” or “Greetings!” or even a “Hello.” Your welcome only needs to introduce your customer to your skills.

Here’s an example:

“Are you a website owner looking for great SEO-optimized content to get your website to Google’s first page? If yes, then you’ve found the right person for the job. My name’s Amanda and I’m the professional website content writer that’s going to take your website all the way to the #1 search ranking.”

An example that’s a little bit more unique would read:

“Your website is your reception for all your prospective customers. Your content is your receptionist, the one who attends to your customers and gives them information. You wouldn’t hire a receptionist who can’t speak properly. So why would you leave your content creation to anyone other than me?

Hi, my name is Escape230, and I’m the best person to “train” your “receptionist.”

2. Your Experience

Next, you’ll have to expand on your relevant experience. Customers prefer working with people who have experience.

Nobody wants to be the first lab rat for a new scientist, and not many want to be the first customer of a fresh freelancer. Experience makes buyers feel that you are reliable and can deliver the service.

However, you shouldn’t write a long account of all your jobs. Remember, it’s a Fiver gig description, not a CV. Keep it short and sweet.

Here’s an example:

“I’ve worked as a website content writer for over 5 years and I run my own blog where I give tips on how to drive traffic through SEO-optimized content.”

This might be a challenge if you’re a beginner without any prior experience, education, or certification. But it is still doable. Just switch from experience to passion.

Here’s an intro from a Fiverr gig description for logo design

“After over eight years of creating posters and logos as a pastime, I decided to turn my passion into a career. Are you looking for something creative, unique, professional, and outstanding? I’ve been creating graphics for years and can guarantee that your work will be accomplished perfectly!

Passion, enthusiasm, and a promise of customer satisfaction can take your customer’s mind off your lack of experience.

3. What You’re Selling and How You’re Selling It

In this part of your gig, you’re going to explain how you’ll work. That is, you’re going to expand on what services you’re offering when the customer can expect their results, how many revisions you’ll provide, and more.

On Fiverr, there are limits to how you can sell your gig. There are ways to add extras and gig multiples, but these are extremely restricted as a new freelancer.

As you go up in level, the restrictions will become fewer, but for now, it’s best to list your services and prices both on your gig and its description.

Depending on what you’re selling and how you want to offer it, your services can look a lot different from other sellers. Let me give an example.

Fiverr Gig description samples

There are two sellers with gig descriptions for content writing. Here’s what one of them provides:

“What you will get in my articles:

  • SEO friendly and highly engaging content
  • Plagiarism free
  • Well researched keywords
  • A clear, cogent article with no filler or fluff
  • Well-structured
  • On-page SEO will be available if necessary
  • 100% guaranteed to pass Copyscape
  • Unlimited revisions.”


“What you can expect from us:

  • Website content, including the homepage, About Us, Services, Contact Us, etc.
  • Articles and blog posts (any topic excluding adult themes).
  • USA based native content writer
  • Unique and user-friendly SEO web content
  • Killer content writing service
  • Keyword Research
  • Quick turn around time
  • Fast Delivery
  • 100% Original Killer Content
  • 24/7 support.”

Now, here’s another one in the same niche but written in a completely different way:

“The niches I cover:

  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Tech
  • Sports
  • Pop Culture
  • Travel
  • Motivational / Self-Help
  • Health / Wellness.”

Note: There are a few niches with almost the same services offered. For example, most Fiverr gig description samples for data entry have mostly the same offers with differing experiences.

4. Why Should the Customer Choose You?

Now, you need to list out the unique points of your service. There can be over fifty thousand gigs under a single keyword.

So, you need to tell your buyer what he benefits from your gig specifically.

Honestly, there are many ways to go about it, and this is the area where your creativity can shine through. You can create a list of your special services.

For example:

“What you get from this service:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed 100%
  • Thorough research
  • Properly researched and integrated SEO keywords.
  • Proofread
  • Unlimited revisions.”

There are many ways to write this part, but it depends on the unique services you can offer and the niche you’re in.

For more inspiration, you should check out some other Fiverr gig descriptions in your niche. Level two and top sellers have some of the best gig benefits.

5. What You’ll Need (Requirements)

You’ll always need a few things before you can start a service. To avoid unnecessary messages, you should list out the items you’ll need from your customers. You should also write it in your FAQs, just to be sure.

6. Call to Action

This is arguably the most important part of any Fiverr gig description. All you need to do is remind the customer to order your service.

It can be something as simple as “Order Now!” or a more sedate, “I look forward to working with you.”

Conclusion (Free Template)

Now we’ll show you my original free gig description template that you can use to craft your Fiverr gig description.

Fiverr Gig Description Template

Are you looking for a professional (insert niche name here)? Do you need a reliable (insert niche name here) to get work done right when you’re in a hurry? Then, welcome.

I’m (insert name here), an expert (insert niche name here) with X years of experience. I’ve worked with several people over the years and have decided to share my passion for quality work here on Fiverr.

What You Get:

  • Insert feature one
  • Insert feature two
  • Insert feature three, and so on.

Why You Should Hire Me

  • Insert reason one
  • Insert reason two
  • Insert reason three, and so on.

My Requirements

  • Insert requirement one
  • Insert requirement two
  • Insert requirement three, and so on.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.”

Guide to Writing the Best Fiverr Profile Description + Examples

There have to be at least two million freelancers (I’m included) trying to gain an income through Fiverr. And if you want to compete with them, you have to get your Fiverr profile description in order ASAP.

Fiverr’s top sellers didn’t get where they are overnight. A lot of them executed a bunch of strategies to make themselves stand out to buyers.

Making their profile description amazing was and continues to be one of those strategies.

Today, I’m going to show you how to make your Fiverr profile description look professional and most importantly, reliable.

But first, let me give you a little more info on why your profile is crucial.

Why Your Profile Matters

Your profile is equal to a CV, exam, and interview for buyers.

Your gig description is very important in selling your services and might offer some insight into your personality, but most customers need more information on you.

Your profile description is your way of greeting them, introducing yourself, and making the impression that you can do the job.

In essence, your profile description plays a huge role for customers in deciding whether you’re qualified to handle jobs or not.

Right, that’s that.

Now let’s move on to how to make your Fiverr profile description awesome.

How to Make a Great Fiverr Profile Description

Step #1: Your Profile Picture

Not every top freelancer has a professional headshot as their profile pic, but that doesn’t mean you should use some random drawing or writing.

Pick a photo with you in it that seems trustworthy or use your business logo if you have one.

Step #2: Introduction

Introduce yourself. While your Fiverr profile description is like a character analysis for your buyer, it’s still not one. So, you can be a little more casual.

A simple, “Hi, I’m Rachel Gomez. Welcome to my profile,” works well.

Step #3: Show Off Your Experience (But not too much)

Your next order of business is to tell your buyer what you do. Sometimes, you may have training in one particular niche but can relate it and make it relevant in other niches.

For example, the way copywriting is relevant to both business people, bloggers, and social media influencers.

Say what you can do and market yourself. If you have years of relevant experience, show it off.

Here’s an example from a fictional Rachel Gomez.

This is an example of a Fiverr profile description for graphic designers:

“I am a professionally trained graphic designer and have over 3 years of experience working within this niche. Producing designs of amazing quality and attaining client satisfaction is my ultimate goal.”

Step #4: Call to Action

Don’t forget your call to action! A CTA is important in every description you write on Fiverr. After you’re done grabbing your customer’s interest, you have to spur them into contacting you with your call of action.

Your CTA doesn’t have to belong. One sentence is fine. For example:

“I look forward to hearing from you!”

“I look forward to working with you!”

“Please contact me for any requirements outside my specifications!”

Here’s one last very confident CTA: “Contact me to raise your Google search ranking guaranteed!” I don’t advise that you write this type of CTA without adequate experience, but if you know you can do what you say, go ahead.

Fiverr only allows 600 characters for your bio, so after this, you’ll have to move on to other parts of your profile.

Highlight Your Skills

Apart from your bio, you can highlight your skills in three ways:

One, make sure to claim your skills. Fiverr has a list of skills that you can claim and will be added to your Fiverr profile description. Only claim skills that you have and can defend.

Two, list your certifications. Your certificates can help prove to your customers that you have sufficient knowledge to handle their work.

Of course, this will only happen if your certification is related to your gigs.

For example, if you take this course in graphic designing, your certificate proves you have adequate skills in designing Pinterest Pins, Facebook ad images, YouTube thumbnails e.t.c.

Three, include your experience. This includes your educational background, employment history (if it’s relevant), and other information to add to your value.

This is important because having a wealth of experience can help you look more knowledgeable even as a new Fiverr freelancer.

Below are examples of a Fiverr profile description for beginners.

Examples of Fiverr Profile Description for Beginners

Example #1: Fiverr Profile Description for Graphic Designers

“Hi, I’m Rachel Gomez. Welcome to my profile. I am a professionally trained graphic designer and have over 3 years of experience working within this niche. Producing designs of amazing quality and attaining client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I look forward to working with you!”

