How To Make Money On Fiverr Without Skills

Freelancing on Fiverr is a lucrative online business idea for sellers of various skill sets. Today, Fiverr is perhaps the number one virtual marketplace thanks to its presence in over 160 countries.

Being a marketplace it allows individuals to sell their skills in return for money. And they get to keep as much as 80% of their earnings. In case you’re wondering how to sell your skill on Fiverr for money, you can check my guide here.

However, the new thing is you don’t need to have any skills to make money on Fiverr. And although it might sound impossible since Fiverr is all about skills, it’s very much possible.

Wondering how? In this article, we’ll discuss the easy ways to make money on Fiverr without skills.

Dive in!

3 Easy Ways to Make Money On Fiverr Without Skills

1. Easy Fiverr Gigs

This method in my opinion is the easiest and most straight foward way to make money on Fiverr without skills. It involves rendering services that most people can do but are not willing to do them.

There are a number of easy Fiverr services that are in high demand that you can profit from as a freelancer on Fiverr.

These gigs won’t take much of your time making it possible for you to take lots of orders at a time, finish promptly and make a lot of money without working too hard.

2. Digital arbitrage

You’ll probably think of Googling the term since it sounds all complex. Well, it’s quite simple, and I’ll explain it to you.

Digital arbitrage involves a process where you earn through price differences. It’s more of buying a product online at a lower price somewhere, then, after the purchase, selling that same product elsewhere at a higher price.

Then getting to keep the difference as your gain.

So, imagine you find a person asking to purchase a particular wristwatch for $15. Then, while surfing the net, you find a vendor willing to sell that same wristwatch for $10.

If you decide to buy the wristwatch for $10 and resell it for $15, you would have made $5 for just being the middleman. And that’s what digital arbitrage is all about. It’s all about capitalizing on a price difference to make money.

Applying it to Fiverr involves outsourcing a job you get on Fiverr on another platform for a cheaper rate. So, imagine you’re selling graphics design on Fiverr. And then, you charge $50 for a particular job.

Digital arbitrage will involve finding another platform or someone else ready to do the job at a cheaper rate. For instance, someone willing to collect $18.

Then, you earn a balance of $22 after Fiverr removes its commission. Great right?

Remember, you don’t need to have the skill required to complete the job you get on Fiverr. All you need to do is find someone else who has the skill.

And of course, they must be ready to complete the job at a much cheaper rate than you charged on Fiverr.

The great thing about this option is that since you’re outsourcing, you can get as many gigs as possible. For instance, if you were a graphics designer, you can probably only complete three designs per day.

However, in this case, since you can outsource to as many people as possible, you can get as many gigs as possible. And this allows you to earn even more than you might have received if you had the skill yourself.

If you’re wondering if you can make a living on Fiverr without skills? then the answer is yes you can! You can earn enough to get comfortable with Fiverr. And without having any talent at that.

Still, you might want to ensure you check out the outsourced outputs before submitting them on Fiverr. This way, the submissions meet the overall requirements, and you don’t get bad ratings.

Also, you’ll need some form of capital to make this work.

And this is because you’ll need to pay whoever is getting the job done before you receive your payment. So, ensure you have some sort of working capital before you set out to use digital arbitrage.

To make this deal even sweeter, you can resell Fiverr gigs without being a freelancer on Fiverr. With this method, you won’t have to pay the 20 percent charges Fiverr deducts from each sale you make.

You can learn more about this method here.

Using other digital marketplaces

The great thing about digital arbitrage is that you can easily outsource. You don’t need to worry too much about finding someone with the skill you need. And even at a cheaper rate.

This is because there are various platforms where you can buy essential services at a cheaper rate. And this is what digital marketplaces are all about.

For instance, you can purchase various skills on SeoClerksZeerk, and Gigbucks at a much lesser price than Fiverr.

All you need to do is create an account on these other platforms. And make sure you use a different name when creating these accounts. This way, your clients on Fiverr can’t figure out that you’re outsourcing their orders.

Then, when you create an account, scout for individuals with the skill you need.

After that, offer them a reduced amount compared to what you’ll be earning on Fiverr. As soon as you find a willing seller, contract the job to them.

Immediately they complete the job, go through it to ensure it fits the order. If it does, you can then send it to your client on Fiverr.

As soon as your client accepts the order, you get paid based on Fiverr’s policy. And then, you can deduct the cost price of the services to know the amount you made.

3. Fiverr Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for another way to make money on Fiverr without skills, you might want to try Fiverr affiliate marketing.

In case you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s quite straightforward. It involves a process where you promote a brand within a niche in return for a commission.

So, the idea is usually to have a website, social media channel, or email list through which you can reach people within a niche.

Then, you contact them on behalf of a company or brand. And each time you successfully convince a person to buy the product or service, you receive a reward.

Usually, you have a personalized link that allows you to track the number of sales the brand records because of you. And based on the agreed rate and policy, you get paid on each sale. Sounds great, right?

Well, Fiver also runs an affiliate program that allows you to make money without any skills and even without owning a website.

All you need to do is join the affiliate program. And this involves promoting other services that Fiverr offers.

For instance, there’s Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, And.Co and Fiverr Learn. And.Co offers business software that aids contracting, invoicing, and reporting, among others.

Fiverr Learn offers the opportunity to learn in-demand skills and on-demand courses from the comfort of your mobile gadget.

You can also promote Fiverr as a marketplace to sellers and buyers and earn a commission.

Then, once you join, you get an affiliate link. You can then promote your affiliate links on your website, social media channels, via eBooks, etc.

And with each sale, you earn a commission – between $15 to $50 for Fiverr regular gig purchases, $150 for Fiverr Pro, and $30 for And.Co and Fiverr Learn.