Example #2: Fiverr Profile Description for Content writing

“I’m Ashish, an English Graduate and content writer with over 2 years of experience. I provide top-notch article writing services for fashion, beauty, and business-related articles that are SEO-optimized. I’m also fluent in Spanish and have worked as a translator for written works for two years. My goal is to use my experience to create beautiful content that ranks well. Contact me for a job done right.”

Example #3: Fiverr Profile Description for Digital Marketing

“Hello, I’m Daniel, a professional digital marketer that helps startups, small business owners, and online entrepreneurs in developing a DIY marketing strategy plan that explains their real-time market demand and outlines a step-by-step action plan for execution. Contact me to help you make your business thrive in the online space.”

Example #4: Fiverr Profile Description for Data Entry

“I’m Stacy, a seasoned data entry professional with two years of experience working as an executive virtual assistant for document typing and data entry. I’m an innovative, organized, and highly detailed person. You can count on me for error-free and professionally executed typing and data entry projects.”

So those are my beginner Fiverr profile description examples.

You have to make a good write-up yourself because other than that; your only other option is hiring another freelancer to become a Fiverr profile description generator for you.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Always use simple, basic English. If you can’t tone down your syllables, use Google to rack up some synonyms and Perry Marshall to grade it on its readability. You should aim for below-grade seven.
  • Keep your paragraphs and sentences short.
  • Connect to your buyers’ needs. Know what they want and highlight the fact that you can give it to them.
  • Don’t be too modest. Strut your stuff a little.
  • Let them know that the focus is customer satisfaction.
  • Proofread when you’re done. You can also use correction software like Grammarly to fix your errors.


Right now, I hope that you’re feeling fired up and ready to go write your Fiverr profile description.

I know that you can accomplish this with my tips and make a great profile that’ll draw in new customers.

What are you waiting for? Get writing already.

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How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr: 11 Strategies to Skip the Wait

first order on Fiverr

If you’ve opened an account on Fiverr, we’d like to say congratulations on taking a step towards another source of income.

Fiverr has helped many people achieve financial freedom from the comfort of their homes, and you can be one of them. However, to do that, you’re going to have to learn how to get your first order on Fiverr.

Learning how to get sales on Fiverr is essential if you want the platform to work for you. But the first few sales are a trial for every freelancer because most people prefer sellers that have reviews to show their experience.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you. Fiverr is a place where you can sell anything as long as it’s not illegal or obscene.

You can even make money without any skills or with Fiverr gigs anyone can do. Getting your first order on Fiverr is not as difficult as you might think.

Here are eleven ways to do it. These strategies have gotten me over 500 orders on Fiverr and they can work for you too.

11 Ways to Get Your First Order on Fiverr

1. Optimize Your Gigs

This may look like a pretty obvious idea, but it’s one that many people overlook. When a prospective buyer is searching for a Fiverr freelancer, they’re likely to type the skills they need into the search box.

Then, Fiverr will bring up gigs related to that search. However, Fiverr runs on an algorithm, and this algorithm can ignore your gig even if it’s related to the search.

This can happen because your gig isn’t optimized. To optimize your gig, you’ll need to make sure that you have a few things in order.

  • Keywords: Fiverr’s algorithm also functions on the principle of search engine optimization. This means you need to have the correct keywords in place within your gigs so Fiverr can know where to categorize it. This will also allow it to be pushed up as an option for buyers searching for that specific service. So if you have a gig stating that you can create content for blogs, make sure to have keywords like “content creator for blogs” embedded somewhere. It’s best to do this a few times but make the phrasing as natural as possible.
  • Gig Description: Your Fiverr gig description needs detail—as much detail as possible. Your prospective buyers need to know what you sell, how you sell it, how much you charge, when you’ll deliver, etc. It’s also a good idea to put a “Why hire me?” section. This section can detail the unique services only you can offer. The worst thing you can do is come across as someone unreliable, so make sure to state your services as clearly as possible. Also, don’t forget to use a grammar checker to ensure that you don’t have any spelling or punctuation errors. For some buyers, that looks like carelessness, which is not something you want to project.

2. Optimize Your Seller Profile

Your seller profile description is an integral part of your Fiverr identity. A lot of buyers visit a seller’s profile to check out whether they’re trustworthy.

At the very least, your seller profile should outline the services you offer, your work experience, and your qualifications. It’s also best that you have a professional picture up.

A headshot is fantastic for creating stellar seller profiles. Fiverr loves them, and they’re great for generating a trustworthy image.

However, these are only the basics of creating a great profile. The best sellers go a step further and create videos to explain their work. They also explain more about their personality, work ethic, and personal style.

Most marketers understand that while people come for the service, they stay with a brand for the personality and story.

Sharing more of your professional character on your profile will help you get clients on Fiverr and make them your loyal customers.

3. Make Use of Gig Extras

Upselling is a great way to earn more money from your existing customers. But, for those who haven’t had any buyers, gig extras can serve another function.

As a seller, you want to be seen as versatile and trustworthy. Having extra gigs can do that.

Extra gigs are just an upgrade or addition to the services you’re already offering. This can be an additional service, faster delivery, more revisions, etc.

These extra services and upgrades may be precisely what your customer needs. This might make him or her more amenable to becoming your first sale.

4. Offer Enticing Prices

While this may seem a little unfair, you might need to devalue your services to attract buyers as a newbie.

This is an essential part of learning how to make your first sale on Fiverr. Why? Because you’re not well-known yet.

As a newbie, you have no reviews yet. Therefore it seems to buyers that you have no experience. In short, you’re not trustworthy.

Lowered prices allow buyers to cut their losses in case your services don’t meet their expectations. This is your way of guaranteeing that they don’t lose as much as they would with another seller.

As you continue to sell and get more experience and reviews, you’ll be able to start slowly increasing your prices.

At that point, buyers (both new and returned) will be willing to pay because your reviews will be enough to gain their trust.

5. Check Buyer Requests

Apart from allowing sellers to post gigs, Fiverr also allows buyers to post requests. They can be found within your seller profile.

Fiverr buyer requests are custom to the gigs you’ve made. If your gig is creating voiceovers, the gigs in your buyer request will also be related to voiceovers.

Buyer requests are a great way to get your first order on Fiverr. These requests include what a buyer is looking for and give newbies a chance to apply for them.

A direct application provides a greater chance of getting chosen. This is because most experienced sellers don’t bother with Fiverr buyer requests, so you are mostly going to be competing with new sellers like you.

Sellers can offer their services to ten requests per day. Do you want to know how to make your first sale on Fiverr quickly? Use up all ten of your chances every day.

6. Send Paid Traffic to Your Gig.

This is by far the easiest way to get your first sale. The strategy is about getting clicks and views to your gig and there are two benefits you can get from this.

The first benefit is that Fiverr loves gigs that are getting traction and they help promote such gigs even further.

The second benefit is that you can get orders from visitors from your paid traffic campaigns.

But paid traffic can be expensive and tricky, and wasting money on expensive ads is the last thing you need.

To avoid this, Fiverr itself recently launched its ad service where you can get your new gigs in front of a lot of potential buyers within a very short period of time.

Buying this ad service can help you get clicks and sales fast.

7. Promote Yourself on Your Website

Though there are over 500 million blogs on the internet, not that many are personal websites. But, this doesn’t mean that personal websites don’t have the power to promote your gig.

With a personal website, you can display your work portfolios and appear like an experienced professional. You can include the link to your website on your Fiverr’s profile and this will boost your chances of getting your first sale quickly.

Also, having a website gives you the opportunity to create search engine optimized content related to the services you offer and you can link your Fiverr gigs to your content.

This will help you improve your web traffic, which will, in turn, help you direct more people to your gig. If you want to figure out how to get more orders on Fiverr, this is a great way to do so while being passive.

If you don’t have a personal website yet, you can easily make one.

Of course, you could build your blog on free platforms like and Wix but that doesn’t leave you with many choices when it comes to domain names, plugins, themes, and monetization strategies.

It’s best to build your website on And a hosting company like Bluehost provide you with a custom domain name, top-notch hosting service, and download WordPress for you with a few clicks.

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate and earn a commission from Bluehost if you make a purchase through my link. Thank you.

8. Target Clients on Social Media

Social media is a fantastic avenue for marketing your gig. It can help you generate some extra traffic and (hopefully) clients to your gig. What your gig needs most is traffic.

Unfortunately for new Fiverr sellers, Fiverr’s algorithm makes it difficult for most new users to rank in searches. Even if your gigs are optimized, and your profile looks incredible, it won’t matter if the right people can’t see it.

You can share your gigs with your friends and followers, but that’s a relatively narrow approach. Instead, discover your target audience. Find out the services they need and what they expect the results to look like.

By doing this, you can figure out a plan of approach. However, make sure to interact and develop a rapport with these people and companies before mentioning your services.

This strategy is a slow burn, but you can get clients to your Fiverr gigs and also make sales with it.

Another pro is that because these people or businesses don’t use freelancers a lot, they can be further enticed by the Fiverr first order promo code. They’re also more likely to become repeat customers.

The best social media platforms to promote your services are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you have the cash for it, you can pay to have your posts promoted to a broader audience. A reach of thousands can be bought for less than $50.

9. Create Multiple Gigs

A lot of gigs are related to one another. For example, if you post a gig for writing fiction, you can also post another gig for writing romance. These gigs aren’t exactly the same, but they’re closely related.

This is an excellent way of increasing your presence on Fiverr. And if you were asking yourself how to get more buyer requests on Fiverr, then here’s a surefire strategy.

If you create several gigs, you’re increasing your exposure. Apart from that, the chances that you’ll get your first sale are increased.

If you don’t want to diversify and offer gigs in related categories, you can create another gig under the same category but use a different title, keywords, tags, gig description, and of course a different offer.

I got my first order on Fiverr two days after setting up my third gig, and the order came from the last (third) gig. This in my opinion is a testament that creating multiple gigs can help get you your first sale on Fiverr fast.

10. Stay Updated With The Fiverr App

It can take a while before you get your first order on Fiverr. This is the truth all freelancers eventually accept. But can doesn’t mean will. And you can get your first sale when you least expect it.

Some people post a gig and, while waiting for their first order, forget it. But, orders can come in at any time.

And if you’re not online to receive and respond, your first sale will become someone else’s. Some buyers won’t even bother to message you if you’re not online.

Fiverr only shows people as online when they’re actively browsing the site. But, by downloading the Fiverr app and enabling desktop notifications, you’ll get an alert for each new message.

Plus, if you have the app and your data is on, you’ll be online within Fiverr as well. This way, buyers who need work done urgently can message you, and you’ll be able to reply promptly.

11. Check Out Forums

Depending on your gig and how large your niche is, some like-minded people might have a forum about it. These forums are an excellent way to get your first order on Fiverr.

Let’s take a look at a popular forum. Quora has been around for years and is a site where people ask questions and others answer based on their own experiences.

People who answer lots of questions eventually gain a reputation. The better you do, the more people want to find out about you. This leads to checking out your profile (which is where you’ll place your gig link). This is a form of indirect marketing.

You can also go the full hog and directly promote yourself on forums for your niche. For example, if you write content for blogs, you can promote yourself on sites like Problogger, Bloggeries, and Digital Point.


And that makes eleven! I hope you’ve picked up a few gems to help you learn how to get your first order on Fiverr. However, in addition to the above strategies, you’ll need consistency in quality to get buyers on Fiverr.

If the work quality, response time, and customer service are excellent, you can make your first buyer a repeat customer without extra services or promotions.

Here are some other guides that can help you in your quest to make money on Fiverr;

23 Easy Fiverr Gigs Anyone Can Do To Make Money Without Skills.

easy fiverr gigs

If you want to make money without having to bust your butt, then being a freelancer on Fiverr providing easy Fiverr gigs that require no skill or experience is a great way to do that.

It may seem like you need to have perfected a hard skill to become a successful freelancer, but that’s not the case at all. You can still make a good sum just by offering some easy Fiverr gigs anyone can do.

I’ve made over $20,000 selling easy Fiverr services and you can make lots of money with them too.

Fiverr’s one of the world’s top freelancing platforms with millions of people making money on it.

Over a third of freelancers make around $75,000 a year. Many of them do this by creating multiple easy gigs to sell on Fiverr or by reselling purchased gigs for profit.

These gigs sell services that most people may be able to do themselves but don’t want to. So, you need to set up these easy gigs to make money from freelancing the simple way.

I’ve found 23 of the best easy Fiverr gig ideas. These are jobs anyone can do and by the end of this article, you should be ready to begin your freelance career on Fiverr.

What Are The Easiest Things to Sell on Fiverr?

The easiest things to sell on Fiverr are services that do not require special skills or complex tools and at the same time can be performed within a short period of time without much effort. Virtually all the services here meet these criteria.

My Fiverr freelancer proof of earnings from offering easy gigs
My earnings from offering easy gigs on Fiverr

23 Easy Fiverr Gigs to Make Money

1. Comment on Blogs

This is the easiest of easy Fiverr gigs to make money. All you have to do is comment on people’s blog posts. Comments can boost a blog’s SEO and can bump it further up in search rankings.

However, creating backlinks in other relevant blog posts can increase a blog’s site authority and bump it even further in search rankings.

If you enjoy reading blog posts and sharing your opinion, then this might be one of the best easy Fiverr gigs for you. However, you might need to do some research if you’re asked to create backlinks.

You’ll need to find other blogs (not the buyer’s) with relevant content. You’ll also need to find a creative way to link the buyer’s blog.

This gig is easy to perform because it’s a Fiverr gig that requires no skill or experience, and payments can quickly add up even if you only charge $5 per comment.

2. Do Voiceovers

easy fiverr gigs

Do you get compliments about your voice? Ever thought about starting a podcast or becoming a voice actor? Well, you don’t need to look far to earn money with your voice. You can do it with a smartphone and your Fiverr account.

Voices are necessary for businesses that create animations, explainer videos, ads, audiobooks, etc. The best thing about this job and what makes it one of the more popular easy Fiverr gigs is that anyone can do it.

You don’t actually need a voice like Mel Blanc’s to earn money as a voice actor. People need voices for all sorts of roles, and your voice may just fit their criteria.

All you need for this gig is a computer (phone is good, too) with a microphone, some recording software, and your voice.

3. Hold a Sign

“Hold Your Sign” gigs are pretty popular easy gigs to sell on Fiverr. Why? Well, because you don’t need to do anything but hold a sign.

You don’t need to possess any skills or defining characteristics; neither do you need any expertise or experience. All you need to do is get the client’s message, put it on a sign, and hold it where passersby can read it.

The buyer could even provide the sign. The message can also be anything, but it’s an ad for the buyer’s business most of the time.

If you’re good at photo editing, you can do “Hold Your Sign” gigs differently. People do this by photoshopping the buyer’s signs into the hands of celebrities. A popular celebrity sign holder is the 44th U.S. president, Barack Obama.

4. Proofreading

fiverr gigs that require no skill

Proofreading is the process of correcting errors within texts. These errors can occur in different forms; grammatical, punctuation, spelling, or comprehension.

This is one of the Fiverr gig examples that can be performed without formal training and it’s one of the best Fiverr gigs for beginners.

However, if you intend to keep your business going in the long term, it would be best if you invested in a course. This free proofreading webinar can get you started.

Proofreading is lucrative because all standard texts need it. It’s a part of the publication process that cannot be skipped.

Professional proofreaders can make over $50,000 a year. You can proofread texts in any language you’re fluent in. Software like Grammarly help makes the job even easier. Though the premium version is several times better, the free version can also save you some time.

5. YouTube Intro and Outro Videos

easy gigs to make money

Creating Intro and Outro videos for YouTube channels is an easy gig to sell on Fiverr if you are equipped with the right tool.

The very high amount of reviews some sellers offering this service have received shows that this is a high-demand gig on Fiverr. Invideo is a powerful tool you can use to make high-quality YouTube intros and outros videos very quickly.

The client will provide you with the basic things you need to make this short video.

All you need do is to pick one of many awesome YouTube Intro or outro templates on Invideo, import the content, and after Invideo does its magic, you can download the finished work. You can get started with this tool absolutely free.

6. Create Short Video Ads

Every business needs some form of advertisement in order to put their goods and services in front of the right audience and video advertisements are known to outperform every other form of advertisement by a lot.

Creating these short video ads is an easy gig to make money if you deploy the use of a tool like Invideo which I mentioned above.

Apart from creating cool YouTube intros and outros videos, this tool can be used to easily create engaging social media video ads.

7. Give Advice for Money

Giving valuable advice is another easy service to sell on Fiverr. If you are an expert in a certain field, you can make money by giving advice to those in need of your expert opinion.

You can set your service fee on a per-hour basis. This is one of the best Fiverr gigs for beginners because it’s a gig with low competition.

8. Build Affiliate Landing Pages/Sales Funnels

Okay, I know that the title sounds hard, but in reality, this job is straightforward. A landing page is a web page created for the sole purpose of turning leads into conversions.

A sales funnel is a series of steps and processes designed to turn leads into sales. Your service will be about creating an affiliate landing page/sales funnel.

This landing page is focused on conversions. That is, it focuses on making visitors enter their email or click an affiliate link that takes them to a sales page.

Making such a landing page is easy with the help of drag and drop landing page/sales funnel software that requires you have no prior coding skills or knowledge in HTML.

One such software is, a powerful drag-and-drop page builder with affiliate marketing-friendly autoresponder.

The software is free with an optional upgrade and you don’t need to know a lot about building landing pages, sales funnels, or small websites with There’s already step-by-step training provided.