Also, Fiver affiliate marketing is a more passive means to make money on Fiverr without skills compared to digital arbitrage. This is because you don’t need to deal directly with clients to earn.

Even more, once you pick a means to promote your affiliate link, it continues to work even while you’re asleep.

For instance, if you have added your affiliate link to your eBook, you keep earning, anytime, and whenever someone clicks the link and makes a purchase.

You don’t even need to be online or do anything.

Remember, you don’t need to have skills in writing blog posts, eBooks, or managing a social media channel.

You can always contract the job to other qualified individuals on either SeoClerks or Zeerk or Gigbucks at a cheaper rate.

You can click here to learn how to sign up and start earning with the Fiverr affiliate program.

How to Get Orders on Fiverr

An essential part of making money on Fiverr without skills is getting orders on Fiverr.

After all, you’ll only be able to outsource an order after securing them on Fiverr. As such, you need to make your gig popular and get orders on Fiverr to maximize digital arbitrage.

So, if you’re wondering how to make your Fiverr gig popular, here you go.

Step 1: Choose a gig

The first step towards getting things done on Fiverr is to choose a gig of your preference. However, since you’re not the one offering the skills, you don’t need to worry about aligning the gig with a skillset.

In this instance, you should be more concerned about a gig where you can get many orders and earn reasonably well. And easily at that.

You should also ensure you pick a gig that you can easily find a skilled person to perform.

As such, check out any of the other digital marketplaces above. Then, ensure that your gig is a service you can buy there. This way, you’re not stranded with no one to complete the orders you secure.

Precisely, when choosing a gig, keep the following as reference points:

  • Pick a gig in demand and with high orders.
  • Pick a gig that exists on another digital marketplace.
  • Pick a gig that has positive reviews on the selected digital marketplace.
  • Pick a gig that’s generally priced lower on the selected digital marketplace.

Step 2: Create a gig

The next step is to create a gig on Fiverr. And this is quite easy.

All you need to do is select the “Create a Gig” tab on Fiverr. Afterward, follow the instructions and create your gig.

But, when doing this, you should remember that Fiverr is quite competitive. As such, you’ll need to ensure that your gig is excellent and catchy so you can get orders.

The first thing to note is to ensure that you use original thumbnails. As such, don’t just copy them from other people. Create yours and ensure they are distinct.

Also, ensure your gig is clear, concise, and descriptive. You’ll need to ensure readers can understand what you do.

Still, don’t stop there. Ensure your Fiverr profile description and gig description convinces people to buy your services. So, weave magic into every word.

You might also want to consider the use of keywords. And this is because it will help you impress potential buyers. Even more, it allows you to rank high when people search for gigs within your niche. You can learn how to write a compelling Fiverr gig description that brings in customers.

You should also ensure you provide reasonable pricing and delivery time on Fiverr. And you’ll need to take the delivery duration quite seriously since you’re outsourcing.

So, ensure you account for the time it takes to get the job done on another platform. You might then want to add two to three days for contingencies. This way, you don’t get caught unaware by delays or unforeseen problems.

Once you have done all this, then you’re set to receive offers on Fiverr.

However, if you’re new, you must know that it can be quite complicated to get your initial order. It might take days and sometimes weeks or months to do this. And this is because Fiverr is quite competitive.

Still, it’s no cause for worry. You can check out my article on how to get your first order on Fiverr quicklyThis way, you can rise on the rankings fast and begin earning large.

Step 3: Market your gigs

Another essential part of how to make money on Fiverr without skills is to promote your gigs. And this is particularly important because, as we already stated, Fiverr is quite competitive.

As such, the fact that you have a new gig doesn’t mean you can immediately start getting orders. In most cases, individuals are usually skeptical about giving newbies jobs.

So, you’ll need to take action to improve your chances of getting orders. Are you wondering what to do? Here are some significant steps that can increase your chances of getting more orders.

  • Join Fiverr social media groups

You can quickly join Fiverr promotional groups on social media to make your gig more popular. And an excellent option is Fiverr Facebook groups.

All you need to do is join any of the group that relates to your selected gig. Then you can self-promote your gig on these groups and get more exposure.

  • Create a YouTube channel

It’s also not wrong to start a YouTube channel if you want to make money on Fiverr without skills.

This is because some people are better listeners than readers. And you can easily reach them on YouTube than through other platforms.

Then, all you need to do is attach a link that helps them reach your gig. And you can begin to earn.

Even more, you can start earning money from YouTube once you reach 1k subscribers and four thousand watch hours. As always, you don’t need any skill to do this.

You can easily create videos on tricks, tips, and other helpful content to navigate Fiverr. You could even sell a Fiverr tutorial pdf and make more money.

  • Start blogging

Another way to make your Fiverr gig popular is to blog. And this involves creating articles and blog posts that relate to your gig and niche. Then, you can include a link that directs readers to your gig.

The great thing about it is that just like creating a YouTube channel, you can also earn money directly from the blog.

And yes, you still don’t need to have a skill. You can always outsource your blog content to writers on the digital marketplace of your choice. Fantastic right?

  • Promote through eBooks

Another smart means to market your gig is through eBooks. And this involves creating an eBook where you provide information about the services you offer.

For instance, if you offer writing services, you could create an eBook on how to write. You can then input a link to your gig. And then inform your readers to contact you if they need writing services.

The great thing about this is that thanks to the eBook, you appear like a pro. As such, readers will trust you and be generally willing to try you out. Great right?

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

When you hear about Fiverr, you picture a place where people make hundreds of dollars monthly. But you’re probably discouraged about making money on Fiverr because you don’t have a skill.

Well, that shouldn’t be the case. You can make money on Fiverr without skills. And earn considerably at that.

In this article, we have detailed two of the best methods to do that. So, check them out and begin to monetize Fiverr.