Note: You can make passive income as an affiliate of while using their services to create landing pages. You can sell to clients who’d like you to make their landing pages because you are automatically their affiliate. In this way, it’s easy to earn a passive recurring income. I personally make passive income while rendering this easy Fiverr service using this method.

9. Graphics and Image Design

This is one of my favorite easy gigs to sell on Fiverr that encompasses a few jobs. If you have a design talent and can create logos, Pinterest pins, Instagram, or YouTube video thumbnail e.t.c, you can make it a gig on Fiverr.

You can create logos and images for businesses or edit photos for people. Graphic design and image editing are jobs that can be performed without too much expense or experience.

You can use apps to make up for a lack of experience or equipment. Canva is an excellent example of an app that’s great for both graphic design and image editing. They have loads of fantastic backgrounds and filters for free.

Although apps like Canva makes designing images easy, taking a course on Canva graphic design on platforms like Udemy can help you turn this gig into a very lucrative one.

10. eBook Design and Formatting

fiverr gigs for beginners

A lot of information is going digital, and books must follow suit. EBook design has exploded with the development of websites like Wattpad, Webnovel, and other sites for amateur and professional writers to share their works.

These people need covers for their eBooks. They also need to format them so they can look as good online as they do on paper.

Professional eBook designers on Fiverr can charge over $20 for a simple cover. A great eBook automation software that can help you create beautiful eBooks is Sqribble.

With Sqribble, you can turn PDFs, podcasts, M.S. Word documents, videos, etc., into eBooks. That takes care of formatting. For the covers, Canva is still a great idea.

11. Make Video Testimonials

We’ve all visited sites that have video testimonials. They’re audio and visual proof that a product has worked for the person in the video.

Video testimonials can be powerful marketing tools, and you can sell them. This is one of the best Fiverr gigs to make money without any skills. All you need is your camera, good lighting, and yourself. 

Video testimonials are one of the high-demand gigs on Fiverr. They’re usually sought by businesses looking for reviews or spokespersons for their products.

These businesses will tell you what to say, so all you have to do is follow their guidelines.

12. Create Content

Creating content for blogs and businesses is a fairly lucrative way to earn money. Depending on what niche you choose, it can also become one of many easy Fiverr gigs. This doesn’t have to be done solely in English. You offer services in the languages you’re fluent in. 

Also, your content doesn’t have to be centered around blog posts and articles. You can write letters, short stories, stories, books, etc.

You can ghostwrite essays for students and write summaries of long texts for others. There are tons of options when it comes to content creation.

13. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are usually videos that are made to explain complex topics or concepts. The word “whiteboard” is used because the video is made using animated characters drawn on whiteboards.

Whiteboard animation video service is a high-paying Fiverr gig that is also high in demand. And another great thing about this service is that the competition is quite low on Fiverr.

Getting whiteboard explainer videos done may sound complicated or difficult, but it’s actually not while using the right software.

One such software made for freelancers is Doodlemaker.

You get charged a one-time payment of $67 for an enterprise license and you can make whiteboard animations super fast even if you haven’t made any animation video before.

This software also gives you access to over a hundred done-for-you animated videos in different niches and complete training on how you can create high-quality whiteboard animation videos from scratch in record time.

Including a voiceover service to video animation service can make you a lot more money and Doodlemaker can help with that as it comes with a ton of real-human voices.

Even as a new seller on Fiverr, you can easily charge over $100 for a short animated video with no voice-over included.

14. Manage People’s Social Media

If you spend a lot of time on social media, understand how to grow followers, and create content that people like to see, you can make a killing off of managing people’s socials. There are several ways to do this.

You can offer to grow people’s followings. You can get paid to aid a social media marketing campaign. You can offer likes, reposts, and retweets. If you have lots of followers, people can also pay you to advertise their products on your own account.

A tool like Pallyy helps make your job as a social media account manager easy and efficient. With it, you can manage and grow your clients’ accounts by automatically finding and reposting engaging content as well as giving credit to the author.

Pallyy integrates with Canva to help create better graphics. It also helps you schedule posts, manage comments, tag users and locations on Instagram and Facebook posts, e.t,c.

15. Test Websites

Here’s another easy Fiverr gig idea. To become a website tester, you only need yourself and your computer or phone. Technical skills aren’t required at all.

A website tester is just a person that tests the overall quality of a website. They check out how user-friendly the website is, how fast the pages load, ease of navigation, etc.

New website owners need to know these details before publicizing their links. You may be asked to screengrab your experience.

16. Create Business Names

Quite savvy with names? Do you have a flair for creative monikers? Then, you can help businesses create catchy names.

New companies and business owners like names that fit their brand but are catchy and easy to remember. If you can create such names, then you have an easy gig to make money on Fiverr at your disposal.

You can use this free tool to come up with creative business names.

17. Assist People (Virtually)

easy gigs to sell on fiverr

Virtual assistants are one of the high-demand gigs on Fiverr right now. Many people whose primary job is hosted online need assistants to perform the necessary tasks they don’t have time to do.

These tasks are usually simple data entry, scheduling, communication, research, correspondence, etc.

As a virtual assistant, your job is pretty much whatever your boss tells you it is. This is a relatively easy way to make money and can be quite lucrative in the long run. However, don’t expect the income from this gig to start paying your bills at first.

18. Translate

Are you fluent in one or more foreign languages? Then you can make money translating for people. You can translate audio to text and text to text. You can even create subtitles for videos. Translating eBooks is also an option.

This is one of my easy Fiverr gigs that can become a career if you play your cards right. This lady seems to be doing pretty well for herself.

The Google translation tool is a free tool you can make use of if your translation skills are not top-notch yet.

19. Be an online friend

Getting paid to be an online friend is one of the most exciting of the easiest Fiverr gigs anyone can offer.

All this gig entail is to be a good online companion to your customers for a set period of time and payments can be fixed on an hourly basis.

If you enjoy making new friends and are a good conversationalist, here’s your chance to make a good income online from your hobbies.

20. Unboxing videos

An unboxing video is simply a short video recording of yourself opening a product for the first time. This is a form of advertisement that enables potential buyers of the product to experience what the product feels like.

The unboxing video service is a relatively new category on Fiverr hence the competition for this service is really low. This makes it an easy gig to sell on Fiverr for beginners.

21. Customer service

Customer service is another easy gig on Fiverr with low competition. This gig is great for beginners that would like to earn from freelancing on Fiverr by working remotely as customer service agents for businesses.

The job of a customer service agent mostly revolves around rendering support to customers of a particular business via email, live chat, and phone calls.

This job can be done full-time or part-time and your service fee can be charged on a per-hour basis.

22. Articles to video conversion

Converting articles and blog posts to videos is an easy Fiverr job that is high in demand.

Many content writers like their written content to be converted into faceless videos which they can upload to YouTube or other video-sharing platforms. You can easily do an amazing article-to video conversion job with a free tool like Invideo.

23. Online tutoring

You most probably know some things that others do not know and they are willing to pay you for your knowledge. Online tutoring on Fiverr is an easy way to make money with your knowledge.

As long as the knowledge you have to offer has a demand that is reasonably high, you can make a decent income on Fiverr with this type of gig.

Bonus Tip

Feeling like you don’t have the interest to do any Fiverr job? That’s okay. You can learn how to make money from Fiverr without skills by drop servicing on Fiverr. All you need is yourself, some energy, and a phone or computer.

Can Beginners Make Money on Fiverr?

Yes. The Fiverr freelancing platform is designed in such a way that beginners without experience or reviews can make money. The platform helps beginners by giving them a fair chance to make sales, they even seldom rank properly created gigs owned by beginners ahead of those of experienced sellers.

How Much Can A Beginner Earn on Fiverr?

It’s possible for beginners to earn a couple of hundred dollars in their first month on Fiverr and their earnings can potentially increase after a few months of delivering quality services on the platform.

I earned $220 in my first month on Fiverr and was fortunate to increase my earnings to $550 in the second month.

How Do You Get Started on Fiverr With Easy Gigs?

Now that I’ve shown you 23 easy Fiverr gigs anyone can do, it’s time for you to use them. You can make thousands of dollars with the above jobs, and most of them don’t require you to have any skill, experience, or special equipment.

But before you can start making money with these easy Fiverr services, you need to signup as a freelancer on Fiverr, choose from the above-mentioned gigs, then create a killer Fiverr seller profile and hot selling gig description for your services.

This will ensure you get started with offering easy services on Fiverr the right way.

How to Make Money on Fiverr With Easy Services

Choosing easy services to sell on Fiverr and creating gigs for these services are the first steps to take in order to make money on Fiverr with easy gigs.

After creating these gigs, you need to work towards getting customers to buy your services. So, to make sure you have a smooth ride on your road to making money with your services, I’ve created a guide to show you how to make sales as a freelancer on Fiverr even if you are a complete beginner.

Final Note on Easy Fiverr Gigs

These are the easiest of easy gigs on Fiverr and they are Fiverr jobs anyone can do. While some may be more profitable and have higher compensations than others, they’re all easy gigs to make money from home.

However, some may bring in low income now but will pick up later. It’s best to try out the ones that appeal to you most first, even if they don’t seem all that high-earning.

How To Make Money On Fiverr Without Skills: 2 Great Ways To Monetize Fiverr

Fiverr is a virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers of various skill sets. Today, it’s perhaps the number one virtual marketplace thanks to its presence in over 160 countries.

Being a marketplace it allows individuals to sell their skills in return for money. And they get to keep as much as 80% of their earnings. In case you’re wondering how to sell your skill on Fiverr for money, you can check my guide here.

However, the new thing is you don’t need to have any skills to make money on Fiverr. And although it might sound impossible since Fiverr is all about skills, it’s very much possible.

Wondering how? In this article, we’ll discuss how to make money on Fiverr without skills.

Dive in!

Can You Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills?

When you hear about Fiverr, you most likely think of having to sell or buy a skill. Well, that’s understandable as that’s what we all expect Fiverr to do.

However, like most platforms, Fiverr has evolved over the years to allow you to make money without a skill. Or better, individuals have found easy ways to make money on Fiverr without having talent.

So, if you’re wondering if you can make money on Fiverr, the answer is YES! You can make money on Fiverr without having any sort of skill.

Even more, you can make as much money as you would have made if you had a skill.

Now that it’s clear that you can make money on Fiverr without any skill, you might be wondering how. Well, that’s what this article is all about.

The truth is that there are various ways to make money on Fiverr without skills.

And some of it involves trading on Fiverr and providing services to people. Only that this time, you don’t have to be the one with the skills you’re trading.

Still wondering how? Let’s get right to it.

1. Digital arbitrage

You’ll probably think of Googling the term since it sounds all complex. Well, it’s quite simple, and I ’ll explain it to you.

Digital arbitrage involves a process where you earn through price differences. It’s more of buying a product online at a lower price somewhere, then, after the purchase, selling that same product elsewhere at a higher price.

Then getting to keep the difference as your gain.

So, imagine you find a person asking to purchase a particular wristwatch for $15. Then, while surfing the net, you find a vendor willing to sell that same wristwatch for $10.

If you decide to buy the wristwatch for $10 and resell it for $15, you would have made $5 for just being the middleman. And that’s what digital arbitrage is all about. It’s all about capitalizing on a price difference to make money.

Applying it to Fiverr involves outsourcing a job you get on Fiverr on another platform for a cheaper rate. So, imagine you’re selling graphics designing on Fiverr. And then, you charge $50 for a particular job.

Digital arbitrage will involve finding another platform or someone else ready to do the job at a cheaper rate. For instance, someone willing to collect $18.

Then, you earn the balance of $22 after Fiverr removes its commission. Great right?

Remember, you don’t need to have the skill required to complete the job you get on Fiverr. All you need to do is find someone else who has the skill.

And of course, they must be ready to complete the job at a much cheaper rate than you charged on Fiverr.

The great thing about this option is that since you’re outsourcing, you can get as many gigs as possible. For instance, if you were a graphics designer, you can probably only complete three designs per day.

However, in this case, since you can outsource to as many people as possible, you can get as many gigs as possible. And this allows you to earn even more than you might have received if you had the skill yourself.

If you’re wondering if you can make a living on Fiverr without skills?, then the answer is yes you can! You can earn enough to get comfortable with Fiverr. And without having any talent at that.

Still, you might want to ensure you check out the outsourced outputs before submitting it on Fiverr. This way, the submissions meet the overall requirements, and you don’t get bad ratings.

Also, you’ll need some form of capital to make this work.

And this is because you’ll need to pay whoever is getting the job done before you receive your payment. So, ensure you have some sort of working capital before you set out to use digital arbitrage.

To make this deal even sweeter, you can resell Fiverr gigs without being a freelancer on Fiverr. With this method, you won’t have to pay the 20 percent charges Fiverr deducts from each sale you make.

You can learn more about this method here.

Using other digital marketplaces

The great thing about digital arbitrage is that you can easily outsource. You don’t need to worry too much about finding someone with the skill you need. And even at a cheaper rate.

This is because there are various platforms where you can buy the essential service at a cheaper rate. And this is what digital marketplaces are all about.

For instance, you can purchase various skills on SeoClerksZeerk, and Gigbucks at a much lesser price than Fiverr.

All you need to do is create an account on these other platforms. And make sure you use a different name when creating these accounts. This way, your clients on Fiverr can’t figure out that you’re outsourcing their orders.

Then, when you create an account, scout for individuals with the skill you need.

After that, offer them a reduced amount compared to what you’ll be earning on Fiverr. As soon as you find a willing seller, contract the job to them.

Immediately they complete the job, go through it to ensure it fits the order. If it does, you can then send it to your client on Fiverr.

As soon as your client accepts the order, you get paid based on Fiverr’s policy. And then, you can deduct the cost price of the services to know the amount you made.

Getting Orders on Fiverr

An essential part of how to make money on Fiverr without skills is getting orders on Fiverr.

After all, you’ll only be able to outsource an order after securing them on Fiverr. As such, you need to make your gig popular and get orders on Fiverr to maximize digital arbitrage.

So, if you’re wondering how to make your Fiverr gig popular, here you go.

Step 1: Choose a gig

The first step towards getting things done on Fiverr is to choose a gig of your preference. However, since you’re not the one offering the skills, you don’t need to worry about aligning the gig with a skillset.

In this instance, you should be more concerned about a gig where you can get many orders and earn reasonably well. And easily at that.

You should also ensure you pick a gig that you can easily find a skilled person to perform.

As such, check out any of the other digital marketplaces above. Then, ensure that your gig is a service you can buy there. This way, you’re not stranded with no one to complete the orders you secure.

Precisely, when choosing a gig, keep the following as reference points:

  • Pick a gig in demand and with high orders.
  • Pick a gig that exists on another digital marketplace.
  • Pick a gig that has positive reviews on the selected digital marketplace.
  • Pick a gig that’s generally priced lower on the selected digital marketplace.

Step 2: Create a gig

The next step is to create a gig on Fiverr. And this is quite easy.

All you need to do is select the “create a gig” tab on Fiverr. Afterward, follow the instructions and create your gig.

But, when doing this, you should remember that Fiverr is quite competitive. As such, you’ll need to ensure that your gig is excellent and catchy so you can get orders.

The first thing to note is to ensure that you use original thumbnails. As such, don’t just copy them from other people. Create yours and ensure they are distinct.

Also, ensure your gig is clear, concise, and descriptive. You’ll need to ensure readers can understand what you do.

Still, don’t stop there. Ensure your Fiverr profile description and gig description convinces people to buy your services. So, weave magic into every word.

You might also want to consider the use of keywords. And this is because it will help you impress potential buyers. Even more, it allows you to rank high when people search for gigs within your niche. You can learn how to write a compelling Fiverr gig description that brings in customers.

You should also ensure you provide reasonable pricing and delivery time on Fiverr. And you’ll need to take the delivery duration quite seriously since you’re outsourcing.

So, ensure you account for the time it takes to get the job done on another platform. You might then want to add two to three days for contingencies. This way, you don’t get caught unaware by delays or unforeseen problems.

Once you have done all this, then you’re set to receive offers on Fiverr.

However, if you’re new, you must know that it can be quite complicated to get your initial order. It might take days and sometimes weeks or months to do this. And this is because Fiverr is quite competitive.

Still, it’s no cause for worry. You can check out my article on how to get your first order on Fiverr quicklyThis way, you can rise on the rankings fast and begin earning large.

Step 3: Market your gigs

Another essential part of how to make money on Fiverr without skills is to promote your gigs. And this is particularly important because, as we already stated, Fiverr is quite competitive.

As such, the fact that you have a new gig doesn’t mean you can immediately start getting orders. In most cases, individuals are usually skeptical about giving newbies jobs.

So, you’ll need to take action to improve your chances of getting orders. Are you wondering what to do? Here are some significant steps that can increase your chances of getting more orders.

  • Join Fiverr social media groups

You can quickly join Fiverr promotional groups on social media to make your gig more popular. And an excellent option is Fiverr Facebook groups.

All you need to do is join any of the group that relates to your selected gig. Then you can self-promote your gig on these groups and get more exposure.

  • Create a YouTube channel

It’s also not wrong to start a YouTube channel if you want to make money on Fiverr without skills.

This is because some people are better listeners than readers. And you can easily reach them on YouTube than through other platforms.

Then, all you need to do is attach a link that helps them reach your gig. And you can begin to earn.

Even more, you can start earning money from YouTube once you reach 1k subscribers and four thousand watch hours. As always, you don’t need any skill to do this.

You can easily create videos on tricks, tips, and other helpful content to navigate Fiverr. You could even sell a Fiverr tutorial pdf and make more money.

  • Start blogging

Another way to make your Fiverr gig popular is to blog. And this involves creating articles and blog posts that relate to your gig and niche. Then, you can include a link that directs readers to your gig.

The great thing about it is that just like creating a YouTube channel, you can also earn money directly from the blog.

And yes, you still don’t need to have a skill. You can always outsource your blog content to writers on the digital marketplace of your choice. Fantastic right?

  • Promote through eBooks

Another smart means to market your gig is through eBooks. And this involves creating an eBook where you provide information about the services you offer.

For instance, if you offer writing services, you could create an eBook on how to write. You can then input a link to your gig. And then inform your readers to contact you if they need writing services.

The great thing about this is that thanks to the eBook, you appear like a pro. As such, readers will trust you and be generally willing to try you out. Great right?

However, creating an eBook can be time-consuming, especially if you intend to write it yourself.

As such, you can outsource the content writing and use an automatic eBook creator such as Sqribble or Designrr to automatically convert the content into a stunning eBook.

Sqribble also has professionally written content across 15 niches that you can choose from.

All you need to do is pick a niche out of Sqribble’s broad niche class. Then, you can download the content you need and create an eBook within minutes.

To make your eBook more popular, you can sell them at a reduced price on Amazon or eBay.

2. Fiverr Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for another way to make money on Fiverr without skills, you might want to try Fiverr affiliate marketing.

In case you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s quite straightforward. It involves a process where you promote a brand within a niche in return for a commission.

So, the idea is usually to have a website, social media channel, or email list through which you can reach people within a niche.

Then, you contact them on behalf of a company or brand. And each time you successfully convince a person to buy the product or service, you receive a reward.

Usually, you have a personalized link that allows you to track the number of sales the brand records because of you. And based on the agreed rate and policy, you get paid on each sale. Sounds great, right?

Well, Fiver also runs an affiliate program that allows you to make money without any skills and even without owning a website.

All you need to do is join the affiliate program. And this involves promoting other services that Fiverr offers.

For instance, there’s Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, And.Co and Fiverr Learn. And.Co offers business software that aids contracting, invoicing, and reporting, among others.

Fiverr Learn offers the opportunity to learn in-demand skills and on-demand courses from the comfort of your mobile gadget.

You can also promote Fiverr as a marketplace to sellers and buyers and earn a commission.

Then, once you join, you get an affiliate link. You can then promote your affiliate links on your website, social media channel, via eBooks e.t.c.

And with each sale, you earn a commission – between $15 to $50 for Fiverr regular gig purchases, $150 for Fiverr Pro, and $30 for And.Co and Fiverr Learn.

Also, Fiver affiliate marketing is a more passive means to make money on Fiverr without skills compared to digital arbitrage. This is because you don’t need to deal directly with clients to earn.

Even more, once you pick a means to promote your affiliate link, it continues to work even while you’re asleep.

For instance, if you have added your affiliate link to your eBook, you keep earning, anytime, and whenever someone clicks the link and makes a purchase.

You don’t even need to be online or do anything.

Remember, you don’t need to have skills in writing blog posts, eBooks, or managing a social media channel.

You can always contract the job to other qualified individuals on either SeoClerks or Zeerk or Gigbucks at a cheaper rate.

You can click here to learn how to sign up and start earning with the Fiverr affiliate program.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

When you hear about Fiverr, you picture a place where people make hundreds of dollars monthly. But you’re probably discouraged about making money on Fiverr because you don’t have a skill.

Well, that shouldn’t be the case. You can make money on Fiverr without skills. And earn considerably at that.

In this article, we have detailed two of the best methods to do that. So, check them out and begin to monetize Fiverr.

How to Make Money on Fiverr: The Three-Step Guide

make money on fiverr

For many people, freelancers and buyers, alike, Fiverr has been a lifesaver. This platform has allowed millions of people to sell their skills to make an income and others to buy the skills they needed.

You don’t need to be super amazing at your craft to excel in Fiverr. You just have to know a few tips and tricks to stand out amongst your competitors.

how to make money on fiverr

There’s no better time to start a side hustle than right now, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that on Fiverr. Learning how to make money on Fiverr might sound hard, but it’s really not a complicated process.

All you need is your laptop or phone, your skill and the tips I’m going to tell you in this article. Keep reading!

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a global marketplace for freelancers and those who buy services from freelancers. It’s just like any other freelancing platform, except it has a significant difference.

You don’t need to bid on the client’s project or compete with it with other freelancers.

Of course, this is not to say you can’t do that, just that, unlike many other freelance platforms, you don’t need to market your skills every time you want a job.

Fiverr allows freelancers’ to post “Gigs,” detailing their services, prices, and delivery times. Once you’ve set up your gig and marketed it to the best of your ability, the rest is in your client’s hands.

They’re the ones who approach you and buy your gig if what you promise to do meets their requirements. This relieves freelancers of the stress of having to hunt for jobs.

The $5 Myth

Many freelancers continue to avoid Fiverr because of a myth that was circulated a few years ago. Then, Fiverr was known as a platform where you can get the skills you wanted for as little as $5.

For some freelancers, having to sell their talent for as low as $5 is impossible. However, Fiverr has undergone various changes.

Yes, you can still see people selling their skills at $5.

However, you can also see skills being sold at up to $1000. Much like any other platform, sellers on Fiverr price their skills as low as possible to attract customers when their experience level is low.

They reduce the cost to get as many customers as possible to get more experience and boost their ratings.

Why is this so important? Well, it’s because of how Fiverr works.

How Fiverr Works

Because of Fiverr’s friendly and appealing look and all the resources available to you, you may forget that other freelancers are your competition. Don’t make this mistake.

Fiverr works in such a way that you’ve sunk to the bottom of the food chain from the moment you set up a new gig without any reviews or ratings.

On Fiverr, only when you’ve gotten good reviews and a high completion rate will the algorithm push your gig for more exposure. The better you do, the more Fiverr will market you.

As you progress on Fiverr, you can increase your prices, and add extra “parts” to your gigs. You can offer different plans with different prices, or add gig extras with prices of their own.

In this way, clients don’t even need to talk to you before making up their mind about your gig. People can buy your gigs even when you’re sleeping.

Now that we know how Fiverr works let’s get into why you’re here today.

How to Begin Selling on Fiver

Learning how to make money on Fiverr goes hand in hand with learning how to start selling your skills.

You don’t need to be a genius to gain steady clients on Fiverr. All you need to do is follow the three steps I’ve outlined below.

1. Choosing your Gig

This is as simple as realizing your own skills. What are you good at? If you can’t think of anything on the fly, you might want to get a piece of paper and write down what you can do best, or check out my comprehensive list of easy Fiverr gigs that are in high demand.

Next, you can look at the categories and subcategories on Fiverr. You can even list them down on that paper. Try to see if one or more of your skills align with a category.

Fiverr has tens of categories and subcategories, so almost anything you decide to sell is already there. However, some skills sell more than others.

Although Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers, you don’t have to know a skill to make money on Fiverr. But to make money on Fiverr without skills, you’ll need to have something valuable.

You can even make money by Flipping Fiverr gigs. What this means is, you can post a gig and then trade gigs with another seller.

For example, if someone wants to buy your gig for $15 with a delivery time of three days, you don’t have to do the work yourself.

You can look for a skilled seller who offers the same service at $5 or even $10 and commission them with a delivery time of one day. Then, “outsource your work” to the seller.

Easy, right?

Of course, you can decide that you want to offer something completely new and unique. However, the fact that someone hasn’t already thought of it and started to sell it may be a red flag.

It may be an indication that that market doesn’t do well on Fiverr or that there isn’t enough demand for the product.

Whatever gig you choose, make sure you do your research. Especially if you’ve decided to offer a skill you’ve just learned.

Make sure you’re clear on what’s involved in the process, so you don’t get caught up when a client requests your services.

2. Creating your Fiverr gig

The beautiful thing about Fiverr is that, if you set up your gig precisely, you can drastically reduce the communication needed between you and your customers.

Your client will only need to view your services and decide if it’s right for them based on what they require at the time.

Creating a unique and comprehensive gig can help you get your first sale on Fiverr fast.

To achieve this, you’ll need to state everything about your service. I mean down to the last detail. Here are the points you’ll need to focus on.


When creating your gig on Fiverr, you’ll need to explain your services to your potential client. This is a no-brainer, of course.

But the part that some people tend to forget is that you need to do this in such a way that anyone can understand.

Depending on the category chosen, there might be some lingo that most people familiar with that work will understand.

However, it’s not for you to assume whether or not your potential client will understand those terms. Use simpler synonyms and easy to comprehend verbs to get your point across.

Learn more about how to write a Fiverr gig description.


The same goes for the title of your gig. Most Fiverr gig titles are promises the seller makes to the buyer. They usually start with “I will…”

For this, keep it as precise and straightforward as possible. Don’t use any unnecessary extra words and just state what you’ll do for the buyer.

You can check out some more experienced sellers in your niche and see how they’ve titled their gigs and described their services.


Next, you have to take note of the keywords. You need to use the right keywords in your description to make your gig stand out. Look at the common words used by sellers in your niche.

Then try to incorporate these words into your description. You can even add them to your username.


Use specific tags for your gig. You can also add them to the title and description. This will also help your gigs rank higher. Not sure of what tags to use? Use other people’s gigs to get an idea.


Fiverr allows you to create different plans. Not all of your customers will want the same service. They may vary in length, depth, time, or customization. You can add packages that specify the extent of your services and your prices.


Of course, an increase in prices will have to have a corresponding increase in value. Think of ways you can add more value to your customer.

Once you’ve done that, you can now slap a price you feel is worth it. No ideas? Look at other sellers in your category, what did they do to add value to their work?


You can also add a Knowledge Base or a FAQ for your gig. Though this is usually something that is done by more experienced sellers, you can just use theirs to inspire yours.

If you’re offering the same services, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to answer similar questions as well. Doing this can clarify common questions for clients without you having to answer them directly.

3. Marketing your gigs

 As we said before, even if you put a new gig up on Fiverr, it doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a lot of exposure. Fiverr’s algorithm tends to “push” sellers who have good reviews, high ratings, and excellent completion rates.

The better you do, the more Fiverr publicizes your gigs.

However, this is why other gigs with worse stats are given less and less exposure. And with less exposure, there are fewer customers and fewer earnings.

For new users, you can beat this suppression by getting just a little wily.

Of course, you can wait for a Samaritan customer to notice and give you a try, but take note that this will take a while, and you’ll have to use low prices as an enticement.

Or you can try the following trick to fool the algorithm and start making money on Fiverr.

To do this, you’ll only need to take two steps:

  • Create a fake Fiverr account using another email or ask two of your friends to create an account each.
  • Buy your gig two times or have your friends purchase your gig. You can lower your price to $5, so you or your friends spend as little as possible. The only money you’ll lose in this exchange is the $2 Fiverr takes as their commission.

If you want to do more, you can create fake visitors/hits to your Fiverr page. If you don’t want to do this or don’t know how to, you can hire someone to do it on Fiverr.

Creating false impressions will boost your gig and make it more visible to buyers.

These few things can elevate your gig from the bottom of the pile to somewhere in the middle. These actions will only take a few hours or a little bit of money. In my opinion, it’s worth it if you want to jumpstart your progress on Fiverr.

Now that I’ve shared how to start selling on Fiverr, I wish to tell you that NONE of this means that you’ll begin making thousands. Learning how to make money on Fiverr and how to start selling are two different topics.

Selling means you’ll start earning some cash, but to really make money on Fiverr, you need to be equipped differently. So, how do you make money on Fiverr?

Keep reading to find out.

How to Make Money on Fiverr

To make money on Fiverr, you need to have a clear understanding of the components that make Fiverr “push” your gig. The exact details of the Fiverr search algorithm are a trade secret.

However, there are some fundamental factors one can infer from the way Fiverr ranks its search results. So here are a few factors supposedly used to decide gig ranking.

  1. Seller level (We’ll explain more in this below)
  2. Strategic use of keywords in your gig’s title and description.
  3. The average of your metrics.
  4. The total number of orders completed.
  5. Rating of reviews.
  6. Your average rating. That is your accumulated rating that is viewed beside your username.

These six factors seem to weigh heavily on your ability to move up the ladder on Fiverr. And by a move up the ladder, I mean, upgrade your seller status.

Your seller status is important because the higher your level is, the more you can justifiably increase your prices. Wealthier customers are also more likely to go for higher-level sellers to ensure a better quality of work.

This means that you can get bigger jobs and make more money as you attain higher seller levels.

There are four seller levels.

1. Fiverr Seller

This is the level that you’re at when you first register with Fiverr. Your goal here should be to buff up your profile and give enough value to make it to the next seller level.

You must create a reputation for giving your customers quality work.

While it is possible to increase your rating later and bury bad reviews underneath the better ones, it’ll take much more effort. The best way to make money on Fiverr is to start creating value early.

2. Level One Seller

The next stage is the level one seller. The requirements of a level one sellers are:

  • You must have been active on Fiverr for at least 60 days.
  • You must have earned at least $400.
  • You must have completed at least ten separate orders.

Why should you strive to attain another level? Because with a higher level comes higher visibility. And with higher visibility comes more clients and more money.

As a level one seller, you also get to put up more gigs and customize them more.

3. Level Two Sellers

The criteria for becoming a level two seller are even stricter. You need to:

  • Have made at least $2000.
  • Have been active for at least 120 days.
  • And, have completed at least 50 orders.

Given enough time and the right strategy, you can become a level two seller automatically. However, this is the last level that’s automatic. You cannot scale through to the next level on your own.

As a level two seller, you get even more gig customization options, and you’re top of the search rankings. You can get more publicity if Fiverr chooses to feature you in an article on one of their platforms.

There’s also increased access to Fiverr Customer Support.

4. Top-Rated Seller

This is the highest level of seller you can attain without a lot of trouble. To become a Top Rated Seller, you’ll need to:

  • Have completed 100 orders.
  • Have made at least $20,000.
  • Have been active for at least 180 days.

Many sellers have been able to fulfill these conditions. If these were the only requirements, it wouldn’t be only the top 1% at this level.

Each seller that applies for the level of Top Rated Seller is scrutinized manually. Everything is taken into account, including all of your metrics and your past performance with clients.

Top Rated Sellers don’t need to wait two weeks for their earnings to be processed. Their payments are put as a priority and usually only take about seven days to arrive.

This is the stage where you can truly begin to earn big with Fiverr. This doesn’t mean you can’t earn well at lower levels though.

5. Fiverr Pro:

Fiverr claims that only the elite 1% of their freelancers can reach this level. This is the top of the top and the elite of the elite. I mean, there’s a whole other website solely for Fiverr Pros. They are in a class of their own.

 Being a Fiverr Pro does what a Top Rated Seller does, except on a larger scale. It allows you to justifiably raise your prices according to your status.

This also means that you’ll get work from more prominent people, which means more money.

To become a Fiverr Pro, you’ll be personally vetted by the Fiverr team. They’ll look at every detail of your profile, performance, and even accounts on other platforms.

Upgrading your level on Fiverr isn’t an easy process. You’ll have to become a little more knowledgeable about what’s important when selling.

Here are a few tips to help out:

1. Quality

I’ve said this before, but it’s still worth noting. You need to provide quality to make money on any online platform, not just with Fiverr.

People need to see the value you give them. This is what will turn them into repeat customers.

 2. Complete services

Making sure the services you offer are as clear as possible and are well thought out are some of your responsibilities as a seller.

By anticipating the customer’s questions and answering them within your gig or profile, you can make yourself seem knowledgeable and dependable.

 3. Under-promise and over-deliver

It’s better to understate your skills rather than overstate them. That way, you can surprise your customer with the quality of your work. It might gain you a loyal customer.

 4. Consistency

Taking a long hiatus from Fiverr can result in your score dropping. If you need to take a long break, it’s best to delete your gig altogether to avoid customers canceling orders when you don’t answer.

Otherwise, you’ll need to continually check your Fiverr account for new jobs. You can normalize checking it at the same time each day.

 5. The customer is always right

You’ll have to deal with difficult people eventually. All freelancers have to at some point. However, you have to handle them politely. Otherwise, they can really mess up your rating.

Is Fiverr a Good Way to Make Money?

When you consider everything, we have to agree that you can earn a good amount of money with this platform.

While learning how to earn money with Fiverr can take some time, it won’t be that long till you’re reeling enough money to pay some bills.

Some people make a living with their careers on Fiverr. You can even join their affiliate program and earn money with Fiverr outside of the platform.


Running a gig on Fiverr is a business.  And just like any other business, it’ll take time, patience, and perseverance to grow.

If you really want to make money using Fiverr, you have to manage your expectations and continue to do your best for your clients.

Aim to gain more customers and build the customer-seller relationship with the ones you already have.

Sites Like Upwork: 17 Alternative Freelance Sites to Help You Earn More

upwork alternatives

As a professional freelancer, finding a platform where your skills are displayed, the jobs are reliable, and your earnings aren’t reduced is like finding an oasis in a desert.

For many years, and many freelancers and clients, Upwork has been that oasis. However, due to many changes in pricing and plans, Upwork isn’t what it used to be for a lot of people.

In May 2016, Upwork announced a pricing change. Upwork’s fees were arranged in a sliding structure where the less you’ve made with a specific client, the more Upwork charges and vice versa.

Last year, changes in freelancers’ membership plans were announced. On the current Upwork, freelancers are charged money for Connects.

These Connects are used to apply for gigs, and a gig may need between one to six Connects to get the application done. Each Connect costs $0.15, and it is not guaranteed that you’ll get the job.

These conditions can strangle new freelancers’, but finding a legitimate site like Upwork isn’t all that easy. To help with that, we’ve found the best freelance sites like Upwork. Take a look below!

17 of the Best Freelancing Sites Like Upwork

1. Freelancer


Freelancer is one of the largest freelance markets in the world. If you’re looking for a site like Upwork with lots of diversity in skills and lots of available jobs, then Freelancer is it. There are no approval tests, so everyone is free to bid.

That’s how getting jobs on Freelancer works. You find a job you’re qualified for and write your offer and timeframe within your application.

Though Freelancer allows you to set your payment by the hour, this doesn’t mean they don’t collect a commission. On Freelancer, you can choose to either pay $3 or 3% of the project’s cost.

Freelancer does rate workers according to their reviews and ranking but not to the extent of Upwork, which gives novice freelancers a chance to earn.

2. Fiverr


Fiverr has a lot of freelancers with very specific skillsets. Because Fiverr has so many categories, a freelancer can advertise his services clearly, and clients know exactly where to go to search for workers.

Plus, services on Fiverr cover an extensive price range. There are small services worth $5, and there are also services from tested professionals worth thousands.

However, Fiverr gives it’s freelancers’ the option of creating a gig or looking through posted jobs. With the addition of resources such as Fiverr Pro, clients looking for professionals can easily get what they need.

Posting a gig on Fiverr is free, but they do take a 20% commission from every sale. Feel free to learn how to make money on Fiverr.

3. SolidGigs

sites like upwork

SolidGigs is a site like Upwork, but better. SolidGigs helps freelancers separate the actual jobs that pay well from the ones that’ll try to haggle or are just plain scams.

They only take the top 2% from freelancing gigs across the web. This saves you loads of time in trying to separate the diamonds from the rocks.

Apart from that, there are also various resources like courses, templates, etc., all with the focus of helping you get better clients and get better pay. SolidGigs allows freelancers to pay monthly, so there are no fees attached to your earnings.

4. Outsourcely

alternatives to upwork

Some freelancers are looking for quick jobs. However, Outsourcely is geared towards encouraging a lasting relationship between clients and freelancers. It’s a site like Upwork, except most of the gigs are for companies looking for full-time remote workers.

You don’t need to pay a single red cent to Outsourcely. This website gets its jobs from companies, and these companies pay Outsourcely to let them advertise their openings.

All freelancers have to do is create their profile and apply to jobs. There’s even software available for interviewing potential candidates.

5. Hubstaff Talent

alternatives to upwork

Hubstaff Talent might be the only Upwork alternative that doesn’t charge either the freelancer or the buyer. Freelancers and buyers can freely offer their services and buy services. Instead, Hubstaff Talent makes its money through some apps it provides to manage projects.

Because it doesn’t charge fees, there’s not a lot of interference going on. Hubstaff was established in 2016, so it isn’t well-known yet. This means that while there are hundreds of jobs available (including some full-time ones), there isn’t a lot of competition.

6. Credo

Credo serves a particular niche. They’re a marketplace mainly for freelancers that specialize in SEO and marketing and the companies that are looking for them.

But, Credo aims to solve the problem of low quality work being offered by freelancers by screening every worker that applies and every company that wants to hire from them.

Credo also takes things one step further by reaching out to employers and freelancers that they feel are well suited and introducing them if they agree.

You’ll also have their help for as long as you’re hiring from Credo. They get paid by commissions from completed jobs.

7. Guru

alternative to upwork, fiverr similar site

Guru is an older marketplace for freelancers. It’s a site like Upwork in that it charges a percentage of freelancers’ earnings. However, it’s not entirely the same.

Guru doesn’t appraise freelancers, but new freelancers can only bid for jobs ten times a month before having to pay $10 for the next twenty bids, $20 for forty bids, and so on.

The commission charged by Guru is within 5% to 9%, which is substantially lower than Upwork’s. The commission is based on which plan you choose; the higher your plan, the lower the commission. The payment plan is quite convoluted. You can read a full explanation here.

8. TopTal


TopTal stands for Top Talent, which is what this company aims to recruit. Much like Credo, TopTal has an application process for freelancers. This application process is vigorous and TopTal claims to accept only the top 3%.

This site is mainly for clients who only want the absolute best and freelancers, who are the absolute best. If you know you’re good, try it. Because of their rigorous application, once you’re a TopTal agent, you can set your price up at the high end.

9. FreeeUp


There are several sites like Upwork, but FreeeUp is one that goes above and beyond when it comes to providing the best service for their clients. They perform screenings on every freelancer that applies to their platform and only accept the best 1%.

Clients will then offer a work request, and FreeeUp will pick several candidates based on the specifications given.

FreeeUp can even interview people for you at no extra cost to you. They make money off the difference in hourly rate and don’t charge any sign-up fees or monthly payments.

10. PeoplePerHour (PPH)


PeoplePerHour is an alternative to Upwork, Fiver, and similar sites. Within this website, freelancers are free to post their gigs and the amount they charge per hour.

They can also browse posted jobs and make bids on them, clearly stating how much they’d charge for the service.

Posting jobs and creating your profile on PPH is free. However, you will bear the costs of payment processing.

If you want your job listing to be featured, you’ll be charged, but you will get a lot of quotes. You can manage all engagements, activities, and payments from your WorkStream page.

11. FlexJobs

sites like upwork

We’d be remiss if we didn’t add FlexJobs to our list of sites like Upwork. FlexJobs is a great place for freelancers to get work, mainly because of the insane number of job listing they have on their website.

There’s a category for everything, and they’re not only limited to small jobs, either. You could get long-term, remote work on FlexJobs.

The jobs are pretty well-curated, and you don’t have to fear scammers hiding among paying customers because the listings displayed have been researched before being posted.

However, access to their services isn’t free. You’re going to have to cough up a few dollars every month, but it’s almost guaranteed that it’ll be worth it.

12. 99designs


There are many sites like Upwork that have a fundamental difference. They only cater to a specific section of freelancers. 99designs, for example, is a marketplace for freelancers whose work is in design, to offer their services.

But the way their services are provided is a lot more creative compared to other similar sites.

Clients create competition and freelancers’ strive against one another to win the contests. The winner or winners are chosen for the job. New freelancers can enter ten contests only or wait to be contacted for a job.

They also pay a 15% commission to 99designs out of their earnings — the percentage decreases as their level rises.

13. Textbroker


Textbroker offers freelance services but only in writing. Textbroker has structured its site like Upwork, by rating its writers. However, it’s not the same.

To apply for work as a freelancer for Textbroker, you must submit a sample of your work to be graded from level one to five.

The higher your level, the more money you earn. Textbroker even has a whole set of options that allow the client to choose his writer, the delivery date, and whether or not, the whole process will be handled for him. For a fee, of course.

14. ServiceScape


Service Scape is a site like Upwork, only much newer. With over eighty-six thousand registered clients, there is no shortage of work on this website.

You will have to provide and agree to several things before you can sign up as a freelancer under them, but they don’t have strict acceptance guidelines.

ServiceScape has only a few categories; Writing, Editing, Graphic Design, and Translating. On ServiceScape, you don’t bid. You simply create your profile, set your rates, and wait for companies to come to you.

This is easy, but maybe too easy. ServiceScape does have affiliations with large companies so, you probably will get a few jobs. But in return, you’ll be charged 50% in commissions.

15. TaskRabbit


Not all freelancers work online, and TaskRabbit is a platform for those who use the internet to find jobs but actually use their hands, such as furniture makers, movers, handymen, etc.

TaskRabbit’s jobs are geared towards finding someone near you to take care of something physical. This makes it distinctly different from sites like Upwork, but the setup is really similar.

People post jobs on the TaskRabbit app, and you’re notified if one is near you. Payments are through the app as well, and their service fee is 15%

16. Craigslist

Clearly, Craigslist has gone way past the point of just being a place to get rid of things in the attic. Nowadays, people post all sorts of freelance ads on this website; you just need to be patient while looking.

Craigslist is especially great when you just want a quick job, but don’t write it off as just a one-off. You might be able to meet up, work out a deal, set up a contract, and maybe turn it to a regular thing.

If you live in a town, try checking Craigslist for the nearest big city. You might get a few leads.

17. Codeable

site like upwork

Codeable is a website that offers the services of the best WordPress developers to businesses that use it. Every service provided on Codeable needs to be as professional as possible, which is why Codeable only accepts the top 2% of its applicants.

To apply to this, Codeable says, you have to know you’re one of the best. They handle everything else; customer acquisition, support, and billing. All you have to do is provide the skill and get paid. The best part is, it’s the company that pays the service fee of 17.5%.


Upwork is an excellent website for freelancers, especially for beginners. But for some, it’s time to move on to some better-paying pastures. Within the seventeen sites we’ve chosen, there’s sure to be something for every freelancer, regardless of experience or location.

However, it’s best if you took your time to check them out before jumping in. Most of the jobs on this list require an investment either in time or money, or both. So, look before you leap.